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Brody is a survivor of the outbreak and later an antagonist in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is a member of the Council of the Perimeter and served as the primary antagonist of the episode "Returning Point".


Brody is a selfish, manipulative, and cowardly man. He is shown to mainly care about the survival of himself and is willing to throw his entire community under the bus to save his own skin. At one point, he attempts to overthrow Indira as leader, but it doesn't work. Later, Brody reveals everything to the CRM, about how the Perimeter is actively working with them against the CRM. This leads to Jadis sending Mills and team to go kill everyone at the Perimeter.

When Huck confronts Brody about this, he attempts to justify it saying that Indira made a deal to save her own life so he should be able to do the same. Huck calls him out, saying that he is a rat. Brody then attempts to blackmail Huck, saying that he will tell everyone that she is playing both sides unless she promises him safety within the Civic Republic. However, this act prompts Huck to kill Brody. Despite his death, the damage is already done. Brody's actions lead to the deaths of many Perimeter residents, including Dennis Graham.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Brody's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 2


Brody will appear in this episode.


Brody will appear in this episode.

"Exit Wounds"

Brody will appear in this episode.

"Who Are You?"

After reading Iris's note, Brody argues for the Perimeter to turn in Elton and Will in order to protect themselves and warn the CRM of the impending trouble that the Endlings intend to cause to them. Indira reminds Brody that she turned in the others with the council's backing and had promised to keep them safe, but Brody states that she'd promised to keep them safe as well. Indira insists that they are safe and that they have been living with the CRM's boots on their necks for so long that they should help the Endlings give them some hell if that's what they want to do. Robin agrees with Indira, telling Brody that they need to pick a side. As a result, Brody proposes a vote of no confidence in Indira, trying to overthrow her leadership of them.

Dev and Asha later report to Elton and Will that while "Brody tried to pull some shit," it didn't work and they can stay for the time being.

"Returning Point"

Brody is standing outside when Will returns to the Perimeter with the devastating news of Dev's death. Brody, the other council members, Will, Asha and Elton follow the grieving Indira into her house where she reveals to them her secret deal with Elizabeth Kublek for treatment of her illness. Indira announces that they have to assume that the CRM knows that Dev trespassed and that the non-aggression pact between the Perimeter and the CRM is nullified. With things escalating and it no longer being safe, Indira declares that they need to leave with Robin backing her up. Indira adds that once they get everyone to safety, she will step down as their leader. Visibly angry, Brody leaves, followed by the others.

Later, Huck arrives in Jadis' office where she sees Brody talking with Corporal Diane Pierce outside. Jadis explains that Brody had approached long-range security and asked to speak to Kublek. Brody has revealed to the CRM the things that have been going on behind their backs such as Kublek secretly diverting CRM medical supplies to Indira and that the people of the Perimeter have become a threat the research facility's security and thus the security of the Civic Republic itself. Brody has revealed everything to the CRM, from Dev being Indira's son, to the Perimeter harboring the Endlings and actively working with them against the CRM, helping to plant them inside of the facility for an escape attempt. As a result, Jadis has dispatched Sergeant Mills team to deal with the Perimeter without waiting for an investigation into Brody's claims.

After Jadis and Pierce leave to receive an update on the facility's server reset, Huck angrily confronts Brody about his selfish actions which has effectively marked his own community for death. Brody defends himself, stating that they were already marked for death and since Indira had made a deal with Huck's mother to save her own life, he should be able to do the same. Brody suggests that he could and should tell the CRM that Huck has been playing both sides the whole time and demands that in exchange for his silence, that she promise him permanent residency inside of the Civic Republic. When Huck tells Brody that she can't, he threatens that she only has until Jadis comes back to figure out a way that she can. As Brody continues to try to blackmail Huck, she turns around for a moment and then abruptly shoots Brody in the head, killing him instead of allowing Brody to blackmail her into making a deal with him.

When Jadis and her men return, drawn by the sound of the gunshot, Huck claims that Brody was a rat who was playing angles and saying shit about the CRM being behind the destruction of Omaha and that if they didn't let him into the Civic Republic, Brody would "go screaming it from the rooftops." Jadis wonders how Brody could've known and Huck pretends not to know, but she tells Jadis that people like Brody are true security threat. Huck suggests that Brody might've been lying about Indira and that he was using the CRM to settle some kind of a personal grudge, but Jadis refuses to relent, seeing both Brody and Indira as threats that need to be eliminated regardless of whether or not Brody was telling the truth about Indira and the Perimeter.


Killed By

In order to save himself, Brody ends up giving up information to the Civic Republic Military about the Perimeter's plan to turn against them. After an attempt to extort Jennifer Mallick with the threat to expose her for being a spy, she quickly shoots him in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Brody has killed:


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