The Atlanta construction site is a minor location in Season 1 of AMC's The Walking Dead which was featured in the episode "Guts."


Prior to the Apocalypse, the construction site was used for an unknown purpose, presumably building something, a few blocks from the Atlanta Department Store.


After the Apocalypse, the site was abandoned with several of the vehicles left there. Some of the vehicles may have been used in an attempt to escape as the site's key box was almost empty.

Season 1


While trapped in a department store a few blocks from the construction site surrounded by walkers, Rick Grimes studies the site and the vehicles abandoned there with a pair of binoculars. Knowing that keys for the vehicles used at the site will be kept there, Rick suggests taking one to escape the store. In order to reach the construction site, Rick hacks apart the body of Wayne Dunlap to use his guts to trick the walkers into thinking Rick and Glenn are walkers as well.

Smeared in walker guts, Rick and Glenn make their way towards the construction site, successfully fooling the walkers most of the way. However, a rain storm washes off most of the guts as they get close, leading the walkers to attack the two. Killing a few walkers, Rick and Glenn manage to reach the construction site and climb over the fence. As Rick kills several walkers attempting to climb the fence, Glenn breaks into the key box and takes the keys for the site's cube van. As the walkers knock over the fence and swarm the site, Rick and Glenn board the cube van, smash through a rear gate and escape down another street to effect a rescue of their friends.



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