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"Do you think about how many died? (...) It's a lie. It's a goddamn lie! You know what we did!"
—Barca confronting Elizabeth Kublek about slaughtering the Campus Colony residents.[src]

C. Barca (first name unknown) is a former antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He was a sergeant major in the Civic Republic Military.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Barca's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


At some point, Barca became the sergeant major of a large organization known as Civic Republic Military.

Season 1


Barca is among the Civic Republic Military soldiers sent to carry out a massacre at the Campus Colony, under Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Kublek's orders. He approaches Elizabeth outside as the clean-up of the community continues and informs that all of the buildings searched but they were unable to locate "her", to which Elizabeth replies "good" before taking his weapon and using it to dispatch a zombie on the ground.

"The Tyger and the Lamb"

Barca appears at Elizabeth's apartment, clearly shaken up and struggling from his involvement in the massacre of the Campus Colony community. Elizabeth invites him in and proceeds to turn on all of the appliances in her apartment to demonstrate a point - they have energy, manufacturing, agriculture, water, and other functions that represent a successful society, and that everything they do is for the good of the city, stating that they are the "light of the world". She then invites Barca to sit down and enjoy some soup, unbeknownst she had summoned her bodyguards to her apartment. After a knock is heard at the door, Barca is ordered to open it, where two bodyguards take him in custody to the CRM Health and Welfare Complex. She orders that he will stay there until he is feeling better and will be re-assigned to a position that involves physical labor instead of resuming his role as a Sergeant Major and one of her bodyguards.

Season 2


An unconscious Barca is strung up in the lab at the Civic Republic Research Facility as Dr. Lyla Belshaw's newest test subject. Anne tells Belshaw that he came in from the Civic Republic and Belshaw looks over Barca's file. Belshaw is surprised to discover that Barca is a soldier and she orders her assistants to keep Barca sedated while they establish baseline vitals.

"Blood and Lies"

Dr. Lyla Belshaw takes blood samples from an unconscious Barca and the next morning, prepares him for experimentation. Waking up, Barca tells Lyla that they are both going to hell and calls the CRM plan bullshit, insisting that they what they do now matters "cause if it's all blood and lies -- that's all it'll ever be." Lyla mutes Barca's pleas and fills the room with chlorine gas, killing him. Lyla starts a clock to see how long it will take Barca to reanimate before Lieutenant Frank Newton interrupts her experiment. Lyla later informs Jadis, Huck and Leo Bennett that Barca still hasn't turned after nearly eight hours, showing some success in her latest experiment and causing Lyla to believe that she is on the verge of a major breakthrough.

When Lyla, Jadis and Huck arrive outside of the lab at 7 hours and 48 minutes since Barca's death, they discover that he has reanimated. Although disappointed by Barca failing to get to 8 hours, Jadis orders Huck to cut Barca loose as Lyla has become expendable. The reanimated Barca chases the terrified Lyla around the lab before finally biting into her neck, killing Lyla. Jadis then tells Huck that Lyla's death will be ruled a tragic laboratory accident.


Killed By

As part of her experiments, Lyla kills Barca by poisoning him with a modified version of chlorine gas.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Barca has killed:


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  • Barca is one of the few characters known to have a time of death, in his case 8:22 AM.
  • Barca is the first named CRM soldier to die in World Beyond.

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