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Brian J Bremer is an American voice actor who portrayed Nick in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two.

Other Works

Brian Bremer has worked in various TV shows such as:

  • The Rickey Smiley Show
  • Rectify
  • Meet the Brown
  • House of Payne
  • TV 101
  • The Drunks

Brian Bremer has worked in various movies such as:

  • Pumpkin Head
  • Why Did I Get Married
  • Dead Birds
  • Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius
  • Good Neighbor
  • Test Tube Teens From the Year 2000
  • Spontaneous Combustion
  • Scoiety
  • The Yellow Wallpaper
  • Civil
  • Miracles from Heaven

Brian Bremer has appered in various shorts such as:

  • Mountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies
  • Maid for TV
  • El Conquistador


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