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"Messengers. Came all the way from Hilltop. They found Rosita. She's hurt."
—Barbara to Gabriel Stokes.[src]

Barbara is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Barbara's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she had a son and a daughter.



At some point in the apocalypse, Barbara and her children joined a community called the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Season 5


Barbara attends Deanna's party, interacting with other residents and the new arrivals. As newcomer Rick and Jessie talk, she laughs while having a conversation with Kent. As Sasha attempts to navigate the party, Barbara can be overheard talking to Stacy about her hopes that a dentist will arrive in Alexandria, likely stemming from problems with her son's teeth.


Barbara is among the townspeople present at the community forum to discuss Rick's fate. She is seated next to Jessie and listens to her fellow residents as they speak. Barbara and the other residents are shocked when Rick suddenly arrives with the corpse of a walker as Tobin was speaking. She also witnesses the murder of Reg Monroe, which she is horrified at, and the subsequent execution of Pete Anderson.

Season 6


Having survived the deadly raid by the Wolves, Barbara is one of the many townspeople gathered by the front gate, listening to the growing horde residing over the walls. She appears to be very concerned about the situation and listens to Rick and Aaron as they address the crowd. Later, Barbara is with Bruce, Anna, Kent, and several other angry Alexandrians complaining about their rations. She tells Olivia she is barely able to make two meals out of what she is given, to which Olivia suggests she add water to her soups. After Anna and Kent also complain, Bruce decides to lead the crowd on a raid of the pantry. Barbara packs a box with food when Spencer orders the mob to stop and put the food back, and reminds them they are a community and must work together if they want to survive. Barbara and the others sheepishly return food to the shelves before departing from the pantry. Later that afternoon, Barbara witnesses Betsy as a walker in her home, prompting her to scream in horror. As neighbors run over to witness the situation, Barbara, along with Tobin, Olivia, Anna, Bruce, and Denise, watch as Jessie puts a zombified Betsy down and addresses the crowd about surviving the new world. Barbara quietly cries at the death of her friend as neighbors leave the scene.

"Heads Up"

Barbara attends Father Gabriel's prayer circle with Kent, Bob, Kyle, and several other Alexandrians. She also witnesses Enid and Glenn's green balloons floating in the sky, just before the wall is brought down by the collapsing church steeple.

"No Way Out"

When the herd invaded, Barbara retreated inside one of the houses for safety. Barbara witnesses Rick slaughtering walkers by himself in the streets and is inspired to join the group as she sees other townspeople arrive to help. Armed with a bat, she is among the residents to battle walkers for hours until they are all killed. After the bloody cull, she rests outside the infirmary with the other survivors.

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

Barbara was outside watching over her two children when Carol appeared and delivered cookies to the three, which she is grateful for. She is later present at the meeting in the church, listening to Rick's speech about the danger of the Saviors. When Rick asked if anyone objected to the idea of attacking the Saviors, Barbara remained silent.

Season 7


Barbara, seated next to Kent, is among the townspeople present at the church when Rick informs them that he is no longer in charge and that all guns need to be turned over to the Saviors.

Season 8


Barbara sits on the stoop of the Grimes household as she babysits Judith, who is playing on the sidewalk below. She happily watches on as Rick gives Judith a goodbye kiss before leaving for the assault on the Sanctuary.

"How It's Gotta Be"

At one of the gates to Alexandria where several Alexandrians pack cars with weapons and supplies, Barbara sits beside the pond watching over Judith as she plays in the gravel. She smiles as Michonne approaches to say goodbye to Judith before leaving for the Sanctuary to demand surrender from the Saviors. That night, Barbara is among the Alexandrians evacuated as the Saviors launch their grenade attack. Later, Barbara is seen safe in the sewers with the surviving Alexandrians.


Barbara remains in the sewers with the other Alexandrians as the Saviors' grenades continue to blow apart Alexandria above them. After the explosions subside and the remaining Saviors leave, Barbara and the others prepare to head to Hilltop for refuge.

"Dead or Alive Or"

Barbara and the other Alexandrians evacuate through the woods towards Hilltop. She and Tobin take turns looking after Judith as the majority of the group rests in the woods while the swamp is cleared of walkers by Daryl, Scott, Rosita, and Siddiq. She successfully arrives at Hilltop with the Alexandrians and is welcomed into the community with open arms. She gathers by some vehicles and chats with Nabila, Kevin, Bertie, and other Hilltoppers.

"The Key"

As Rick and Michonne enter through Hilltop’s main gates, Barbara walks towards Rick while carrying Judith and hands her over to him. Later, she sits inside the Barrington House holding Gracie and watches Judith, who is sitting beside her.


While unseen, Barbara is among the residents and refugees to flee Hilltop as the Saviors attempt to attack. She is relocated to a safe area and later returns back to Hilltop in the aftermath of Oceanside's counterattack on the Saviors. After the war’s conclusion, Barbara and the other Alexandrians return home to begin re-building the town after its previous destruction.

Season 9

"The Obliged"

Barbara is in the gardens arguing with Mrs. Robinson when Michonne steps in to break up their fight.


Barbara approaches Gabriel outside Negan's cell and informs him about the Hilltop messengers and that Rosita is injured and being cared for at Hilltop.

"The Storm"

Although unseen, Barbara's house is used as one of the three main safe houses, alongside Aaron's house and the meeting house, for the Alexandrians to seek refuge in from the raging blizzard. Her house has a big enough fireplace to provide warmth for a large number of people.

Season 10


While unseen, Barbara takes care of Coco so Rosita could assist the Alexandrians and Coalition soldiers fight the waves of walkers approaching the community.

"The World Before"

Barbara attends the funeral service for Siddiq and listens to Gabriel's religious remarks. Standing near Carol and Laura, Barbara silently pays her respects and then leaves the ceremony.

"Home Sweet Home"

Having survived the final battle of the Whisperer War and a short time after making it to the rendezvous in the woods with the other survivors, Barbara makes her way home to Alexandria with Nabila and Lydia. After running into a minor obstacle on the road, they are helped by Negan and resume their journey as Maggie and Judith emerge from the woods. A few days later, Barbara helps clean up the destruction in Alexandria left behind by the Whisperers. She works alongside Nabila, Carol, Negan, Lydia, and several other residents when Daryl returns with Kelly and Maggie’s group. She then watches as Maggie, her son Hershel, and the other members of her group enter Alexandria through the fallen wall and begin to explore the streets of their new home.

"Here's Negan"

On a sunny morning in Alexandria, Barbara is outside with Negan working on repairs around town. Armed with a hammer, Barbara is busy prying nails from a charred piece of wood when Maggie greets her while on a walk with her son. Barbara looks up from her task and greets Maggie back before returning her attention to her work.

Season 11

"For Blood"

Barbara is among the Alexandrians seeking refuge from the storm inside Aaron's house. She and her neighbors help secure the windows and keep the children calm as the storm rages. When a zombie nearly breaks in, the Alexandrians realize there is a breach in the wall, in addition to the windmill catching fire. She attends a meeting in the kitchen where the survivors decide a group needs to go out into the storm to put out the fire and secure the wall. Barbara stays behind to watch the kids and help defend the house, alongside Rosita, Dianne, Lydia, Nabila, and Virgil. She huddles with Gracie, Judith, and Virgil as they watch in horror as Rosita departs into the storm to dispatch the zombies. Fortunately Rosita survived the ordeal and returned into the house unharmed. With the storm worsening, Rosita makes the call to evacuate everyone to the second floor. Barbara and Nabila grab the babies Adam and Mariam and flee up the stairs.

"No Other Way"

Barbara is among the Alexandrians present during the meeting with Eugene and the Commonwealth representative, Lance Hornsby. Holding baby Adam, she is seated on the steps of the meeting house alongside several children and listens to the Deputy Governor’s offer of joining the Commonwealth.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Barbara has killed:


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  • Barbara is credited as Mother #1 in Season 5.
    • This character was given the name Barbara in "Now".
  • The character's name and appearance is a reference to the character of Barbara in Night of the Living Dead.[1]
  • Barbara was credited in "Start to Finish", "The Next World", and "Wrath" but did not appear in the episodes.
  • Mandi Christine Kerr was far along her pregnancy while filming "Service" that she was only featured in the church scene as they were able to use a headshot instead of featuring her entire body and showing the baby bump.
  • Oddly, Barbara does not appear to be upset regarding the apparent deaths of her children in the Saviors' grenade attack on Alexandria in her appearances following "How It's Gotta Be". However, it is also possible that her feelings on the matter weren't portrayed in-depth, as she is a minor character.
  • Barbara, Gabriel, and Aaron are the only remaining characters introduced in Season 5.
    • Barbara is also currently the longest-living recurring character in the TV Series with seven consecutive season appearances, and is also the only one introduced before Season 6 who is still confirmed to be alive.