"At The Gates" is the ninth episode of the first season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


Our enemies want to make an example out of us, but with a little preparation, we’re going to turn the tables on them.


After stealing the medical supplies, the survivors of Anderson's group know Hurst will come looking for revenge. Anderson wonders who Hurst's leader is, but brushes it aside, as they need to deal with their enemies coming for them.

The Brigade come to Eckington Camp looking for payback, the survivors have a minute to set up defenses and prepare for the attack. After a minute is up, the Brigade attack. The Brigade try to set up bombs and the survivors have to kill them before they can do so. If a bomb is placed, the survivors have forty-five seconds to disarm it. After this is repeated, the survivors kill the remaining Brigade soldiers and come out with the victory.



  • Several unnamed members of the Brigade



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