Báibái is a character mentioned in The Walking Dead: Typhoon. She was Zhu's pet chicken.


Fongyuan, Hunan, China

When Chen Wenzhu was seven or eight years old, he had wrapped his arms and legs around his father's leg as he was dragged into the kitchen. His yéye angrily scolds him for giving the chickens names. Zhu pleads for his yéye to pick a different chicken, as Báibái is his favorite. His father says that they're all his favorite and tells Zhu to watch as he pins the chicken's neck to the cutting board and raises the butcher's knife. Ripples of horror pass through Zhu as Báibái is decapitated. The worst part was that the blood had made his yéye's hand slippery and the body had slid from his hand and began to run headless around the kitchen, spraying blood everywhere. This image is seared into Zhu's brain.


Zhu reflects on the memory of Báibái's death while staying in his childhood home and after being captured by the Grove.


Killed By

Báibái was decapitated by Mr. Chen for food. Báibái's headless body then ran around the kitchen spraying blood all over the floor.


Novel Series


  • Báibái is the first animal known to have been decapitated in The Walking Dead franchise.
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