The border tunnel is a location in Fear The Walking Dead: Passage.


Not much is known about the Border Tunnel before the outbreak. It is implied to be a passage under the border for drug runners and other illegal activity. The U.S. Border Patrol was in the process of filling in the tunnel when the infection hit.


It's entrance is located underneath a construction site and it runs under the border between The United States of America and Mexico. It is, at first, implied that The Tunnel was/is being used for the purposes of illegal emigration and the smuggling of contraband. Both Gabi and Sierra believe it to be a way to cross to the (perceived) safety of Mexico. However, The Tunnel is booby-trapped and houses several Infected as well as several Border Patrol guards. It is revealed by Colton that The Tunnel in facts houses a bunker and that several members of the Border Patrol were going to use the bunker to hide out and escape the Infected.


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