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Bonnie's Group is a group of survivors in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: 400 Days.


Season One

During the early apocalypse, Bonnie was found by Leland and Dee. When they happened upon her, she was high on drugs and more or less unconscious, so the pair took her under their wing and presumably helped her get clean.

"400 Days"

"Bonnie's Story"

Two hundred and twenty days since the outbreak began, Bonnie is talking to Leland about having a snake tongue or lobster claws for hands. Leland will then mention that Bonnie has come a long way from when he and Dee found her while she was on drugs, and how they helped her to deal with it. Leland then caresses her face, before Dee shows up. Dee immediately questions them on what it is they're talking about. Dee will show Bonnie and Leland a bag that she had "found". Bonnie and Leland question her on where she got the bag, or if she stole it.

Leland and Dee start arguing about the bag. This causes Bonnie, Leland and Dee to get attacked by Stephanie, Clive, and Roman because Dee stole supplies from them. While running away, Bonnie gets shot. Leland was trying to help her but Dee convinces him to run away into a cornfield. After Bonnie accidentally hit Dee, Leland shows up and asks Bonnie what happened. If Leland decided to stay behind a shot can be heard while Bonnie runs away. His lifeless corpse can then be seen beside Dee during the credits, with Roman looking on. Alternatively, Leland can choose to leave with Bonnie.


Sometime later, Bonnie and Leland (Determinant) end up joining a new group of survivors consisting of Vince, Russell, Shel, Becca, and Wyatt. If Leland chooses to leave with Bonnie, he presumably joins with the group of survivors at the campsite for a time before leaving them, as some of them know who he is. If Bonnie lied to Leland, Becca implies that the rest of the group (and presumably Leland) eventually found out about it prior to Tavia's arrival. Leland's fate is left unknown.


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this group has killed:

  • Clyde (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Dee (Accidental)
  • Leland (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of zombies


  • Dee - Accidentally hit in the head with a rebar by Bonnie.
  • Leland - Shot by Roman. (Determinant)


Video Game

Season One