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Athens is a location mentioned in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead and the novels Rise of the Governor, The Road to Woodbury, and Fall of the Governor.



Athens was a college town and home to the University of Georgia. Nothing much else is known other than that several influential characters have called Athens home. Brian Blake had several business ventures including a music store in Athens funded with his parents money, all ending up in failure right up to the outbreak, and Lee Everett took up residence in Athens due to his job as a history professor at the university.


"A New Day"

With the outbreak reaching chaotic proportions, the Federal Rescue Services issued a warning over the Emergency Broadcast System declaring that the city was no longer safe and to find another means of rescue. The city, along with Augusta and Columbus, was declared a level 8 catastrophe meaning that the city was most likely destroyed and completely overrun with walkers. It remains unclear if any other faculty members from the university situated in Athens besides Lee Everett managed to survive into the post-apocalypse world.

Notable Residents

  • Brian Blake - Eldest of the Blake brothers, and the future leader of Woodbury.
  • Harlan Steagal - One of the Tent City survivors.
  • Speed Wilkins - One of the Prison Assault survivors, and a Woodbury guard.
  • Lee Everett - A convicted history professor, and a leader of small band of survivors.


  • Although the video games are canon to the comics, Athens has only been mentioned in the video game and the novel series.
  • Wilkins and Brian Blake, both former residents, would eventually come to be in Woodbury as soldier and leader respectively despite having never likely crossed paths until then.
  • In "Around Every Corner", Lee Everett can say he was from Athens during a confrontation with Vernon and the rest of the cancer survivor's group.