Barksdale is a town in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Town History

Barksdale was a ramshackle stretch of urban decay. It had a local bar called Jake's that was home to the Savage Sons Motorcycle Club, which Merle was the leader of. However, the members turned on Merle, by giving him up to the police for drug dealing. Jake's Bar is also located here.


Jake's Bar

Daryl and Merle arrive in town and Merle makes a break for the bar. Daryl finds that Merle only went there to get revenge on his gang members for turning on him, and to retrieve his drug stash. Merle, however, shows he came for Daryl's crossbow as well. The gang attacks Daryl and takes his supplies, leaving behind only his knife, and crossbow. He later retrieves his supplies and saves Anna Turner before leaving.




  • Ash
  • Many unnamed Savage's Sons club members
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