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Austin, Texas is a location featured in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


Austin served as the capital city of Texas prior to the outbreak.


Due to its crumbling infrastructure and abandoned medical facilities, it can be assumed that Austin fell very quickly during the outbreak. Two years into the apocalypse, the entire city is crawling with the dead and several buildings appear to have partially burned down or collapsed.

Fleeing a horde of walkers, Morgan's group eventually takes refuge on the roof of a hospital in downtown Austin. They eventually escape the city with the help of Sarah, Wendell, Strand, John, Alicia, June, and Charlie. Facing certain death from a walker bite, Jim gives his life to help the group get away.

It's one of the cities hit by Teddy's nuclear warheads as revealed by Morgan and Grace's map.


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 4


  • Real life landmarks such as the Austonian, the University of Texas Tower, and the partially-destroyed Texas State Capitol can be seen in the city's skyline.
  • The real-life Brackenridge hospital served as the filming location for the hospital where Morgan's group takes refuge.
    • The real world location can be found here.