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"I'm the one, got caught... I'm the one, trashed his compound, killed his men, got Quinn killed. I'm the one turned him into monster."
—Ash to Lilly when she feels quilt about their friends and loved one's deaths.[src]

Ashley Lynn Duart, better known as Ash, is a main character and a survivor first appearing in Search and Destroy. She is described to be a tall, slender woman from Haralson.


Buffalo, New York

Nothing is known about Ash's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she grew up in Buffalo.


Haralson, Georgia

Ash has survived in Haralson with twenty-two other survivors for three years. At some point, she found out about Woodbury and they started working together.

After the events of "Search and Destroy" Ash was kidnapped along with her boyfriend's children a month back by Dryden and is holden by him as a prisoner. At some point Ash sneaks out of her trailer and goes over to the Dryden's. Spencer-Lee and Sally are having passionate sex when she sneaks in. They're about to climax when Ash saps the back of Spencer-Lee's head. He falls onto the floor and drifts in and out of consciousness and sees Ash sap Sally's head then tying her hands to the headboard and gagging her with a piece of fabric. Spencer-Lee comes to and bear tackles Ash they slam each other into the walls before Dryden begins strangling Ash on the floor. Ash ignites the road flare and shoves it in Dryden's mouth. He stumbles around the trailer knocking over shelves. Ash steals his car keys and police special and escapes the trailer. Dryden gets the road flare out of his throat and passes out. A shootout begins outside between Ash and the guards and she kills a man named Fitz. She frees several families including the Stacks and Nesbits who help fight before escaping with Ash and the Quinn kids.

Ash unintentionally leads the families into a swarm of walkers. There being no other way for them to escape John Stack heroically sacrifices himself for the group. In the confusion Ronnie and Dina Nesbit get devoured and the others are forced to move on.

After that Ashley with the remaining survivors are running out of the woods and meets Lilly Caul and her group. The two groups reunite and Ash introduces Lilly to the families as Dryden start to attacking them by shooting one of Lilly's men. A car chase begins and many people dies including Jamie Quinn, Ashley's boyfriend. A heart broken Ash managed to survieve and flees with Lilly and the children.

Killed Victims


Lilly Caul

Mike Bell

Cooper Steeves

Jamie Quinn

Chelsea Quinn

Bobby Quinn

Trudy Quinn

Thomas Dupree