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This article is about the Atlanta Survivor Camp in the TV Series. You may be looking for the Comic Series counterpart.

The Atlanta Survivor Camp was a refugee camp in AMC's The Walking Dead, located outside Atlanta, Georgia near Interstate 85. Originally a quarry campsite, the Atlanta Survivor Camp was founded in September 2010 shortly after Atlanta was bombed by the U.S. Military during Operation Cobalt in order to contain the spread of the Wildfire virus. Survivors were comprised of people who managed to escape the city before the bombing, and people who weren't able to enter the city due to the massive gridlock. The camp was led by King County sheriff's deputy Shane Walsh, the main base of operations was Dale Horvath's RV.

As the camp grew in size; the men were assigned to hunting, scavenging, and protecting the camp while the women were assigned to cooking, cleaning, and childcare. Glenn Rhee, a pizza delivery boy from Atlanta, was designated as the supply runner by sneaking into Atlanta and scavenging much needed supplies. In October 2010, Glenn and other members of the camp were rescued by Shane's former partner, sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, during a supply run in the city. Rick had arrived to Atlanta in search of his family at the refugee center. As Rick joined the group and became a prominent leader, he and Shane differed on opinions on how to run the camp.

Due to few people left in the city to feed on, the undead began migrating out of Atlanta. A herd attacked and resulted in casualties of over half the camp. With no natural or manufactured defenses, Rick and Shane decided to abandon the camp. Rick brought the group to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta where they met Dr. Edwin Jenner and learned more about the virus. The CDC was eventually destroyed in a self-destruct sequence. The survivors later went forward to the Greene Family Farm on the way to Fort Benning. After thirteen years, only three survivors from the camp remain: Rick Grimes, Carol Peletier, and Daryl Dixon.


Rural Georgia[]

Before the outbreak, the campsite was a nature park area that consists of dense forests, mountain cliffs which helped form a quarry, and a lake/river of water. Numerous animals such as squirrels, birds, deer, and fish all inhabiting in this area, feeding off of the vegetation. The state of Georgia most likely allowed campers and hikers to use this area as a public recreational park such as hiking, camping, fishing, and rock-climbing.


Prior to the outbreak, all refugees headed towards the city of Atlanta for safety and protection by the U.S. Military. However, infected individuals also made their way to the city and completely overran the shelter and outposts. When Shane Walsh and Lori Grimes see that the city is overrun and the subsequent destruction of the military installation, they decide to set up an outpost at the quarry just outside the city. Ed Peletier, his wife Carol, and their daughter Sophia also joined them and helped establish the campsite. Other survivors from the city and nearby area eventually see the survivors and join them at the campsite to establish a base of operations there.

They used the resources in the area to continue on their daily lives such as food, water, shelter, and safety from the infected. Andrea and her sister, Amy, fished on the lake, Merle and Daryl Dixon hunted, some of the women washed the clothes using the lake/river, and Dale Horvath mentions that the mountain cliffs provide protection since they are away from the city and loud sounds would be hard to pin-point in that location. However, the survivors occasionally have to make trips to the city for other supplies such as equipment, tools, and medicine.

The walkers (after running out of "food" in the city) began to make their way into more rural areas. A walker does wander into the camp and is seen eating part of a deer, later several walkers make their way into the campsite causing several casualties and several survivors were killed or bitten. Realizing that the walkers are making their way outside of the city and that this location was compromised, the remaining survivors decided to flee to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta (with the exception of Morales and his family, who head to Birmingham, Alabama, to find their relatives).






TV Series[]

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  • Due to no one from the camp dying between Season 3 and Season 7, the five survivors during that time--Rick, Carl, Glenn, Daryl and Carol--were referred to as the "Atlanta Five" by fans.
    • Following Glenn's death and the brief return of Morales in "The Damned", fans joked that the "Atlanta Five" was back again.
  • As of "Rest in Peace", Rick, Daryl and Carol are the only known remaining survivors of the Atlanta Survivor Camp.
  • The Atlanta Survivor Camp appears in the archival footage shown at the beginning of "A New Deal" as Judith narrates past events of the show to the audience before the episode's story begins.
  • Out of the 20 named characters at the camp, only 11 are actually in the Comic Series (Rick, Lori, Carl, Shane, Carol, Sophia, Jim, Dale, Andrea, Amy, and Glenn).
    • The Dixon brothers, T-Dog, Jacqui, Ed as well as Morales and his family, along with the 13 unnamed background survivors, are not characters in the comic book, although they are each (besides the extras) featured prominently in Season 1 of the TV Series.