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"Just me and my brewery. Augie's Ale. Maybe you've heard of it? We won all kinds of very important awards."
Jim Brauer to Morgan Jones[src]

Augie's Ale is Jim Brauer's brewery and is located somewhere in Mississippi.


Augie's Ale was owned and run by brewer Jim Brauer. Jim's beer won all sorts of awards, including Beer of the Year. Right before the beginning of the outbreak, a multinational corporation offered to buy the brewery and Jim's services which would have made him very rich.


Following the start of the outbreak, Jim stayed at his brewery for the next few years which proved to be a safe location for him. Though the world had ended, Jim decided to continue his beer brewing, believing that it would be needed when civilization began again.

Season 4

After discovering the brewery, Sarah and Wendell kidnap Jim to brew beer for them, stealing some of his brewing equipment as well. Jim is eventually rescued by Morgan Jones and explains about his brewery and passion for beer. Though both are captured by Sarah and Wendell, they later agree to work together to find Morgan's friends before heading for Alexandria. However, their semi and all of Jim's equipment inside is destroyed by Martha and Jim himself dies after getting bitten.

After learning that the others need ethanol to cure Martha's antifreeze poisoning, Morgan travels to the brewery and retrieves a truck full of Augie's Ale beer. Jim's beer cures the antifreeze poisoning and saves everyone's lives.

At some point after this, Sarah and Wendell returned to the brewery and emptied it out of every bottle of beer they could find and more equipment for Sarah to try to replicate the beer. The brewery was subsequently abandoned for good after this.

Season 5

While trying to find a way to save their friends, Charlie looks at an old Brewsweek cover advertising Augie's Ale winning Beer of the Year and comes up with an idea. Charlie questions if Sarah took everything from the brewery and she confirms that they took every last bottle they could find. Charlie shows her the Brewsweek cover which shows a giant hot air balloon in the shape of a beer reading Augie's Ale in the background. The group subsequently returns to the brewery to retrieve the hot air balloon in order to use it to fly the propellers from Daniel's plane to their friends.



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