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Believe a little bit longer.
―Benjiro to Michonne Grimes.[src]

Benjiro is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. He is a resident of the Civic Republic of Philadelphia and an artist.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Benjiro's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[]

At some point following the outbreak, Benjiro joined a community called the Civic Republic of Philadelphia and opened his own portraiture and art stand in Millenium Park.

Following Rick Grimes' arrival in the Civic Republic, he found Benjiro's stand while visiting Millenium Park and enlisted Benjiro monthly to make him portraits of Michonne and Judith on old iPhones for years. However, Benjiro could never get Carl right for Rick. After three years, Rick opened up to Benjiro about his family and Benjiro encouraged Rick to "believe a little bit longer" when he started to give up hope.

Season 1[]


In a flashback, Rick notices Benjiro's stand in Millenium Park after arguing with Jadis.

In the present, Michonne and the other consignees are taken on a tour of the Civic Republic, visiting Millenium Park just like Rick did on his own tour. At Benjiro's Portraiture and Art stand, on an old television screen, a portrait of a woman and a boy is carved, similar to the carvings on Rick's iPhones. Some of the other televisions at the stand hold portraits as well while Benjiro is working on carving into another iPhone. Michonne realizes that Benjiro is the one who drew her and Judith which he confirms, recognizing her. Benjiro explains that Rick would come every few months and ask for a new one, but while there was a boy that Rick would ask him to draw, Benjiro could never get it right for Rick. Michonne tearfully tells Benjiro that the boy is Carl, and Benjiro notes that Michonne is more open since it took Rick 3 years to say any names. Identifying Michonne and Judith by name, Benjiro asks if Judith is here too, but Michonne reassures Benjiro that Judith is okay even though she's not there with them. Benjiro explains that Rick had wanted the drawings for until he saw Michonne again, and here she is. Rick always knew that he'd see Michonne again and when he started giving up hope, Benjiro told Rick to believe a little bit longer. Michonne thanks Benjiro for how much he had helped her with his drawings, telling the young man that now that Rick's found her, Michonne is looking for him. Benjiro encourages Michonne to believe a little bit longer.

"What We"[]

It's revealed that Michonne had Benjiro create an iPhone portrait of Carl for Rick which helps to convince Rick to come home to Alexandria.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Benjiro has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


The Ones Who Live[]

Season 1[]


  • As revealed in "Bye", Benjiro is the one who created the pictures of Michonne and Judith on Rick's iPhones that are seen in "What We Become", "Rest in Peace", "Years", and "Gone".
    • As a result, Benjiro is indirectly responsible for Michonne finding out that Rick is still alive and eventually finding him.
  • Benjiro is one of four characters to be bilingual in English and Japanese.