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Barcelona, Catalonia is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia and the second most populated city of Spain, with a population of 1.6 million within city limits. It is the main location of the events within The Walking Dead: The Alien, which explains the story of Jeffrey Grimes.


Not much is known about Barcelona prior to the outbreak, besides that it eventually fell and got overrun by the undead. It is located in the northeastern region of Catalonia in Spain.


The Alien[]

While sleeping atop an abandoned building, Jeff is awakened by the sound of a young boy trying to escape a horde of zombies. After failing to reach the boy in time to save him, Jeff is attacked by one of the zombies, and is saved by a woman dressed in a suit of armor. Introducing herself as Claudia, the woman explains to Jeff that he has something she wants, and invites him back to her apartment.

After arriving at her apartment, Claudia explains to Jeff that she wants to accompany him back to the United States, as there have been rumors that the U.S. government had found a way to contain the zombie outbreak. She explains that she intends to sail to Ibiza, where an acquaintance of hers will fly them to the United States. Jeff points out that there are hundreds of zombies between them and the harbor, but Claudia reveals her intention to use the sewers to navigate, and tells Jeff that he will have until the following morning to decide if he wants to accompany her.

The next morning, Jeff, armed with a mace for protection, accompanies Claudia through the sewers. After emerging at the harbor, the two board a boat and begin to depart. However, a zombie concealed on the boat takes them by surprise and knocks Claudia into the water. An alarmed Jeff jumps in after them, and distracts the zombie as Claudia takes off the armor that is weighing her down. After returning to the boat, it is revealed that Jeff has been bitten. Expecting to die soon, Jeff gives Claudia a message to give to Rick, but dies before he is able to give her any information that might actually help her find Rick.