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"Bobby" (real name unknown) is a jiāngshī in The Walking Dead: Typhoon.



Nothing is known about this boy's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


At some point after the outbreak, this boy was bitten on the neck by a jiāngshī and died while holding the hand of an elderly woman.


The two jiāngshī wander over a hill while holding hands and bumping into each other. The boy has a bite on his neck and is shirtless. Ming Haobo asks Elena Anderson what she thinks the two jiāngshī's stories are. Elena thinks the woman is a grandma, she looks like an "Agatha" or a "Maribelle" and the little boy looks like a "Bobby". Elena goes on to make a backstory for the two jiāngshī, saying that "Maribelle" may have taken "Bobby" on long walks through the village. Bo says that the two flew kites and caught dragonflies at the playground a few blocks back. Elena says that they might have gone fishing every morning.

A third jiāngshī comes around the corner but before they can begin making up a backstory for the elderly man, Zhu puts an end to the game and orders the jiāngshīs to be put down. He tells Elena to kill the little boy on the right and goes for the woman, but before he can kill her, Elena shoots the woman with an arrow, not wanting to kill the little boy. Zhu gives her an annoyed look and cuts off "Bobby's" head.

After killing the final jiāngshī, Bo walks back over to the group and wishes "Bobby" a good life in heaven.


Killed By

This boy was bitten on the neck at some point after the outbreak and turned.

As Zhu only cut off the boy's head, it can be assumed that his head is still zombified as it is never stated that the brain was destroyed.



It can be assumed that this boy cared for the woman as they were holding hands when both of them died and turned into jiāngshī.


Novel Series



  • He and "Maribelle" may be examples of "smart walkers" as they were shown to be holding hands, something that no other walkers has ever been seen doing