A Bow is a flexible piece of material which shoots aerodynamic projectiles called arrows. A string joins the two ends and when the string is drawn back, the ends of the bow are flexed. When the string is released, the potential energy of the flexed stick is transformed into the velocity of the arrow. Archery is the art or sport of shooting arrows from bows.

Three Variations have so far been seen of the Bow.

  • Self Bow: A bow made from one piece of wood. Seen wielded by Shumpert
  • Compound: A bow with mechanical aids to help with drawing the bowstring. Usually, these aids are cams at the tips of the limbs and a release that attaches to a loop on the bowstring and releases the arrow with the use of a trigger. Seen wielded by Haley, Len, and Unnamed Woodbury guards.
  • Recurve Bow: A bow with the limbs curving away from the archer. The limbs straigten out as the bow is drawn and the return of the limbs to their curved state after release of the arrow adds extra velocity to the arrow. Seen wielded by Unnamed Woodbury Guard/s.


TV Series

Season 3

Shupertselfbow "Walk With Me" Shumpert aiming his bow at a Walker as The Governor explores the helicopter crash site.
Kmplayer2012-12-0217-54-11-85 "Walk With Me" Shumpert aiming his bow at a Walker as The Governor explores the helicopter crash site, from a different angle.
Haley1 "Hounded" Haley showing Andrea her Compound Bow, telling Andrea about herself.
Hounded.1.67 "Hounded" Haley shooting her bow at a walker, failing all attempts, while Andrea watches.
640px-The Walking Dead S03E07 2849 "When the Dead Come Knocking" Shumpert with his bow as he walks down into the streets of Woodbury.

Season 4

Len and daryl "Us" Len lowering his bow after shooting a rabbit.
Harley "Us" Harley presumably claiming Len's bow.
Len's bow "A" Len and Harley's bow being buried outside of 'Terminus' by Rick Grimes.

Season 9


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