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Ashburn Race Track is a minor location in Season 4 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is located in Texas.


Nothing of the race track's history before the outbreak is known.


Season 4

The race track is chosen as a meeting place for the groups of Vultures scavenging the local area for supplies. Each Vulture carries a map showing the search area and the location of the meeting point at the track.


Alicia Clark, Luciana Galvez and Victor Strand reveal that they have found the Vultures' meeting place on a map taking from Ennis' corpse. In exchange for the rest of their story Al agrees to drive them there.

"Just in Case"

Attempting to stop Alicia Clark, Luciana Galvez and Victor Strand, John Dorie and Morgan Jones ambush Edgar, take his map and warn him to tell the Vultures to stay away from their meeting point.

Awaiting the Vultures' arrival, Alicia's group is surprised when John and Morgan show up instead. Held at gunpoint by the others, Morgan and John insist that they only want to help and that the Vultures are not coming because of their warning to Edgar.

As Morgan tries to talk Alicia down, the Vultures drive onto the track, having ignored Morgan and John's warning to them. The two groups enter into a standoff as Morgan tries to defuse the situation. Having not been informed of what is happening, June drives in from the other direction, shocking Alicia's group as they had believed her to have died when the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium was destroyed. Enraged and believing that June had betrayed them to the Vultures, Alicia fires at her only to hit John when he steps in the way.

"The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now"

As June tends to John's wound with the help of Morgan, a massive gun battle erupts between the Vultures, Alicia Clark, Luciana Galvez and Victor Strand with the Vultures on the losing end. Realizing that they can't win, Mel attempts to escape in the ambulance at the same time that June tries to get medical supplies from it. However, Alicia blows up the ambulance with a grenade launcher before Mel can get away or June can get the supplies and June barely escapes Alicia's wrath with her life. As the Vultures try to get away, Luciana encounters and nearly kills a remorseful Charlie, but is distracted by the appearance of Edgar, allowing Charlie to escape.

Needing to get John out, Morgan approaches Al, who has been taping the battle from a distance with her video camera, for help. Though Al is reluctant to get involved, Morgan convinces her to help in order to save John's life. With the battle winding down, Alicia goes after June, but Al intervenes using the machine guns on her SWAT van to force Alicia to stand down. Morgan and June take John aboard the SWAT van and Morgan convinces Charlie, who wants to check on Mel, to join them. The group escapes despite Alicia, Victor and Luciana attempting to stop them

Later, after the battle ends with the Vultures all wiped out, the three survey the vehicles and Alicia finds that the Land Rover still has keys in the ignition. Edgar, now reanimated, approaches them but Alicia quickly puts him down. As the group prepares to drive away in order to chase the others, Alicia notices a still alive but crippled Mel emerging from the wreckage of the ambulance. After briefly trying to find out how long June was with the Vultures, Alicia decides that it doesn't matter and kills Mel.





Fear The Walking Dead

Season 4


  • The race track's name, Ashburn, is visible on the maps taken from Ennis and Edgar.