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Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is a game released on November 10, 2020 on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Google Play, and the App Store.


Chapter 1: Dead Land[]

"Under The Bridge"[]

Kyra and Miles are discussing where to scavenge supplies when they are interrupted by Eugene Porter. He tells them walkers are closing in, but Kyra and Miles are out of guns, so they get in a ditch while Miles constructs a bridge over them.

After the walkers pass, Kyra and Miles introduce themselves to Eugene.

"First Blood"[]

The trio travel to a warehouse to look for food, however a group of walkers start approaching from the loading area. They come up with a plan to crush the walkers with a cable spool.

After the walkers are defeated, Kyra notes that the trap was really loud.


Now with more walkers coming in, Eugene comes up with another plan to eradicate the walkers. He plans to release a container to crush the walkers, however Miles is involuntarily volunteered as bait.

Kyra compliments Eugene on his plan.

"Crushed And Stirred"[]

Having come close to death, Miles refuses to be bait again, resulting in Kyra to step up to be bait.

Kyra gets angry with Eugene for putting her life at risk, Eugene assures her that her life was never at danger. Miles decides they need to move on from this and look for an exit.

"Pied Piper"[]

More walkers show up and the warehouse turns out to be more confusing than they thought. Kyra gets Eugene to back her up on trying to locate an exit. Eugene uses the same trap he used in "Crushed" this time using a speaking doll.

Eugene asks Kyra and Miles why they haven't left town left, Kyra says it's because Miles hates change.

"Edge Case"[]

The trio come up with another plan to crush walkers, this time involving dropping a crate on a bridge while Kyra crosses it. Kyra is reluctant, but Eugene assures her she'll make it.

Kyra says she'll think about letting Eugene live. Miles alerts them he found an exit to the warehouse.

"In The Balance"[]

The trio finally make it out of the warehouse, but are without working transportation. Miles spots a van down the hill, but it's blocked by walkers. Kyra begs Eugene to come up with a plan that won't involve them possibly getting killed.

As they get to the van, they discover the keys are still in it, but the gas tank is empty. Kyra suggests asking the "dude on a motorcycle", which confuses Miles.

"Operation Elderly"[]

As trio walk on foot, Kyra asks Miles where they're going. Miles assures her there is a plan which is to search a rest area for gas. The rest area turns out to be swarming with walkers. On a balcony of the motel is a man, the trio decide to help him so he can help them with the walkers.

The man turns out to be Eugene's long lost friend, Daryl Dixon. After the group introduce each other, Miles asks Daryl to get one of the vehicles running. Daryl decides to come along with them to get back to his people. The group ride off in their vehicle.

Chapter 2: Hard Commute[]

"Steel Solutions"[]

As the group is driving, they encounter a problem: the bridge ahead is collapsed. Kyra suggests going back to a construction site they passed to get steel girders.

The group successfully make it across and snarkily compliment each other.

"Vehicular Slaughter"[]

The group pay Daryl back for the bike he lost, however they come across a gap in the road, filled with walkers. Daryl says they can't leave without the RV and suggest building a ramp.

The group make it across the gap and Daryl says they have to move on.

"Daryl´s Run"[]

Despite having working vehicles, they are low on fuel. Eugene suggests going to the industrial facility to look for fuel. The group come up with a plan to drop fuel barrels and bring them to the vehicles. Daryl is reluctant, but Miles assures him he'll be safe.

Daryl manages to get the fuel barrels and is praised by everyone in the group.


The group once again get back on the road, however they come across bodies impaled with symbol all over the place. Eugene speculates it was some kind of dark ritual, while Miles just suggests they get across the ravine and hope not to run into whoever did this.

The group make it across the ravine, but Kyra is unhappy with it's structural stress level. Miles tells breaks up her conversation with Eugene, then Daryl goes to scout ahead.

"Double Cross"[]

Daryl reports that he saw a group ahead with the same sign as the one they found at the ravine. Miles suggest saying hello from a distance, but it's quickly shot down by Kyra and Eugene agree to not start a confrontation. Kyra comes up with a plan to trap the them like they did the walkers, using Miles as bait.

After trapping members of the ritual group, the four run into a woman named Naomi Williams who compliments them on trapping the group. She warns them she has everything there rigged with explosives. She tells them about the raiders they encountered and how they have been looting, killing, and abducting people in the area, afterwards she leads them to the raider outpost.

"Surprise Package"[]

Naomi leads them to the outpost, an old gas station, however the lower levels are infested with walkers. They plan to plant TNT charges, but Naomi doesn't have a remote detonator.

The group blow up the walkers in the lower levels and the raiders' vehicles. Naomi asks the group on the status of their supplies and offers to work with them to get more.

"Run Down"[]

Naomi leads them to Safe Zone 4, an area that was established during the early stages of the Wildfire virus and overrun before Operation Cobalt. As such, it is stocked with supplies that won't expire, only problem is, it's far down a steep cliff.

Despite making it safely across, not all the walkers are taken care of, so Eugene suggest they come up with a plan that involves minimal destruction.

"Emergency Powers"[]

Kyra asks Naomi if she was stationed here, she responds she wasn't and that she was part of a relief and support unit. Naomi tells her everything they planned went to shit. Daryl says to get rid of all the walkers to get the supplies.

Once all the walkers are killed, the group find supplies containing buffalo chicken and crackers, but no meds. Naomi finds documents with old marching orders that should've locked up. The documents reveal that companies were suppose to move to a new base further west, but never made it. The group decide to head to the base to get the supplies there.

Chapter 3: Urban Warfare[]

Going Downtown[]


Marble Run[]


Bone Crusher[]


Damaged Goods[]


Cannonball Jump[]


Mega Bone Crused[]


Ultimate Bone[]


Hospital Heist[]


Chapter 4: Higher Order[]

Just A Test[]




Floor Plan[]


Gathering Grunts[]








Like A Bird[]


Chapter 5: Into The Hills[]

Crossing Rivers[]


Pylon Power[]


Car Trouble[]




Entry Fee[]


The MOWA[]




The Way Things Go[]



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