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This article is about the Video Game character. You may be looking for the TV Series character.

"Somebody please help me! Please! Help me!"
—Beatrice calling out while being surrounded by walkers.[src]

Beatrice is an original character who briefly appears in "Long Road Ahead" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One.


Rural Georgia

Nothing is known about Beatrice's life prior to or as the outbreak began. She may have been a resident living in the town of Macon, Georgia.


Season One

"Long Road Ahead"

Beatrice is noticed by Lee and Kenny when they returned to Macon for supplies at the Everett Pharmacy Drugstore. When Lee and Kenny attempted to move inside the drugstore, Beatrice screamed and fled out of a building. While yelling desperately for help in hopes that someone would come to her aid, her terrified screams only attracted more walkers, causing them to pile into the streets after her.

Unfortunately, Lee and Kenny are too far from Beatrice to assist, but when Lee used the scope of his hunting rifle to check where the screaming was coming from, he notices Beatrice being bitten in the calf by a walker. Kenny suggests to abandon her, as her screaming and cries for help would draw out the walkers and give him and Lee the necessary time to attain the remaining supplies from the pharmacy. While shrieking for help, another walker bites Beatrice in between her neck and collarbone and the pair leave her behind. Lee would have to make a decision on whether to shoot her and put her out of her misery, or allow her to be devoured by walkers.

In-Game Decision

Shoot Her (Dead): Lee shoots Beatrice in the head, killing her instantly and silencing her screams, much to Kenny's frustration. The walkers, alerted by the gunshot, follow the two men into the drugstore instantly. Lee and Kenny use what time they have to scavenge the supplies they can before they are forced to escape.

Later, Kenny brings up Lee's decision to shoot her with Lilly, noting with derision that they could have gotten more supplies if Lee had just allowed her to continue struggling for life.

Leave Her (Dead): Lee resigns to Kenny's suggestion and chooses to leave her for the walkers. As a result of her continued screams, the walkers swarm her and temporarily ignore Lee and Kenny. The two men are given more time to scavenge for supplies as Beatrice dies outside of the drugstore. Lee and Kenny use what time they have to scavenge the supplies they can before they are forced to escape.

Later, Kenny brings up Lee's decision to leave her with Lilly, praising him for how he had stepped up and made the hard decision to help everyone.


Killed By

When Lee reports to Kenny that the screaming woman had been bitten, Kenny attempts to talk Lee out of shooting her so that her noise would attract the walkers to her and buy them time. If Lee consents, then the two of them leave her to die at the hands of the walkers.

If instead chooses to mercifully put her out of her misery, he shoots her in the head, much to Kenny's frustration. Otherwise, at Kenny's prodding, Lee would leave her to be devoured by the walkers to buy him time to scavenge.

If she was devoured by walkers, it is unknown if she later reanimated.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Beatrice has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


Video Game

Season One


  • Beatrice is one of the many characters whose name has only been mentioned in credits.
  • Lee can choose to shoot the walkers around her, but it makes no difference as Kenny will stop Lee if he decides to try and kill more than one walker.
  • Melissa Hutchison was supposed to voice her, though it was scrapped.[1]
  • In "In Harm's Way", if the player chose to amputate Sarita's arm, her scream is the same audio clip used for Beatrice's scream if they leave her to be devoured by walkers.