The Black Hat Reservation is a location in Fear The Walking Dead. The Black Hat Reservation is occupied by a local Native American tribe, led by tribal lawyer Qaletaqa Walker. The reservation is described by Jeremiah Otto as nothing but a truck stop, a motel, and a market populated with addicts and welfare recipients.

After Jeremiah's death, peace is established between Walker and his people as they move onto the ranch. While tensions flared between the Natives and the ranchers, they slowly learned to live together in the face of a water shortage. However, Troy led a horde of infected to the ranch, allowing it to overrun the camp and kill everyone on it. Those who fled to the pantry for safety succumbed to suffocation or were killed by those who reanimated.

As of "This Land Is Your Land", Walker and Lee are the only original surviving members of the community, with everyone dead and the reservation abandoned.


Killed Victims


  • Qaletaqa Walker's father
  • Qaletaqa Walker's uncle
  • Qaletaqa Walker's great-grandfather


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 3