"I'm a sheriff's deputy from down the road. It's not safe around here. Walkers all over. Come hide behind this motorcycle."
—Shane meeting the hero.

Battle Tutorial is the first tutorial and de-facto first mission given to the Hero Player in chapter one of The Walking Dead Social Game, "The Outbreak Begins" that covers the basic mechanics of the Social Game. It is the first mission overall.


After coming up to heavy traffic and roadblocks along the highway, the hero sets off on foot setting off towards Atlanta. As the hero walks along the deserted road, the player comes across a man hiding behind a motorcycle, a walker just ahead of him.

The man reveals himself to be a sheriiff's deputy and informs the hero that the area is not safe and is infested with walkers. The man tells the hero to hide behind the motorcycle with him and gives instructions to take out the nearby walker.

The hero sets off towards the undead man and buries their weapon into the skull of the zombie, killing it. The guy introduces himself as Shane and thanks the hero for their help. Shane invites the hero to his camp and asks to bring along a gas tank nearby an abandoned van.

The hero gladly accepts the offer to join the camp and grabs the fuel. The two then set off to the highway camp.



  • None


  • Remove the walker threat
  • Grab the fuel can by the van for Shane
  • Meet Shane in the camp


Follow the screens as a walkthrough.


  • This marks the first appearance of Shane.
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