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"You know, I've been all over. Run with a lotta people. A lotta men. And listened to a lotta promises. Ain't one of 'em come true. I'm starting to think there might be another way, you know?"
—Bonnie to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Bonnie is one of the six protagonists of the Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: 400 Days and a returning main character and a former antagonist in Season Two. She has her own personal story.


Bonnie is a caring and sympathetic person who generally tries to see the best in people. Her faith in others becomes a fault at times, particularly with Carver. She initially tries to justify his murdering Walter and Alvin (Determinant) at the Ski Lodge and tries to suggest his killing Reggie was an accident, although she eventually admits to not having the best judgement in both situations. When Clementine helps Bonnie see Carver's ruthless nature, she immediately helps Clementine's group escape from Howe's Hardware and accompanies them.

Bonnie also shows great regret for those she has hurt. She is devastated when she accidentally kills Dee and repeatedly tries to apologize to Clementine for lying to her at the lodge and causing people to be killed. When Arvo shoots Clementine in the shoulder, Bonnie is distraught and frantically tries to apologize, further showing her great concern for those in pain as she also tends to Clementine if she is hit by Carver or Troy and looking after Rebecca during her pregnancy. But Bonnie can also be quite cold. For example, if Clementine chooses not to help Luke in the finale of Season 2, Bonnie shows obvious resentment toward Clementine. She even goes as far as to tell Mike "Just leave her!" when Clementine is shot.


Location Unknown

Little is known about Bonnie's life prior to or as the outbreak began, though as seen in her photo in "400 Days", she visited the White House in Washington at least once. Her mother likely passed away at some point, as when she finds cover behind the tractor during "Bonnie's Story", she looks up to the sky and says "Mama, watch over me". On separate occasions, Bonnie can mention to Clementine that she had never been to college or prison before respectively.


Nothing specific is known about Bonnie's time during the early apocalypse, until she was found by Leland and Dee. When they happened upon her, she was high on drugs and more or less unconscious, so the pair took her under their wing and presumably helped her get clean. Leland confirms that Bonnie had been a heavy drug user for a while prior to their first meeting, possibly heroin by her mention of "Old scars" in reference to her forearm during "Amid The Ruins" (Determinant), but whether her addiction stemmed from before the apocalypse is unclear.

Season One

"400 Days"

"Bonnie's Story"

Bonnie's story starts on day 220, with her talking to Leland about having a snake tongue or lobster claws for hands. The player is able to choose which Bonnie can say. Leland will then mention that Bonnie has come a long way from when he and Dee found her while she was on drugs, and how they helped her to deal with it. Bonnie can thank Leland for everything or avoid the subject. Either way, Leland will caress her face, before Dee shows up. Dee immediately questions them on what it is they're talking about. Bonnie can tell the truth or lie. Dee will show Bonnie and Leland a bag that she had "found". Bonnie and Leland question her on where she got the bag, or if she stole it. Bonnie later asks Dee if she could borrow her red nail polish once they got back to camp, commenting that she liked it.

As the conversation gets heated about the bag, Dee begins to accuse Leland of always taking Bonnie's side and calling her his "girlfriend". Bonnie can tell Dee or Leland to stop, or can tell both she's leaving. Leland will stop Bonnie from leaving, calling her "darlin'", which angers Dee. Dee then tells Bonnie and Leland to run. Bonnie turns around to see lights coming their way. Bonnie starts to run, but is shot in the shoulder. Leland tries to turn back to help her, but Dee drags him away. Bonnie gets up and tries to run after them, sliding down a hill onto the road with the prison bus Vince was in. Bonnie awakens to the sight of a zombified Clyde (only if Russell didn't kill him during his story) and kills him, or if Clyde was killed, Bonnie will not be attacked. Bonnie gets up and runs into the cornfield, calling for Leland and Dee, with the group who shot her right behind her. Bonnie runs through the cornfield, avoiding them, before running behind a tractor for safety. Bonnie grabs a rebar from the ground and hits one of the people approaching her, only to discover it was Dee. Bonnie, in a state of panic, tries to apologize to Dee, saying it was an accident. The conversation varies, depending on what you choose for Bonnie, you could assure Dee that she wasn't trying to steal Leland away from her, or tell her that she is interested in Leland, and wanted him for herself. Dee will then die, calling her a "junkie". When Leland arrives, he sees that Bonnie is shot, and asks her if she's alright. Leland breaks down after seeing Dee dead. Bonnie can tell him the truth of what happened, or lie to him that she found Dee that way. Depending on the conversation, Leland can believe her or not. This will decide if Leland goes with Bonnie or stays with Dee. When Leland follows Bonnie, he takes the bag that Dee stole, saying that she didn't die for nothing. If Leland did stay behind, a shot can be heard while Bonnie runs away.


On day 400, Bonnie is seen at the campsite with Vince, Russell, Wyatt, Shel, and Becca, when a woman named Tavia shows up, and offers them a safe haven. Bonnie believes she is harmless and agrees that the safe haven sounds like a good idea. Becca can comment that just because Bonnie always tells the truth, depending on if she lied to Leland or not, doesn't mean everyone else can.

Regardless of the decisions made in Bonnie's story, she will ultimately decide to go with Tavia to the safe haven, either alone, with a few of the group, or all of them. Bonnie stands beside Vince as he throws their photos into the fire. Bonnie says to Vince and the others, "This is a good thing. I know it is."

Season Two

Little is known about her life after she and her group brought by Tavia to "her" community. But noted by how Carver trusts her with main tasks, she became a valuable member of the group. It is possible that she and Luke became good friends right before Luke decided to leave the community due to the unsettling differences between his and Carver's idea on how to run things on the community, and the problem between Rebecca and Carver himself stirs everything up to the point where everything is unbearable. Later, Bonnie confides in Clementine that she was supposed to leave with Luke's group but ultimately chose to stay. After Luke and his group escape, thinking she could be the one who controls the situation when Carver finds the strays, Bonnie volunteers to help search for them.

"A House Divided"

Bonnie first appears by looking inside the ski lodge scouting, but she is then spotted by Kenny, Clementine and Walter. They ask her what she is doing, and Bonnie tells them that she and her family are starving and needs food. Walter gives her a generous box of food and lets her on her way.

She then comes back with Johnny, Troy, and Carver and they hold Clementine's group hostage. She is then recognized by Walter and with a sad look on her face, tells him to "keep moving". She assists Carver's group in ordering Carlos, Walter, Sarita, and Nick (Determinant) inside the ski lodge to get the rest of the group out. She and the others are shocked to see that Johnny gets killed, which results in them being witnesses to Walter being executed, to Bonnie's surprise. Eventually, they manage to get the entire group out and take them to their community.

"In Harm's Way"

Bonnie is first seen standing guard behind Carver when Clementine comes back with Sarah. If Clementine gets slapped by Carver, Bonnie will walk over and help her up. She is later seen when the cabin survivors are unloaded from the truck. As she is leading the cabin survivors to the pen, she unlocks and opens the gate to the pen and gets thanked by Nick. Later on in the episode, she apologizes to Clementine, but refuses to believe her when Clementine says Carver is a bad man. After Bonnie discovers the circumstances of Reggie's death (either by Clementine or finding out on her own) she asks about it from Carver. Later on, when Clementine was about to give a walkie talkie to Luke, Bonnie takes Clementine with her to the armory. She informs Clementine that Carver came clean to her about Reggie, and that she was disturbed about how nonchalant he was. She allows Clementine to sneak away so she can bring the walkie talkie to Luke. As Carver is beating Kenny with a radio, Bonnie comes running and tells Carver that it's enough, she tells Carver that there is a breach. Seeing Kenny badly injured and (Determinant) Clementine hurt is the last straw for Bonnie, and she tells the others that she will help them escape at night.

Later on, during the escape, Bonnie and the others cover themselves with blood to escape, she and Sarita break cover after the death of Carlos by attacking nearby walkers in order to protect Sarah and Clementine from them.

"Amid The Ruins"

Bonnie first appears after Clementine, Jane and Rebecca reach Parker's Run, discovering Kenny, Mike and Bonnie to be waiting for them. Bonnie appears worried that none of the others have turned up yet. After Clementine attempts to talk with Kenny, Bonnie will talk with Clementine and the others about what they should do next, and Bonnie will specifically show her worry for Luke, claiming that he will have the plan when he gets here.

After Clementine and Jane leave to search for the others, Bonnie is not seen until Clementine returns. Here, she is found caring for Rebecca, who is in increasing pain from her pregnancy. The group decide that they need to search for supplies and safe shelter, and so Bonnie and Mike agree to search the nearby Parker's Run Memorial Museum.

Bonnie is next seen when Clementine also arrives at the museum, to discover that Bonnie and Mike were unable to find anything useful as of yet. Together, the three continue to search the museum, and after Clementine discovers a confederate coat, Bonnie will begin apologizing to Clementine about the previous situation with Carver, to which Clementine can forgive her, saying that she did the right thing by finally realizing that Carver was evil. After Clementine discovers two barrels of water in a locked room, Bonnie comes over to investigate with Mike. The only entrance to the locked room is through a small gap in a window gate, which Bonnie suggests Clementine could squeeze through. If Clementine decides to do it herself, then Bonnie will help her to get through the gap, but Clementine will get stuck in the process. As soon as a walker appears on the other side, Bonnie attempts to pull Clementine out of the gap, before Mike is able to break down the door and finish off the walker. Alternatively, if Clementine refused to go through the gap, Bonnie will stick her head through it herself and will encounter the walker rather than Clementine. Bonnie will quickly retract her head from the gap, but in doing so, she bumps her head causing bruising around her eye. Mike will then continue to break down the door and pin the walker.

After retrieving the water, Bonnie spots a raccoon scurrying around the museum, and she suggests that they could capture and eat it. After a brief chase, the raccoon escapes outside and reveals it has a family. The three decide to let the raccoon escape, and they return to Parker's Run with the confederate coat and water.

Upon returning, Rebecca is in deep pain and begins screaming, which attracts a nearby walker herd. Bonnie and the others manage to get her to the safer observation deck, but the walkers stay close behind them. Bonnie, along with the others, holds off the walkers as Clementine finds something to block the gate. After the deck collapses from the increased weight, Bonnie will shoot some of the approaching walkers if Jane attempts to rescue Sarah, who had toppled off of the deck when it collapsed. However, the walkers will close in and begin devouring Sarah, to which Bonnie is saddened. The group manage to collapse the remaining deck, preventing the walkers to reach them. Bonnie is later delighted to find that Rebecca managed to give a successful birth.

Bonnie next appears after the group leave heading northward. She helps Rebecca up after she begins to stumble from the cold. After Arvo and his group appear, Bonnie yells at Arvo and Natasha that she is a better shot and will take them both. If Clementine does nothing in reaction to Rebecca's reanimation, Bonnie will turn around and see the zombified Rebecca and become visibly saddened. As Clementine or Kenny kill Rebecca, the episode ends with several gunshots being fired.

"No Going Back"

Bonnie along with the rest of the group is involved in a firefight with Arvo's gang and provides cover fire for Kenny and possibly Clementine. Along with the rest of the group, Bonnie mourns over the loss of Rebecca and will say that Clementine did what she had to (Determinant). She also promises that they will take care of her baby, and as Kenny begins to beat Arvo, Bonnie is the first to speak up and attempt to stop the conflict. As Arvo claims that he can take them to a house, Bonnie agrees and pleads with Kenny to calm down so they can begin to travel to the house. Eventually, he will calm down and the group will begin the journey.

As they stop for a short rest for Luke, Bonnie will hand Mike the baby and begin to tend to Luke's leg wound, which he received during the earlier firefight. She will discuss men and why all of them try to show each other how tough they are. Bonnie will then ask Clementine to keep pressure on Luke's wound whilst she fetches some bandages. As she walks away, Luke will apologize to her and she will be confused as to why. Bonnie will return to the two and will ask what they were talking about as she begins to bandage Luke's wound. Bonnie will then ask Clementine if she can change the bandage on Kenny's eye wound, stating that she offered to do it earlier, but Kenny denied. She hands her a bottle of sterilizer to cleanse the wound, and as Clementine heads over to Kenny, Bonnie remains with Luke to finish the bandaging. As soon as Clementine finishes, Bonnie goes over to her and asks if they are ready to go, and the group continue towards the house.

When the group reaches the defunct power station, Bonnie recommends they rest for the night and comments on Clementine's suggestion to have a nice, quiet night. As Kenny and Jane scout the station for walkers, Bonnie will suggest that AJ likes Clementine, as she had managed to calm him down. Bonnie will take AJ from Clementine as Kenny and Jane return claiming that it is safe, and so the group will agree to rest at the power station for the night.

As they sit around the fire, Luke states that today is his birthday, and Bonnie will ask his age. As Luke recalls his college memories, Bonnie exclaims that she would have liked to go to college before unveiling a bottle of rum she'd saved from Carver's camp for a special occasion. She passes it to Luke and before he takes a sip, she demands he makes a toast to celebrate. After the toast, she comments that it was "real nice" and as Kenny heads off to take the first watch, she shows some concern for the baby he is holding. Bonnie will then invite Jane over to the fire, but she will decline, leading Bonnie to begin discussing Jane's return to the group by the fire. They will then jokingly discuss Luke's sexual encounter with Jane and Bonnie will accidentally slip out a comment that she is interested in Luke, before claiming it was the rum talking. Bonnie will then pass the bottle to Clementine and ask her to see if she can get Jane and Kenny to return to the fire.

Later, as Clementine returns to the fire, she finds the group continuing the joking discussion about Luke's sexual encounter, before Bonnie asks for everyone to keep quiet about the conversation as Clementine is returning. As Mike asks for the bottle so that he can give some to Arvo, Bonnie supports his idea and argues against Kenny. She will comment that she doesn't think that Arvo is a bad person, but merely a good person that had to do bad things, and after Arvo lashes out at Mike, Bonnie suggests they should get some sleep and compliments Clementine for bringing the others to the fire.

The next day, the group come across a frozen lake with the house on the far side and the group will decide to cross it. As they start to cross the lake, walkers begin to approach from behind, causing the group to begin to panic. They manage to dispatch some of the walkers, but the ice near Luke's feet gives way and he half collapses into the lake. Bonnie and Clementine are the closest to Luke and quickly consider what they should do:

If you choose to cover Luke or Do Nothing: Bonnie goes to Luke's rescue, while Clementine covers Luke from the oncoming walkers, but her weight is too much for the already cracked ice and she falls into the frozen lake along with Luke. Bonnie can be killed because of this cause, however, you may also save her from her imminent death. If you chose break the ice where Luke is trapped beneath, Clementine will fall into the frozen lake and see Luke's corpse in the water. Even though Luke is killed no matter what, Bonnie would save herself from her death by crawling out from the frozen lake from the hole created by Clementine. If Clementine failed to crack the ice, Bonnie would also perish in the lake and not appear for the remainder of the episode.

If Bonnie managed to pull herself out, the relationship between Bonnie and Clementine would be severed for the rest of the episode, as Bonnie blames Clementine for not willing to save Luke when she ordered Clementine to rescue him.

If you choose to help Luke: Clementine attempts to pull Luke from the water as Bonnie shoots the oncoming walkers, but the ice gives away and both Luke and Clementine fall into the freezing water. Jane is able to save Clementine ultimately and they make tracks for the house in order to start a fire to heat Clementine. Bonnie will also rush to the house to join the others. At the house, Bonnie begins to cry over the death of Luke, claiming that Clementine tried to help him. After Jane manages to get a fire started, the group have a short rest.

Bonnie would be later seen sitting on the steps outside of the house smoking a cigarette, and Clementine has the option to talk to her. Bonnie will offer Clementine the cigarette, which she can accept or decline. Bonnie will recall their first memories back at the lodge, before asking Clementine if she had ever done anything she regrets. The two will then continue a discussion about Luke, before Bonnie states that she had run with a lot of other people that promised her things, but not one of those promises had come true. After the conversation, Bonnie would say she needs to take a piss in the woods, to which Clementine would leave her be.

Not so long after that, Bonnie would be seen joining the discussion between Kenny, Mike, Jane, and Clementine outside the lake house after Kenny gets the truck going. There they are discussing about where to go, Jane mentions to Kenny that Bonnie says Howe's Hardware has a lot of baby formula, which would be a advantage for keeping Alvin Jr. alive. Bonnie stays quiet during the discussion, only commenting that Clementine's idea to sleep on the decision was sensible.

Later on in the episode, Bonnie would be caught by Clementine when she and Mike are about to leave with Arvo. When Clementine gets shot by Arvo, Bonnie's reaction to the situation differs depending on your choice in the event that led to Luke's death. If you chose to cover Luke instead of trying to rescue Luke by yourself, Bonnie would be shocked, though she tells Mike to just leave her be. If you chose to try to rescue Luke yourself instead of covering him, Bonnie would be devastated and angry towards Mike, apologizing to Clementine, saying that she never wanted this to happen. Either way, she, along with her new small group, will run away on foot from the scene as Kenny dashes outside demanding what happened. Bonnie is not seen for the rest of the series. Clementine will have the option to ask if Bonnie is safe when she first awakens after the dream.

If Clementine is with Jane at Howes, Jane will mention that Bonnie was right about the baby formula being there.

Death (Determinant)

Killed By
  • Herself (Caused, Accidental)
  • Clementine (Indirectly Caused)
  • Luke (Indirectly Caused)
  • Arvo (Indirectly Caused)

If Clementine chooses to cover Luke or Clementine doesn't move when she helps Luke, as he attempts to free himself from the ice, Bonnie will attempt to save him, as she approaches Luke, the ice gives away from their weight. If Clementine doesn't attempt to break the ice to save Luke, Bonnie won't reach the surface and drowns. Given that her brain wasn't destroyed, it is unknown what happened to Bonnie after that.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Bonnie has killed:

  • Clyde (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Dee (Accidental)
  • Leland (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Walter (Indirectly Caused)
  • Alvin (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Rebecca (Caused, Zombified, Determinant)
  • Luke (Caused, Accidental, Determinant) (Indirectly Caused, Accidental, Determinant)
  • Herself (Caused, Accidental, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of zombies

Non-Canon Deaths

Season One

If Bonnie fails to do certain tasks, it is possible for her to die. These deaths are considered non-canon and will result in a game over. Bonnie will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Bonnie can die.[1]

"400 Days"

Season Two

If Clementine fails to complete certain tasks, it is possible for Bonnie to be killed. These deaths are considered non-canon, and result in a game over. Clementine will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Bonnie can be killed.

"Amid The Ruins"



"I'm... I'm so sorry, I... I didn't mean for this to happen."
—Bonnie apologizing to Clementine (Determinant).[src]

Despite lying about her reason for being at the ski lodge, Bonnie takes a liking to Clementine when they first meet and helps her up if Carver smacks her during "In Harm's Way". Bonnie immediately apologizes to Clementine when they work in the armory together, expressing guilt to her over leading Carver to their locations. She also gives a jacket to Clementine which she had found at the lodge.

Throughout the series Bonnie looks out for Clementine's well-being and tends to her if she is ever injured, such as if she is hit by Troy for trying to stop Carver from beating Kenny. During the escape from Howe's Hardware, when Sarah's screaming alerts nearby walkers to herself and Clementine, Bonnie will try to assist them by shooting at the walkers approaching them.

In "Amid the Ruins", Bonnie remains friendly to Clementine. Though Clementine can remain distrustful of Bonnie or forgive her for past actions. She apologizes to Clementine if crawls through the ticket booth, only to end up getting attacked by a walker, showing that she cares for Clementine and her safety.

During "No Going Back", Bonnie continues her care of Clementine. At the power station, if Clementine says that she know what happened between Luke and Jane, Bonnie will say "I certainly hope not". Their relationship will become strained if Clementine decides to cover Luke instead of saving him, resulting in Bonnie going to save him. If Clementine does not break open the ice for Luke and Bonnie, the both of them will drown, leaving Clementine devastated by their deaths. If she does survive the ordeal, she will hold a grudge at Clementine for not saving Luke and act hostile towards her. If the two hold a positive relationship, Bonnie will offer Clementine a cigarette, to which she can either accept or refuse. Bonnie recalls the events at the ski lodge, where she first met Clementine and says that she liked her as soon as they met, though their conversation is determinant upon what Clementine had said about her to Walter and Kenny. Bonnie states that she feels bad that Clementine believed her, and questions her whether she regrets her decisions in the past. Later on, when Clementine catches Bonnie trying to escape, Bonnie states that she is sorry for what she discovered them doing. When Arvo shoots Clementine, Bonnie is shocked and rushes to apologize to Clementine, even though Mike is urging them to escape, showing that while she is betraying Clementine in leaving the group, she knows what she is doing is wrong and still holds a friendship towards Clementine. When Clementine awakens in the truck, she can immediately ask if Bonnie is okay, showing that she may still care for Bonnie.


"Luke had ideas about how things should go, but they didn't line up with what Bill was thinkin'... they butted heads, then Rebecca started showin'..., and that only made things worse. Maybe Luke was right about him... I wish he was around, but.. I just hope he's safe."
—Bonnie to Clementine about Luke.[src]

Bonnie and Luke are members of Carver's community and know each other fairly well. Luke and the group offered Bonnie a chance to join them when they escaped, though she chickened out. Bonnie thought that Luke's plan was crazy, though she later regretted not escaping alongside him and the others. It's been hinted several times that Bonnie seems to wish Luke was around and safe, as evident by her conversation with Clementine that Luke previously invited her to escape. Bonnie is later glad to see Luke safe, and helps him and the others escape, to which he appreciates her for. Later on, Bonnie and Luke watch after and assist each other while walking past the herd undetected.

In "No Going Back", Bonnie has a bitter conversation with Luke asking why men always have to act aggressive around each other. Luke apologizes to Bonnie for an unknown reason. Later that night, while Mike, Bonnie, and Luke are sharing the bottle of rum, Bonnie grudgingly reveals that she was romantically involved with Luke at one point, though how their relationship split is unknown. Later, when Luke is trapped on the ice, Bonnie begins to panic and can risk her own life in an attempt to save him. If Bonnie falls in with Luke, and Clementine fails to break the ice, Bonnie will perish along with Luke, showing that she was willing to give her life to try to save him. If she survives the events on the frozen lake, Bonnie will be devastated by Luke's death and break down in tears. If Clementine went into the water to save him, Bonnie will thank her. If Clementine covers Luke and does not go in to help him, Bonnie will blame her. Clementine and Bonnie can later discuss Luke whilst outside of the unfinished house.


"Thanks, Bonnie."
—Nick to Bonnie after being escorted to their pen.[src]

Bonnie and Nick were members of Carver's community and knew each other fairly well. Nick and the group offered Bonnie a chance to join them when they escaped, though she chickened out. When Carver finds the ski lodge, Nick and Bonnie are unfriendly and display hostility towards each other. After being escorted to their pen in Carver's community, Nick sarcastically thanks Bonnie for her help, to which she replies, "Yup". When Bonnie decides to assist the group, Nick is grateful towards her and has mends his relationship with her. The both of them later work together while escaping Howe's and the walker herd.


"Do your best with him, Carlos. You need to get him able to move, cause we're leaving tonight."
—Bonnie to Carlos.[src]

Bonnie and Carlos were members of Carver's community and knew each other fairly well. Carlos and the group offered Bonnie a chance to join them when they escaped, though she chickened out. Bonnie thought that the group's plan was crazy, though she later regretted not escaping alongside her and the others. Bonnie joins Carver to capture Carlos' group, which causes hostility between the two, though Bonnie later states to Clementine that she didn't mean them any harm. After witnessing Carver's brutal actions, Bonnie joins and helps Carlos and the others escape, to which Sarah appreciates her for. The both of them later work together while escaping Howe's and the walker herd.


"Sarah, hang on!"
—Bonnie yelling at Sarah to be calmed.[src]

Bonnie and Sarah were members of Carver's community and knew each other fairly well. Sarah and the group offered Bonnie a chance to join them when they escaped, though she chickened out. Bonnie thought that the group's plan was crazy, though she later regretted not escaping alongside her and the others. Bonnie joins Carver to capture Sarah's group, which causes hostility between the two, though Bonnie later states to Clementine that she didn't mean them any harm. After witnessing Carver's brutal actions, Bonnie joins and helps Sarah and the others escape, to which Sarah appreciates her for. Later on, Bonnie defends Sarah from walkers while escaping Howe's Hardware. If Sarah survives in the trailer, when she falls, Bonnie is worried about her and yells at her that they are going after her. After her death, Bonnie is seen crying.


"Don't worry, Becca... we'll take care of your boy... you rest easy."
—Bonnie's last words to Rebecca's corpse.[src]

Bonnie and Rebecca were members of Carver's community and knew each other fairly well. Rebecca and the group offered Bonnie a chance to join them when they escaped, though she chickened out. Bonnie thought that the group's plan was crazy, though she later regretted not escaping alongside her and the others. Bonnie joins Carver to capture Rebecca's group, which causes hostility between the two, though Bonnie later states to Clementine that she didn't mean them any harm. After witnessing Carver's brutal actions, Bonnie joins and helps Rebecca and the others escape, to which Rebecca appreciates her for. During "Amid The Ruins", Bonnie is really concerned about Rebecca's and her baby's well being. She constantly volunteering herself to search for something Rebecca needs to be ready for the labor. Bonnie is seeing through the episode helping Rebecca to move and walk, especially when walkers reach their meeting place and Bonnie helps her constantly to get her safe and ready, defending the deck with the other survivors. Bonnie is seen really mournful when she thinks Rebecca's baby died during the birth, but then she is happy to see how that wasn't true. Bonnie agrees to move to the other city so they can get supplies for Rebecca and the group. When they are walking in the snow, Bonnie is helping a really weak Rebecca, and helps her when she collapses. If Clementine doesn't shot Rebecca or asks for help, Bonnie will turn around and will be horrified to see Rebecca as a walker. When the attacked finished, the group gather around Rebecca's corpse, and Bonnie is seeing really sadden, and promises to Rebecca she and the group will take care of her baby.


"Alvin killed George when he escaped. He might not have meant to, but George died all the same. Ain't no saints in all this."
—Bonnie to Clementine regarding Alvin. (Determinant)[src]

Bonnie and Alvin were members of Carver's community and knew each other fairly well. Alvin and the group offered Bonnie a chance to join them when they escaped, though she chickened out. Bonnie thought that the group's plan was crazy, though she later regretted not escaping alongside her and the others. Bonnie joins Carver to capture Alvin's group, which causes hostility between the two. Depending on Clementine's actions, Alvin can be killed by Carver, which causes Bonnie to feel guilty and apologize to Clementine for her actions. If Clementine tells Bonnie that Carver killed Walter and Alvin, Bonnie defends Carver, stating what he did was to protect himself. Bonnie also states that Alvin killed her fellow survivor George, showing that she is slightly angry towards Alvin, but acknowledges that he might not have meant to do so. Alternatively, if Alvin survived the events of the ski lodge, he dies at the hands of Carver's henchmen. Bonnie is shown to be saddened and sorry towards Rebecca upon receiving the sad news.

Alvin Jr.

"It ain't an "it". It's a he... and he has a name. Ain't that right, Alvie? Awww. Such a handsome boy."
—Bonnie to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Bonnie is very protective and caring for AJ, especially after she mourns over Rebecca's corpse and states that she will look after AJ for her. Throughout the episode, Bonnie will often carry AJ as the group head towards the unfinished house. Bonnie will also freely take hold of the baby whenever it is needed, showing that she is always willing to look after and care for AJ when others are unable to. Bonnie also knows where the group can find more baby formula for AJ.


"Thank you, Kenny. Really."
—Bonnie to Kenny. (Determinant)[src]

In "A House Divided", Bonnie helps Carver capture Kenny and the group at the lodge. Later, in the episode "In Harm's Way", Bonnie tells Clementine that Carver only killed Walter and Alvin (Determinant) to protect his people, and chastises Kenny for opening fire on the lodge. Later, when Carver beats Kenny for stealing the walkie-talkie, Bonnie begs him to stop, and appears to be angry and surprised at Carver's aggressiveness. Bonnie then tells Carlos to do his best to save Kenny, indicating she cares about his well being. Later, Bonnie helps Kenny and the others escape the community, and leaves with them.

In "No Going Back", she will tell Kenny to stop overreacting from the gunfight against the Russian Group. While the group rest in the forest, Bonnie will mention that she offered to re-bandage Kenny's eye wound but he refused, suggesting that Kenny doesn't trust her enough to do so. Later, in the episode, if Bonnie survives the events on the frozen lake, she will tell Kenny that Luke's death is his fault and he "damn well knows it". Once Kenny gets the truck started, she will appear neutral on the conversation on where to go. Later on, Bonnie, Mike and Arvo will be caught attempting to leave, with their reasoning being that they need to get away from Kenny, proving that Bonnie is fearful of Kenny.


"He brought Sarita in there not long after you left."
—Bonnie to Clementine about Sarita's fate. (Determinant)[src]

Bonnie joins Carver to capture Sarita's group, which causes hostility between the two, though Bonnie later states to Clementine that she didn't mean them any harm. After witnessing Carver's brutal actions, Bonnie joins and helps Sarita and the others escape, to which Sarah appreciates her for. The both of them later work together while escaping Howe's and the walker herd. Later on, both Bonnie and Sarita defend Clementine and Sarah from the approaching walkers outside the Howe's Hardware. After Sarita's death at the herd, Bonnie is shown to be saddened of Sarita's passing. If Sarita survived the herd, Bonnie will tell Clementine about Kenny taking care of Sarita before she turns into a walker.


"I don't know how to thank you."
—Bonnie to Walter when given a box of food.[src]

Bonnie and Walter initially seemed to have a positive relationship. Bonnie puts on a façade of innocence when first discovered by Walter, claiming that she has a family nearby and desperately needs food. Walter falls for her ploy, and delivers her a entire box of it. Bonnie feels guilty for taking so much, but Walter insists, only asking that she shows the same kindness to someone else down the line. Seemingly appreciative, Bonnie thanks him and leaves. However, she later betrays his trust by leading Carver to the lodge. When Walter notices Bonnie, she feels somewhat remorseful, but tries to keep up an uncaring attitude. Walter continues to give her looks of reapproach which appear to deal blows to her confidence in the purpose of her mission, but she is quick to cover up those feelings. However, when Walter is executed unexpectedly by Carver, Bonnie is shocked and almost seems saddened. In "In Harm's Way", Bonnie tells Clementine that Carver only killed Walter to protect them all, as Kenny would have kept shooting.


"Come on, that's not true."
—Mike to Bonnie about her face. (Determinant)[src]

Although their interactions together a minimal, they seem to have a good friendship and a trust in other most likely developed at their time at Howe's Hardware. During "Amid The Ruins", they willingly went together to the museum to find supplies to help deliver Rebecca's baby. They also shown a good sense of teamwork when they attempt to coax Clementine into crawling through the ticket booth. While Clementine searches in the museum, Bonnie in the background says to Mike he didn't need to come with her, but he replies he wanted to. If Bonnie tried to get the water, her face will have a bruise. Clementine will be sorry about it, but she says she wasn't sure her face is the "best" feature, which Mike says is not true. After that they share a look while Clementine smiles. Bonnie maintains a positive relationship with Mike throughout "No Going Back", having a long joking conversation along with Luke at the power station. If Bonnie survives the events on the frozen lake, the friendship between the two will be proven by their attempt at escaping the unfinished house together, detailing that the two trust one another to keep the plan a secret.


"I didn't expect her to come back. Just when I thought I got her figured out, she up and surprises."
—Bonnie to the group about Jane.[src]

At first, it is assumed that the two were not on equal terms, with Bonnie being a respected guard in Howe's Hardware, and Jane a prisoner. However, by the end of the events in "In Harm's Way", the relationship between the two begins to grow as Bonnie helps them to escape the prison, and Jane later helps them to get through the herd. Throughout "Amid The Ruins", Bonnie continues to see her as a friend, but still holds back from trusting her completely. On the other hand, Jane details to Clementine that she is not very fond of traveling with others, suggesting that Jane is possibly indifferent towards their group, including Bonnie.

During "No Going Back", the relationship begins to pick up after Jane helps them at the firefight during the opening of the episode. At the power station, Bonnie invites Jane to join the group by the fire, but she refuses as Jane later states that she thinks it would be awkward. When it is revealed that Bonnie was once romantically interested in Luke, it suggests a reason as to why Jane is partially cautious with Bonnie, as Jane had partaken in an earlier sexual encounter with Luke and may think that Bonnie may be angered at her because of it. However, this distrust is proven to be false as Jane will be convinced to join the group by the fire, and Bonnie and Jane begin to have a joking conversation about Luke's sexual encounter, thwarting any tension that there may have been between the two. After the events on the ice, Jane does not hesitate to create a fire for both Clementine and Bonnie (Determinant). That night, after Bonnie leaves with Mike and Arvo, it is unknown what happens to the relationship between Jane and Bonnie, but it can be assumed that the relationship was broken after Arvo shot Clementine and Bonnie failed to aid her.


"Look. You know I ain't going nowhere, right?"
—Leland talking to Bonnie.[src]

Leland and Dee found Bonnie while she was still hooked on drugs, and got her back on the right track. Bonnie has been thankful for Leland and Dee for what they had done in helping her. Despite being married to Dee, Leland has a romantic interest in Bonnie. Depending on in-game choices in this story, Bonnie can pursue a possible romance, or just stick to being friends with him. He accidentally angers Dee when he calls Bonnie "darlin'", which fuels his wife's speculation they are having an affair. When Leland comes across Dee's dead body, Bonnie has the option to lie or be honest with him.

After these events, if Leland chooses to follow Bonnie, their relationship, regardless of player's choices, will be inevitably severed by them parting ways from each other. During Season 2, Bonnie states a few times lots of men had promised her things and nothing never happened. Leland being one probably.


"I... I... no, god, I'm sorry. I need him; I need you both..."
—Bonnie to Dee, just before she dies. (Determinant)[src]

Dee's relationship with Bonnie is a turbulent and rocky road. Though Dee and Leland helped Bonnie fight an addiction to drugs, Dee becomes highly suspicious of a possible affair between the two. She catches them off guard hiding from the rain under a water tower and asks what they were talking about. No matter what answer Bonnie gives her, Dee will react with doubt, but let the subject drop. Despite that, Dee and Bonnie have been shown to have a good affiliation in their shared interest in nail polish. However, she is angered when Leland calls Bonnie "darlin'" and calls out both of them for possibly flirting with each other ("I know what side your bread is buttered on. Yours, too."). When the three of them are being chased by other people carrying guns, Bonnie falls behind. Dee prevents Leland from helping her by pulling him away. Even so, Dee does care in not wanting to leave Bonnie on her own, and tries to search for her in the cornfields while carrying a flashlight. Unable to see Dee in the dark, Bonnie mistakenly believes she is one of the other people, and hits her over the head with a rebar. Stunned, Bonnie frantically apologizes and explains what happened. As Dee lays dying, her own subconscious hatred for Bonnie comes bubbling to the surface. However, if Bonnie fails to hit Dee, Dee will kill her, making her true intentions unknown.


"That's enough, Becca!"
—Vince telling Becca to stop insulting Bonnie.[src]

Bonnie seems to have a good relationship with Vince and seems to view him as the leader of their group, or at least a reliable friend who did the bulk of the watch duty. When Becca insults Bonnie over her decisions, Vince tells her to stop, showing that he cares for Bonnie.


"Of course you don't, Russell. You don't trust anyone."
—Bonnie to Russell. (Determinant)[src]

In the epilogue, Bonnie and Russell disagree with each other when Bonnie expresses interest in Tavia's offer of joining her survivor's group, and Russell refuses to trust her, with Bonnie pointing out that he doesn't trust anyone. If Bonnie leaves Leland behind, she will say how they have food and medicine, which the latter Russell taunts her for, much to Bonnie's anger.


"If I didn't trust people, I'd be dead."
—Bonnie to Becca. (Determinant)[src]

In the Epilogue, when Bonnie expresses interest in Tavia's offer of joining her survivor's group, Becca will berate her for being so gullible and naive. Based on Bonnie's story decision of whether she lied to Leland about the circumstances of Dee's death, Becca will have a determinant dialogue in the epilogue in reaction to it. If Bonnie lied to Leland, Becca will scoff at the excuse Bonnie gave him to avoid the truth. If Bonnie told Leland the truth, Becca will mock her for being too honest, and her sense of truthfulness doesn't mean everyone else needs to do the same as well.


"This is a good thing, I know it is."
—Bonnie to Shel and the rest. (Determinant)[src]

Bonnie and Shel seem to be a good terms, having set up a camp together with a few another survivors.


Wyatt and Bonnie seems to be a good terms, having set a camp together with the few other survivors. Bonnie seem to be worried when he was getting his hopes up about Eddie.

William Carver

"I'm not defendin' what he did. That was... I'm alive because of him. That's just a fact."
—Bonnie to Clementine about Carver.[src]

Bonnie is part of Carver's group. It is assumed they initially had a good relationship even though there is little interaction between them. However, when Carver murders Reggie, Bonnie is visibly shocked, although she still tries to give reasoning to his decision by claiming it must have been an "accident". Bonnie then begins to question the leadership of Carver. After Bonnie witnesses Carver viciously beating Kenny she ultimately decides to help Clementine's group to escape Howe's Hardware, which ends their friendship entirely. When Kenny is about to kill Carver, Bonnie ultimately accepts this, walking away with a sad expression on her face indicating she doesn't believe Carver should die in such a brutal way.

Carver undoubtedly affected Bonnie's personality the most through the revelation of his true nature. Carver's death ruined Bonnie's trusting nature and similar qualities. After letting Kenny kill him, she began to place her trust and mistrust in the wrong people, as she could no longer identify who could be worthy of her trust. During the events of "Amid The Ruins", Bonnie clearly does not place much faith in Jane, as she asks Clementine to go with her and keep an eye on her, despite the fact that Jane's plan had saved them from the Herd at Howe's Hardware. At the start of "No Going Back", Bonnie places an inordinate amount of trust in Arvo, even though she had been willing to shoot him just minutes before. Her lack of judgment abilities ultimately led her not trust in Luke's ability to remove himself from the frozen lake, in which she either asks Clementine to help him or attempts to do so herself. Both options cause Luke's death, and potentially her own if Clementine witnesses them both fall into the lake and fails to crack the ice. If Clementine does manage to crack the ice, she will later blame Clementine for disobeying her instructions to help Luke and that being the cause of Luke's death. Despite all of the trust Clementine had placed in Bonnie over the previous week (Determinant), i.e., giving her food at the ski lodge, telling her she wasn't to blame for Walter's death, telling her about Luke's plan, going with Jane first to the observation deck before with Bonnie and Mike to the museum, crawling through the ticket booth at Bonnie's suggestion, agreeing with Bonnie to follow Arvo to his house, and allowing her to hold Alvin Jr., (note: all of the previous actions are determinant) Bonnie will no longer trust Clementine. She no longer trusts Kenny, either, though that could be blamed on Kenny's own actions being similar to Carver's, and that Bonnie doesn't believe Kenny is any different. It is unknown why Jane did not go with them, though it may be because she did not trust Jane to not tell Clementine.


"Hey Troy! Clem's just gonna take them boys some nails."
—Bonnie to Troy.[src]

Although their interactions together a minimal, they seem to have a good friendship and a trust in other most likely developed at their time at Howe's Hardware. Troy and Bonnie work together to capture the group during the events of the ski lodge. At Howe's Hardware, Bonnie is shown to be disappointed when Troy forgets that Clementine is supposed to do her chores with her. Bonnie gets upset if Troy hits Clementine when she tries to save Kenny from Carver. When Jane shoots Troy, Bonnie is surprised but appears indifferent afterwards, showing she never really cared about him.


"That jacket looks real nice. I don't know what Tavia's talkin' about."
—Bonnie to Clementine about Tavia's words about the jacket.[src]

Bonnie initially had her suspicions for Tavia, but when Tavia explains her community and offers them a safe haven. Bonnie believes she is harmless and agrees that the safe haven sounds like a good idea. Regardless of the decisions made in Bonnie's story, she will ultimately decide to go with Tavia to the safe haven, either alone, with a few of the group, or all of them. During "In Harm's Way", she shows her disagreement towards her, when she criticizes the jacket she picked up for Clementine.


"Johnny, cover that window."
—Bonnie giving Johnny orders.[src]

Bonnie and Johnny are both part of Carver's group. It is assumed they have a good relationship even though they are seen interacting very little. When Bonnie tells Johnny to keep watch at the window he does so without argument, although after Johnny is shot and killed by Kenny, Bonnie isn't shown to be saddened and instead more startled by the gun shot.


"You! Don't even try it, motherfucker! I guarantee I'm a better shot than you are! I'll drop you both before you can blink!"
—Bonnie threatening the Russians.[src]

Bonnie met Natasha for the first time as Arvo's gang confronted her group. In the middle of the arguments, she can be heard telling Natasha to back off, and not to even think about pulling the trigger. The language barrier (Natasha's being Russian) increases the tension between her and Bonnie. Later, at the power station, if Kenny re-joined the group by the fire, Bonnie will mention Natasha, saying that Arvo needs the rum more than anyone else due to his sister's death.


"This is your fault and you damn well know it!"
—Bonnie defending Arvo to Kenny. (Determinant)[src]

Bonnie and Arvo do not trust each other upon their first meeting. Bonnie is suspicious of him for knowing Clementine and how she seemingly knew him, and then raised her gun on both him and his sister. Bonnie remained out of the way for most of the firefight, and did not try to shoot anyone. After Kenny tried to punish Arvo, Bonnie immediately came to Arvo's aid and believed in Arvo's claims of food for them. She then tried to get Kenny to stop treating Arvo like he was dangerous, but did not pursue the endeavor after being rebuked the first time. If Kenny knocked out Arvo at the power station, Bonnie will angrily challenge him for attacking Arvo, and Kenny is surprised at her defense of Arvo. Later, if Bonnie survived the frozen lake, she will leave with Mike and Arvo in the night, although it is unknown whether this was because she had grown to respect and agree with Arvo, a desire to leave with Mike, a need to run from Kenny in a company, or another reason unknown.


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  • Bonnie, along with Vince, Shel, Wyatt, and Russell, were introduced via Vines from the Telltale Games official Twitter account early June 2013.
    • Bonnie, though, is the only one that is not in the cover of the game.
  • Bonnie is the only member of the 400 Days group that will always go with Tavia in the epilogue, regardless of the player's choices.
  • Bonnie is one of three characters Erin Yvette has voiced, the others being Molly and Sandra.
  • Bonnie is the second known female survivor in the game to accidentally kill an ally, with the first being Lilly if Lee chose to save Doug.
    • Bonnie whacks Dee in the head with a rebar, believing the latter to be from the group that is hunting them down.
      • However, if you don't attack Dee in time, she will kill you.
  • In Bonnie's "400 Days" story, she is wearing Carley's outfit from "Long Road Ahead".
  • If the player plays all five stories of "400 Days" in the chronological order, and kills zombified Clyde in Russell's Story, Bonnie's story has no interaction with Zombies.
  • Bonnie is the second character from the "400 Days" DLC to appear in Season 2 regardless of the choices in their personal stories, the first being Roman, and then followed by Tavia.
    • She is also the first one alive encountered by Clementine.
  • Bonnie is the only playable character from "400 Days" to have a determinant status.
  • Bonnie is the eleventh character who can die based on the player's actions who does not have a confirmed death afterwards.
  • Bonnie is the second playable protagonist to have a determinant status. The first is Lee Everett.
    • Bonnie is also the second playable character in the Video Game to die. (Determinant) The other being Lee Everett.
    • She is the only playable character whose death is entirely determinant.
  • Bonnie is one of the five characters in The Walking Dead franchise to be both an antagonist and protagonist in the same series.