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"Goddam herds are like amoebas, growing, separating, splitting off into multiple herds. Can't get a goddamn break with these things. Getting worse every day."
—Ben about the herds.[src]

Ben Buchholz is a main character first encountered in The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor. He was the machine gun operator during the prison assault.

He is described as a "pouch-eyed, broken man on his fifties."


Pine Mountain

Almost nothing is known about Ben's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he lived in Pine Mountain.


It is unknown when Ben made it to Woodbury. He lost his whole family a year before the prison assault in a swarm outside F.D. Roosevelt State Park, and seems to have a trauma about it.

The Fall of the Governor

Ben participates in the attack on the prison, as a machine gun operator. After the fall of the prison, Ben and a small group of surviving soldiers hole up in the prison to regroup, Ben along with Lilly and Matthew barricade the door. As they count their ammo Ben has eleven 115-grain 9mm rounds for his Glock 19. Later on during the night, Ben comes out half asleep when Gloria sees the bite on Austin's wrist. Ben goes with his knifes along with Lilly and Matthew to search the corridor. The next day when Lilly leads the survivors out of the prison. They are led safely back to Woodbury by Lilly Caul, who becomes the new leader of the town.


Ben together with Bob and Hap goes on a supply run to gather medicine for Meredith, when they did not find anything in the building, they decided to enter the basement where they discovered a mysterious door that turned out to be locked, when Bob managed to break down the door, a walker crowled out and latches onto Hap's ankle. When Hap decided he wanted to kill himself after he was bitten, Ben accepted it but Bob desperately tried to save Hap. Later in the night Ben and the rest of Woodbury held a funeral for Hap.

After the Church group try to take their lives in a suicide pact, part of their plan was to blow the gates of Woodbury which led a superherd into Woodbury, and poison the Woodburians.


Killed By

Ben, among with twelve Woodburians, was poisoned in the suicide pact while being drunk.