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"I--I was right there, just like I told you."
—Bossie to Pope about his whereabouts when Michael died, shortly before being burned alive for his perceived betrayal.[src]

Bossie (first name unknown) is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Reapers and served as one of the two primary antagonists of the episode "Hunted" (along with Michael Turner).


Bossie is a ruthless and brutal survivor who kills innocent survivors with the Reapers. At one point, he and Michael Turner track Maggie for miles and ambush her. Bossie badly wounds Alden which would later cause his death. Despite his brutality, he is shown to care for his fellow Reapers. After Michael is badly hurt, Bossie resiliently carries his body 10 miles back to Meridian. Michael dies from his wounds which Bossie is greatly saddened over to the point of sobbing.

Despite Bossie refusing to leave Turner behind, Pope falsely accuses him of being a coward due to his wounds being on his back. Bossie is shown to greatly fear Pope and is visibly intimidated by his presence. As Bossie tries to convince Pope he was facing the enemy, he stumbles on his word and is shaking. After Pope seemingly lets him go, he sighs out of relief. However, Pope ultimately kills Bossie anyway by burning him in the fire. Bossie's death is one of many examples that Pope doesn't care for his men.



Prior to the outbreak, Bossie was fighting in Afghanistan along with the rest of his squad which included a lot of members that would eventually become the Reapers. Upon returning from war, he struggled to find jobs or deal with trauma, but the relationship between him and his comrades remained strong. He then decided to become a mercenary.


During the beginning of the outbreak, as Operation Cobalt was put into action in an attempt to try and contain the undead threat, Pope and a group of his people managed to escape the bombings by running until they reached an abandoned church, where inside Pope was amazed to see none of them had been killed or injured, leading him to view him and his comrades as "the chosen ones". It is unknown if Bossie was present during this revelation. Regardless, he eventually joined the Reapers, and either found or crafted his own mask with a pale-faced, smirking expression on it, and would use this mask as a scare tactic against those who were "marked" by Pope.

Season 11

"Acheron: Part II"

Bossie is among the Reapers who ambushed Maggie's group on the road leading to Meridian. They killed Roy and severely injured Cole, prompting Maggie's group to scatter into the woods with Nicholls and the other Reapers going after them.


Bossie and his fellow Reapers attack the members of Maggie's group, managing to kill Cole and injuring several others. He and Michael proceed to stalk Maggie for miles, tracking her through the night to a mall where they eventually ambush her and Alden, who also sought refuge at the mall. Bossie attacks Alden, severely injuring him in the process, while Michael initially overpowers Maggie, but she is able to stab him in the head with a glass bottle. Negan finishes him off with a blow from his crowbar. Maggie flicks her knife at Bossie, hitting him in the back, but despite being wounded, he manages to fling a flashbang and escape along with Michael's body after it explodes and stuns Maggie and Negan.


Bossie returns to Meridian with Michael, who had carried him 10 miles from the mall. However, Michael had much earlier succumbed to his wounds, upsetting everyone, especially Leah, whom Michael was particularly close with. As the Reapers' preacher prays and chants over Michael's body in tongues, the Reapers grieve their fallen, while Bossie cries as he explains to Pope what happened. Bossie is present with Brandon Carver and Paul Wells in a small wooden shack with Daryl, claiming he is about to meet Pope. Bossie jokingly tells Daryl to not be shy. He is later seen at the Reapers' campfire, where Pope commends Bossie for walking ten miles with his dead brother on his back, but then accuses Bossie of abandoning Michael in battle due the wound from the knife being on his back, and throws him into the campfire, holding him facedown until he burns to death to demonstrate God's "wrath".


Killed By

Bossie is accused of abandoning Turner by Pope despite his story stating that he refused to leave his companion behind. As a result, Pope chooses to execute him for treason in front of the other Reapers after recruiting Daryl to join them.

Killed Victims

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TV Series

Season 11


  • Bossie's death is similar to that of Emmett Carson, as both men were burned alive by their leaders after a perceived betrayal.