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"Behind Us" is the first episode of The Walking Dead Webisodes: Red Machete. It is the first episode of the web series overall. It premiered on October 22, 2017. It was written by Nick Bernardone and directed by Avi Youabian.


A young man struggles with a walker in Gerald's Hardware. He grabs a nearby red-handled machete, and rips it out of the packaging. He stabs the walker through the stomach, and the walker jumps on him and devours him as a nearby bystander, Mandy, watches in horror. A man, David, arrives with Mandy's sister, Alyssa, and witnesses the man being eaten. David grabs the machete off of the floor and they flee.

Outside, David slices a walker's face in half with the machete. He picks up the machete and hands it to Mandy.

Later, Mandy practices with her machete by swinging at a rope which hangs from a tree. Alyssa puts on headphones and listens to music.

David takes canned food from a house, as Mandy practices with her machete. Eventually, they run out of canned food and decide to leave the house.

They run through an abandoned warehouse, and Alyssa is grabbed by a walker and bitten. Mandy watches in horror as her sister is devoured.

Later, David cuts Mandy's hair with the machete as she looks on scarred by her sister's death.