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"FUCK YOU, KENNY! (...) I am so, so, SO sorry about Katjaa and Duck, I AM. And I know I fucked up, but STOP pushing me around and STOP wishing I was dead. NO! You know how they died. You've said GOODBYE. I never got to see my family, my parents, my little sister... do you get that? Your family is gone but at least you had them to lose. I never made it home. They could be alive or dead or walkers or WORSE and I DON'T KNOW, SO GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!"
—Ben standing up to Kenny. (Determinant)[src]

Ben Paul is a main character who first appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. He is first seen in "Starved For Help" with a group consisting of his teacher, as well as a fellow student. Although kind and good-hearted, Ben often puts the group in danger by accidentally making poor or cowardly decisions, and is the one responsible for the chain reaction of events that occur in "Long Road Ahead" and "Around Every Corner".


Generally awkward, insecure and self-conscious, Ben lacked any sense of confidence or assertiveness, making him easily intimidated and pushed around by more imposing characters, like Lilly and Kenny. He usually had a glum demeanor and was often in a depressed mood, as his traumatic experiences caused him to develop a pessimistic view of the world and a low opinion of himself. His nervous tendencies made him clam up in stressful situations, such as when he abandoned Clementine in Savannah when cornered by walkers, earning himself a reputation as a bit of a coward and bad person. Though he was mature enough to understand the full weight of all the horrors he had witnessed, he was also too naive and clueless to avoid general incompetence, making him notoriously disaster-prone. All that being said, he was ultimately a good kid who tried his best to be helpful and always had good intentions, even if the outcomes were less than desirable for him or others. He desperately wanted to be seen as useful, and saw his glaring ineptitude as immensely shameful, driving him to self-loathing. He occasionally tried to be more noble and correct his wimpish attitude, such as by sacrificing himself at Crawford, or joining Lee on his crusade to rescue Clementine from the Stranger. If rescued at Crawford, Ben will try to become a stronger person as a form of thanks, which is best exemplified by his standing up to Kenny in "No Time Left".


Stone Mountain, Georgia

Ben had a younger sister and was a high school student who played in his school band in his native town of Stone Mountain. During the summer, Ben would work on a goat farm. He also sometimes took his parents' car into Macon but felt there wasn't much there to make the trip worthwhile. He was traveling with his school's marching band on the way to the football playoffs when the outbreak occurred.


Season One

At the start of the outbreak, Ben took shelter in the school gym along with a few of his fellow students. At first, the place seemed like it could be suitable to survive in, but after an undetermined period of time, one of the cheerleaders committed suicide through an overdose. Somebody found her in the bathroom afterwards and discovered that she had reanimated, thus giving Ben the conclusion that everyone in the world was already infected. The gym, however, was no longer safe, and Ben was forced to abandon the school with a few surviving classmates and his teacher. It is presumed he stayed with the group until a group of bandits raided their camp. He soon fled with Travis and David Parker into the woods, barely managing to escape with their lives.

At some point, Ben desired to try to go back home to try and find his parents and his little sister but no one would dare attempt to the journey with him; he never found out what happened to them.

"Starved For Help"

Ben is first seen in the woods with his friend Travis and his band teacher, David Parker. David's leg is caught in a bear-trap. Based on Lee's decision, either David will be left to be eaten by the walkers, Travis will become panicked and accidentally be shot by Mark, or David will be freed, but Travis will get distracted and will be attacked by walkers who eat him alive. Ben is present later on when David or Travis dies from blood loss and becomes a walker. He tells the survivors that they do not need to be bitten to turn, revealing that everyone is infected. He is also seen accompanying Lee, Mark, and Doug/Carley after meeting the St. John brothers, Andrew and Danny. After discovering some bandits, they arrive at the St. John family dairy where they meet Brenda St. John. Ben, along with Carley/Doug, head back to the Motor Inn to tell the others about the dairy and stay behind to watch the motor inn while they are gone. Ben appears later on with Doug/Carley, but only after Lee, Kenny, Lilly, and Clementine escape the meat locker. Lee informs them of the situation before they abandon the dairy when it becomes overrun by walkers. Ben partakes in looting an abandoned car they find before the end of the episode, stating that they now have plenty of food.

"Long Road Ahead"

At the start of the episode, Ben is shown to be on lookout duty while Kenny and Lee were scavenging supplies in Macon. When questioned, he denies breaking the flashlight and stealing supplies. Later, he is captured along with the others by the bandits but manages to escape with the rest in the RV.

Partway through the journey, Lilly questions Doug/Carley and Ben about being a traitor and manages to pull them outside while Kenny clearing a walker from under the RV. Doug/Carley and Lilly get into a heated argument while Lilly berates Ben and threatens both him and Doug/Carley repeatedly. The following action depends on Lee's decision to save between Doug or Carley in "A New Day". If Lee saved Carley, Ben witnesses Lilly shooting her in the head while the group is distracted. If Lee saved Doug, Lilly will try to shoot Ben, but will accidentally shoot Doug instead. Afterwards, Ben heads back into the RV.

Ben is noticeably depressed for the rest of the episode. When the survivors reach the train wreck, Ben helps Lee search them and ends up starting the brakes by pushing a flashing button that gets Lee on track to starting up the train. Later he is seen sitting with Clementine, Chuck, Katjaa, and Duck are innocently eating candy given to him by Chuck. Ben remains leaning over the railing in between the two carriages, noticeably depressed, and eventually reveals to Lee that he was the one who made the deal with the bandits for food in exchange for protection that eventually led to the deaths of Doug/Carley, Katjaa, and Duck and led to Lilly snapping and leaving/being kicked out. He is evidently remorseful. Depending on Lee's decision, Lee tells him to keep it to himself no matter what or that Lee is tempted to kill Ben for his choice.

"Around Every Corner"

Ben is walking the streets towards the waterfront with the rest of the group. When walkers attack the group on the street, he is cornered with Clementine. Lee yells at Ben to help her, but he runs off cowardly in fear of being eaten. In Crawford, Ben tells Lee that he has gotten to know Kenny better and that he wants him to know that he is responsible for Katjaa and Duck's deaths. Lee can then either tell Ben that this is a good or bad idea. Later, Ben removes the hatchet from the door Lee put in while helping Kenny, this causes zombies to break into the classroom at Crawford. Ben says that he cannot live with the blood on his hands, though Lee may be able to. Ben then admits that it was his fault that Katjaa and Duck are dead. Kenny goes ballistic and rushes at Ben out of rage but is held back by Lee and Vernon. Lee can either defend Ben, be against him, or make the group vote if they want Ben to stay with the group. They say "no", but if Clementine comes to the Crawford and asks if she has a vote, Lee can respond "yes" or "no". If he says "yes", Clementine will reveal that she was friends with Ben, and friends don't leave friends behind. This will sway Christa and possibly Lee's opinion on the situation. Brie then asks if she will have a say. The door is then bashed opened by the group of walkers which leads to her being devoured. The group then runs up the stairs to the top of the bell tower. While the group is escaping through the window in the bell tower, the bell in the tower rings, temporarily disorienting the two of them. Ben is then grabbed by a zombified Oberson hanging from the bell. Depending on Lee's actions, Ben's outcome will be different:

In-Game Decision

Save Ben (Alive): Lee shoots Oberson in the head, but before he falls, Ben grabs onto a ledge. Ben begs Lee to let him go in order to get the others out safely, Kenny returning to watch for a moment before leaving. Lee pulls Ben up, much to the latter's confusion. They climb out of the window and escape Crawford with the group, Ben noticeably depressed at missing his opportunity to redeem himself through his death. If Lee saves Ben, he is seen with Christa, Omid, and Kenny after Lee got bitten. If Ben joins Lee in searching for Clementine, Ben promises that he will prove himself to Lee.

Drop Ben (Dead): Lee shoots Oberson in the head, but before he falls, Ben grabs onto a ledge. Ben begs Lee to let him go in order to get the others out safely, Kenny returning to watch for a moment before leaving. Lee lets Ben go, turning away as he falls down the bell tower and breaks his legs. Lee escapes by climbing the ladder out of the bell tower. Ben is then seen screaming as walkers devour him alive.

No Choice (Dead): Lee fails to shoot Oberson when he grabs Ben, the rope and balcony break under the weight, resulting in the two of them falling down the tower to the ground. Ben is unable to move as the walkers surround and devour him.

"No Time Left"

Ben will appear in this episode if Lee saved him in "Around Every Corner". If you chose to go search for Vernon with only him coming with you, then after Lee passes out, he will try to cut Lee's arm off. but ultimately get too frightened and pass out, Lee would have to cut his arm off himself.

If Lee did save Ben, then after Lee and anyone that was with him return to the mansion, then Kenny will start to get angry with Ben. After Kenny says that Lee should have left Ben in Crawford, Ben reaches his breaking point and tells Kenny off, exclaiming that he is sorry for what he has caused, but says that Kenny was lucky that he had time to say goodbye to his family before they died, and that he doesn't even know if his family is alive or dead, or worse.

After breaking through the wall in the attic of the mansion, the group will proceed to jump across a small balcony. It breaks as Ben tries to jump across, and he falls. When Kenny and Lee go down to the alleyway to rescue him, Ben says he's okay, but when removing objects on top of him, it is revealed the balcony arm impaled Ben in the stomach. When walkers see the three of them, Kenny pushes Lee away into a gate to protect him, telling Lee to find Clementine. As walkers start to attack, Kenny uses his last bullet and kills Ben out of mercy, or if Lee gives Kenny his bullets, he shoots multiple bullets.

Season Two

"No Going Back"

After Clementine is shot by Arvo, she has a dream about talking with Lee in the RV. During this, Ben is seen sleeping in the back of the RV.


Around Every Corner

Killed By

As the survivors are escaping from Crawford, a loud bell rings behind Ben. He covers his ears, and unfortunately gets grabbed by the zombified Crawford Oberson who had been hung from the bell. Lee then readies his shotgun and aims at Oberson's head and shoots. If Lee doesn't shoot Oberson then Ben falls to his death.

If Lee lets go of Ben, Lee watches Ben fall and shuts his eyes just before he breaks his legs. The nearby walkers in the bell tower attack and devour him alive with no resistance as Lee flees the scene.

No Time Left

Killed By
  • Zombies (Caused)
  • Stranger (Indirectly Caused)
  • Lee Everett (Indirectly Caused, Accidental)
  • Omid (Indirectly Caused, Accidental)
  • Christa (Indirectly Caused, Accidental)
  • Kenny (Indirectly Caused, Accidental; Out of Mercy)

If Ben is saved by Lee in "Around Every Corner", he will fall off a loose balcony in an alleyway in Savannah on a mission to save Clementine who had left Lee for the Stranger. When Lee and Kenny try to help Ben, they discover that the rung of the balcony has impaled his stomach. Ben's screams attract walkers and they get trapped. Kenny saves Lee by locking him behind a gate and then uses his last round to shoot Ben in the head out of mercy, as it was Ben's worst fear to be torn apart by walkers. Kenny couldn't leave him, which implies that he had finally forgiven him for his actions. After Lee hears the gunshot, he will look away in sorrow, believing both of his friends dead.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Ben has killed:

  • Tess (Indirectly Caused, Alive)
  • Elizabeth (Indirectly Caused)
  • Carley (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Doug (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Kenny Jr. (Indirectly Caused)
  • Katjaa (Indirectly Caused)
  • Charles (Indirectly Caused)
  • Brie (Indirectly Caused, Alive)
  • Himself (Caused, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of zombies

Non-Canon Deaths

If Lee fails to complete certain tasks, it is possible for Ben to be killed. These deaths are non-canon and result in a game over. Lee will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Ben can die.[1][2]

"Long Road Ahead"

"No Time Left"


Lee Everett

"God... poor fucking kid. He didn't deserve any of that."
—Lee about Ben's death. (Determinant)[src]

Lee has his doubts about Ben but accepts him as a part of the group. However, this relationship becomes strained after discovering that Ben is partially responsible for the bandit attack which forced them to leave the motel. Lee was the first one Ben told. In "Around Every Corner", Lee is visibly angered with Ben as he ran away from zombies that endangered Clementine while he was in a position to help. He can then scold Ben and warn him not to do something like that again, under threats of violence. Lee can give Ben a chance to redeem himself by watching over Clementine while he and Kenny go looking for a boat and will be angry that Ben could not even do that. Lee may not blame Ben for the bandit attack as he knows that Ben never meant for any of it to happen and attempts to show Ben that he trusts him as much as anyone else in the group, or he may be mistrustful and frustrated towards Ben to the point where Lee can allow him to die in Crawford. Though regardless of Lee's feelings towards Ben, Lee will try to save him and will only consider dropping him at Ben's request. If Lee does drop Ben to his death he looks really upset as he watches Ben fall.

If Ben escapes Crawford, then, after Lee is bitten, Ben will trust Lee to decide whether or not Ben should go with him to search for Clementine. However, if Lee leaves the decision up to Ben, then Ben's decision will depend on his relationship with Lee; if Lee has not shown him much faith and support in the past, then Ben will decide to stay behind, but, if Lee has always tried to support and defend Ben, then he will willingly accompany Lee out of gratitude.

Throughout "No Time Left", Ben will prove instrumental if he is taken to the morgue to find Clementine. Ben will save Lee's life when Lee misses the jump off the bell tower. (Determinant) When the group traversed up into the attic for safety from the walkers in the house, Lee, in a hurried state, drops his gun. Ben, however, will pick it up and give it back to Lee in the attic.

If Ben is saved, he is impaled on the rung of the balcony after it comes loose when Kenny jumps across. Lee can either choose to leave Ben with Kenny, or exclaim he's not going anywhere, causing Kenny to forcefully shove him out into a gate. After Ben's death, Lee is extremely depressed, saying that he didn't deserve any of it. If Lee tells the Stranger if he hurt someone he cares about, he can say he hurt Ben, that he liked him and he was a good kid.


"Ben's nice. He's my friend. We don't leave friends behind. That's my vote."
—Clementine defending Ben. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine appears to be Ben's closest friend in the group. Their friendship begins when Clementine shows him some of her drawings to help him take his mind off what has just happened to Travis and David. Ben later finds some stickers and gives them to Clementine to decorate her walkie-talkie. In "Around Every Corner", their relationship takes a serious hit when Ben leaves Clementine to the walkers due to his fear of getting eaten. If taken to Crawford, Clementine shows concern for herself when she was paired up with Ben, but is reassured that she will take care of Ben instead of it being the other way around. If she is taken to Crawford, then she defends Ben from the rest of the group who are considering leaving him behind. If Ben dies in Crawford, then Clementine is upset, and if he survives then Clementine is concerned about him as he's clearly shaken up. After Clementine is kidnapped, Ben is unsure about what to do, because while he wants Clementine to be safe his confidence is at an all time low so he fears that if he tries to help he will make things worse, making him unsure about what to do. If Ben ends up going with Lee, and he has to take a risk, he says that Clementine was his only true friend and that she would do the same for him.


"I never made it home. They could be alive, or dead, or walkers or WORSE, and I DON'T KNOW. SO GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!"
—Ben to Kenny. (Determinant)[src]

Kenny and Ben first met three months after the outbreak when Ben and his friends fell victim to a bear trap in the woods. Ben was initially terrified of Kenny as he was unarmed, but Kenny did not hurt them. Kenny volunteered to help Ben and his friends against the walker while Lee worked on helping David out of the bear trap. Following the death of one of his friends and the severe wound inflicted on the other, Ben became withdrawn and did not defend himself against Lilly's accusations when Kenny allowed him into the motor inn. Ben thanked Lee and Kenny for saving him, but Kenny became hostile to Ben when Katjaa was attacked by one of Ben's reanimated friends. Kenny insinuated that Ben had not told them that his friend had been bitten and had put them all in danger, but Ben disturbs all the survivors of the motor inn with the revelation that everyone in the world was infected and that death caused reanimation, not the bite.

After the group managed to escape the St. John Dairy Farm, they came across an abandoned station wagon in the woods. Although Ben poses the question as to whether or not the station wagon was truly abandoned, he ultimately supports Kenny's decision to take the supplies from the vehicle, eagerly accepting the box given to him.

Over the next several weeks, Ben grew to like Kenny, although Kenny never fully accepted Ben as a helpful contributor to the group. When he found out that Ben had been on watch while he and Lee had gone on a supply run. He was displeased with Lilly putting him on watch, stating that it was a sign to all other survivors that the men were gone.

Kenny refused to partake in Lilly's impromptu discussion on who was responsible for stealing the supplies following their flight from the motel. When the RV was stopped at the train, Kenny asked Ben to stay with his family and Clementine, demonstrating a lack of faith in Ben's ability to help with starting the train in a way that visibly pained Ben. Ben told Lee that he was annoyed by Kenny's feelings regarding his use.

After the train was stopped to allow Katjaa to take Duck into the woods, Kenny agitatedly told Ben and Chuck about his son's bite in case they did not already know. When Ben confessed to Lee his involvement in the bandit attack, he also confessed wanting to tell Kenny because he deserved the truth. (Determinant)

Ben tried over the next two days to spend more time with Kenny and build their relationship, offering himself to go with Kenny wherever needed. Kenny, however, rarely gave Ben a chance to prove himself, still viewing him as unfit to partake in any difficult tasks. Kenny allowed Ben to explore the mansion's second floor with him, but denied him when he wanted to follow Kenny into the attic. Ben, concerned about Kenny after he failed to return from the attic, called for Lee's assistance in getting him to come down. When Kenny decided to leave the mansion to go find a boat along the coast, Kenny immediately shot down Ben's offer to go with them. Lee later criticized Ben for allowing Kenny to drink and lose his focus after returning to the mansion. (Determinant) Kenny allowed Ben to help him inspect the boat they had found in the shed, where Ben had the chance to see Kenny optimistic again over their future.

In the walker-infested Crawford, Kenny refused Ben's assistance and ordered him to stay within the safe classroom and work on getting the locked door to the armory open, annoying Ben further. Upon Kenny and Lee's return to the classroom with the gasoline needed for the boat, Kenny appears disappointed with Ben's failure to open the locked door, deciding to assist Ben's efforts to speed them both along. If Ben tells Lee about his desire to tell Kenny the truth about who had given the supplies to the bandits, Ben insists that telling Kenny was the right thing to do and that Kenny was a "good guy" and would understand why Ben had done it. Regardless of Lee's opinion if it was given, Ben ultimately confesses his actions to Kenny as the walkers close in on the classroom. Kenny lashes out, trying to attack Ben if not for the intervention of Lee and Vernon. Kenny then reveals to the group that there was not enough room for all of them, immediately picking Ben as the person who should be left behind. Kenny shows no regard for Ben in their flight up the bell tower, subsequently giving no aid to Lee when Ben had fallen and Lee was barely keeping him from plummeting to the ground. (Determinant) If Ben died in Crawford, Kenny praises Lee for stepping up and doing what had needed to be done.

If Ben was saved however, Kenny tells Ben that Lee should have left him to die. Ben stands up for himself after Kenny's constant threats, telling him that he is still incredibly sorry for what happened to Kenny's family and never meant to hurt them. He goes on to state that he himself never even saw his family after the outbreak and Kenny at least had the time to say goodbye and the knowledge of what happened to them. This causes Kenny to finally understand Ben's plight and begin to pity him, eventually admitting to Lee that he was glad Lee saved his life in the end after hearing about Ben's wish to die in the mansion's attic. (Determinant) When Ben falls and is impaled, Kenny risks his life to protect Ben and tries to save him. He uses his last bullet to make sure Ben doesn't get eaten alive by the walkers and reanimate.


"What about the other kid?"
—Katjaa to Lee about Ben. (Determinant)[src]

Katjaa and Ben have a slow but developing friendship with each other. While Katjaa was tending to David/Travis, Ben helped to babysit Clementine and Duck, a task which was normally done by Katjaa. It can be assumed that Katjaa is grateful to Ben for doing so. After the death of David/Travis, Katjaa was sorry and concerned for Ben, who lost a friend, to the point of bringing it up to Lee. Ben was extremely remorseful for causing Katjaa much sorrow, as Ben was the one who indirectly caused Katjaa's son, Duck, to be bitten. The guilt over Katjaa's death, along with Carley's/Doug's and Duck's, makes Ben reveal to Lee that he was the one who gave the bandits supplies. In "No Time Left", Ben stands up to Kenny, saying that he is very sorry for causing the death of his family and that he never meant to hurt them. (Determinant)


"I am so, so, so sorry about Katjaa and Duck. I AM!"
—Ben standing up to Kenny. (Determinant)[src]

Duck and Ben have a slow but developing relationship with each other. While Katjaa was tending to David/Travis, Ben helps to babysit Clementine and Duck, a task which was normally done by Katjaa. Over the course of time, Ben and Duck eventually became good friends. Ben was extremely remorseful for causing Duck's death, as Ben was the one who indirectly caused Duck to be bitten. The guilt over Duck's death, along with Carley's/Doug's and Katjaa's, makes Ben reveal to Lee that he was the one who gave the bandits supplies. In "No Time Left", Ben stands up to Kenny, saying that he is very sorry for causing the death of his family and that he never meant to hurt them. (Determinant)


"Fuck evidence. Stop treating him like this!"
—Carley defending Ben. (Determinant)[src]

Carley tells Lee she thought he made the right decision bringing Ben and his group back to the motor inn. (Determinant) Carley seems to have trusted Ben, as she brings him back with her to the motor inn and trusted him to help her guard it while everyone was gone. (Determinant) In "Long Road Ahead", if Lee tells Ben his secret, Carley will doubt Ben was able to understand the information that was given to him. (Determinant) After the bandit attack, Lilly begins to question both Carley and Ben, accusing them of giving supplies to the Save-Lots Bandits. (Determinant) The two will defend one another, showing they have become friends (though Ben's intentions were to get rid of any notion that there was a traitor). (Determinant) Carley will aggressively defend Ben against Lilly's accusations, and after Carley is shot by Lilly, Ben is shocked and extremely guilt-ridden, as he was the one truly giving the bandits supplies. (Determinant) The guilt over Carley's death, along with Katjaa and Duck's, makes Ben reveal to Lee that he was the one who gave the bandits supplies. (Determinant)


"Evidence or not, this isn't any way to treat one of us."
—Doug to Lilly defending Ben. (Determinant)[src]

Doug told Lee he thought he made the right decision bringing Ben and his group back to the motor inn. (Determinant) Doug seemed to have trusted Ben, as he brings him back with him to the motor inn and trusted him to help him guard it while everyone was gone. (Determinant) Ben and Doug become friends during their stay at the motor inn. (Determinant) The depth of their friendship is never properly explored, but during "Long Road Ahead", Doug tried to stand up for Ben when Lilly aggressively accuses Ben of stealing supplies and saves Ben from Lilly's attempt to murder him at the cost of his own life, an event that left Ben visibly shocked. (Determinant) The guilt over Doug's death, along with Katjaa's and Duck's, makes Ben reveal to Lee that he was the one who gave the bandits supplies. (Determinant)


"Welcome to the family, kid."
—Mark to Ben after arguing with Lilly.[src]

Mark and Ben had a good friendship. Mark was eager to help Ben and Travis to free their teacher, David, from a bear trap. When Lilly wanted Ben and David/Travis out of the group, Mark defends them both, saying that they are people and they should all stick together in order to survive, showing that he cares for Ben. On the way to the farm, Ben and Mark had a friendly conversation with each other and the St. John brothers. Ben seemed shocked to later find out what happened to Mark at the St. John Dairy.


"Gotta be hard on you, huh? Three adults, taking care of three kids? No disrespect, son."
—Chuck to Lee, commenting on Ben's ability to take care of himself.[src]

Chuck seemed to have mixed feelings on Ben. On one hand, he felt sympathetic towards Ben, as he gave him candy when he first met up with the group. However, he also believed Ben was weak and incapable of supporting himself. While conversing with Lee about the status of the group, Chuck includes Ben with the children as needing to be taken care of by the remaining adults. Chuck says "no offense, son" to Ben after saying this, but Ben still looks hurt by the remark. Later, when the group was attacked by walkers in Savannah, Chuck notices Ben abandoning Clementine after they became surrounded, and as a result, Chuck had to quickly come to her rescue. He is then killed before stating his opinion on Ben's cowardly move, but had to expect it to some degree in order to be able to reach Clementine before any of the walkers. Therefore, it can be inferred that he thought of Ben as weak since he met him, either due to his age or some insight he gained into his personality off-screen.


"You okay, kid? You look worse than I do."
—Omid showing his concern for a visibly depressed Ben. (Determinant)[src]

Ben and Omid don't interact much, though it was shown that Omid cares for Ben, due to him not being good in defending himself. If Ben died in Crawford, Omid will quickly notice his absence when the remaining group returns and asks where he is. On the other hand, if Ben is saved, he will show concern for him and asks if he's okay when Ben appears depressed. When everyone go out to look for Clementine and leave Ben behind to guard the boat, Omid will ask if they are sure about leaving Ben alone to guard the boat, showing that he doesn't have much faith in him. Lee asks him and Christa for their opinion on the teenager, Omid says he recognizes that Ben is a risk to the group but feels bad for him all the same. If requested by Lee to take care of Ben should anything happen, Omid will agree. When Ben falls off a loose balcony, Omid panics and asks the group what they should do. After hearing of Ben's death, Omid was deeply saddened.


"No. Let him."
—Christa telling Lee to let Ben stand up to Kenny. (Determinant)[src]

Ben and Christa do not interact much. It was shown that Christa thought of Ben as a liability and doesn't have much faith in him. She votes to leave Ben behind in Crawford when he removed the hatchet from the double doors and let the walkers in, saying that he is putting all of them at risk. However, Christa changes her mind and abstains if Clementine is given permission to voice her opinion, probably out of respect for Clementine. If Ben is alive in "No Time Left" and Lee asks her and Omid for their opinion on the teenager, Christa says she recognizes that Ben is a risk to the group but feels bad for him all the same. If requested by Lee to take care of Ben should anything happen, Christa will agree. When Ben fell off a loose balcony (Determinant), Christa was deeply saddened when she heard of his death.


"She scares the crap out of me."
—Ben about Lilly. (Determinant)[src]

Ben and Lilly were never friends. Lilly never trusted Ben or found him particularly useful and Ben was scared of Lilly. Any chance they had of forming any kind of positive relationship was destroyed after the Save-Lots Bandits attacked and drove them out of the motel. Ben was Lilly's prime suspect if Lee saved Doug in "A New Day". When she tries to discover who was giving their supplies to the bandits and aggressively interrogates Ben to the point where he was completely terrified, Lilly doesn't relent, even when Carley/Doug and possibly Lee defends him. This ends with her murdering Carley or attempting to murder Ben and accidentally killing Doug instead. Ben is shocked by this and admits to Lee that he doesn't know what he would have done to her although he would have considered leaving her behind.


"But nothing! She's making the smart choice. Those parasites you guys brought back need to go!"
—Larry to Mark and Lee, saying that Lilly is right in kicking Ben and David/Travis out of the group. (Determinant)[src]

Larry immediately hated Ben for the short while they knew each other. Larry wanted Ben and David/Travis to be kicked out of the group because they would be a drain to their precious resources and that they would be just be more mouths to feed. Ben was scared of him because of how vulgar and selfish Larry was. Upon hearing the news of Larry's death, Ben was shocked.

David Parker

"Just see if you can get him out! After that you can leave us or whatever! I don't care! Please!"
—Ben to Kenny, Mark and Lee, asking for their help to free David.[src]

David Parker was Ben's band teacher. Ben and David's interaction was short, though they were likely on friendly terms. It's unknown if Ben knew or was taught by David before the apocalypse. Ben showed to care about David when trying to free him from the bear trap, and begged Lee, Kenny, and Mark to help David.


"Ben, shut up! My dad was Special Forces, I know what I'm doing!"
—Travis to Ben.[src]

Travis and Ben's interaction was short, though they seemed to be friends, or at least on neutral terms. It is unknown if they knew each other before the apocalypse. When Travis died, Ben seemed to show some remorse.

Andrew St. John

"I knew it! I told you we couldn't trust them!"
—Ben to Carley about the St. Johns. (Determinant)[src]

Andrew seemed to take a liking to Ben, striking up a friendly conversation with him and the others on the way to the farm. Ben doesn't say much about Andrew, but it can be assumed that Ben viewed Andrew as a kind and generous man, as he and his family gave them food. Their relationship was gravely wounded when Ben found out that Andrew and his family were cannibals and that they had chopped off Mark's legs for food. Ben said that they shouldn't have trusted them in the first place.

Danny St. John

"That's great. Everything helps!"
—Danny to Ben.[src]

Danny seemed to take a liking to Ben, striking up a friendly conversation with him and the others on the way to the farm. Ben doesn't say much about Danny, but it can be assumed that Ben viewed Danny as a kind and generous man, as he and his family gave them food. Danny praised Ben when he said that he used to work on a goat farm, and said that Ben's experience is useful to him and his family. Their relationship was gravely wounded when Ben found out that Danny and his family were cannibals and that they had chopped off Mark's legs for food. Ben said that they shouldn't have trusted them in the first place.

Brenda St. John

"Now that y'all are here, we'll make sure you're safe and comfortable."
—Brenda to Ben and the others.[src]

Brenda seemed to take a liking to Ben, welcoming him and the others in a friendly manner when he and the others arrived at the farm. Ben didn't say much about Brenda, but it can be assumed that Ben viewed Brenda as a kind and generous woman, as she and her family gave them food. Their relationship was gravely wounded when Ben found out that Brenda and her family were cannibals and that they had chopped off Mark's legs for food. Ben said that they shouldn't have trusted them in the first place.


"I don't like this. Not one bit."
—Ben to the group about the stranger stalking them.[src]

As Ben was involved in looting his supplies, it can be assumed that the stranger hated Ben too. Ben was afraid that the stranger may be up to no good and becomes worried that they might be in danger. Ben never had a chance to meet the stranger but it was shown that he viewed him as an enemy for kidnapping Clementine and stalking the group. (Determinant) In "No Time Left", if he survived Crawford, Ben willingly joins Lee and the others to save Clementine and to finish the conflict between the group and the stranger for good.

Save-Lots Bandits

"They said they had my friend, that he was with them."
—Ben to Lee about the bandits. (Determinant)[src]

Ben was frightened by the bandits after they had attacked his former camp. After joining Lee's group, Ben was tricked into believing the bandits had his friend and demanded supplies from the motel in exchange for his safety. Eventually, Ben realized that they had lied to him, but he believed it was better to continue giving them supplies in exchange for them ending their nightly raids on the motel. Weeks later, when Lee inadvertently interrupted a supply exchange, the bandits snuck into the motel and took most of the survivors there hostage, Ben included. They demanded the supplies that were owed to them, and when three of their number were killed by the motel survivors, they attacked, attempting to kill them. Ben and the others managed to escape, but Ben was traumatized by the battle and his role in causing the attack and, consequently, the deaths that followed.


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Season One
Season Two
A New Frontier
The Final Season
Appears Voice is heard
👁 Appears with no lines Appears in a flashback
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Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 6
Season One
Season Two
A New Frontier
The Final Season
Appears Voice is heard
👁 Appears with no lines Appears in a flashback
Appears as a walker 🖼 Appears in a photograph/video
Appears as a corpse Appears in a hallucination/dream


  • Lee can choose to give one of the pieces of food to Ben, although it is said that it is an unpopular choice with the group. This is shown in "Starved For Help", among players as Lee has to decide who to give food to. 19% of players choose to feed Ben.[3][4]
  • If Lee fails to convince Kenny to stop the train, Kenny forcibly shuts Lee out of the compartment. Lee returns to the rest of the group in the train car, who have been killed off screen by a reanimated Duck. Ben's corpse is the only one shown. This is considered a game failure and spawns a reload.
  • In "Starved For Help", Ben's hood is white while in "Long Road Ahead" and onward it is shown to be red, though this could be a result of him just wearing a different hoodie beneath his school jacket.
  • Ben is the only member of the group who is unable to cut Lee's arm off on his own (if the player decided to go with him only), leaving Lee to do it instead. Humorously, Ben will pass out at the beginning of the procedure, even though he wasn't the one doing the cutting.
    • Kenny also was unable to cut Lee's arm off if the player brings him with Christa and Omid, making Christa do it instead.
    • Omid, like Ben, never cuts off Lee's arm under any circumstances, because he and Christa will always go together and Christa will cut it off if she is brought.
  • Ben is considered to be an inept combatant.
    • In "Long Road Ahead":
      • Kenny sarcastically states that, since Ben is on watch, they might as well leave a sign out saying "The men are gone, come rape our women and children." Ben himself expresses his lack of confidence of being lookout despite trying his best.
    • In "Around Every Corner":
      • Ben flees from a group of walkers, despite possessing a pistol and Clementine needing help.
      • Later, he is grabbed by Oberson (as a walker) and is unable to break free without Lee's help.
    • In "No Time Left":
      • He is beaten by Vernon and Clive if he stayed behind. (Determinant)
      • If told to "Kill anything that gets in!", he will respond with "You know you're talking to ME, right?".
      • When Lee drops his glock, Ben hands it straight back to him, telling him "I'm not good with these".
  • According to unused audio clips, Ben witnessed a lot of traumatic events prior to meeting the Motel Survivors, one of them being his classmates being raped to death by the Save-Lots Bandits while he was forced to watch.
  • Game Informer named Ben #7 of "Top 10 Dorks" in their "Top 50 Games of 2012" article.
  • During Telltale's live streaming of "Around Every Corner", it was confirmed that Ben died a virgin.
  • Ben is one of two characters Trevor Hoffmann has voiced, the other being Justin.
  • Despite being an inept combatant, in Road to Survival: The Telltale Story, Ben is shown killing a bandit in order to save Lee who was pinned down by the bandits gunfire.
  • Ruby Butterfield originally auditioned for the part of Ben Paul, but the casting directors gave the part to Trevor Hoffman instead. They created Travis just for Butterfield.
    • In fact, Ruby Butterfield was originally meant to be the voice of Ben, evidenced by his performing of Ben during the trailer for "Starved For Help". There is even some left over files of Ruby's voice acting of Ben.[5]
  • Ben is one of the tallest characters featured in the video games, and is the second tallest character in Season 1 behind Larry.
  • In "Long Road Ahead", Ben can reveal that he is fond of trains. (Determinant)