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People need to chill. The CDC is freaking next door. If anything was really wrong in the hospitals, or wherever. They'd be all over it. Everybody's fine.
―Blair to her employees.[src]

Blair Crawford is a main character that appears in AMC's Tales of the Walking Dead. She is the protagonist of the episode "Blair / Gina".


Blair is portrayed as a self-absorbed, overbearing, talkative, domineering, egotistical, and selfish woman, who according to her receptionist Gina, has some kind of personality disorder, showing symptoms of narcissism, sociopathy, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. She is an extremely self-centered individual, who only ever talks about herself and her personal problems and generally has a lack of care for others. When things don't go her way, she's quick to anger and going into a temper tantrum. Though she seems to have a good relationships with her workers, it becomes clear they mainly only suck-up to her because she is their boss and don't ever want to get on her bad side. Blair only values those who do their job above all else and agree with what she has to say, which causes her to have a low opinion of Gina, who she sees as incompetent. She often makes jokes at her co-workers' expense such as making fun of Joel after he expresses worry about the outbreak and more specifically Gina's quiet and reserved nature. Despite being the boss, she's never actually seen working, usually just giving orders in a very obnoxious fashion, such as ordering Gina to stay in the building until everyone leaves, while she's away on vacation.

Blair is completely dismissive about the rumors of the outbreak, instead mainly focused on how since the public is in more of a panic, it will cause more accidents, thus bringing in more business. She goes on believing that people are over-exaggerating about the virus and that everyone is fine. She and her fiancé, Brian, who is also notably self-absorbed like her, leave on vacation to Jekyll Island and on the way stop for gas. After she sees Gina at the gas station away from her job, Blair rips into her and promptly fires her. However, Gina takes out a shotgun and tries to steal an oil tanker, much to Blair's shock. Blair is so self-absorbed to the point of believing that the only reason Gina is doing this is because she fired her. Blair witnesses a zombified man devouring his wife, much to her shock, finally seeing what the outbreak is really like, before the oil tanker is accidentally shot and blown up, killing her. However, rather than dying, Blair ends up in a time loop, where she appears back in her office like before. Blair is initially confused but tries to play it cool. She is now more skeptical of Gina, even checking under her desk for a shotgun. She and Brian go back to the gas station, but this time with Blair more traumatized and paranoid, and becomes horrified when she realizes the same events are happening. This happens over and over again with the oil tanker always blowing up and killing her and Gina. Through DHS Agent Leo Rogers, Blair is able to learn the severity of the virus, with the bite on his arm and the zombified man confirming that the rumors are true.

Throughout the loops, Blair becomes progressively more traumatized and disheveled, witnessing the true horrors of the outbreak. The cause of the tanker blowing up, is usually caused by Blair's stubbornness to not let Gina escape with the oil tanker. Blair realizes that Gina is also experiencing the loops and tries to talk to her about it. However, Gina, who has always secretly despised Blair, refuses and tells her to leave her alone. Eventually after being blown up once again, Gina finally lets out her anger on Blair that has been building up for years, ripping into Blair for her selfish and narcissistic nature and saying that it's her constant talking and rambling about herself that put them in this situation. Gina goes on about how her workers don't actually like her and only listen to her so they can get on her good side, revealing things like Jasmine not liking her hair and Joel leaving early on Mondays to watch her daughter play soccer, something Blair maybe would've found out if she took the time to talk with her co-workers and not at them. However, Blair doesn't get the message and instead blames Gina, calling her the selfish one, saying they wouldn't be in this mess if Gina had just done her job. Though Gina has some blame in the situation, Blair fails to see that it's her selfish and overbearing nature that is the reason Gina hates her job so much and a contributing factor to why she leaves her job early.

Blair and Gina's hatred for each other grows more and more and after their huge argument, Blair has Gina arrested and mocks her saying she can write her a letter in jail. However, despite Blair's narcissism, she is shown that she is somewhat capable of caring for others. After Blair has Gina arrested she states she did it to save everyone and more specifically she did it for Wendell, an innocent boy who had been killed during one of the loops. Eventually Blair and Gina's feud escalates to the point of them physically fighting each other. They then proceed to go through many loops of them pettily fighting and killing each other. However, eventually they get sick of fight and sit down and finally have a civil conversation with each other. The two chat and finally settle their differences, with the two accepting that they will never be friends. Blair helps finally break the cycle and lets Gina go with the oil tanker, seeing that was the main factor in causing it to blow up every time and finally allowing Gina to try to get to her nieces. Now having finally seen what the outbreak is truly like, Blair allows her workers to leave early, stating that Joel was right and things are much worse than they seem. She then proceeds to break up with Brian, seeing that he never comes out of his car and has watched Blair die over and over again throughout the loops, somewhat symbolizing her letting go her narcissistic side. She still has the decency to tell Brian to get to Jekyll Island to be safe from the outbreak. Now having let go of the closest person to her, Blair loses the will to live and feeds herself to walkers.

The loops happens one last time, with them appearing back in the office once again. Gina reveals that Blair was right and she couldn't get out of the city, and Blair reveals that being devoured by walkers is the worst way to go. Blair finally apologizes to Gina for being a horrible boss, seeing the error in her ways the past years. Gina is appreciative of this and does state it was because of her relentlessness that she learned how to stand up for herself and be her own person. Blair and Gina then decide to go back to the gas station one last time, this time trying to do some good. Now having completely memorized the loop, Blair warns Leo about the walker and get the truck keys with ease. Blair and Gina now show that they are able to get along and she listens to Gina talk about her past, something she used to not do since she was usually always talking about herself. Blair ends as a more selfless and caring individual, helping to save civilians from walkers, even sacrificing one of her prized neck accessories to light a fire to kill the walkers.


Atlanta, Georgia[]

Not much is known about Blair's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she was the manager of Circle of Trust Insurance Company in Atlanta, Georgia for two years and was widely disliked by her employees. She was also engaged to Brian, who served as her main support system after her father's passing from lung cancer a year prior.


Season 1[]

"Blair / Gina"[]

At Circle of Trust Insurance Company in Atlanta, Georgia, the news reports on the growing chaos around the country. Blair suggests that it's a good thing in their line of work as the panic will cause accidents, something that Simon is pleased by as it will give earn them more money, but which Blair sees as a valuable opportunity to do their jobs. Blair admits that, in all fairness, Simon's not wrong and if Gina can handle the call volume, then Jasmine might finally take Simon down. Unnoticed by Blair, the fed-up Gina is compiling a list of possible personality disorders that she thinks that Blair might have, which includes narcissism, sociopathy, bipolar 1, 2 and 3 and schizophrenia. Gina also researches Folie à deux as a possibility. A worried Joel brings up reports of people going crazy and attacking people, scratching and biting, causing Gina to look at pictures of her family, but Blair rudely retorts that it can't be worse than what Joel and his wife did at the previous year's Christmas party, much to the amusement of Simon and Jasmine. Blair begins discussing her and Brian's wedding venue while Gina gets increasingly annoyed with Blair's rude antics and finger tapping, answering the phone to avoid giving her opinion on the matter and Blair sees the chaos as an opportunity to gain new clients for the insurance company.

The phones begin ringing off the hook, way too fast for the employees to keep up with. Visibly awed, Blair brushes it off as hype generated by the media, stating that the CDC is right next door and if something was really wrong, they'd be all over it. "Everybody's fine. Except for Gina. She's beyond help," Blair quips, and sarcastically laughs that Gina's going to bite when she glares at Blair for her comment. Blair decides to leave and orders Gina to stay at her desk and forward Blair's calls, telling Gina that the back door wasn't locked on Monday and to order more mugs for her as they keep disappearing. Right after Blair leaves, Gina drops and shatters Blair's mug.

Blair and her fiancé Brian sit in line for gas on their way to Jekyll Island for vacation. Blair reads an article on traumatic brain injury, but Brian tells her to stop as they're on vacation. A news report announces a catastrophic gas shortage resulting in mass lines forming around the city. An oil tanker arrives, and Blair comments that she thinks that Gina is stealing her coffee mugs and its gotten worse over the last six months. Blair derides Gina as a completely incompetent mute who just stares at her all day long like a stalker, but Brian is disinterested in hearing about Blair's problems and calls Blair nuts for smoking as they're at a gas station.

Gina drives up to the gas station in her Prius, angering Blair who tells Brian that this is exactly what she was talking about, but Brian doesn't understand what she's talking about, showing that he probably wasn't really listening to her. Gina enters the gas station, and becomes worried to find the shelves virtually bare with a few customers collecting what little is left. Blair confronts Gina for not being in the office, but Gina claims that she was just getting a snack because their vending machine is broken. Blair berates Gina for being unable to follow one simple directive and fires her. An impatient Brian honks at Blair and Gina notes that his car has a lot of stuff for only two nights and Blair claims that they're going on a long weekend and aren't just leaving leaving. Gina is angry and frustrated that Blair is going on a weekend getaway while Gina has to stay until 6:00 pm to make sure that the back door is locked, and Blair confirms that Gina is fired and prepares to call Jasmine.

As she walks away from Blair, a frightened Gina notices a dead man in a car with his wife, the dead man having a massive bite wound on his neck. Terrified and unable to find the driver of the car that's blocked her in, Gina retrieves a shotgun from the trunk of her car, much to the shock of Blair. Gina approaches the oil tanker driver and demands that he uncouple the fueling hose and give her his truck at gunpoint. Witnessing this, DHS agent Leo Rogers grabs his gun from his car and joins Blair in trying to talk Gina down who tells Blair that Joel was right and refuses to stand down, telling Leo that he doesn't know her. Believing that Gina is acting this way because she's mad at her, Blair promises not to fire Gina so that she can go back to her normal life with her normal job, but Gina furiously tells her boss that Blair doesn't know her either.

Having reanimated, the dead man emerges from his car and attacks his wife, much to the shock and horror of everyone watching. Taking the shotgun from a distracted Gina, Leo orders his son Wendell to get in the tanker and announces that he will be confiscating the tanker. Wendell shouts a warning to his dad as the walker approaches and the driver attacks the distracted Leo and the two fight over the shotgun. In the struggle, Leo accidentally shoots the tanker, causing it to explode and kill everyone.

Time loops back to when Blair and Gina were at the office and Blair suddenly cuts herself off in the middle of her speech to her employees, recalling the events of the previous timeline and her death with smoke coming out of her mouth. Blair quickly shakes it off to the others as being the result of a bad coffee ground, but struggles to reorient herself and orders Gina to hold the calls. Worried about Gina after what she had witnessed in the previous timeline, Blair ponders aloud about what they really know about her, suggesting that she could be a serial killer or bank robber, or have a shotgun under her desk. Blair checks under a confused Gina's desk, but she doesn't find anything and sarcastically tells the other employees to stay back as Gina is going to snap. Blair becomes visibly nervous when Gina stares at her, but Gina simply wants to know Blair wants her to direct a phone call. After a moment, Blair gives instructions to Joel, Simon and Jasmine and prepares to leave on her vacation with Brian again, telling Gina to stay at her desk this time and forward her calls. Gina is confused by Blair's use of "this time," but Blair claims that Gina's never at her desk when they need her and it's going to be a very busy day. Blair begins to remind Gina to lock up when she leaves as the backdoor wasn't locked up on Monday, but pauses as she remembers telling Gina the exact same thing before. Gina is confused by Blair's increasingly bizarre behavior and Blair leaves with a reminder to order more mugs as they're running short.

In the car, Brian impatiently honks the horn, but Blair is distracted and traumatized by the previous events and is quiet this time. Brian becomes concerned as Blair is never quiet, and she admits that she's freaking out, but Brian tells her not to as they'll be on an island and things will blow over by the time that they're back. Blair thinks that she's having a really bad deja vu, but Brian calls it just the mind and neurons firing too fast. Blair tries to calm herself down as events begin repeating themselves, starting with the arrival of the tanker truck and the arrival of Gina.

However, this time instead of going inside of the store, Gina pauses, seems to look right at Blair and grabs her shotgun without waiting to see the dead man in the car as she did before. Gina once again demands the tanker at gunpoint while Blair tries to talk her down, telling Gina that she's going to get them killed, just like last time. Unlike the previous timeline, the driver is safely able to uncouple the hose and tosses Gina the keys. Showing a knowledge of the previous timeline, Gina orders Leo to stay put and argues with the driver who calls it too much truck for her. Blair approaches Leo, telling him that one gun around a tanker is bad enough and that she doesn't know Gina very well, calling Gina her receptionist who has clearly lost her shit. As Leo tells Blair that she has to talk Gina down because they don't have time for this, she notices a bite mark on the man's wrist and realizes that he's infected which, combined with the zombified man attacking his wife again, means that the rumors of the virus are true. As Gina is distracted by the man attacking his wife, the driver grabs for her gun, but she hits him with the shotgun and apologetically leaves, dismissing Leo's threats to shoot her as he'll blow them all up if he does. Blair runs in front of the truck to stop her, causing Gina to crash and triggering the tanker to explode and kill both women once again.

The timeline resets once again and this time, both Blair and Gina are traumatized by the previous events to the point of Gina screaming as the reset happens. Gina leaves as a confused Jasmine wonders what's up with her. Blair chases after Gina who confirms that it's happening to her too and comments on how the man at the gas station really was eating his wife. Blair recalls Leo alluding to something bad and that they're running out of time and now they're repeating events. Blair wonders if they're dead, or if this is a dream of if morphic resonance is responsible. Gina simply tells Blair that she had just wanted a snack and the vending machine is broken which Gina has told Blair a few times, but Blair is always busy, and it's always broken. Having forgotten her lunch, Gina went to the gas station because she was hungry. Blair is frustrated that Gina only wants to talk about the vending machine, but Gina furiously tells Blair that she doesn't want to talk about anything with her, ordering Blair to leave her alone and stating that she won't be going to the gas station before driving off.

At the gas station, Blair impatiently waits in the car and keeps an eye on Gina's parking spot while Brian fixes his appearance using the rearview mirror and notices Gina approaching the tanker from the other direction this time. Gina once again demands the tanker, while Brian comments that it's like a movie and wonders if it's being staged. Stating that she's trying to save their lives, Blair gets out of the car to stop Gina despite Brian's warnings that it's too dangerous, confident that time will loop again if they die. Blair confronts Gina who admits that she had to come back because she blew a tire and continues to demand the keys. Blair approaches Leo, noting that his bite looks bad and asking what's going on and why Leo's so desperate to get out of Atlanta. Leo admits that "things are bad. Very bad. People are going crazy, clawing and biting each other. The military has taken over the city, closing roads as we speak. They're only keeping two backroads open -- Route 122 and the Armuchee Byway." Unnoticed by anyone, Wendell sneaks out of his father's car and into the tanker as Leo is distracted by Blair.

The zombified man attacks his wife again, distracting Blair, Gina and Leo. The driver takes advantage of their distraction to rush back to the driver's seat of the tanker and drive away. As Leo tries to grab the shotgun from her, Gina swings it at him and accidentally fires it, hitting the driver in the face, killing him. The tanker begins moving forward and a horrified Gina, realizing that Wendell's inside, runs after it while the zombified man and his wife, who has now also reanimated, approaches Leo from behind. Brian yells at Blair to get back in the car, but she goes to help Gina and Wendell as Brian gets back in his car rather than helping himself. Gina and Blair jump onto the truck, but while Gina calmly tries to talk Wendell into taking control of the truck, Blair yells instructions at the frightened boy. Gina manages to climb into the driver's seat, but the driver reanimates and bites her, causing Gina to crash the tanker, making it explode and kill everyone once again before the timeline resets.

At the office, the extremely traumatized Blair and Gina deal with the aftermath of their most recent deaths. Gina appears to have blood around her fingernails while Blair is in shock about having witnessed the driver die and come back, stating that the rumors are true and the zombified driver was eating Gina's shoulder like he was starving. Gina finally snaps and lets out her repressed anger at Blair, telling Blair that she can't take it anymore and she can't hear Blair's selfish voice over and over and over again. Gina tells Blair that she never stops talking and that it's always about herself before revealing that no one actually likes Blair. The others play nice and listen to Blair drone on and on about her life so that they can get their picture on the wall. Gina challenges her coworkers to reveal what they really think of Blair, revealing that Jasmine hates her hair, the backdoor is always open on Mondays because Joel comes in early on Mondays so that he can leave early on Mondays and go to see his daughter Emily play soccer. However, Blair doesn't know any of this because she only talks at rather than to a single person here and no one cares about Blair's spring nuptials. "We work at an insurance company. Our lives suck. Your life... sucks! So please do me a favor and just... mind your own business and drive out of town with your Ken doll, and leave me alone! And stop leaving your dirty mugs on my desk!" concludes Gina, kicking her trash can full of shattered mugs. Blair yells that Gina is the selfish one because this would've never happened in the first place if Gina had just stayed at her desk and done her job. Gina angrily realizes that Blair had only paid attention to being called selfish which was one of the first things that Gina had said, and she didn't even listen to the rest of it. Leaving, Gina tells her coworkers that if Blair cared about them at all, she would warn them to get out of here.

At the gas station, a smug Blair has Gina arrested in order to stop her, telling Gina that she did this for Wendell and for them. Having discovered that the shotgun isn't registered in Gina's name, Leo asks how she came to possess it. Gina admits that it's her brother's, revealing that they live in a shitty neighborhood. When Gina's brother works the graveyard shift, she watches his girls and makes sure that they can't access the gun which is why she keeps it in the trunk of her car. Knowing that Blair only did this to save herself, Gina furiously attacks her boss and the two fight and argue on the ground as the driver rushes back to his truck and the zombified man attacks his wife while two men start fighting at the pumps. Gina rips out some of Blair's hair as they fight before they both watch in horror as the driver crashes into another vehicle, causing the tanker to explode and kill them once again.

In a series of timelines, the two women repeatedly try to kill each other and escape. However, each attempt ends with the tanker crashing and exploding and the timeline resetting:

In the first timeline, Gina successfully steals the tanker, but Blair gets into the passenger side and attacks her, causing Gina to crash.

In the second timeline, Blair runs along the side of the tanker trying to get at Gina, distracting her and causing her to crash yet again.

In the third timeline, Blair shoots Gina through the passenger window yelling "die!" at her. This causes the tanker to crash, killing Blair in the explosion.

In the fourth timeline, Blair successfully kills Gina and steals the tanker, but Gina reanimates and attacks Blair, causing her to crash.

In the office, Gina breaks into the vending machine and retrieves snacks from it for herself and Blair, much to the shock and confusion of her coworkers. Having calmed down from their murderous rage, the two women discuss the preceding events with Gina noting that dead or alive, the zombified man's eyes are always gray while Blair tells her that Wendell's little truck has a Band Aid on it, and she sadly speculates that Wendell might've grown up to become a doctor. Gina recalls that the woman screams the same way every time that her husband comes back to rip her face apart. Declaring that she can't do this anymore, Blair throws up in the bathroom and the two women sit together. Blair notes that they never make it to 5:00 and she hates this hour, but while the next hour is unlikely to be any better, it will at least not be rinse and repeat. Blair warns Gina that while she's trying to leave, the military is here, the city is closing down, and Gina will never get out unless she knows which roads to take which Gina needs Blair for.

Gina begs Blair to let her go, admitting that she didn't know what she was doing when this whole thing started, but now she just wants to get to her brother and her nieces and to get out of Atlanta, but Gina needs that oil tanker to get where they need to go. Gina's nieces are in downtown Washington Park, and Blair calls it suicide since the city is being shut down, but Gina is undeterred as it's her family. Gina acknowledges what they both know after having been at this so many times: they're not going to be friends and they don't like each other, but Blair has Brian while Gina needs her family. Gina begs Blair to break the cycle, to stay in her car and let Gina go. Blair finally agrees and Gina successfully steals the oil tanker and leaves despite Leo's attempts to stop her.

Sitting at Gina's desk and looking at the pictures of her family, Blair decides to close early, much to the surprise of her coworkers. Telling Joel that he's right and things are much worse than they seem, Blair tells them all to just go. After Blair reiterates her order, everyone leaves. Brian enters, and Blair expresses her gratitude for how great he was when her dad died, but notes that Brian never takes more than two steps out of his car to help her at the gas station. Blair asks a confused Brian why he keeps watching her die again and again and breaks up with him, realizing that they're not right for each other and they never were. They just don't have enough time to do the wrong thing and Blair encourages Brian to go to the island and be safe. Once Brian is gone, Blair approaches a couple of walkers outside and lets one bite her in the neck an act of suicide.

The timeline loops once again and Blair's most recent death causes her to grab her neck screaming in the office. Blair orders everyone to home except for Gina who admits that Blair was right, and Gina never even made it downtown. Blair reveals that she stayed here and got eaten, calling it the worst way to go. Blair apologizes for how she's treated Gina for these past two years, admitting that she was just insanely angry, and Gina obviously hated her from day one and Blair just put it all on Gina. While Blair knows that it's not an excuse, she's sorry for what she did. Gina admits that she did hate Blair, calling her annoying, bossy and incredibly selfish, but Blair is also a relentless bitch which Gina, as a relentless coward, respects. Gina is grateful for Blair forcing her to be a little less dormat-y, making Gina keep dying a little less pissed off at herself. Blair calls it the nicest, weirdest thing that anyone's ever said to her with Gina admitting that it felt weird coming out. Blair doesn't know how many more times she can do this, so she suggests trying something new which Gina expresses interest in.

Working together for the first time, Blair and Gina return to the gas station where they now have the cycle completely memorized. Unbothered by the zombified man, Blair warns Leo that the man is a walker and will kill everyone here. The two women approach the driver and Gina threatens to blow his head off if he doesn't comply. Blair backs her up, calling Gina a cold-blooded killer who has killed Blair at least 5 times, and the man gives up the keys without a fight before running off. However, much to their horror, Wendell gets curious and approaches the zombified man as he devours his wife and Wendell falls victim to the walker as well before Leo finally puts the zombified man and his wife down.

Although finally successful in stealing the tanker, both Blair and Gina are devastated by their inability to save Wendell. Blair directs Gina to use Interstate 85 and Route 129 to get to Washington Park and her nieces. Blair wonders why Gina chose the tanker to steal instead of a Porsche, and Gina points out that no one would mess with a bomb on wheels aside from the two of them. Plus, if it is the end of the world, gas is better than cash. Gina reveals that her job as a receptionist was only supposed to be temporary. Gina went to school for marketing, but it wasn't Harvard and Gina didn't know any CEOs growing up who could get her in the door. Gina ended up getting complacent and cowardly with Blair acknowledging that her attitude didn't help, although Gina knows that she could've handled it better. The two women share a laugh over Gina pulling a shotgun and Blair's reaction to it. Gina guesses that she was just so sick of being pissed off all of the time and not doing anything about it. In turn, Blair admits that she's a coward too, explaining that she had only really stayed with Brian because her dad was dying and then died of lung cancer the year before and Blair was terrified of being alone. Gina offers Blair her condolences, having had no idea about her loss.

Driving down the highway, Gina is shocked to find a police roadblock, but Blair tells her that this road is only supposed to be cleared going out of the city and they're heading in. Blair suggests testing Gina's theory and Gina veers through the police barricade and continues into the city. However, Blair notes that they're both still cowards: while Blair left Brian and Gina told her off, they kept stealing the tanker because they're both really scared after everything which they both admit to.

Hearing horns honking, Gina stops the tanker on a bridge overlooking a lower highway jammed by a multi-car accident and filled with people trying to get away from a massive herd of approaching walkers. Blair begins shouting for everyone to get out of their cars and run while Gina, declaring that "we're not cowards," dumps fuel from the tanker on the highway below, albeit spilling some on the bridge on her way to the guardrail with the hose. Blair drops a lit cigarette on the fuel, but the cigarette goes out rather than igniting it, much to their surprise and annoyance. Instead, Blair lights her lucky scarf on fire and Gina drops it, creating a fireball that consumes the walkers as they pass through it, saving everyone from the herd.

As Blair and Gina walk triumphantly away, the tanker suddenly explodes again, throwing and injuring the two women, but not killing them this time. Gina notices that they've finally made it past 5:00, meaning that the time loop is broken at last. Blair wonders if they're dead because she really wanted to see her dad again. However, Gina suggests instead that Blair has a personality disorder that she's passed to Gina: Folie à deux, the personality disorder that Gina was reading about right before the time loop began. People spend more time with their coworkers than their own families and it makes sense that they'd meld too much. Blair is incredulous that Gina thinks that Blair infected her with her personality, but Gina considers it to be a possibility after having read about Folie à deux, meaning that it's possible that none of this was real. Gina points out that they ended up at the same gas station facing the most traumatic of life-altering experiences together and now they're sharing a delusion. Blair accuses Gina of preferring to invent a psychosis than agree with her, but Gina insists that Folie à deux is a real thing and she's convinced that they're just sharing a delusion. The two resume their journey to get Gina's family on foot, joking around with each other.

Ultimately, Blair's fate is left unknown as it is unclear if she survived the tanker explosion in the first scenario or survived until the time loop ended and headed for downtown Atlanta with Gina.[1]

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Blair has killed:

  • Gina (Directly, at least 1 timeline; Alive and Zombified, at least 1 timeline)
  • Herself (At least 1 timeline)
  • Numerous counts of zombies

Non-Canon Deaths[]

The following are a list of Blair's deaths rendered non-canon after the day resets.


For a more in-depth look at Blair's relationships, read here; Blair Crawford (Tales)/Relationships




Tales of the Walking Dead[]

Season 1[]


  • According to showrunner Channing Powell, Blair's fate and the canonicity regarding if the time loop actually occurred or if Gina's Folie á deux theory is correct was intentionally left up for interpretation, leaving her status unknown.[1]