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Big Spot (stylized Big Sp!t) is a large store which first appeared in Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is mainly based upon its real-life counterpart Big Lots!. It was abandoned and speculated to be used as a base for the U.S. Military - United States Marine Corps, specifically (this is because "USMC" appears on one of the vehicles). 


Griffin, Georgia

Big Spot is a supermarket located near the West Georgia Correctional Facility.


Griffin, Georgia

When the outbreak began, a military outpost was set up at the entrance of the store, but was later abandoned for unknown reasons. At some point in time, a helicopter crashed onto the roof (the survivors of the incident were mostly likely eaten). Overtime, the wreckage slowly weakened the roof of the store.

About seventeen months into the outbreak, a group of survivors stationed in the nearby West Georgia Correctional Facility spotted the location, overrun with walkers (most likely the original survivors gone there for refuge). They set up a boombox and blared music to lure them out, preparing the store for a later sweep.

Season 4

"30 Days Without An Accident"

Those survivors, Daryl Dixon, Michonne Hawthorne, Sasha Williams, Tyreese Williams, Glenn Rhee, Zach, and Bob Stookey, return to the store three days later to scavenge it for supplies. Upon their entrance, it seems to be relatively safe. Unbeknownst to them, there is the helicopter on the roof, which is seriously compromised at this point. Once the walkers begin falling in one at a time, the calm devolves into chaos. In the midst of this confusion, Zach is grabbed by a walker and bitten when the roof collapses in. The group quickly flees from the store to avoid any more deaths.



  • U.S. Armed Forces (Previously)
  • Refugees (Previously)


  • Zach - Was bitten on the leg by a walker and was later devoured before he and the walker were crushed by a falling helicopter from on top of the roof.
  • Military helicopter crew, possibly numerous counts of refugees


The Walking Dead TV Series

Season 4

Fear the Walking Dead

In Other Media

  • The Big Spot is a sector guests go through inside the Orlando version of the The Walking Dead: End of the Line house at Halloween Horror Nights. One critique of this sector said that most of the merchandise is actually from Dollar Tree.


  • The truck abandoned outside the store appears to be the base M977 variant of the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck.
  • Madison tells Althea that she got separated from her group at a Big Spot.
    • This also means that Big Spot is a chain store spanning from at least the southeast coast to the Midwest of the The United States of America.