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"Sorry, Spence, I thought-"
—Barret to Spencer-Lee

Barret Deems, also known as Bear or simply Deems, is an antagonist appearing in The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury. He is described to have a bald, scabby pate and thick neck. He was the right-hand man of Spencer-Lee Dryden and part of his convoy as well.


Location Unknown

Almost nothing is known about Deems' life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he used to be a Georgia State Building janitor.


It is unknown how Deems made it to Spencer-Lee's convoy. However, he became his right hand and one of the most trusted allies.


Killed By

Soon after Lilly throws "The Musolino-Thing" into Deems' car, it starts to feast on him. Deems loses control of his camper and drives it off the road, finishing himself, presumably zombified Musolino and later on couple other survivors from both sides.


Novel Series

Return to Woodbury