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"Maybe we'll get on one of them video shows, you know? Like "World's Craziest Police Chases". What do you think?"
Leon to his fellow officers as they wait to intercept the fleeing robbers.[src]

The bank robbers were a small group of three criminals before the apocalypse happened, who robbed a bank and participated in a car chase in the Season 1 episode, "Days Gone Bye" of The Walking Dead.


The robbers, though not seen initially, were attempting to escape a heist they had committed, trying to flee the chasing Linden County police in the process. As they were chased, Rick, Shane, Leon, Lambert, and several other King County policemen set up a roadblock and waited for them. The road-spikes set punctured the robbers tires and flipped the car over, resulting in a wreck. The men from both stations then surrounded the trio and ordered their surrender. The men, one by one, began exiting the vehicle, firing at the officers, almost injuring some. The first two to exit, who were thought by the police to be the only men inside, were immediately shot down, with Rick being shot in the stomach. After the initial shootout, Rick reveals that he was wearing a Kevlar vest, saving his life. As Rick confronts Shane about not telling Lori about his near death experience, the third robber exits the vehicle and shoots Rick in the back, the man is quickly shot dead by Shane. This shot resulted in Rick's trip to the hospital and put him in a coma for an unknown period of time.




  • It is revealed by Brent Bernhard (Criminal 3) in a interview revealed that the criminals in the show were driving away from a bank robbery.
  • There has been a debate on who is the Television counterpart of Reggie, the criminal in the Comic Series. The two contenders being the Unnamed Criminals 1 and 3; 1 for his looks closely resembling that of the comic version and 3 because he is the one who shot Rick.
  • Though the robbers were killed prior to the outbreak, Brent Bernhard (Unnamed Criminal 3), in an interview suggested that the men reanimated and are now walkers as none of them were shot in the head. This is very unlikely as the bodies were probably buried by then.
  • They are the first antagonistic group seen in the series.