"Don't FUCK with us!"
—This group's motto, written on a sign in front of the their school.[src]
Boarding School Survivors are a group of survivors and the main characters of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Four. They were led by Marlon, after his death. Violet turned into de-facto leader and later Clementine turned into leader of this group.


This group's survivors (except Clementine and AJ) were students of a boarding school.


After the apocalypse, when all the adults left from the school, the teenagers gathered and decide to live this school. After that, they had a threat, a group named Delta. Marlon gave away the twins to this group for termination of this threat.

Season 4

"Done Running"

A year later, after Clementine and AJ's car accident, this groups found and and took care of them. Later, Clementine wakes up in the school and sees Tennessee and Marlon. Marlon introduces her to school and survivors. Later she met with other survivors. And after, she went to fish with Violet and Brody or hunt with Aasim and Louis.

After that, in the night, Clementine heard Marlon and Brody's screams in basement. She went to beside them, asked what happened. And Brody says Marlon lets him Delta to take the twins, and Marlon kills her instantly. After, he lies to survivors, said Clementine killed Brody. They fought each other and the last, AJ shot Marlon in the head.

"Suffer The Children"

In flashbacks, after AJ has killed Marlon, the group expresses some of their anger, especially Louis and Mitch. Afterwards, Clementine and AJ return to the dorms. The next morning, Clementine and AJ are invited to Marlon and Brody’s funeral, where there is a brief argument. Afterwards, Clementine and AJ return to the dorms again until a vote was settled, whether they must leave the school and never return or stay at the school. Most of the survivors voted them out. Afterwards, Clementine and AJ were only gone for a fort night until Clementine returns with AJ, who is wounded after Abel, one of the Delta members, shot him with a buckshot round. The school survivors let them back inside. After Clementine reveals that the Delta is going to attack the school, which the survivors let them stay for now. Two weeks later, they finish their defenses and preparation for the attack. Soon, the Delta first attacks by shooting Omar, one of the members in the leg, wounding him. Soon while Clementine is distracting Lilly, one of the Delta members and a person she knew long ago, she talks about Minerva, which leads Tenn out of cover, who is wondering about his sisters. Afterwards, Mitch, who made a fertilizer bomb with the fertilizer he found in the greenhouse inside the school grounds, plants it near a cart which the Delta uses to transport people away. Then soon, the bomb detonates, which causes a massive attack, that costs Mitch’s life when Lilly stabs him in the throat and then the head while he was trying to attack her. Soon, the survivors retreat to the admin building, which is where Clementine releases either the brick trap or log trap, which kills Yonatan, one of the Delta members. Soon after Clementine’s fight against Abel in the headmaster’s office, they both fall from the balcony. Clementine luckily survives the fall unharmed while on the other hand, Abel has his leg broken from the fall. Soon, the Delta leaves with Omar, Aasim, and either Louis or Violet, depending on who Clementine saves. Then Clementine and the group look at Abel, who was injured and left behind. Clementine then plans to interrogate him of the Delta’s whereabouts.

"Broken Toys"

With parts of the boarding school being in ruins, the group is saddened by their friends being captured and Mitch's demise, Clementine and AJ interrogate Abel for the Delta's whereabouts. During the interrogation, Abel coughs up a lot of blood, with him confirming that he is dying due to one of his vital organs being damaged when he fell off the balcony. Then he tells them that he will give them the Delta's location if Clementine gives him her word that she will put him down before he turns, as he used his body to get everything he wanted and doesn't want to lose control of it. Clementine can choose to either promise him or let him sweat it out. Soon after he gives the location, Clementine can either fulfill his wishes and put him down or leave him to turn. If Clementine chooses to mercy kill him, Clementine stabs him in the head. Otherwise if choosing him to leave him to turn, they watch Abel turn and Clementine leaves with AJ looking either at Abel's dead or undead corpse. Soon, Clementine, AJ, Willy, and Louis or Violet (depending on who Clementine saved) walk to the Delta's location, which is a boat. They scout the area for ways to get in and save their captured friends. Then soon, they reunite with someone who was gone for a long time, which is Minerva, who is still alive but her twin sister, Sophie, died. She claims that she died protecting the Delta. More to be added

"Take Us Back"




Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Boarding School Survivors have killed:


  • Sophie - Killed by Minerva. (Off-Screen)
  • Brody - Hit over the head with a flashlight by Marlon. (Alive) Hit repeatedly in the face with the same flashlight by Clementine. (Zombified)
  • Marlon - Shot in the back of the head by Alvin Jr.
  • Mitch - Stabbed in the neck and head by Lilly before reanimation.
  • Tennessee (Determinant) - Shot in the neck by Alvin Jr. and devoured by walkers. (Alive) Shot in the head by Alvin Jr. (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Violet - Devoured by walkers. (Determinant)
  • Louis - Devoured by walkers. (Determinant)


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