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The Atlanta Survivor Camp was a base camp established in a quarry just outside the city of Atlanta, Georgia near Interstate 85. It plays a major location in Volume 1 of The Walking Dead.


Rural Georgia

Before the outbreak, the camp site was a nature park area that had a dense forest, mountain cliffs which helped form a quarry, and a lake/river or bed of water. Numerous animals such as squirrels, birds, deer, and fish all live in the area living and feeding off the vegetation. The State of Georgia most likely allowed campers and hikers to use this area as a public park space to hike, camp, fish, and rock-climb.


Volume 1: Days Gone Bye





  • Front (Zombified) - Hacked in the head by Rick.
  • Amy - Bitten on the neck and shot by Andrea before her reanimation.
  • Reggie (Zombified) - Shot in the head by Shane.
  • Jim - Bitten on his left arm and left by a tree to reanimate as a walker.
  • Shane - Shot by Carl Grimes in the neck, then reanimated and shot by Rick Grimes.
  • Numerous counts of zombies.


Comic Series

Volume 1: Days Gone Bye

Volume 2: Miles Behind Us

Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars


  • The Atlanta Survivor Camp is a buyable property in The Walking Dead Monopoly.
    • The Atlanta Survivor Camp is also a territory in The Walking Dead Risk.
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