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This article is about the Survival Instict character. You may be looking for the actor or the actresses Ashleigh Jo Sizemore and Ashe Johnson.

"Don't kill me, brutha! It wasn't my idea to sell you out, I swear it."
—Ash to Merle Dixon[src]

Ash is a minor character from The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. He is a drug dealer and a member of Merle Dixon's Savage Sons Motorcycle Club group.



Almost nothing is known about Ash's life prior to or as the outbreak except he was a drug dealer, and part of Merle's biker group.


Gang Reunion

After finding Merle Dixon, who is holding Ash at gun point asking where the gang is, Ash says they are out getting supplies. However, the gang member arrives and Merle starts shooting at him, letting Ash escape through the door and calling out to the rest of the gang. Ash along with his fellow biker friends chase Merle through the back of the bar after knocking Merle's brother Daryl out and taking his weapons. The bikers are either overwhelmed by the walkers or shot and killed by Merle. His corpse is later seen being eaten by walkers among the rest of the Savage Sons gang.


Killed By

Ash along with his fellow biker friends chased Merle through the back alleys. The Bikers either get overwhelmed by the walkers or shot by Merle.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Ash has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies
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