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"How could we possibly represent any more of a threat than a world full of walking dead."
—Bill asking the hero how the group could be considered a threat.[src]

Bill is a main character from The Walking Dead Social Game.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Bill's life before or as the outbreak began, except that he lost his wife during the early stages of the outbreak.


"City Limits"

Bill is a survivor encountered outside of the Center for Disease Control. He informs you that there is no way into the CDC. After the CDC explodes, Bill tells the group it's best to leave the area because the sound of the explosion will attract walkers.

"Fight or Flight"

After the CDC explodes, Bill tells the group that he owns a plane, and can fly them to Ossabow to get away from the outbreak. He and the Hero Player go to the airfield to make sure it is secure, before bringing the rest of the group.

Throughout the chapter, Bill and Nathan work on fixing the plane to make it flight capable. Bill occasionally goes with the Hero Player on missions to retrieve parts for the airplane that they do not have available. He also becomes upset when he finds that his former flight instructor, Sam, is dead. He, like the other members of the group, distrusts Harlan's group before their betrayal, and fears Harlan. After Nathan is killed, he travels with the group to a warehouse to get away from Harlan, while still occasionally going back to work on the plane. At the end of the chapter, he flies away with Kara, Arturo, Kimmie, Mauricio and Clara for Ossabow, to escape Harlan's group and the apocalypse.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Bill has killed:


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"That poor girl. It IS shocking"
—Bill on Kimmie's arrival[src]

Bill sympathized with Kimmie when she first arrived to the camp and felt sorry for her. She complimented her appearance though was given looks from the player about the comment. He assures the player that it was just a comment and nothing more. He would later fly Kimmie and her family to Ossabow to find sanctuary.


"If I see him anywhere near camp, I'm going to shoot first and ask questions later"
—Bill on Harlan's threat for Kimmie[src]

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"Mauricio is a smart man; he saw the signs early and they didn't lose anyone."
—Bill on Mauricio's survival skills[src]

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Social Game


  • Find Supplies.
  • Find Antibiotics.
  • Find Food.
  • Find Water.
  • Clear The Area.
  • Chapter 3 Mission 1: Find Bill's Plane.
  • Chapter 3 Mission 3: Search The Airplane Hangar.
  • Chapter 3 Mission 17: The Salvage Yard.
  • Chapter 3 Mission 25: The Last Engine Part.
  • Chapter 3 Mission 26: Back To Airfield.

As Playable Character

Get Bill's Plane

  • Low Vision
  • Moderate Stamina
  • Low Movement
  • High Striking
  • Low Shooting

Search the Airplane Hangar

  • Low Vision
  • Moderate Stamina
  • Low Movement
  • High Striking
  • Low Shooting


  • Bill owns a plane, which is a luxury for survivors after the outbreak.
  • Marla reveals that Bill lost his wife during the early stages of the apocalypse.
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