"Broken Toys", retitled "Episode 18", is the third and penultimate episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season. It is also the first episode to be released by Skybound after Telltale closed for general assignment in October 2018.

It was released on January 15, 2019.


Beginning a few hours after the events of the last episode, the sun has just risen and Clementine's group is recovering from the attack they just survived from the Delta. After interrogating Abel for the location of the Delta's Ship, the group continues the rest of this episode scouting it out and preparing for a rescue mission to save their three captured friends. This involves tracking down the former Whisperer James to lead a pack of walkers towards the Delta's base and Clementine's group can use them as cover and approach them. However, the mission doesn't go as smoothly as it could, throughout this episode, the group discovers someone they all once knew isn't the same as they were...


The episode begins in the morning following the ending of "Suffer The Children", with parts of the school having burned down from the battle. Though most of the yard has been cleared of wreckage, Clementine discovers Willy mourning over Mitch's corpse, sobbing over his friend's demise. Willy remarks on how Mitch had always been nice to him, even if others had thought that he was abrasive. Clementine can promise him vengeance against the raiders, something Willy is all too eager to achieve. Louis/Violet (whoever Clementine had chosen to save the previous night) tells Clementine that they had left Abel tied up in the basement, (Determinant) who was left behind after the attack. Louis/Violet also tells Willy that it is time to bury Mitch after Ruby dug a grave for him. (Determinant) Tennessee offers to help carry Mitch to the grave, but Willy furiously pushes him to the ground, blaming him for his friend's death. Regardless of whether Clementine agrees or not, Tennessee runs away in embarrassment. Louis/Violet then reminds her to question Abel about the location of the rest of the raiders. (Determinant)

Clementine arrives in the basement, discovering Rosie resting near the boiler and guarding the path to the exit. She then finds AJ idly playing with the chambers of his revolver in front of an unconscious Abel, who is tied to a chair in a dark corner of the basement after having sustained numerous injuries the previous night. She readies AJ and herself to deal with Abel, then decides on how to wake him. After either waking him up through force or shouting at him, Abel crudely jokes about having been tied up by a different woman but not having been "her prisoner" before launching into a coughing fit. If Clementine had hardened AJ and allowed him to take "dibs" on Abel, he repeatedly kicks Abel's broken leg and taunts him. If Clementine had refused to allow AJ to think about killing Abel, Abel requests a drink of water so that he could continue the conversation, which Clementine can either provide or refuse. Abel verbally notes her manner of interrogating him, guessing that this was her first time questioning anyone. After she demands to know where her friends had been taken, he threatens her with the promise that Lilly would lead the others back to the school and set him free, suggesting that she give him "the five star treatment" or be punished. Clementine can aggressively torture him (having Rosie bite his leg if she had allowed Marlon to teach her how to command with the dog) or rebuff his threats in response, leading Abel to despair over his situation.

Abel talks about the war that his group is fighting and the fact that Lilly will not give up the three kids that the Delta had kidnapped, especially after Abel's capture and Yonatan's death. He claims that the Delta were warring with a people far worse than he appeared to be, requiring that they obtain more soldiers to fight against them. The Delta had not expected the children at the school to be so capable of defending themselves, however, which was why they had sent such a small force to capture and conscript them. Following either an accusation or further torture, Abel- finding his breath coming in wheezing gasps- reveals that he did not enjoy forcing children to fight in battle, but he loved the home he had with his group and would do anything to protect it. Clementine retorts that she would do anything for her friends, he finally tells her to search his front pocket, as it will be "the answer to all [her] questions". She pulls out a paper torn from the Bible with a puzzling quote, leading Abel to request that she light it as a cigar for him so he could have one puff of smoke. After lighting the paper, Clementine can choose to give him what he wants, use the makeshift cigar to burn his face, or stub it out in front of him. Any of these actions results in Abel launching into another coughing fit, this time coughing up blood on the floor. AJ asks Clementine if he is dying, to which Clementine confirms that he is and says that she thought he had wanted him to die. (Determinant) Weakened, Abel postulates that something inside of him had burst and, realizing that he is going to die, begins to panic. He laments how everything had gone so terribly wrong for him, then frightfully turns to the prospect of reanimating and becoming a walker. Abel begs her to promise that she wouldn't let him turn in exchange for telling her where she could find Lilly and her captured friends.

Give him your word: Clementine promises that if he tells her what she wants to know, she would make sure that he did not turn. Abel thanks her and reveals that the students were taken to a boat a few miles west of the school. He believes that they would be leaving soon, knowing that they were needed for the fight against their opponents.

Let him sweat: Clementine tells Abel that she will decide what to do only after he tells her what she wants to know, taunting him for having little choice in the matter. He is shocked about this and is worried about what happens when someone turns. Once he realizes that she really might let him turn, Abel finally tells her to check his boot, which A.J. does. He pulls out a map with a map and a list of city names, which the Delta use as a call-and-response. He then informs her of a boat west of the school that the others would soon be using to bring the children back to the Delta.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Defeated, Abel asks her once again to make sure he did not turn. Clementine has the option of whether or not to prevent him from reanimating. If Clementine agrees to put him down, Abel thanks her. He quickly requests that she not use AJ's gun so that he could keep his face at the very least. (Determinant) Clementine draws her knife and tells AJ that he does not have to watch her kill him before stabbing Abel in the side of the head, (Determinant) making him scream in pain and look directly at an entranced AJ as he finally dies. (Determinant) Alternatively, Clementine can choose to allow him to turn regardless of whether or not she promised him relief, horrifying him and making him break down in sobs. He continues to cry in terror until he stops breathing and dies, (Determinant) Clementine and AJ preparing for his reanimation. (Determinant) Abel reanimates within a few moments, (Determinant) the walker looking directly at AJ and trying to bite at him from its restrained position in the chair. (Determinant) Clementine leaves to gather the others for a scouting mission to confirm whether or not Abel was telling the truth, AJ remaining behind in a reverie as he ponders what Clementine had done.

Later that day, Clementine, AJ, Willy and Louis/Violet travel toward the river in search of the boat. (Determinant) Clementine is optimistic about the possibility of staging a rescue for their captured friends, but Willy bitterly comments that Tennessee was likely to screw up again. After hesitating briefly, AJ turns and pointedly orders him not to talk about his friend that way, vaguely warning him in the process. Violet/Louis interrupts them, (Determinant) having discovered the boat they were looking for directly ahead.

The four of them hide in a clearing near the water, discovering a large ship docked at a pier on the water, covered by the brush. Clementine takes a pair of binoculars from AJ as the other spread out to investigate the area. (Note: Clementine can speak to her friends and examine the separate locations in any order.) When she examines the river area with Willy, they discover a few guards protecting rafts loaded with supplies and building materials likely taken from the train station, leading Willy to state that they could take them for themselves. Upon examining the inland forest near the pier with AJ, Clementine discovers the Delta's horses being housed in a roped-off area with several bales of hay, also seeing a set of lit torches in the forest and determining that the fire could be useful. (Determinant) When she examines the ship and the path leading up to it alongside Louis/Violet, (Determinant) Clementine first remarks that she had not expected a ship this large when interrogating Abel. She sees no obvious place from the exterior where Lilly might be keeping prisoners, but she is startled to see Louis/Violet (whoever Clementine failed to save from abduction the previous night) being transported below deck by one of the raiders. (Determinant) The entrance to the boat had a small gap at the top, small enough for AJ to climb through and unlock from the other side. Clementine also notes that while the pier had plenty of cover, the beach was far too exposed for them to try sneaking across it without a distraction. A few walkers stumble out onto the front of the pier, causing the raiders to sound the alarm for a sharpshooter on the top deck to shoot them dead. Louis/Violet options gathering a large collection of walkers to provide their distraction, (Determinant) Clementine thinking that they might be able to do so rather easily. Having completed their scouting mission, Clementine gathers her friends and leads them away from the boat.

They determine that their best chance would be in trying to free the others undetected. AJ says that they should set a fire nearby to draw some of the raiders off of the ship, Clementine and Willy agreeing that they could burn either the hay bales near the horses or the rafts with the supplies and steal whatever they do not burn. Clementine decides where they should set the fire, then recalls how James had saved her and AJ by diverting a group of walkers into their pursuers. She believes that she could convince him to do the same for their captured friends, as a group of walkers would be able to disguise their movements along the beach. Willy is still concerned about the Delta attacking their school again even if they were able to stage a successful rescue, but before they could discuss how to deal with that possibility, they all get out of sight when they see one of the raiders chopping wood in front of them. Clementine draws her knife, sneaks up behind the raider and grabs her from behind, forcing her to drop her axe. Clementine demands to know where the Delta keeps their prisoners, (Determinant) leading her captive to reveal that there was a brig with all of her friends located on the second deck. (Determinant) Louis/Violet steps in and tells Clementine to release her, (Determinant) identifying her as Minerva.

The two of them embrace, happy to find the other was still alive. Minerva asks about the fates of the others after the school had burned down, leading Willy to grimly say that though Ruby and Tennessee had survived, Mitch had been killed during the attack and that Brody had previously died. Minerva suddenly asks about Tennessee's boots, remembering that she had taped them up a long time ago. She then curtly recognizes Clementine as the girl who had taken charge after Marlon's death and tells her that she had ruined Abel's plan to get the schoolchildren to join them peacefully. Louis/Violet is shocked to hear her talk this way, (Determinant) bringing up how Marlon had traded her and Sophie in exchange for his safety. Minerva states that she would have gladly gone with the raiders again so that everyone could live, warning Clementine that unlike Marlon, her actions would get everyone killed. She can refute this by revealing that Marlon had murdered Brody to protect his secret, but Minerva is still convinced that fighting against the Delta would only get her little brother killed. When asked about Sophie, Minerva claims that her twin sister had died in service to the Delta, like "a hero." Suddenly, Lilly calls out for Minerva from a short distance away, forcing Clementine and her friends to hide and leave Minerva unattended. Lilly orders Minerva to finish chopping up wood quickly and return to the ship before nightfall. Hesitating for a brief moment, Minerva chooses not to reveal that Clementine and the others were hiding right next to her and affirms her order. Once Lilly leaves, she recovers her axe and tells Clementine that the ship would be departing in two days, but they would return in a few weeks for the rest of the children at the school. Once again, Minerva tells her not to fight, or she would get her friends killed. Clementine can either coldly tell her off or offer her a chance to return to the school, but either way, Minerva quietly jogs back to the ship. Clementine sends Willy and Louis/Violet back to the school to tell Ruby and Tennessee of the plan, but Willy scathingly refuses to involve Tennessee. AJ steps up to fight Willy in response, but Clementine stops him, declaring that the two of them would go off in search of James as the other two would go back to the school.

A few minutes later, Clementine tries to cheer up AJ with a joke about how many walkers James might be able to procure for them. AJ, however, is abruptly pained by his gut wound, leading Clementine to guide him over to a rock formation for a quick rest. Seated on the rock, he shares that he was angered by Willy for needlessly antagonizing him and Tennessee. He had wanted to hurt Willy when they had argued, but he still could not get the desire to hurt him out of his head. Clementine can offer guidance on how to deal with his emotions, leaving AJ to share that he was also mad at Tennessee for ruining their trap at the school and to ask why the other children were not as capable as they were. Clementine sits beside him and offers him hope that they could train the others to be as smart as they are. (Determinant) AJ still finds it strange that the other kids could not have already become like them, then expresses further confusion as to why they were referred to as "troubled" when Clementine refers to the name of the school. Clementine recalls how a doctor had once explained to her the concept of trauma: how some people mistreated others because of horrific events in their lives. AJ asks how he can cure himself of his trauma, Clementine replying that he needed to get help in order to get past his experiences. The two of them stand, joking with one another about AJ finally having other friends.

The two of them arrive at James' Camp, startled to discover that a group of walkers had arrived and were roaming around the area. AJ cannot see James among the walkers, but the former Whisperer soon appears behind them without his mask and tells them to keep quiet. They notice a wound on his arm, Clementine asking if the raiders had found him. James confirms her suspicions, saying that they had been transporting some children through the forest when he had seen them. Clementine ask for his help gathering walkers to rescue the children, but James says that he needs her help recovering his mask from his camp before he could even consider doing anything of the sort. Clementine goes to deal with the walkers, but James stops her and asks her to try not to kill the walkers if she could help it.

Clementine kills all of the walkers: Clementine ignores James request, dispatching five walkers in his camp area with her knife as he sneaks over to his firepit. She tells him to hurry up and find it, but he only locates his pack as more walkers arrive and force them away. AJ manages to distract the walkers by shouting at them, but he is soon surrounded by the small herd. Clementine and James move quickly to push a cart left behind by the raiders down the hill in order to draw the herd away, Clementine killing another walker as it gets close to her. The two of them get out of sight as the cart crashes loudly, the herd all moving away from AJ and towards the sound. Clementine goes to AJ and checks him for bites, James expressing disappointment that she hadn't even tried to follow his request.

Clementine kills some of the walkers: Clementine does her best to follow James's request, but she is forced to kill some of the walkers near her in order to get around them. James sneaks past the walkers while she keeps them occupied, trying to locate his mask near his firepit. She tells him to hurry up and find it, but he only locates his pack as more walkers arrive and force them away. AJ manages to distract the walkers by shouting at them, but he is soon surrounded by the small herd. Clementine and James move quickly to push a cart left behind by the raiders down the hill in order to draw the herd away, Clementine killing another walker as it gets close to her. (Determinant) The two of them get out of sight as the cart crashes loudly, the herd all moving away from AJ and towards the sound. Clementine goes to AJ and checks him for bites, James noting that he could not blame her for only killing the ones she had been forced to kill.

Clementine kills none of the walkers: Clementine is able to divert the walkers near her long enough for James to sneak past the walkers and search for his mask near his firepit. She tells him to hurry up and find it, but he only locates his pack as more walkers arrive and force them away. AJ manages to distract the walkers by shouting at them, but he is soon surrounded by the small herd. Clementine and James move quickly to push a cart left behind by the raiders down the hill in order to draw the herd away, Clementine disabling another walker as it gets close to her. The two of them get out of sight as the cart crashes loudly, the herd all moving away from AJ and towards the sound. Clementine goes to AJ and checks him for bites, James thanking her for respecting his wishes and noting how it likely would have been easier for her to have killed them.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

James opens his pack and pulls out his mask and a photograph. He thanks them for helping him regain his mask, then asks them how walkers could help save her friends. Clementine explains that they needed a distraction in order to sneak aboard the Delta's ship. James is shocked to hear of her unconventional plan, but Clementine insists that it was the only way. James is reticent to offer his help, instead asking her to accompany him to another place so that she could truly "understand" what she was asking. AJ and Clementine follow him away from his camp.



  • Ericson's Pennant: This can be found hanging on a wall in the basement before interrogating Abel.
  • Sketch Toy: This can be found on a shelf in the basement before interrogating Abel.
  • Horseshoe: This can be found on the ground when scouting out the S.S. Stewarts Fitzgerald.
  • Rabbit's Foot: This can be found on the ground when scouting out the S.S. Stewarts Fitzgerald.
  • Beet Nick: This can be found outside of James' barn past James on the ground on the left of the building.
  • Wind Chimes: These can be found on the right of James' barn past AJ hanging on a wall.

In-Game Decisions

  • Did you let Abel turn?
    • 89% of players mercy killed Abel.
    • 11% of players forced Abel to turn into a walker.
  • Did you spare the walkers in James' camp?
    • 49% of players respected James' beliefs and killed no walkers.
    • 49% of players only killed some of the walkers in James' camp.
    • 3% of players ignored James' wishes and killed all of the walkers in the camp.
  • What did you name Willy's bomb?
    • 61% of players named the bomb "Mitch's Masterpiece".
    • 17% of players named the bomb "Willy Junior".
    • 13% of players named the bomb "Ruby's Revenge".
    • 6% of players had a bomb named "AJ".
    • 3% of players refused to name the bomb.
  • Did Dorian cut off your friend's finger?
    • 86% of players allowed AJ to attack Dorian, stopping her from cutting off your friend's finger.
    • 14% of players stopped AJ and let Dorian cut off your friend's finger.
  • Did you allow AJ to kill Lilly?
    • 53% of players told AJ to kill Lilly.
    • 47% of players refused to tell AJ to kill Lilly.

Ending Stats

Relationship Statuses

  • Alvin Jr. - MIA
    • TBA
  • Lilly - DEAD or MIA
    • 53% of players left her Dead at AJ's hands. (told AJ to shoot Lilly)
    • 47% of players left her MIA. (told AJ to lower the gun)
  • Louis - MIA
    • TBA
  • Violet - MIA
    • TBA
  • Abel - DEAD or TURNED
    • 89% of players left him Dead by Clementine's hands. (Mercy kill)
    • 11% of players left him Turned. (Let him turn)
  • Minerva - MIA
    • TBA
  • Tenn - MIA
    • TBA
  • James - DEAD or MIA
    • 52% of players left him MIA. (told AJ to shoot Lilly)
    • 48% of players left him Dead at Lilly's hands. (told AJ to lower the gun)

Relationship Details

  • Minerva
    • First Sentence
      • Minerva felt righteous when you called her out for sounding like Lilly.
      • Minerva was stunned when you told her Marlon killed Brody.
      • Minerva was livid when you didn't take responsibility for urging the other kids to fight.
    • Second Sentence
      • Minerva was dejected when you said Tenn would be ashamed to call her sister.
      • Minerva was intimidated when you said you'd kill the raiders if they attacked the school again.
      • Minerva felt assertive after she warned you not to fight back if the raiders returned.
      • Minerva considered herself irredeemable despite your assertion that she should come home.
    • Third Sentence
      • Minerva felt heartsick after learning Tenn forgave her.
      • Minerva was overwhelmed when you confronted her on the boat.
      • Minerva was anxious after learning Tenn came with you to attack the boat.
      • Minerva was reassured when AJ promised he'd look out for Tenn.
  • Louis
    • (Saved Louis)
      • First Sentence (determinant)
        • Louis was delighted when you decided to go on a "date" with him.
        •  ??
      • Second Sentence (determinant)
        • Louis was touched that you wanted to hear why he was sent to Ericson.
        • Louis was embarrassed when you didn't want to hear why he was sent to Ericson.
      • Third Sentence (determinant)
        • Louis was calmed when you were sympathetic to his story about how he was sent to Ericson.
        • Louis felt exposed when you told him his past was fucked up.
        • Louis felt uncomfortable when you made a joke after he shared the reason he was sent to Ericson.
        • Louis felt vulnerable when you didn't respond to his story about his past.
      • Fourth Sentence
        • Louis was thankful when you let AJ stop Dorian from cutting off his finger.
        • Louis was left in agony when you didn't let AJ stop Dorian from cutting off his finger.
    • (Let Louis be taken)
      • First Sentence
        • Louis was traumatized after his time spent with the raiders.
      • Second Sentence
        • Louis was consoled by your promise to take them home.
        • Louis was pacified when you told him you regretted letting him get taken.
        • Louis was left feeling desperate for reassurance when you said nothing to him in the cells.
        • Louis was terrified by your promise to fight back against the raiders.
  • Violet
    • (Saved Violet)
      • First Sentence (determinant)
        • Violet felt romantic after you danced together.
        •  ??
      • Second Sentence (determinant)
        • Violet was touched that you wanted to hear why she was sent to Ericson.
        • Violet was embarrassed when you didn't want to hear why she was sent to Ericson.
      • Third Sentence (determinant)
        • Violet felt understood after you expressed sympathy about her reason for coming to Ericson.
        • Violet felt regretful after you said her reason for coming to Ericson was fucked up.
        • Violet was heavy-hearted after telling everyone why she was sent to Ericson.
      • Fourth Sentence
        • Violet was thankful when you let AJ stop Dorian from cutting off her finger.
        • Violet was left in agony when you didn't let AJ stop Dorian from cutting off her finger.
    • (Let Violet be taken)
      • First Sentence
        • Violet blew off your reasons for not saving her.
        • Violet was appalled that you lied about not being able to save her.
        • When you refused to say why you let the raiders take her, Violet laughed in derision.
      • Second Sentence
        • Violet despises you after her capture.
  • Tenn
    • First Sentence
      • Tenn was grateful when you stood up for him against Willy.
      • Tenn was crushed when you said the plan's failure was his fault.
      • Tenn was hurt when you didn't stand up for him against Willy.
    • Second Sentence
      • Tenn was grateful when you promised to tell Minerva he forgave her.
      • Tenn was bothered when you said you wouldn't tell Minerva he forgave her.
      • Tenn felt hopeful you would tell Minerva he forgave her, even though you seemed uncertain.
  • Lilly
    • First Sentence
      • Lilly was surprised by your offer to cooperate.
      • Lilly was unfazed by your threat to kill her after she tried to threaten you into cooperation.
      • Lilly was inspired to take action after you tried to protect your friends.
      • Lilly was unsurprised by your silence after she tried to threaten you into cooperation.
    • Second Sentence (determinant)
      • Lilly felt smug when you stopped AJ from shooting her.
      • Lilly felt defiant when you didn't tell AJ to shoot her.
  • James
    • First Sentence (determinant)
      • James was thankful that you respected his beliefs and spared the walkers.
      • James was understanding that you only killed the walkers you had to.
      • James was frustrated that you killed all of the walkers in his camp.
    • Second Sentence
      • James felt elated when you said there might be more to walkers.
      • James was disenchanted that you didn't see there being more to walkers.
    • Third Sentence (determinant)
      • James was devastated that you told AJ to kill Lilly.
  • AJ
    • First Sentence
      • AJ felt conflicted after you killed Abel, sparing him from turning.
      • AJ felt unsettled watching Abel turn into a walker.
    • Second Sentence
      • AJ felt defeated when you said there was no way to prove you could be together as walkers.
      • AJ was disillusioned when you said you didn't believe you could be together as walkers.
      • AJ was insulted when you refused to hear him out about being walkers together.
      • AJ was fuming after you didn't respond to his idea of being walkers together.
    • Third Sentence
      • AJ felt powerful after you told him to shoot Lilly.
      • AJ felt helpless when he spared Lilly, only to have her kill James.
  • Abel
    • First Sentence
      • Abel felt assured when you promised him mercy.
      • Abel felt terrified when you refused to promise him mercy.
    • Second Sentence (determinant)
      • Abel felt powerless when you told him you'd make him talk, even if he were a walker.
      • Abel felt desperate when you told him he'd be trapped inside his walker self.
      • Abel gave in to dread when you told him he'd feel every second of his turning.
      • Abel felt panic when you refused to answer if he'd feel himself turning.

The State of the School

  • Rosie
    • Rosie is worried about everyone.
  • Willy
    • Willy was excited that you wanted to name the bomb.
    • Willy was bummed when you said you didn't want to name the bomb.
    • Willy was glad AJ named the bomb when you didn't say how you felt about it.
  • Ruby
    • Ruby was impressed you deduced her official Ericson evaluation.
    • Ruby was proud you did not recognize her official Ericson evaluation.
  • Omar
    • Omar is MIA
  • Aasim
    • Aasim is MIA



Season 1

"No Time Left"

  • If Lee was left to turn, Clementine and AJ tell James about it when he tries to convince Clementine to see the walkers as living things. James asks Clementine if she thinks Lee could still be alive somewhere inside of the walker. If Clementine prevented Lee from turning, AJ shares with this with James, who then apologizes and says that perhaps he should have tried to explain his reasoning to her differently (This also happens if Clem let Lee turn and Clem stayed silent when James asked).
  • Lee will remark on how well Clementine followed his final lessons to her during the dream sequence.

Season 2

"No Going Back"

  • Clementine will have a missing ring finger on her left hand if she went alone with AJ.
  • Clementine will have a faded scar on her right cheek if she stayed at Wellington.
  • Clementine will have a faded scar on her forehead if she left Wellington with Kenny.
  • Clementine will have "AJ" inked on her left hand if she stayed with Jane at Howe's Hardware.

Season 4

  • Clementine will have any collectibles she has collected and put up in her room.

"Done Running"

  • Abel will have a missing arm if Clementine pushed him into the walkers.
  • Tenn's drawing will appear in Clementine's room if she put it up. The drawing will have AJ and Clementine in it should she have allowed Tennessee to draw her or just AJ if she did not.
  • If Clementine told AJ he can keep Tenn's box of pencils, it will be seen in their room.
  • AJ will openly swear if Clementine said it was okay, [Fuck is right].
    • If Clementine told AJ not to swear but chose "Nothing worse than 'shit'" in Episode 2, during every opportunity where he would normally say "shit" he does so, but any instances of "fuck" are replaced with some other form of curse word instead.

"Suffer The Children"

  • Depending on who was saved, either Louis or Violet will be present with Clementine at the school throughout the episode.
  • AJ will have his toy firefighter in his room if you told AJ was justified for killing Marlon.
  • Depending on if you confessed your feelings or not to Louis or Violet, they will either treat you as a romantic interest, as a close friend, or the latter if you choose to remain quiet.
    • If the opposite was saved, they will share deep regret with Clem for choosing them despite knowing how close they were to the other.
    • Lee can mention Louis or Violet in her dream if Clementine entered a relationship with them.
  • AJ will be wearing the shirt that the player chose among the ones provided by Louis.
    • The options are a Disco Broccoli shirt, Ericson's boarding school sports shirt or a Science Dog shirt.
  • Louis will have a gunshot wound on his upper left arm if Clementine called for Violet to shoot Lilly outside the safe zone.
  • Louis' piano will have "C + L" carved onto it if Clementine chose to help Louis over Violet. It will also have a heart carved around it if that was chosen.
  • Tennessee will have different dialogue when meeting James based on whether Clementine said she would "Marry, Flip, or Kill" him.
  • If Clementine told AJ "How dare you ask me that?" or "I made the wrong decision" when he asks about Lee, AJ will mention that to James when he asks if anyone she cared about turned.
  • AJ will have different dialogue when talking about how he killed Marlon to Lilly, he will say he was justified if you told him so or that Marlon wasn't a monster but Lilly is if you told him to feel regret.
  • AJ will be more violent or sympathetic when interrogating Abel depending on what you told AJ about killing Marlon. Example AJ will hurt Abel when he wakes up if you told killing Marlon was justified or will offer him water if you told AJ killing Marlon was wrong.
    • AJ will have a different express when Clementine interrogating Abel he'll be unsettled if Clementine tortures him if she said killing Marlon was wrong.
  • Depending on who was saved, Louis will either have his tongue removed or Violet will deeply resent Clementine.
    • If Clementine is in a relationship with Louis she's more upset when she discovers Louis's tongue was cut out.
  • If Clementine said AJ was allowed to "call dibs" on Abel, she will mention it during his interrogation.
  • If Clementine shot Lee and told AJ that she regretted it, he mentions her remorse to James when the latter asks if she had ever had a friend who had turned.



  • First appearance of Minerva. (Physically)
  • First appearance of Gad.
  • First appearance of Gina.
  • First (and last) appearance of Charlie. (Photograph)
  • First (and last) appearance of Michael. (Alive, Determinant)
  • First (and last) appearance of Armando. (Alive, Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Lee Everett(Dream)
  • Last appearance of Abel. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Dorian. (Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Lilly. (Alive, Determinant)
  • Last appearance of James. (Alive, Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Mitch. (Corpse)
  • This episode features a dream sequence of Clementine and Lee talking on the train from "Long Road Ahead".
  • Following the announcement of Telltale's majority closure late September 2018, Skybound have picked up the rights to the final 2 episodes to ensure the series gets finished.
  • Minerva stabbing Clementine was similar to the way Kenny stabs Jane in the final episode of Season 2.
    • Further similarities occur when Louis or Violet picks up Minerva's dropped crossbow and points it at her, begging her to stop attacking Clementine. In the latter's case, she even shot Minerva, mimicking Clementine shooting Kenny. (Determinant)
  • During the episode, a walker can be seen climbing out from water and onto a deck. This is the first time a walker has shown signs of being somewhat intelligent in the video game.
  • When trying to get past the walkers, Clementine can shoot and kill the guard by the light, and as he falls off the S.S. Stewarts Fitzgerald, the "Wilhelm Scream" can be heard.
  • This episode has the highest death count recorded of any other episode if "Confirmed Fates" are included, with a maximum of 40 deaths.
  • This episode features the first ever use of the profanity "cunt" in a Walking Dead episode, said by Abel to Clementine if she leaves him to turn into a walker after giving him her word that she'll mercy kill him in exchange for information.
  • Depending on whom Clementine saved in the previous episode, Lee will foreshadow their state upon Clementine's rescue: If Violet was captured by the Delta, Lee will ask how Violet would "feel" upon seeing her, foreshadowing how Violet felt betrayed by Clementine, and if Louis and was captured by the Delta, Lee will ask what would Louis "say" upon seeing her, foreshadowing Louis having his tongue cut off by Lilly.
  • If Clementine talks to AJ while he is inspecting a salt lick at James' barn, she can tell him not to lick it, to which AJ asks how she would know. Clementine responds with "I don't know", referencing the conversation between her and Lee Everett during "Starved For Help".
  • This episode features another easter egg focused on Randy Tudor. While placing collectibles in her room, Clementine can place the Sketch Toy on the shelf and demonstrate to AJ how to use it by drawing random lines. Then, if the player chooses to interact with the toy, they get the option to either [Draw from memory] or [Draw something new], the latter of which allows you to freely draw. Choosing to draw from memory leads to Clementine drawing a picture of AJ the first time and then Disco Broccoli if it’s interacted with for a second time. Lastly, if interacted with for a third time, Clementine draws a mustache with “Powerful Stache” written underneath it.
  • This is the first episode of Season 4 where you are able to gain all optional achievements in one playthrough because Episode 1 has four achievements being made unobtainable if you chose to hunt with Aasim and Louis and two are gained separately in the "Aasim and Louis" situation as well. Also Episode 2 has a two respective achievements based on whether Clementine confessed any romantic feelings or not.
  • This is the only episode of Season Four where no Boarding School members die (not including the confirmed fates of the students mentioned during the party).


  • None of the "Arrow" quick time events display a blood splatter effect on them like previous episodes when completed with the exception of two using to new feature of holding the stick in a certain direction. This was most likely due to Skybound not having the assets available to create these new textures. It can be seen throughout the episode that many animations are reused.
  • If Lilly is spared and James is killed, when Clementine runs to shield AJ from the explosion, his body will be gone, but the blood will remain, even though the location of where his body should be is visible in the shot. Also, when Clementine gets thrown back, for a brief second, Gina can be seen standing entirely still in the background, back to the explosion, as if nothing was happening.
  • If Violet was saved during "Suffer The Children" when waking up in the cell with Louis the camera will pan to Aasim who reveals that Louis has had his tongue cut out. For a few moments instances have occurred where a low r-solution Violet sprite can be seen standing between Clem and Aasim's cells. Once Aasim is fully focused on the sprite will disappear and the game will return to normal.
  • Even if Clementine lets AJ risk biting Dorian's ear, in the next scene when she and Lily walk away, her ear doesn't seem to be damaged and has no blood on her at all.
  • During Abel's interrogation, if you stay silent when deciding whether to let AJ watch Abel turning he will watch and say nothing as well, but later in their room he will say that he shouldn't have although he asked to.
  • When Clementine escapes her cell and heads for the top deck she will comment on how she just felt the boiler start. Earlier Lilly gave Dorian the order to start the boiler, Minerva was the only other Delta member present at the time, but it can be assumed from the short time span between her leaving and returning in the Louis situation (Determinant) it is unlikely she had time to start the boiler. It could be argued that she ordered another member of Delta to do it for her but all members are either left dead, unconscious, and any other where present on the top deck when Clementine felt the boiler start so it is unclear who started it. The only scenario it works with is assuming Clementine spared at least one of the two out of Michael and Armando and that one of them was ordered to start the boiler, it must be assumed Armando woke up from his unconsciousness during Clementine's in her cell or even if he didn't Clementine can leave Michael unharmed by giving him the right password "Rockingham" assuming she got it from Abel. However if both are dead this is a oversight by the developers.
  • When trying to retrieve the shiv from under the bed, the other student in Clementine's cell is missing.
  • Some of the walkers in the herd used as a distraction to board the ship cannot be used as shields, regardless of timing.


  • In the Xbox One version, there is a bug when you mercy kill Abel and choose "I want you to watch this" where the quick time arrow doesn't appear, rendering the game unplayable unless you restart.
  • If you follow Violet in episode 2 and stay quiet when she says she has feelings for you, in episode 3 when she would normally give you a badge if you are friends or in a relationship with Violet. If you stay quiet, Violet will place her hand out with no button or actions to continue. You will have restart episode 2 with a different choice rather than staying silent, in the friend/relationship choice to solve the problem.
  • If the player decides not to collect the Ericson's pennant/rabbits foot, the player is reminded that they have these items throughout the episode.

Deleted Sequences

  • Tenn was originally going to grab Lilly's gun, instead of Gina's.
  • AJ would have been able to wake up Abel by hitting him with a shotgun
  • At the party, AJ and Violet would've read out of Aasim's journal and write their own entries.
  • Alvin Jr. was originally going to get a choice of haircut.

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For all obtainable achievements and trophies, see Achievements.
Achievement Reward
Whisper act 1
Completed Act One.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Shoreline act 2
Completed Act Two.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Leader act 3
Completed Act Three.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
Rosie best girl
Best Girl
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Mercy for episode 3
Did no harm.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Sleeping in nightlight
Made sure they slept tight.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
All-seeing but lilly
Let nothing slip by.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Licking the saltlick
Did you lick it?
Remembered the good times.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Clementine in a personal space
Personal Space
Kept your distance.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Clem as a mouse
As A Mouse
Was very sneaky.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Tally in a dayyyy
Counted the days.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Flowers hunter
Found all Episode Three collectables.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
Feels like mine as a flower
Feels Like Mine
Placed all Episode Three collectables.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points

Achievements Guide

Whispers -

  • Complete Act One.

Shoreline -

  • Complete Act Two.

Leader -

  • Complete Act Three.

Best Girl -

  • When walking through the basement to interrogate Abel, choose the [Pet Rosie] option when Rosie is on-screen. This achievement can only be completed if the player has pet Rosie at least once before this point.

Mercy -

  • Do not kill any of the walkers when James is retrieving his mask, this includes the walker which approaches when pushing the cage.

Nightlight -

  • Complete the party scene in Act 2.

All-seeing -

  • Choose every option possible when scouting the Delta's ship.

Did you lick it? -

  • When at James' barn, choose the salt lick which AJ is squatting by. Any dialogue option will prompt the achievement.

Personal Space -

  • When AJ is infiltrating the Delta and the player must kill some walkers, ensure each walker is killed using the bow and arrow. Any knife or "close-call" kills will keep the achievement locked.

As a Mouse -

  • When interrogating Abel, choose [Make him sweat] so he reveals the code name "Rockingham." Later, when inside the Delta ship, Michael will approach Clementine and demand a city name. Choose [Rockingham] to unlock the achievement.

Tally -

  • After being locked in the cell by Minerva, observe the back wall of the room and choose the tally marks seen on it. This will unlock the achievement.

Hunter -

  • See "Collectibles" Section of this page. The last two collectables are present near James' barn, so the achievement will be unlocked there.

Feels Like Mine -

  • The player will have the opportunity to place all collectables when AJ is making decorations and Clementine is tasked with finding her water heater to give to Ruby. The Pennant can be placed on the wall next to Clem's bed. The Sketch Toy can be placed on the shelves nearest to the door. The Horseshoe can be placed on the door. The Rabbit's Foot can be placed on the top bunk of AJ's bed. Beet-Nick can be placed on the desk where AJ is drawing. The Wind Chimes can be placed on the ceiling fan.


Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PC 74.17% 70
PlayStation 4 76.00% 78
Xbox One 85.00% TBA
Nintendo Switch TBA TBA


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