"Bob's group" are a group of bandits in Heather's trailer of Overkill's The Walking Dead. They ambushed Heather for unknown reasons. They serve as the primary antagonistic group of the Heather Trailer.


Nothing is known about the group's lives before or as the outbreak began.


Washington, D.C.

Bob's group ambush Heather Campbell in a convenient store and take her bag, during the fight, Alan is wounded and Elena is killed after Heather accidentally throws her into a freezer, cutting her throat on the broken window's glass. After she locks them in an alleyway and leads zombies to them, they hand over her bag in exchange for the keys to the lock, but the lock gets jammed as walkers close in on them. It is assumed they didn't escape in time. It is also possible Heather gave them dud keys that did not consist of the keys needed to unlock the gate, due to her smile and slow walk away from the gate, meaning she knew they wouldn't be able to escape and attack her.


Killed Victims

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people



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