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"Become" is the fifth episode of the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. It is the fifth episode of the series overall. It premiered on March 24, 2024. It was written by Gabriel Llanas & Matt Negrete and directed by Michael Satrazemis.


Dangerous people make Rick and Michonne's journey difficult.


Gabriel Stokes wanders through the woods and prepares to dispatch a walker, only to be distracted by a helicopter flying overhead. The walker grabs Gabriel from behind, but he manages to throw it off of him and dispatch it with a machete. As the helicopter flies overhead again, Gabriel begins praying.

Rick and Michonne drive through a deserted town, enjoying their freedom. Finding an old delivery van full of boxes of ramen noodles, the couple eats them around a campfire in front of a billboard for Wyoming. Continuing on, while exploring an abandoned business, Rick and Michonne encounter a walker with a partially split in half head and a machete stuck in its left shoulder. Dispatching the walker and taking the machete, the two use it cut the vines off of a nearby vending machine and retrieve soda. As they drive, Rick drinks a soda and looks at the iPhone with Carl's picture engraved on it.

Passing a sign for Three Pines Trail as they drive through Yellowstone National Park, Rick and Michonne stop at an abandoned lodge. Rick's interest is drawn by a rack of small license plates which Michonne had always hated because she could never find one with her name. Taking one labeled "Junior", Rick asks if it would be a terrible gift to bring home to R.J., and an amused Michonne states that no one has ever called their son Junior. Rick is bringing himself back which is more than enough, especially since Rick is "The Brave Man" now more than ever. While Michonne is distracted, Rick grabs a necklace with the name Michelle on it and removes all but the M from it. Michonne suggests that R.J. might be ready for a small hatchet like Rick used to use, revealing that Judith has a sword like Michonne. "They're us," quips Michonne. Rick gives Michonne the toothpaste that he had promised her years ago, telling Michonne that he was in love with his son's best friend and Rick wasn't sure what he was going to do until Michonne had asked for that toothpaste and Rick was determined to find something for her. The two share a kiss and Michonne finds a check in book labelled Three Pines Cabin and the keys to a cabin for them to spend the night in.

Walking towards the cabin, Michonne recalls how uptight Thorne was and how she was trying too hard for the CRM. Rick explains that Thorne was trying to get home to someone that she loved in South Africa until Okafor found her and Thorne stopped trying. "You know, I never let go. I denied it, and I pushed you away, but I never let go." Touched, Michonne admits that she didn't know, before her interest is drawn by part of a sign for a National Park Service ranger station reading "protect the park from the people, the people from the park, and the people from the people."

Hearing screams and walker growls, Rick and Michonne rush to help, finding Red trying to fend off a walker with skin like stone that repels Rick's machete and Michonne's makeshift spear while Dalton helps Tina who is trapped in an old snare, two other walkers lying dead nearby with a broken axe head stuck in one. Finding that the skin cracks under blows from his prosthetic hand, Rick breaks an opening for Michonne to stab the walker with her spear, putting it down. Red thanks them while Dalton explains that the steam vents causes the walkers' skin to become calcified while there's also the wet ones. Dalton jokes that "you've got your baked and broiled" with the local walkers, comparing them to pierogis. Noticing that the group looks pretty hungry, Rick and Michonne offer them some of their ramen.

However, Red and Dalton pull guns on them, demanding all of their supplies against Tina's objections as the couple had helped them. Red defends their actions as being necessary because it's just how things are these days and things get worse by the hour. Annoyed, Rick and Michonne easily disarms the group, but Dalton insists that they wouldn't be alive without Red, and Red promises that while they don't know if the group won't try this with someone else, he would consider it an instructive experience if Rick and Michonne let his family live. Rick demands that Red promise to leave other people be, surprising Red that he would care about saving anyone else rather than just himself. Red insists that you only look after yourself in this world and "anything else in this world is a fairytale." Rick points out that they had saved the group, and the only people in danger of being killed at the moment aren't the helpers. On Tina's prompting, Red and Dalton promise to leave other people alone. Accepting this, Michonne collects the ramen that they were going to leave the group, Rick empties out Dalton's gun and Michonne pockets all but one bullet which she tosses in the opposite direction. Michonne orders the group to wait until they're gone and Rick orders them to keep their promise.

In the cabin, Michonne examines Red's red gun and wonders if it was okay to leave Red's group the other one. but Rick, stringing a makeshift alarm, doesn't think that Red, Dalton and Tina will come after them, suggesting that maybe they really will keep their promise. Finding a bottle liquor Rick asks Michonne about what she had been saying earlier about "the people from the people", and she explains that protecting the people from the people is just something that's stuck in her head. Michonne wonders if the group, with a broken axe low on bullets and facing three walkers, would've made it if they hadn't intervened, but Rick isn't sure. Michonne points out that the siblings had made it this far only to come close to dying because Tina had stepped in an old snare. The two acknowledge that lucky for the group, someone was nearby and it was the two of them. Michonne notes that they didn't even think about it which agrees with, admitting that while it might be strange to admit it, that had felt good to him. The two raise a toast to "us against the world. Or savin' it." Rick is surprised that Michonne took back the noodles though and, amused, she tells him that after pulling a gun on them, the group doesn't get noodles. Michonne asks what Rick is up to with the toothpaste and booze and Rick tells her that he's just working with what he's got, giving Michonne the necklace that he'd gotten for her. The two kiss and fall into bed together while a hooded figure outside carefully disarms Rick's makeshift alarm system and sneaks into the cabin grounds.

Three years ago, Gabriel fills a canteen at a stream and blesses the water into holy water. Jadis approaches Gabriel, reassuring him that it's okay and that she's alone, but Gabriel asks if that's true even if she is alone. After Jadis confirms it, Gabriel hugs her, but Jadis tells him that she's not coming back, she had just wanted to see him again, but Gabriel must never tell anyone that she was here. Gabriel agrees, telling Jadis that he had been using Eugene's ham radio with Rosita's help to somehow try to find her, only to have Jadis find him. Gabriel knows that Jadis had left because she was being judged for things that she did in her past instead of who she was trying to be. Jadis admits that she was up to something, and Gabriel had trusted her which was a mistake. Gabriel points out that Rick had brought her in because he believed that people can change with Rick going so far as to call Jadis "one of us." Gabriel reveals that Rick had died trying to bring people together. Well aware that Rick's still alive, Jadis feigns surprise at the news, and Gabriel explains that Rick had to destroy the bridge in order to stop an incoming herd and he was caught in the explosion. Gabriel declares that his mistake wasn't trusting Jadis, but rather in losing his faith in her.

Gabriel asks for her forgiveness and a visibly haunted Jadis asks Gabriel about the people that who can't forgive you, the ones that you made gone. Jadis wonders how you live with that, obviously seeking Gabriel's advice on how to handle her own guilt. Gabriel suggests prayer, making amends, and talking with someone about it. Jadis tells Gabriel that she can't talk about the things that she's been a part of or the things that she will be a part of and especially not to her people as it would mean telling them about everyone that Jadis had left behind in Virginia. Calling Jadis by her real name of Anne, Gabriel suggests that she can talk to him, promising clergy confidentiality and that she wasn't even here. Jadis simply forgives Gabriel.

In the present, Rick and Michonne are rudely awoken in the morning at gunpoint by Jadis who forces the couple to disarm themselves, ordering Michonne to tie Rick to the bed and then tie herself up. Rick knows that Jadis is here alone and that nobody knows that she's here either and Michonne wonders how Jadis found them. Jadis explains that the circumstances of Rick and Michonne disappearance together were suspicious so Jadis is back with the Reclamation Team and then she saw the wreck of the helicopter which felt like a profound moment which caused Jadis to remember all of the details of what she saw in that moment, including a yellow truck parked nearby. Left with a nagging feeling, Jadis insisted on going back, although she wouldn't pull anyone from the summit as it's too important. Jadis flew herself to the nearest jump point, supplied up, borrowed the emergency vehicle there and drove back to the crash site. Jadis found Greenwood in rubble and bread crumbs in the form of dead walkers and ramen wrappers all the way down Highway 90, the most direct route to Virginia.

Rick realizes that no one knows that Jadis is here while Michonne comments that Jadis had missed her chance by not killing them while they were sleeping. Jadis tells Rick and Michonne that she's been thinking about someone else that she killed, a confidant who was monumental in her development as a person who will help turn the world. Jadis had left things unsaid between them and she doesn't want to do the same thing with Rick and Michonne before she killed them both. Calling Jadis by her real name of Anne, Rick accuses her of just playing games and not actually caring about the CRM or the Civic Republic. "I do. You think I'm still her. I'm not. I'm not that woman from the Heaps either. "We take. We don't bother." Didn't work. I am decorated Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes of the Civic Republic Military, defender of the Republic", declares Jadis. However, still calling her Anne, Rick accuses her of only doing this for herself, but Jadis insists that it's for the Civic Republic.

If Jadis were to let them go home and somehow some other enterprising warrant officer were to find them, Jadis' connection with Alexandria would be discovered and that important work would end. Jadis insists that she had saved Rick's life, but Michonne accuses her of taking it from Rick's family instead, forcing Rick's children to grow up without a father for years and for Michonne to not know if he was alive or dead. Not replying to the accusation, Jadis tells Rick and Michonne that she didn't kill them in their sleep because she needed to thank them: by Rick and Michonne dying here today, Alexandria will remain safe and their children will have a better world. "You could've made other choices, but you didn't lose here. You won a different way. It's the end of your story. Let that be your peace". Jadis opens fire, but Rick and Michonne - Michonne having only pretended to tie Rick to the bed - leap out of the way and take cover. Rick flips the bed over on Jadis, giving Michonne the chance to grab the dropped hatchet and impale Jadis in the side. Jadis flees as Michonne grabs her dropped pistol and shoots at her, but Rick stops Michonne from killing her.

Two years ago, Anne and Gabriel share a small picnic by the stream. Anne asks Gabriel how Michonne is doing, and Gabriel tells her that Michonne is away helping people. Gabriel is confused that Anne refers to Michonne as Rick's wife, admitting that the couple were never officially married if that even matters anymore. Gabriel recalls how Rick had said one day that he should marry them, maybe do it right there on the bridge that they were building. Gabriel couldn't see the future that Rick described, so he sat on a log in the forest where Gabriel found a ring in the dirt at his feet. As the ring seemed like it would make a pretty nice wedding ring, Gabriel kept it and thought to put it someplace that Rick would find it because Gabriel could suddenly see that someday. Pulling out the ring, Gabriel sadly notes that Rick had died instead.

Anne admits that she's spent the last year looking forward to their next visit, just sitting there and talking which almost makes Anne feel like how and who she used to be. The other 364 days back in her new community is less about personal connection and more about responsibility to something greater than herself, even if that means that Anne has to do things that are difficult and even cruel which Anne is visibly bothered by. Gabriel suggests that if Anne is here expressing doubts, knowing that what she's doing is wrong, is a sign that that isn't who she really is. Anne sadly but resolutely tells Gabriel that it's about survival and what comes after, specifically the survival of others. That part of her that Anne's harnessed has kept her alive and maybe it can keep the rest of the world alive too.

Gabriel reveals that the group that the Coalition was in conflict with compromised Alexandria's walls and food is now scarce and children are hungry. Gabriel asks a visibly sympathetic Anne for the help of her people, but Anne can't help them. Anne assures Gabriel that her remorse over being unable to help is real even as she does cruel and difficult things. Anne moves to leave, but Gabriel stops her and gives Anne the ring that he'd found. She has been questioning things, and the ring is a symbol of faith and love so maybe it'll give Anne something that she needs while giving it to her is giving Gabriel something that he needs. Anne asks to meet again next year on the same day at the same place, and Gabriel promises that he will be there if he's still alive.

In the present, Jadis flees in her vehicle, chased by Rick and Michonne. Rick warns Michonne that they can't kill her because Jadis left a file about home for the CRM to find. Michonne accuses Jadis of doing it with the intention of destroying Alexandria because destroying is what she does, listing the moments in their son's life that Jadis had robbed from him. Rick questions what they'll do after Jadis is dead, but Michonne only replies that they'll do whatever they have to do. Michonne tries to ram Jadis off of the road, but it fails, and it turns into Jadis chasing them instead. Finally, as the chase heads into a small herd of calcified walkers, Michonne forces Jadis' vehicle off of a drop-off. Fighting through the walkers, Rick and Michonne find Jadis' vehicle crashed against a tree, but no sign of Jadis herself. Realizing that Jadis is heading for the nearest jump point, Rick points them in that direction.

Around a campfire, Red complains about his group's defeat before a wounded and weakened Jadis approaches them. Stating that she's being pursued by some very dangerous people, Jadis asks for their help. Jadis offers them a place in her community if they get her to somewhere just a few miles away. Looking at Tina with interest, Jadis notices that the other woman is tall.

Rick points out to Michonne that the CRM's bases are spread out across the country, and they need to know which one Jadis hid the file in. If they can take her alive and talk to her, Rick thinks that Anne is still in there somewhere given how much Jadis hated being called that. Jadis might be able to give them something to help keep Alexandria safe. Michonne promises that they'll keep it safe, but Jadis is going to die. Rick states that they need to keep Alexandria safe without risking anything. Rick couldn't see some things and Michonne helped him, so he thinks that maybe they can help Jadis in the same way. If they can't, then Michonne can kill her, but "maybe just maim first." Michonne finds some blood on the side of a tree, leading towards a geyser and a visitor's center near it.

Inside, Michonne spots a bloody handprint on a railing and the two search for their former friend through the visitor's center which has a number of curtained off areas and seems to have once been inhabited by survivors before being abandoned. Finally, the two spot a limping figure in Jadis' hooded coat, but it turns out to be Tina. Recognizing Rick and Michonne, Tina apologizes, explaining that Jadis had promised to take the group with her in exchange for their help in luring the couple into a trap. Tina insists that the group isn't like Rick and Michonne and they wouldn't have made it on their own. Red and Dalton emerge from hiding, Red armed with a CRM rifle. Hiding nearby, Jadis points out that they're outnumbered 4 on 2 and quotes Negan that "people are a resource". Rick tries to warn the group that whatever Jadis said isn't what they think it is, but Dalton doesn't care, stating that he's fine with it as long as he gets a meal and a new pair of pants. Seeing that the men aren't going to give up, Rick and Michonne attack and quickly disarm them once again. Drawn by the noise, more calcified walkers attack and begin devouring Tina. Emerging from hiding, Jadis opens fire on Rick and Michonne who flee while Dalton and Red run to their sister's aid, only to fall victim to more walkers.

A year ago, Gabriel arrives to his meeting with Anne who admits that she wasn't sure that Gabriel would show up this time, and after what she denied him, Anne wouldn't have blamed him. Gabriel admits that he was sharp with Anne, and he doesn't pretend to understand her community or her commitment to them, but he does know something about the part of herself that Anne is scared of losing. Anne suggests that it might already be gone, admitting that every year that she comes back here, she's done worse things in the interim. "I know why they're done. I believe in what we're trying to do. But there's the Plan and the "why". And then there's the blood." Gabriel knows that Anne feels that she can't tell him, but Gabriel assures Anne that she can and he's here, but Anne can't and if she can't, she's not here. Gabriel admits that he looks forward to these days, to having Anne to himself, to their secret meetings. "I have you, and that proves that you're still here, Anne. It just does".

Anne kisses Gabriel who suggests that she come back with him to Alexandria, promising that no one needs to know about her community, but Anne can't for all of the reasons that she's already told him. Frustrated and upset, Gabriel points out that Anne hasn't told him anything about her group other than the fact that they're people who hoard supplies while others starve. Anne asks if Gabriel thinks that the purpose of what they do is to make people suffer, and that she would be a part of a group that would do that. Gabriel tells Anne that he knows that she's not her people, Gabriel sees it when he looks into her eyes. As a walker approaches, Anne declares that this is her fault and she's sorry that she came here, made herself vulnerable and for turning Gabriel into a loose end. As Gabriel goes to deal with the walker, Anne throws him to the ground and draws her gun to kill him, apologizing again.

In the present, Rick calls out to Jadis to show herself so that they can talk, but Jadis knows that he actually means get her to talk, accusing Rick of planning on torturing her until Jadis tells Rick and Michonne where she hid her file on Alexandria. Jadis lives for the cause, and she will die for the cause as she's not a traitor like Rick. Rick pokes his head out and Jadis shoots at him, grazing Rick's head. Changing positions, Jadis acknowledges that Rick and Michonne together really are unstoppable, but that won't save their kids. If Rick and Michonne kill Jadis, their kids are dead, the same thing if she dies of her wounds or from walkers. Jadis walks out into the open near the walkers devouring Red, Dalton and Tina, standing with her arms outstretched. Michonne emerges from hiding, but she hesitates to shoot either Jadis or the walkers. Finally, as one is about to bite Jadis, Michonne chooses to shoot all of the walkers, but she runs out of bullets in the process and forcing Michonne back into hiding with Rick.

In severe pain due to her wounds, Jadis tells Rick that it didn't have to be this way. Rick was on the path and after all of these years, he was finally feeling the responsibility to fight for something bigger than himself. "And Beale saw it too. He was gonna give you the Echelon Briefing the moment you returned. Your eyes would've been opened to the true size and scope of what the CRM is gonna do to bring this world back." Rick could've ensured Alexandria's security, but Rick let Michonne pull him away from that instead. All that Michonne had to do was leave when Rick had arranged for her escape, but she didn't and now here they are with the fates of Rick and Michonne's loved ones sealed because Rick is just like his wife, and they only look out for each other. Calling Jadis "Anne" again, Rick tells her that he knows that she doesn't really want to kill everyone back home. Jadis admits that he's right, but she believes that it's a choice between either keeping your humanity or saving humanity. Jadis has chosen her community and her life, and she asks who is going to die today: Rick and Michonne or Jadis and everyone back home.

Michonne suddenly tells Rick that Jadis is right, that Michonne had wanted Jadis dead, so she didn't have to see it, but there has to be a sacrifice. Since Michonne found Rick, all that she's done has been for them, but Michonne now sees that this can't end with them going home. Much to Jadis' obvious relief, Rick concedes, but Michonne tells her that there's still a deal to be made where they all can live as well as Alexandria. Rick tells Jadis that Michonne will get some supplies to keep alive long enough to get Jadis to the jump point and Rick will go back with her. Rick and Jadis will claim that he was injured in the helicopter crash and was the lone survivor. Rick will go back to the CRM and to working for a future like none of this ever happened on the condition that Michonne is allowed to leave and Jadis doesn't tell the CRM about Alexandria. Jadis asks why she should trust Rick after all of the shit that he's pulled, but Rick just asks if they've got a deal, and Jadis agrees.

Stepping out in the open, Michonne drops her hatchet and walks away while Rick tosses out his bag, machete and prosthetic hand. Once Rick has laid down his weapons and stepped out, Jadis lays down hers pistol and steps out as well. Seeing how terrible Jadis looks, Rick comments that she's looked better. Jadis admits that she was a fool to think that she could take Rick and Michonne down together which is why she agreed to their deal and to Michonne getting the med kit. Pulling Red's red gun from behind her back, Jadis tells Rick that she doesn't trust him either, but she does respect him.

A year ago, Anne points her gun at Gabriel who tells Anne that she's lying to herself, and she keeps lying to herself. Anne doesn't keep coming back here, she never really left. Visibly uncertain, Anne tells Gabriel that he's wrong, so Gabriel challenges Anne to shoot him, to make him understand and show Gabriel who she is.

In the present, Michonne emerges with the CRM rifle and orders Jadis to drop her gun. Growing visibly weaker from her injuries, Jadis realizes that Rick and Michonne double-crossed her before Jadis double-crossed them, calling it a good plan. Michonne orders Jadis to drop the gun or Michonne will kill her, but Jadis asks if she'll really do it since it means that Alexandria will be destroyed. A zombified Tina suddenly attacks Jadis from behind and Michonne attempts to put Tina down, but only hits her in the cheek. As Jadis falls, her gun goes off, hitting a zombified Red while Dalton joins the attack on Jadis. Michonne shoots Tina in the head and Rick retrieves his machete and chops Dalton in the head, putting him down. However, when Rick pulls the walkers off of Jadis, he and Michonne discover that Tina had bitten Jadis in the side of the neck, mortally wounding her.

In flashbacks, Jadis remembers tender moments with Gabriel before her departure from Alexandria, talking to Rick and Michonne in Alexandria with Brion and Tamiel, having to put down the zombified Scavengers, and killing Huck, her former friend and mentor. "Everything I've ever had I lost. My people, my friends, everyone. I was tired of losing. I was finally part of something that could last. And I couldn't lose another community. My old one. And my new one. I knew, if I didn't kill you all, somehow, some way, you'd come for the CRM. So, I drew up the dossier to protect myself and make sure you couldn't. I thought in my death it was worth it. I'd chosen a side, right? I thought I had. Back and forth. Jadis, Anne, Alexandrians, CRM", Jadis explains to Rick and Michonne who listen to her with increasing sympathy as they finally understand their former friend's reasoning and struggles.

A year ago, after some hesitation, Anne shoots the approaching walker instead of Gabriel and tells him to go. Gabriel tells Anne that she had come to him to help her find an answer and Anne just found it by sparing his life. Gabriel promises to see her again in a year, and he leaves.

In the present, Jadis tells Rick and Michonne that Gabriel already showed her, and she found her answer. Choosing to die as Anne rather than Jadis, she reveals that the dossier is in her room at the Cascadia Forward Operating Base and they can destroy it and just go home. Stating that the CRM will bring the world back, Anne asks Rick and Michonne for their assurance that they won't go after the CRM. However, Michonne tells Anne that they are coming for the CRM. Rick and Michonne are gonna get the dossier, and then they're going to stop the CRM. Rick is going to get the Echelon Briefing and find out everything that the CRM does that the city doesn't know about. The city that Michonne saw won't stand for what the CRM is, and she and Rick are going to help the city stop their military because the CRM is not the answer, and they must end. Rick reminds Anne that she had kept them alive for a reason and, recalling happier times when she would sculpt and paint at the Heaps, Anne admits that she wishes that she'd died as an artist, the person that she was before Anne became Jadis Stokes, Warrant Officer of the CRM and a merciless killer. "It was never about survival in that life. It was just about truth. And this is mine. The end of my story. My peace." Anne removes the ring that Gabriel had given her from her necklace, revealing to Rick that Gabriel had found it for him after Rick told Gabriel on the bridge that he wanted to marry Michonne. Surprised, Rick asks how Anne got it, but she just shakes her head with a soft smile and tells Rick that he wasn't dreaming.

At peace, Anne asks Rick to do what he said he would do and kill her rather than let Anne die of her wounds. Rick retrieves Anne's pistol and after a moment's hesitation, shoots Anne in the head, killing her. Both Rick and Michonne look away, unable to bring themselves to watch as the woman who was both friend and foe over the course of their history together, dies. Rick and Michonne walk away, leaving Anne's body in the visitor's center.

Walking through the park, Rick tells Michonne that the jump point is just over a nearby ridge, a parked CRM helicopter visible at it. Rick realizes that what Michonne said to Rick in front of Anne wasn't just for Anne. Michonne tells Rick that he couldn't have changed the CRM by himself, but together Michonne sees how they can make the whole world better and if they can, then they have to. Rick stops Michonne and pulls out the wedding ring, telling her that "it's a broken world, Michonne, and you're the only thing that puts it back together. 'Till my last breath, I am yours." Going down on one knee, Rick holds the ring out to Michonne who returns Rick's wedding vows by telling him that she could never have imagined this, but it could only have ever been Rick. Joining Rick on her knees, Michonne affirms that she's his and the married couple kisses.

Gabriel returns to the spot by the stream, but Anne never arrives, and a heartbroken Gabriel realizes that she's dead and makes a giant A in the rocks of the beach as a grave marker for her.

The CRM helicopter, carrying Rick and Michonne, flies away over Yellowstone.

Other Cast[]



  • Red (Alive and Zombified)
  • Tina (Alive and Zombified)
  • Dalton (Alive and Zombified)
  • Anne


  • Only appearance (in The Ones Who Live continuity) of Gabriel Stokes.
  • Only appearance of Dalton.
  • Only appearance of Red.
  • Only appearance of Tina.
  • Last appearance (in The Ones Who Live continuity) of Anne.
    • With Anne's death, there are no Scavengers left alive.
  • The title of the episode, "Become", refers to what Anne became as Jadis after joining the CRM as well as her becoming who she was again before she died.
  • A number of references are made to events from The Walking Dead.
    • Gabriel mentions Anne getting wrongfully accused in "Warning Signs", leading to her departure.
    • Gabriel mentions the Whisperer Conflict and the damage that the Whisperers did to the community and the danger that they had faced of starvation as a result.
    • Rick giving Michonne baking soda and spearmint toothpaste is a nod to what he said in "The Next World" that he'd get for her.
      • Jadis waking them up in bed also mirrors how Jesus woke them up at the end of the episode.
    • Michonne suggests that R.J. would like to use a hatchet like his father and mentions that Judith uses a sword like her.
    • Jadis calls the Heaps by their proper name for the first time.
    • Jadis quotes Negan that "people are a resource", something that Negan had told her while Jadis was trying to trade him to the CRM in "Still Gotta Mean Something".
    • Jadis quotes the Scavengers' motto of "we take. We don't bother", noting that it didn't work.
    • Jadis mentions the Scavengers Massacre in "The Lost and the Plunderers".
    • Jadis mentions Rick's promise to kill her in "Bye".
    • Jadis mentions working with a CRM Reclamation Team to investigate the helicopter crash in "What We". Jadis previously mentioned the Reclamation Teams in "Bye" while threatening Rick. They were also mentioned in "The End of Everything" of Fear the Walking Dead with a Reclamation Team acting as the main antagonists of "Reclamation".
  • Jadis mentions killing someone who had helped shape her into the person that she is today and leaving some things unsaid between them. This may be a reference to Huck who was Jadis' friend and mentor when she first joined the CRM and who was killed in "The Last Light". Huck appeared in Jadis' flashbacks of the people that she had lost after being bitten.
  • Jadis reveals that she was on the helicopter that destroyed Greenwood in "What We" alongside a Reclamation Team.

Episode Highlights[]

  • It is revealed that over the past 3 years, Gabriel has been meeting up yearly with Jadis.
  • Having deduced Rick and Michonne's survival, Jadis tracks them down in Yellowstone National Park to kill them.
  • Jadis reveals that Rick was scheduled to receive the Echelon Briefing and learn all of the CRM's secrets from Major General Beale before the escape.
  • Jadis is fatally bitten by a walker and allows Rick to kill her.
  • Before her death, Jadis reveals the location of her file on Alexandria and the other communities to allow Rick and Michonne to destroy it.
  • Rick and Michonne decide to return to Cascadia Forward Operating Base to destroy Jadis' file and stop the CRM once and for all rather than continuing their journey home to Alexandria.
  • Using a wedding ring found for them by Gabriel, Rick and Michonne officially exchange vows.
    • Gabriel reveals to Jadis that while Michonne has been referred to as Rick's wife, they were never actually officially married before.