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"Brave" is the first episode of the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is the first episode of the series overall. It premiered on October 4, 2020, the same night as "A Certain Doom", the second-part finale of the tenth season of The Walking Dead.[1] It was written by Scott Gimple & Matt Negrete and directed by Magnus Martens.


Iris welcomes an enigmatic ally to their community while Hope questions the visitor's motives. A message upends the sisters' worldview, forcing them to decide between the safety of their home and the uncertainty of the world beyond.


The episode begins with the dead. One in particular stands out, and it wakes Iris up from her dream. The next day we see Iris going to Silas to welcome him to the Feast Day rager while other students talk about "what he did" before he arrived where they are. Iris greets the rest of the student council and they're ready with the welcome banner. Huck and Felix are preparing the weapons for the journey. They have weapons called "S-hooks" and Huck teases that they never know if they'll need them or not. Felix stops her from teasing Iris, and they praise her for doing what she's doing. Iris sees it as doing her part. A group of students get on the bus. Hope, Iris' sister, jumps under the bus and hides in the storage area. The bus leaves the gates and Felix and Huck lead the bus. When empties get in the way, Huck runs them over. One of the empties gets caught under the bus and Hope kicks it away. Once they arrive in a clearing, they wait for their guests. Hope runs over the cemetery and drops to her knees in front of her mother's grave. When a group of helicopters fly overhead, she says goodbye to her mom and runs off. Iris realizes her sister tampered with the poster so that it says "The Civic Republic Sucks Ass" so she says she'll fix it.

A helicopter lands. Soldiers get out and lieutenant colonel Elizabeth Kublek gets out with them. She greets Felix, who has a CRM jacket on. He welcomes her as the head of the security at the Campus Colony of Omaha. Huck simply says her name is Huck, hinting at a story behind it. Elizabeth says that there were some government officials lined up to come but they could only spare one helicopter. She tells Felix that she is honored to join them for Feast Day as she looks over to see Hope flipping her off, and Felix says she must be tired after her trip from "wherever she's from", suggesting they have no idea where CRM is based either. A group of empties approaches and Huck and Felix prepare to take them out but Elizabeth has her soldiers do it in one efficient shot. She says they fire disruption charges to distract the empties from the noise. They're good at this, she says smugly. She sees the sign Iris is holding, which now reads "The Civic Republic Us" and Iris explains that the Civic Republic represents everyone including the Portland Colony and the Campus Colony. Elizabeth agrees that they're all in this together. Back at the campus, Hope sneaks out of the bus and realizes that Silas saw her. She goes up to him as he works in the garden and she asks him not to rat her out. She invites him to her party. She walks away, seeing the helicopter in the air.

Hope gets home to see Iris working on her Feast Day speech. She made Hope dinner, and once she starts eating she lays the poster out so they can talk. Hope doesn't trust the CRM and Iris points out that she had been fine before their father left with them but Hope points out that no one knows where they came from. Their father is helping to work on a cure and her pranks don't help. Iris tells Hope to sign the card for Felix, and Hope says Felix hates her. She thinks her sister should stop all of her extracurricular stuff and focus on her art, but that won't help find a cure, Iris says. Hope asks if she checked the locker, but there was nothing. Hope shakes her head and says their father leaving was a mistake. Later that night, Iris works on her speech after waking up from the same nightmare. In her speech she reveals that her mom died on the Night the Sky Fell, which is why they celebrate Monument Day. Together with Portland and the CRM, they are working toward a new world. She lives for her father who is working toward a cure after ten years of looking. Iris can barely remember the Night the Sky Fell because she was a kid. She goes into her father's office and checks a cabinet, where there is an old printer. Inside a book, there are messages printed out and pasted from their father who has found a way to send them messages on the printer. He says he arrived safely. Her speech reveals that they are the future.

In class, the teacher says that Feast Day is about celebrating life, and Monument Day is when they reflect on what they lost. Iris listens, thinking back to the night her mom died. She sees a fiery crash. The teacher stops in front of Elton, who is scribbling in a notebook. He says he wants to experience the world because that's what his parents wanted. In the middle of class, Iris gets a message that Hope's alcohol stash was raided. Felix has Hope in a holding cell with all of her raided alcohol. He asks if she has heard from her father, and Hope says they haven't heard anything in months. Felix says that it was her father who gave him a new life and purpose. He was also appointed their guardian while he's away. When Iris arrives, Felix reveals he only locked Hope up to teach her a lesson, which amuses Iris. Outside, Hope says that their father would see her initiative making alcohol as a reflection of her chemistry knowledge. They see Elizabeth coming and Hope wants to get out of there. Elizabeth confirms that they are Hope and Iris Bennett, because she knows who they are and thanks them for sacrificing their time away from their father. This first "science exchange" is critical for the survival of the world. She notes that Iris is studying biochemistry and immunology like her father and offers praise for Hope's distillery, but Hope has had enough of the niceties and walks off. Iris catches her and Hope accuses her of hiding the fact that she doesn't trust CRM either. She knows Iris has been having nightmares and that they're probably never going to see their father again. The cabinet starts coming alive with a new message: "My safety not assured."

Later, Iris visits Dr. K. She is on oxygen and she teases that the bars on the door are meant to keep the dead inside, which is a way they have adapted to the new world. Inside, Iris talks about her dreams and Dr. K says that she needs to talk to her sister about what happened. We see flashbacks to the plane crash and Iris says it's their first Monument Day without their father. She forces Iris to relive the moment of when they were trying to flee the plane crash to get to campus. People were dying as parts of the plane rained down on them. Hope was alone with their mom when she died. There were empties everywhere and she was separated from her mom and Hope because Iris was with her father. Dr. K says Iris has abandoned the current life because she is so focused on the future. Dr. K is dying and tells Iris that there are over 9,000 survivors there and they need to think about life. She wants Iris to talk to her sister so she can move forward and give her life meaning.

Hope trains with Huck in the gym. Huck teases her about all of the alcohol she brewed as they watch Elton lead a martial arts class. Hope wants to know about Huck's life in the city, but Huck doesn't want to relive those moments. Hope wants to see it for herself even though it's over 100 miles away. Hope wants to experience life because she knows the world is going to end, and it has nothing to do with the undead. It's about people and people turn, she says. Huck thinks the world will be what they make it. She leaves Hope alone to watch Elton teaching his class. She thinks of their mom and how they had to go through the plane crash to get to safety. There were melted bodies everywhere, and the undead were terrifying. She fingers the necklace. Iris finds the new message and it confirms her fears. Silas walks in with Elton, who came to see her. They made cake in their Easy Bake oven. Hope walks in and sees the cabinet open. Iris hands her the message and Elton wants to know more. He promises he won't tell and he reveals that he goes outside the walls to find something he lost. That's why he wears the clothes he wears. He will keep the secret, and so will Silas. Hope reveals that there were five helicopters that day, some with shipping containers, and Elizabeth said they could only spare one. They need to do something.

Outside the walls, Felix and Huck spray empties with spray paint as part of a migration study. Huck jokes that it's important work, but she knows Felix is trying to prove himself. She teases him about missing his boyfriend, who left his jacket at his place. She tells him that his parents weren't good people, but he deserves better and it's time to celebrate because it's his birthday. They're interrupted when a message comes through saying that Hope is looking for him. Later, at their house, Felix ponders the message as the girls listen. They knew that their father was taking a risk and they knew that the messages would put him at risk. They have no idea what to think about CRM and this only proves that they can't be trusted, but they also can't ask about the messages because it could put them all at risk. Felix calls their father the smartest man left alive, so his well being is critical. Felix says he promised to keep the girls safe, and his boyfriend Will is head of their father's security detail. He tells the girls they have to trust everything because they have no choice. That night, Hope storms out of the house and Iris follows her. Hope can't believe that her sister doesn't see that CRM is bad. That's when Elizabeth walks up and wants to know how they're bad. She says they don't tell anyone where they are from and no one can go in or out. Elizabeth reveals that she has a daughter who is a soldier, so she never sees her. It makes her "brave" knowing that her daughter is trying to help. Elizabeth wants them to trust her, so she reveals that he is in New York teaching classes. She gives them a coded map that reveals where he is without revealing details. She has been drinking their booze and is tipsy. She praises them for being their father's daughters for being brave. After she leaves, the girls head to their father's office to drink some of his booze. Felix sees them and smiles.

The next morning they wake up to a new message: "It's gone bad. Keeping my head down. I'll find help. Don't tell the Council. Don't tell Felix. I love you girls." They know it's bad now. Hope says there's nothing to do and reminds her sister that her speech is in an hour. Iris goes to visit Dr. K. She knocks, then she opens the door. The apartment is a mess. Dr. K is now an empty. She grabs Iris and pulls her against the bars, making a small cut. Iris watches as a team comes to take the body out. Elizabeth delivers a message for the CRM about solidarity about how they stand with Portland and Omaha. They have loaned them Dr. Leo Bennett who will help lead a team to bring the world back. She praises his daughters and introduces Iris, who is almost catatonic. Iris starts her speech, but she falters. Hope looks on knowingly. Iris starts talking about her dreams and how Dr. K told her to talk about it. Felix looks on in wonder, Hope doesn't look surprised. Iris' speech focuses on "now" and the "truth" and she says that she doesn't trust CRM. Elizabeth assures her that she will trust her and her father will show that to her, too. Iris says someone told her she was brave so she is going to keep working in the now to show them that they can rebuild the future. Iris pulls her sister aside and says they need to go on a mission to find their father. They can't tell Felix because he won't believe them. Iris says she can't look away anymore. She won't freeze anymore. She can't believe her sister had to see their mom die and Hope shouldn't have been through it herself. Hope is glad Iris didn't have to see it. In a flashback, Hope shows her a truck and they run for it. A woman is there with a gun and she wants the truck. Hope runs toward the truck and the woman shoots her mother. She drops the gun as Hope cries over her mother. Hope picks up the gun and shoots the woman when an explosion behind her makes her jump. The woman was the pregnant woman they'd seen earlier, and in her hand is a marble, the same one Hope wears on a necklace as a reminder. They agree they will go. They know a way out, thanks to Elton and Silas.

Later, they meet with Elton who wants to know how they know where to go. They have already mapped it out. They study it and Elton tells them they will have to keep a good pace. He asks if they have ever seen empties up close. He wants to go with them, as does Silas. Elton says that he wants to see what's out there, and he knows karate. Silas doesn't want to be the person people think he is. They leave through Elton's secret fence. They have supplies and gear and they look out into the vast expanse. Felix and Huck find a note from the girls that they left and they realize Elton and Silas are together with them. Huck tells Felix she has been training Hope. Felix knows where they're going and he knows they won't make it alone. They'll die, he says. While they talk, we see the group walking around the remains of the plane crash. That night, Elton and Silas find the horn from a triceratops. It was his, he'd lost it. It was going to be a gift for his sister who wasn't born yet, but his mom was pregnant with her when the sky fell. He finds a photo of his mom and smiles. Felix and Huck leave the Campus Colony to find the kids. The kids are getting ready. Elton has made some improvements to the weapons. Iris reveals she didn't have bad dreams the night before. When they see their first empty, Iris wants to be the one to kill it. She aims the S-pole and goes to kill it. Back at the Campus Colony, the CRM soldiers finish killing everyone. Some of the dead are painted blue. Elizabeth gets a report that they can't find "her" and Elizabeth says "Good."

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  • First appearance of Iris Bennett.
  • First appearance of Silas Plaskett.
  • First appearance of Felix Carlucci.
  • First appearance of Jennifer Mallick.
  • First appearance of Hope Bennett.
  • First appearance of Elizabeth Kublek.
  • First appearance of Elton Ortiz.
  • First appearance of Barca.
  • First appearance of Leopold Bennett. (Flashback)
  • First appearance of Kari Bennett. (Flashback)
  • First appearance of Amelia Ortiz. (Flashback)
  • First appearance of Esmerelda Ortiz. (Flashback)
  • Only appearance of Dani. (Alive)
  • Only appearance of Phoebe. (Alive)
  • Only appearance of Jan.
  • Only appearance of Mr. Kapadia.
  • Only appearance of Dr. K.
  • Only appearance of Izzy. (Voice Only)
  • Only appearance of the Campus Colony.
  • First appearance (in World Beyond continuity) of the Civic Republic Military.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on October 1, 2020.
  • This episode was originally meant to air on April 12, 2020; however the release date was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • This is the first time a new episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond and The Walking Dead aired the same night.
    • This episode is played directly after the second-part finale of Season 10 of The Walking Dead.
  • This episode was originally filmed twice, with the latter being the approved version.[2]
    • Jordan Vogt-Roberts was originally announced to be the director of the pilot episode. However, Vogt-Roberts was replaced with Magnus Martens, who previously directed for Fear the Walking Dead. The change in directors was a result of the writers mapping out the rest of the season and production had to go in a different direction; Matt Negrete said Vogt-Roberts still contributed ideas to the first episode.
      • Additionally, the original pilot was considered to be "faster paced" and Julia Ormond's character Elizabeth had not yet been introduced to the story.
  • This episode has the most human deaths than any other episode in the history of The Walking Dead franchise with at least 9,673 confirmed deaths.

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