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The Atlantic Coast is a location that is seen in both the TV Series and the Comic Series.


Little is known about this location it is in before the outbreak occurred.


Season 2

"Beside the Dying Fire"

T-Dog suggests that the group heads to the Georgian Atlantic Coast as in the early days of the apocalypse, there were rumors that the military was stationed there and sending people to some nearby islands to survive the apocalypse.

Season 7


A young girl, Rachel Ward, kills a walker on the beach. Soon after, she spots another body that has washed up on the shore. Assuming it's a soon-to-be-walker, Rachel moves in for the kill. Her older companion, Cyndie, stops her. Cyndie points out that the body (which is revealed to be Tara), is still alive, but unconscious. Rachel reminds Cyndie that they're supposed to kill all strangers they encounter. However, Cyndie persuades her to spare Tara's life and drags Tara's body up the beach.

Cyndie later returns to the beach and finds Tara asleep in the hiding spot where she left her. Cyndie leaves a fish wrapped in cloth, a couple of water bottles, and a spear next to Tara then walks away. Tara, who had only been pretending to sleep, follows Cyndie into the woods.

Season 10

"Lines We Cross"

A walker washes up on shore and Judith cuts it down before re-joining Michonne, Daryl, and the others in a combat training exercise on the Oceanside beach. Aaron leads a shield-wielding front line to a washed-up boat where Jerry and Ezekiel repeatedly open the hatch to let walkers out in waves. In an organized effort, the archers take out the first wave, the spear-wielders the second, and the melee weapons third. The walkers quickly break down the door and the army finishes them off.

Back on the beach, Kelly and Connie are helping Rachel and some other Oceanside residents with dragging a net, when Kelly nearly trips over a pile of nets, despite being warned repeatedly about it. Kelly tells Connie she's worried her gradual hearing loss will prevent her from translating for her. Connie assures her that she'll be okay and they should see their deafness as a superpower. Suddenly, Dog runs over with Daryl following behind. Kelly gives Connie a look suggesting she and Daryl are into each other, but Connie just rolls her eyes.

On a dock, Ezekiel and Daryl look out at the ocean. They have a conversation about Ezekiel's time in a zoo. He was only scared of birds back then. Connie comes up and delivers Dog to Daryl with a note saying, "Think you lost something." He communicates with her in ASL and she tells him that he signs with a southern accent. Suddenly, Carol arrives on a boat. She awkwardly greets Ezekiel and quickly moves on to talk to Daryl, who lifts her up in a hug.

Season 11

"The Lucky Ones"

The Atlantic Coast will appear in this episode.

Comic Series

Issue 139

A small group from the Kingdom head towards the coast. Ezekiel leads the way, slaying walkers and "having some fun."

They meet with the other group, composed of Rick, Heath, Aaron and Magna. Ezekiel remarks that the group is wasting ammunition on the dead, with Rick saying they have more than they really need, and that they also want to draw them away from the coast before the others arrive. They discuss that the next big project is a road leading to the coast, meant to start construction after the fair.

Rick and Ezekiel arrive at the coast and await the boat carrying their fish. The discussion turns to Alexandria's ammunition stock with Ezekiel inquiring about the price possibly going down now that the supply has increased but demand having gone down. Rick gets irritated with the suggestion but calms down quickly, explaining that he just doesn't want to make any changes to the working system they've established.

Back at the coast, a fishing boat arrives. Rick asks if Ezekiel is nervous, much to the latter's discomfort. He says it's clear that he's not over her, and that everyone knows including, including her: Michonne is the first to leave the boat. She argues if there was no one else to do it. Ezekiel mentions he was keeping her Katana warm for her. They start to load up the fish.

Rick approaches Michonne privately, jokingly asking if she missed him. She asks about the new woman. Rick tells her about Magna and her group, saying that she's smart. Michonne jokingly asks if Andrea has something to worry about, a joke misunderstood by Rick, who rebukes that he'd never do that to anyone. She apologizes, saying that they don't do a lot of talking on the boat and that she's getting bad at it. He jokes that she was always a talkative person.

He continues by asking her how life out on the ocean is. She tells him it's a hard life but that it keeps her mind off of everything else but the actual work, this prompts Rick to ask her if she found what she was looking for, but gets no response. She apologizes for everything. Rick argues that she disappeared and they spent a great deal of time looking for her, and that people could have died. She explains that it just didn't feel right, being there at the Kingdom with Ezekiel, happy, after everything she's been through and everything she's done. She says she abandoned her children because of her job and destroyed her marriage. She finally asks Rick if after everything he himself has been through thinks he deserves to be happy.

Rick says that they do deserve happiness after everything they've been through, telling her to get her shit together and stop punishing herself for stuff that wasn't her fault, and to go home.

Issue 140

The issue continues at the pier with Rick and Michonne. When telling her that she shouldn't live her life in misery, Michonne becomes defensive. She is quickly defused though when Rick apologizes explaining that he didn't want his best friend to be miserable. They begin to talk about the fair, Michonne explains that Pete is attending but she plans to remain at the pier; Rick asks her to attend stating that Carl would like to see her, with her replying that she would like to see him too. Rick cheerfully believes this to mean her attendance to which she says "we'll see" with a smile.

Issue 165

Andrea and Eugene work to keep the herd together. Eugene doesn't know how much more he can take, but Andrea insists he keep going. Michonne and Jesus continue to drive the herd towards the coast. Carl instructs the Hilltop residents to let the roamers come to them. He asks Lydia if she is OK, and she says she feels alive.

Maggie and Dante rejoin Michonne and Jesus. Michonne suggests they stay put and make sure the roamers head for the ocean. Dante says he hopes Alexandria is still standing or they won't have a place to sleep tonight. Maggie reminds him of their priorities, and he says he is worried about the people too. Jesus notices horses in the distance.

Andrea, Eugene, Magna, and Yumiko are surrounded. As they ride away, Eugene asks Andrea to give him the horn so he can distract some of the herd. Andrea is reluctant, but Eugene takes the horn and tells her to go. Eugene blows the horn, but is soon thrown from his horse. As the roamers surround him, Andrea shoots them and tells him to run. Magna and Yumiko shoot as Andrea rides in to save Eugene. He tells her to leave him, but she refuses. Magna says they're not going to make it as they both climb back on the horse. Magna is relieved, until she notices Andrea's face – she has been bit on the neck.

Issue 166

Magna looks at Andrea's neck in horror. She insists they don't have time to dwell on it and must continue to drive the herd towards the ocean.


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