Since Ghost and Cam can't respond directly thanks to you banning them, Cam has asked me to post his thoughts on the matter, enjoy.

"It’s a shame I have to respond to your message like this, it would be much simpler and fairer if I were given the opportunity to defend myself without having to talk through somebody else.

I must say that I wasn’t expecting this as I did genuinely believe that we were making progress through email, whilst also remaining on polite terms - although I feel like that has been thrown out the window on your end. Reading between the lines here, specifically; “but in this case I think it's necessary for the community to hear this.” you seem to have made the assumption that we have either lied to, or mislead the community at large. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As an administration team, we have been and always will be, completely open and honest with our users. The fact is that they know exactly what happened, they simply don’t agree with you.

I also find it interesting that you imply that we are manipulating the facts of this in some way when that is exactly what you’re doing yourself. You’ve framed us as racist bigots who created a toxic environment, but exactly where is your statement on who we spoke to about this when Fan Fiction Library was founded? It was you who told us that this kind of language we were using would be treated with leniency on the condition that it was not used in a racist or otherwise offensive context. It was your words that our “toxic” community was founded on, so don’t try to paint us as disgusting bigots. We’re not, we never have been and we never will be.

On the subject of our “toxic” wiki, I’ve got to say how impressed I am with Brandon’s work. For a community so hateful, racist, homophobic and morally bankrupt in every conceivable way; it only took him 30 minutes (yes I counted) to clean up 4 years worth of bigotry. As Razor pointed out, less than 1% of the wiki was affected, most of these pages being deleted for words that other wikis can display without any trouble. Take the page of a character in one of our stories, specifically this one. It was removed for its use of the c-word in a quote from the actual story itself. With that in mind, why are the following pages from the Game Of Thrones wiki still up and going? And of course, I can’t forget some of the (very necessary, I’m sure) classics from the Doctor Who wiki, such as; negro, coolie, paki, poof and “the n word”. I don’t know about everyone else, but to me it looks like the ToU only applies to communities that staff doesn’t care about. The double standard here is incredible. Fan Fiction Library was never toxic by any definition, and both the Fan Fiction Library and The Walking Dead Wiki communities have our back over this. Portraying it us such is lying, plain and simple.

This all feels like this was a very poor attempt to turn the community against myself and GhostWolf716, something that simply isn’t going to happen. The community are not angry at us, they do not blame us, they blame staff. Nevertheless; we have apologised and now it’s your turn.

To quote myself exactly from our emails:

“Once again; we don't want him to apologize for doing his job, or banning us or anything like that. Nor do we want you to abandon your values. All we want is for Brandon to admit that there was a better way to deal with this. It doesn't have to be public, we don't want him to humiliate himself (in the same way that he's humiliated us); what we need is some kind of assurance that staff won't be this trigger happy again. We're all well known users; staff know we're not racist, we have dedicated hundreds - probably thousands - of hours to this platform and we just want some assemblance of respect in return. Instead, we were blocked, our community was removed and he couldn't even give the courtesy of sending a message to explain why.”

I stand by most of this in that literally all we want is for Brandon to concede that there’s perhaps a slight, teeny tiny, infinitesimal possibility that this was not handled in the best possible way. That is all. What I do take back is what I said about how he doesn’t have to make the apology public. Since you have gone out of your way to make this public, I think that it’s only fair that he does the same. As a side note: I was actually hoping to keep this whole thing private in email, not because I had something to hide, but because I knew that this is exactly the reaction staff would get. As you can see, everyone here is an awful lot less civil than I.

We will not back down until we have an apology, simple as that. And it’s not even for us. Fan Fiction Library has been restored, the bans have been shortened; we’ve got everything practical that we could want out of this. But at the same time, we have a lot of clout with staff. If Brandon doesn’t apologise now and change the way he acts upon these kinds of cases, this will happen again. And sadly, the next community he crushes under the pretence of following your vague, poorly written ToU will probably not be as fortunate as us. The difference between where we’re coming from in asking Brandon to apologize, and where staff are coming from in refusing is that we care about the FANDOM platform and the people who use it, you just claim to. The fact is that if your policy allowed this to happen then you’re policy is disgusting, misguided and wrong and you and Brandon should apologize for both defending it and acting upon it.

If anything, I hope this has enforced my request for an actual apology from Brandon. Something that we are all (clearly) still demanding, and are not going to stop demanding. WIth that in mind, if you refuse to ask Brandon to apologize, then we will. He will hear about this sooner or later. The second staff are able to swallow their collective pride and admit wrongdoing in the same way that literally everyone else involved in this mess has been able to, then we will be very happy to get back to the usual. Otherwise, as I previously promised; the admin team will step down and we will take our business elsewhere.

On that note, I actually work in advertising operations. Looking into the coding used across the FANDOM platform, I’d assume you’re using OpenX as your ad server? Considering OpenX’s prices per 1000 impressions cross checked with The Walking Dead Wiki’s daily impressions/CTR along with the type of advertisements that are being run - it’s pretty easy to make a fair estimate on exactly how much the site is worth to you. It might be a good idea to check with your advertising team and ask if your collective pride is worth the ad revenue loss you will receive if this site goes under. Overall, Brandon just admitting he could have handled this better would be a hell of a lot easier for everyone - especially Wikia who will suffer the worst hit if we decide to leave.

This has made tensions worse not better. We’re already making preparations to move."

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