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This Bridge is a location featured in Season 6 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Before the apocalypse, this was a bridge.


During the onset, the military commandeered this bridge in order to better control the surrounding town. This however proved futile and the bridge was therefore abandoned.

Season 6

"Always Accountable"

In the morning, Abraham goes around the town in search of supplies when he comes onto the bridge where he finds an abandoned military vehicle containing RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades) and a box of cigars. He spots a walker impaled on a bridge fence, and eyes the RPG launcher strapped to its back. Climbing onto the fence to get the launcher, Abraham dangles precariously over the edge, and grapples face-to-face with the walker, tearing his shirt in the process. The walker snaps at him, and Abraham finally backs off. He yells in frustration and returns to the Humvee to smoke a cigar.

As he sits, Abraham watches the impaled walker's rotted shoulder slide completely through the fence post. The walker falls to the ground, leaving the launcher dangling from the fence by its strap.



  • 1 unnamed soldier (Alive and Zombified)


TV Series

Season 6