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This article is about the Rick Grimes 2000 character. You may be looking for his Comic Universe or TV Series counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Brian

What she forgot to tell you, Rick...nice to see you by the way...is how completely and utterly hopeless her cause is. Even Lori here agrees...so what's it going to be, Rick? Are you ready to swear undying allegiance to your new alien overlords? Join us or die!
―The Governor to Rick about joining the aliens[src]

Brian Blake, better known as Philip Blake or by his epithet "The Governor", is a character and an antagonist in Rick Grimes 2000. He was originally killed by Lilly Caul before being brought back to life by aliens. He is a soldier for the Alien Army. He served as the secondary antagonist for the first half of Rick Grimes 2000.

Pre- and Post-Apocalypse[]

Main article: Brian Blake (Comic Universe)

Sometime after being killed, Brian is brought back to life by aliens to be a super-soldier for their army. He accepts and is cyberized with a mechanical arm.

Issue 75 - Bonus Ending[]

While Michonne Hawthorne is explaining to Rick Grimes about the aliens. The Governor kills her with his new mechanical arm. He, along with the resurrected Lori, and an alien, give Rick to option to join the aliens or die.

Chapter 1[]

The Governor tries to convince Rick to join the aliens, however Rick reaches for Michonne's sword and engages the Governor in combat. During the fight, the Governor's claw gets cut off, but before Rick can finish him off, Lori holds Rick at cannon point and tells him to surrender.

Chapter 2[]

The Governor appears in this chapter.

Chapter 3[]

As Andrea heals Rick's wounds with nanites, the Governor nervously says hi to her. In response, she aims a laser gun at his head. He tries to plea for his life, but Andrea blasts him in the head anyway for choosing to align with the aliens.


Revived By

Sometime after being killed by Lilly, the Governor was brought back to life by the aliens to fight for their army.


Killed By

Andrea shoots him for being part of the Alien Army.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Brian has killed:


Comic Series[]

Rick Grimes 2000[]


  • He is the first character to directly kill another survivor in the Rick Grimes 2000 series.
  • Unlike every other super solider who had sustained a permanent injury that was fixed with a cybernetic attachment, Brian still sports his signature eyepatch thus hinting at the fact that he still is missing an eye.

Powers and Weapons[]

  • Mechanical claw - The Governor's formerly amputated arm has now been replaced by a mechanical claw. However, during his fight with Rick, his claw hand was cut off. (Formerly)