The following is a transcript of Episode 3: Broken Toys of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 4.


Clementine: Previously on The Walking Dead. While searching for a place to call home...AJ and I found an old boarding school, run by kids, deep in the forest. Their leader was a guy named Marlon. And AJ pulled the trigger.

Clementine: I told AJ he was justified for killing him. The other kids didn't see it that way.

Clementine: I told AJ that what he'd done was murder. That he'd have to atone for it.

Clementine: AJ decided he was a murderer.

Clementine: The other kids agreed.

Clementine: They voted to kick us out. I thought we'd never return. Then...AJ and I were attacked by Abel, one of the raiders Marlon had given the twins to. He was with someone I thought I'd never see again...Lilly. We were almost eaten by walkers, when of them spoke to me. His name was James. An ex-Whisperer who didn't believe in killing walkers. He helped me treat AJ, but without real medicine, he wouldn't make it. The kids didn't turn away the sad sight of AJ, and let us back inside. After I told them how we could defend the school against the raiders, they were willing to let us stay. At least until the fight.

Clementine: I decided to help Louis tune his piano. He opened up to me.

Clementine: And I admitted I had feelings for him. He had the same ones.

Clementine: Louis is a great friend. Those are rare.

Clementine: I decided to help Violet in the belltower. We looked at the stars together.

Clementine: And I admitted I had feelings for her. She felt the same way.

Clementine: Violet is a great friend. Those are rare.

Clementine: Then the raiders finally came. They busted open our gates, but the kids stayed hidden as planned. Until Tenn ran out of cover, hoping for a chance to learn about his missing sisters. The bomb went off, and attempting to save Tenn, Mitch threw himself at Lilly, and got a knife to the throat. With only a second to decide...

Clementine: I fired, and saved Louis.

Clementine: I fired, and saved Violet.

Clementine: They got away with three of our friends. And we had no idea where they'd gone. But we knew someone who did.


Clementine walks through the courtyard. Willy holds Mitch's hand and cries. Mitch's face has been covered with a cloth. Ruby is digging a grave.

Willy: Mitch... I...I...

Clementine walks up to Mitch.

Willy: At the start, I was so little, and...and Mitch looked after me. People said he was a dick sometimes, but he was always nice to me. And now... Now he's gone. Stabbed in the eye by some asshole who never even knew his name.

Clementine puts her hand on Willy's shoulder.

Clementine: Mitch was looking after all of us. He gave his life so we could go on fighting.

Willy: I know that. Doesn't make it any easier.

Clementine: He'd want us to find our friends and bring them home safe.

Willy: And he'd want us to kill the people who took them.

Clementine: Look, I promise you, Willy...the people who did this? We're going to hit them back. They're gonna regret ever coming near us.

Willy: If Mitch were here, he wouldn't cry. He'd find a way to get our friends back. Then he'd bash Lilly's brains out with a rock.

Clementine: I know it's hard, Willy. But you need to pull yourself together.

Willy: I tried. I don't know how.

Clementine: Ask yourself what he would do.

Willy: He'd find a way to get our friends back. Then he'd bash Lilly's brains out with a rock.

Willy: If Mitch were here, he wouldn't cry. He'd find a way to get our friends back. Then he'd bash Lilly's brains out with a rock.

Louis/Violet, Ruby, and Tenn walk up to them.

Louis: Abel's tied up in the basement. He passed out from the pain.

Clementine: Thanks.

Louis: AJ wanted to stay down there and keep an eye on him. Hey, buddy... It's time for us to bury Mitch, and say our goodbyes.

Violet: Hey. AJ's waiting for you in the basement. We got Abel tied up tight. He's alive, but he's out cold.

Clementine: Thanks.

Violet: We should bury Mitch. It's time.

Tenn: I'll help you carry--

Willy pushes Tenn to the ground.

Willy: Get away from him! You're the reason he's dead!

Ruby: Willy!

Willy: Well, it's true! We had a plan and that idiot messed it up!

Clementine: C'mon, Willy, none of this is Tenn's fault. You know who's really to blame.

Willy: I can't believe you're defending him! This...this is bullshit.

Clementine: Hey! Cut that shit out.

Willy: Someone's gotta say it! It's what everyone's thinking.

Clementine: Easy, Willy. Even if it's true, you can't lash out. We've all gotta take care of each other.

Tenn will remember that.

Tenn: You think it's true?

Willy: Well, someone has to say it! It's what everyone's thinking.

Tenn runs off.

Ruby: Tenn!

Louis: Let me handle this. Talk to Abel, see if you can't find out where Lilly took Vi, Omar, and Aasim. I wanted to hurt him, you know, to make him talk. But...I just couldn't. Maybe you'll get more out of him than I did.

Violet: I'll take care of this. Talk to Abel, find out where Lilly took Louis, Omar, and Aasim. And, Clem...don't be afraid to, you know, hurt him a little. Maybe you'll get more out of him than we did.

If Clem romanced whoever she saved, they will hold her hand and smile at her before walking away.


Clementine enters the basement.

You have collected: Ericson's Pennant - School pride.

Clementine: This should be strong enough to hold him.

You have collected: Sketch Toy - Might still work.

Clementine: Brody...

Rosie wags her tail and lets Clem pet her.

You have: ROSIE - She's my dog now.

Rosie turns away when Clem tries to pet her.

Rosie doesn't trust you yet.

Clementine walks up to AJ and Abel. AJ is spinning the bullet chamber of his revolver.

Clementine: Got your gun back, huh?

AJ: Uh-huh.

Clementine: Still want dibs?

AJ: It's different like this. With him all broken. But I still hate him.

Clementine: Ready?

Clem throws a bucket of water on Abel.

Abel: What the fuck?

Clementine: Wake him up.

AJ kicks Abel in the knee.

Abel: ...the fuck?!

AJ: Wake up, shitbird.

AJ: Wake up, stupid shitting fuckhead!

AJ: Wake up, shitbird.

AJ: Wake up, stupid shitting fuckhead!

AJ shouts loudly.

Abel: Son of a bitch...

Clementine: Rise and shine, asshole!

Abel: Son of a bitch...

Clementine slaps Abel.

Abel: ...the fuck?!

Abel: Well, that ain't no way to wake an old man up from his afternoon nap. I was having a nice dream, too, about a girl I used to know, from before. She also had me tied up, but I wasn't her prisoner, if you get my meaning. (coughs)

Abel: No offense, but I'd rather go back to my dream, so if you don't mind--

AJ kicks Abel in the knee several times.

Abel: Damn it, squirt. Easy on the broken parts.

AJ: I don't like your voice.

Abel: Well, I'm real sorry about that, but it's the only one I got.

Clementine punches Abel in the stomach.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: And don't call me squirt. You're a squirt.

Abel: You've never done this before, have you? First thing you learn--I can't tell you shit if I pass out from the pain.

Clementine: Cool it, AJ. We need him to talk.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: But it's justified.

Clementine: Maybe. But follow my lead.

Abel: You've never done this before, have you? You and the devil child are just making it up as you go along.

AJ kicks Abel in the knee again.

AJ: And don't call me squirt. You're a squirt.

Abel: You've never done this before, have you? First thing you learn--I can't tell you shit if I pass out from the pain.

Abel: Got any water?

Abel: Other than what you already dumped on me, I mean.

AJ: Drink.

AJ offers Abel a water canteen.

Abel: You've got good manners, squirt. Don't mind if I do.

Clementine: He gets nothing.

AJ: If we give him water, maybe he'll atone.

Clementine: Nothing until after he's told us what we need to know.

Abel: You aren't fooling anyone with the hard act. I can tell you've never done this before.

Abel drinks the water.

Clementine: You've had your water. Now it's time to talk.

Abel: This is your first time interrogating someone, isn't it? You let me dictate the agenda. Makes me think you're weak.

Abel drinks the water.

Abel: This is your first time interrogating someone, isn't it? You let me dictate the agenda. Makes me think you're weak.

Clementine: Don't make this harder than it needs to be, okay? I just wanna know where Lilly took my people.

Abel: It doesn't matter. Soon as she gets there, she's gonna turn around and come right back for me. You better give me the five-star treatment. If I'm smiling when she gets here, you might be able to trade me for a little mercy. We underestimated you little shits, but Lilly won't make the same mistake twice. She'll be back. Trust me. She can't afford to leave anyone behind.

Clementine: We fought Lilly off once. We'll do it again.

Abel: You caught us by surprise. Didn't reckon you'd know how to scrap. Now we know.

AJ: Just tell us where they took our friends so we can get them back.

Clementine slams Abel's head on the desk.

Abel: Jesus! The fuck is wrong with you?! That ain't five-star.

AJ: Tell us where they took our friends, or she'll do it again.

Clementine: You think Lilly would come back for you? Look at the state you're in. You're worthless to her now.

Abel: I can heal.

Clementine: There is no rescue party, Abel. Only a bunch of pissed off kids who want you dead.

AJ: So tell us where our friends are. You trade it for mercy.

(If Rosie is Clem's dog.)

Clementine walks up to Rosie.

Abel: You aren't gonna do that. You don't have it in you.

Clementine unties Rosie. She charges at Abel and bites his leg.

Abel: Call it off! Call it off, you fucking psycho!

Clem whistles, and Rosie lets go and walks away.

AJ: Just tell us where they took our friends so we can get them back!

Clementine says nothing.

Abel: Lilly will never give 'em up. Only reason we came here was for more manpower. Losing Yonatan and me, for three sprouts who can barely hold a gun... Even a dummy like me can do the math on that one.

Clementine: We're gonna get 'em back.

Abel: You don't know what it's like out there. It's a bloodbath, one community against another, from Richmond to the coast. Back at the Delta, we're at war, with some really sick fucks who make me look like the Virgin Mary. We need people to fight it. Soldiers who do what we say. Point the guns the way we tell them to. You little turds were supposed to be easy pickings.

Clementine: I don't give a shit about your war. Or your fucking Delta.

Clementine slams Abel's head against the desk.

Clementine: No fucking way I'd let my people fight for you.

Abel: I'm starting to think you're mad at me.

Clementine: That's called kidnapping.

Abel: Give it whatever name you want. I call it survival.

Clementine: What kind of place is this Delta if they use forced labor to defend it?

Abel: Lilly doesn't like losing. She'll die before she goes back empty-handed.

Abel: You think we like doing raids like this? Our home is under threat. It's a good home, built to last. I'd do a lot to protect it. Maybe you can understand that.

Clementine: And I'd do a lot to get my friends back. So stop wasting my time.

Abel: Okay. Front pocket. The answer to all your questions.

Clementine takes a cigarette out of Abel's pocket.

Abel: Read it.

Clementine: "Whatsoever parteth the hoof, and is clovenfooted, and cheweth the cud, among the beasts, that shall ye eat." What the fuck? Is this code?

Abel: No, it's fucking Leviticus. I was hoping it'd be some timely moralistic shit about turning the other cheek. Well, c'mon. That thing isn't gonna light itself. Wanna know where your friends are? A smoke'll clear my mind.

You have: HAND ROLLED CIGARETTE- A Bible page.

Clementine lights the cigarette.

Abel: Help me remember stuff. Like where Lilly went. C'mon, kid. Don't make me wait all day.

Clementine feints moving the cigarette toward Abel to let him smoke, but stubs it out on the desk.

Clementine: Oops.

Abel: You little bitch... Fucking...

Clem lets Abel smoke the cigarette.

Abel: Now, that. Is. Heavenly.

Clementine burns Abel's cheek, then punches him in the stomach.

Abel: You little bitch!

Clementine: I'm out of patience, Abel. Tell me where Lilly went. NOW!

AJ noticed that.

Abel coughs up blood.

Abel: Shit.

AJ: That's a lot of blood.

Abel: Oh, fuck...this is...not good.

AJ: He's gonna die, isn't he?

Clementine: We have medicine. We can still patch him up.

Abel: I don't think so. When you pushed me off that balcony, something must've burst inside of me. No medicine can fix this.

Clementine: I hope so. And I hope he suffers every moment 'til he does.

Abel: You're gonna get your wish. When you pushed me off that balcony, something must've burst inside of me.

Clementine: Isn't that what you wanted?

AJ: I did. But...

Abel: You're gonna get your wish. When you pushed me off that balcony, something must've burst inside of me.

Abel: I think so, squirt. When you pushed me off that balcony, something must've burst inside of me.

Abel: Shit... I never wanted things to end like this. all got out of hand. Now look at me. I'm a fucking mess.

AJ: Will he turn?

Abel: No! whole life, everything I ever got, I got with my own two hands and...and my will. For my body to turn on take control... I'll tell you where to find Lilly. Just promise you won't let me turn. I'm begging you.

Clementine: How about this? How about you tell me everything you know, and then we'll see?

Abel: I need assurances...

Clementine: That's as good as you're gonna get. Hurry up, Abel. You don't have much time.

Abel: You wouldn't do wouldn't let me of those things.

Clementine: Try me.

Clementine: If you're honest with me, I'll put you out of your misery. You have my word.

Abel: Okay...we have a boat. We're docked few miles west of here, at an old fishing pier. Your friend are on the boat.

Abel: You're not're not gonna let me of those things.

Abel: What if they...what if they can feel it...when they turn?!

Clementine: I'm sure they do. Every second of it.

AJ: They do?

Clementine: He's a monster, AJ. Dead or alive. And he'll suffer like one.

Clementine: I really don't care. This isn't about your pain. We want answers. And if you're still in there when you turn, I'll keep asking until you talk.

AJ: A walker can talk?

Clementine: This one will.

Clementine: You'll find out soon enough. Maybe you just end up trapped. Along for the ride.

AJ: There are people trapped inside walkers?

Abel: Yeah, yeah. That's why you put a bullet in 'em if they're gonna turn.

Clementine: Or maybe that's why you let them.

Clementine says nothing.

Abel: Okay...okay. In my boot. You'll find a paper with everything you need to know.

Clementine decides to check his boot.

Clementine: AJ, check his boot.

AJ takes the piece of paper out of his boot. It says:

Collection goals:
Sullene, Dorian: overwatch
Michael, Yonatan: horses, haul
Lilly, me: train station
Locations and mileage:
fisher's launch: 9 mi.
marina: 13 mi.

Abel: We have a boat. That paper shows the miles to the nearest stops. Those words, they're city names... Use 'em like a call and response...make sure we don't go shooting our own. Only one we use these days is Rockingham. I can't believe you actually got me to give that up.

You have: ABEL'S NOTES - Everything we need to know.

Abel: You got what you wanted. Please, don't let me become one of those things. Please... I don't want to turn...

AJ takes out his gun and is about to hand it to Clem.

Abel: Not that. I wanna...let me keep my face.

Clem draws her knife.

Clementine: You're gonna be stuck in that broken shell of a body forever.

Abel: one deserves...

Abel: You evil cunt. gave me your word.

Clementine: You were stupid to believe me.

Abel: And you were stupid to believe I told you everything...

Abel dies.

Abel: one deserves...

Abel dies.

Clementine: AJ. Don't look away. I want you to see this.

AJ: I want to.

Clementine: You don't need to watch this.

AJ: I want to.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine stabs Abel in the side of the head.

AJ: At least he can't hurt anyone anymore.

Clementine: Yeah.

AJ looks to you for guidance in this world.

You taught him that sometimes death is a mercy.

Abel turns into a walker and lunges at AJ, but can't reach him.

AJ: Abel? Is he still in there?

AJ looks to you for guidance in this world.

You just tortured a man in front of him.

Clementine: C'mon. We have a boat to find.

Clem and AJ leave the basement.


Willy, AJ, Clementine, and Louis/Violet walk through the forest. Clem looks at the map, then puts it away.

Clementine: Once we find the boat, we'll look for a way to sneak on board.

Willy: Yeah, if Tenn doesn't fuck it up this time.

AJ: It wasn't Tenn's fault.

Willy: Yes, it was! Mitch died because he--

AJ: Say one more thing about Tenn. I dare you.

Louis: Guys...there it is!

Violet: Guys, look.

The group sneaks toward a boat in the distance. AJ looks at it through his binoculars.

Clementine: You see anything?

AJ: The beach, um, a boat, and, uh...a wood street in the water.

Clementine: That's called a pier.

AJ: Pier.

Clementine: Okay, let's spread out and focus on those areas. Keep your heads low.

The group splits up.

Clementine: Must've fallen off one of the horses when the raiders came through.

You have collected: Horseshoe - It's supposed to be lucky.

Clementine: A rabbit's foot?

Willy: Omar used to carry around a rabbit's foot. You don't think...?

Clementine: We'll take it home. We can give it back to him once we've saved him.

You have collected: Rabbit's Foot - I'll keep it safe.

Talk to Louis/Violet

Clementine: Have you ever seen this thing before?

Louis: No way. Pretty sure I would've remembered an old-timey river boat. And from where I'm sitting, looks like that pier is the only way inside.

Clementine: You ever seen this boat before?

Violet: No. Marlon kept us confined to the safe zone. Pier leading up to the boat? It's our only way in and out.

Clementine: Well, let's see what else is down there.

Clem looks through the binoculars. She looks at the raiders.

Clementine: There are a few on deck. A couple others on the pier. Could be more inside.

Clementine: Wait! I see Violet!

Louis: Holy shit... This is really it. We found them.

Violet: Looks like they're well-armed, too.

Clementine: Wait! I see Louis!

Violet: Abel wasn't lying. This is it.

Clem examines the entrance.

Clementine: I can see an entrance...

Louis: Yeah, there's one at the other end of the boat, too.

Violet: I saw that, too. It looks like there's a door at the other end.

Clementine: There's a small opening at the top of those closed doorways. AJ and I know how to deal with those.

You have: INTEL: Small opening - AJ sized.

Clem inspects the pilot house.

Clementine: I don't see any obvious place to keep prisoners.

Louis: Don't boats have brigs? Boat jails.

Clementine: Maybe. But where?

Louis: Now, that, I--I don't know.

Violet: They're probably below deck. We should have asked Abel.

Clementine: When he said "on a boat", I didn't think it'd be this big.

Clem examines the pier.

Clementine: The pier has plenty of cover on it. If we're careful, we can sneak in undetected.

Clem looks at the path.

Clementine: There's no good cover leading up to the boat. We're gonna need one hell of a distraction.

Gad: Walkers!

The Delta shoots at the walkers approaching the ship.

Louis: Now we just need, what, a dozen walkers? How hard could that be?

Violet: Maybe if we could get walkers on the beach somehow...

Clementine: Maybe not as hard as you'd think.

You have: INTEL: Walkers - We could use walkers as a diversion.

Talk to Willy

Clementine: Anything useful?

Willy: Looks like building material, furniture. Probably stuff from the train station.

Clem looks through the binoculars. She examines the rafts.

Clementine: They're loading those rafts with supplies.

Willy: I could cut those loose and just ride them downriver. Easy.

You have: INTEL: Supply Rafts - We could burn these or cut them loose.

Clem looks at the supplies.

Clementine: Sheet metal, wood...and quite a bit of it.

Willy: We should have that stuff!

Clem looks at the torches.

Clementine: Huh. Are those torches?

Willy: Maybe. Why?

Clementine: We could use the fire.

Talk to AJ

Clementine: Find anything over here?

AJ: They have horses.

Clementine: Let me see.

Clementine looks through the binoculars. She looks at the torches.

Clementine: More torches.

Clementine: Are those...torches?

AJ: I think so.

Clementine: Could be easy fire.

Clementine: Setting the hay on fire would get their attention. Scare the horses, too.

AJ: We could get on the boat easier that way.

Clem looks at the horses.

Clementine: If we cut those horses free, we could slow down anyone trying to chase us.

You have: INTEL: Horses - We should get rid of their horses.

After Clem talks to everyone and scouts the area, the group gathers together.

Clementine: We should get out of here before they spot us. We can talk through the plan once we're somewhere safe.

The group walks back through the forest.

Louis: Alright, what's the plan?

Violet: What's the plan?

Clementine: Well, they've got guards posted on the pier and the boat. There's no way we can take them all at once. Our only hope is to distract them while we sneak on board.

AJ: We should burn their stuff.

Clementine: That'd work. We could burn the supplies, or the hay they keep for the horses.

Willy: Whatever we don't burn, we should take. Ruby'd love to have the horses. But I'd rather steal those supplies. I could build traps, weapons.

Clementine: Yeah, we'll steal their supplies, and burn the hay as our distraction. If you're going to steal from the rafts, you have to do it carefully.

Willy: Wouldn't do it any other way.

Clementine: Burn the supplies. We'll take the horses, and the hay, if we can.

Willy: Ruby'd help with that. She's like a horse whisperer.

AJ: I think we should save the horses.

Willy: Ruby'd help with that. She's like a horse whisperer.

AJ: We'll take them and the hay. And burn the stuff on the rafts.

Clementine: The fire will lure the raiders away from the boat, and we can sneak across the pier.

Willy: If anyone sees us, they'll shoot. You remember that guy I told you about? James? He sent in walkers to save us from Lilly and Abel. Maybe we could convince him to do it again. If we lead a big enough group of them onto the beach, we can blend in without being seen.

Louis: Well, hell yeah! Let's find out how much he charges for

Violet: Perfect.

Willy: What about after we get everyone home? I mean, the raiders'll just come attack us again. What then?

The group sees someone chopping wood nearby.

Clementine: Hide, quick!

Everyone hides.

AJ: A raider?

Clementine: Has to be. You all stay here. I'll see if they know anything that could help us.

Clementine sneaks up to the raider and puts a knife to her throat.

Clementine: Drop it.

Minerva drops her axe.

Clementine: Where do you keep the people you steal?

Minerva: I don't know what you're--

Clementine: I'm not fucking around. Answer the question.

Minerva: The boiler deck. Second deck. They're all there.

Clementine: How many of you are there?

Minerva: How many of who?

Clementine: I'm not fucking around. Answer the question.

Minerva: Eight. There's eight.

Clementine: The kids your people stole. Have they been hurt?

Minerva: I don't know what you're--

Clementine: I'm not fucking around. Answer the question.

Minerva: No, no. We need them to fight. They're all okay.

Minerva: Whoever you are, just let me go, and we'll all make it out of this alive. Otherwise? You're gonna get blown away.

Louis: Clem, stop!

Violet: Clementine, wait!

Minerva breaks free of Clementine.

Louis: Hey, Minnie.

Violet: That...that's Minnie.

Minnie hugs Louis/Violet.

Minerva: After the attack, I wasn't sure... I mean, I heard they burned half your school down. Who survived? Ruby, Mitch? Brody? Tenn?

Willy: Ruby and Tenn made it. Mitch didn't. And Brody, um, she died.

Minerva: Tenn's boots holding up okay?

AJ: His boots?

Minerva: They're so old, they're more holes than rubber. I duct-taped them up last time I saw him, but that was a while ago.

Clementine: His boots are fine.

Minerva: You're Clementine. The girl who took over after Marlon died. It's weird, I thought everyone would want to lean on their own. Not the new kid.

(If Clem saved Louis.)

Clementine: Do you have a problem with that?

Minerva: Yes, I have a problem with it. Your "leadership" is going to get my little brother killed.

Clementine: Excuse me?

(If Clem saved Violet.)

Clementine: Violet's the one in charge.

Minerva: Really? The Violet I knew could barely stand to talk to people, let alone play class president. You're the one who convinced the school to fight back. From where I'm standing, that puts you in charge. Your "leadership" is going to get my little brother killed.

Clementine: Excuse me?

Clementine: Yeah, I'm in charge.

Minerva: And what a freaking fantastic job you've done.

Clementine: Excuse me?

Clementine: I didn't ask to be put in charge. It just sort of happened.

Minerva: Is that the kind of wishy-washy bullshit you say to everyone back home? Or just me?

Clementine: Excuse me?

Minerva: Your "leadership" is going to get my little brother killed.

Minerva: Abel figured he could talk Marlon into handing everyone over, like he and Lilly they did before. You ruined the whole plan.

Louis: What are you talking about? Marlon traded you and Sophie like it was nothing!

Violet: What the hell? He gave you and Sophie away!

Minerva: Yeah, and we all survived it! Marlon would've never made them fight the way you did. He wouldn't have gotten people killed.

Louis: That is some grade-A horseshit. Clem saved us.

Violet: Minnie, you're wrong. Clem protected us.

Minerva: Yeah? Then how come so many people are dead?

Clementine: He wouldn't have gotten people killed? He murdered Brody!

Minerva: What?

Clementine: Seriously? Fuck you.

Minerva: Wow, real mature. Take some responsibility. You want to blame someone because your graveyard's filling up? Find a mirror.

Clementine: You know, Minnie, you sound an awful lot like one of them. That's really close to the speech Lilly gave me in the woods.

Minerva: It's the truth.

Willy: We had to fight!

Minerva: No, you didn't. Clementine knew that, and she made you fight anyway.

Louis: Minerva... Where's Sophie?

Violet: Where's Sophie? Is she alive?

Minerva: She...she died protecting the Delta. A hero.

Clementine: A hero? God, you--

Lilly: Minerva!

Clementine: Shit!

Clem's group hides.

Minerva: Rockingham!

Lilly: Finish up and head back. I want to be in before dark.

Minerva: Yes, ma'am.

Lilly and Gad leave. Minnie picks up her axe.

Minerva: Our boat leaves for the Delta in two days. Then it'll be a couple of weeks before we can come back for the rest of you. When we do, don't fight. The only way you're gonna save your people is to let us take them. I'm serious. Don't fight this.

Clementine: The last time your people attacked us, you lost two men. You'll lose more if you come back.

Minerva will remember that.

Clementine: If Tenn could see you now, he'd be ashamed to call you his sister.

Minerva will remember that.

Clementine: It's not too late, Minnie. You could come back to the school with us.

Minerva will remember that.

Minerva: No, no, I couldn't.

Clementine says nothing.

Minnie runs off and the group leaves their hiding places.

Clementine: Are you okay?

Louis: It doesn't change anything. We still have to get onto that boat.

Violet: Nothing's changed. Our plan is to get onto the boat and save our friends, so that's what we're gonna do.

Clementine: You all should head home. Start getting things ready, get everyone caught up on the plan.

Willy: Everyone except Tenn.

AJ: I warned you...

Clementine: Enough, both of you. AJ and I will go find James.

Louis: Be safe.

Violet: Good luck.

The group splits up. AJ and Clem walk through the forest.

Clementine: So, how many walkers do you think James will help us get? Fifteen? A hundred? A thousand?

AJ: (grabs stomach) Clem, I don't--ow.

Clementine: Gunshot wound?

AJ: It feels like someone pinched me from inside.

Clementine: Here, let's rest a second.

AJ sits down on a rock.

AJ: Clem? I keep thinking... When Willy said all that stuff about Tenn before, I got so mad. He was being mean, and Tenn wasn't even there to defend himself. I wanted to hurt him. I know I shouldn't. But I just can't stop thinking about it. I wanna just...punch his head. I tried breathing, kicking rocks... I don't like this feeling. Wanting to hurt somebody.

Clementine: I know it's hard, AJ. But thoughts like that, they go away. You just have to give it time.

AJ: Waiting's hard. I'm just thinking too much.

Clementine: Sometimes staying focused on what I'm doing helps me forget when I'm angry. Just, uh, think about saving our friends, or...

AJ: Yeah, I know. I'm trying. Right now's just different. I can't make my brain switch to thinking about that.

Clementine: It's okay to get mad at people. You can't help that. But those thoughts have to stay in your head, okay? Don't act on them. Ever.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: Okay. I'm strong. I can control what I do. But not what I think.

AJ: It's like my brain can't stop. I just keep seeing it over and over. I'm just thinking too much.

AJ: Like, I think...I think I'm mad at Tenn, too. Running out of cover when Lilly attacked the school was really stupid. But he just doesn't know stuff like we do. And then Willy started yelling at him instead of helping him learn... Why don't the other kids know all the stuff we know? When there's a plan, you have to follow it. And when you yell at someone, it just makes them not listen.

Clementine: Well, why don't we teach them? They're smart. Someone just has to show them what to do.

AJ: Yeah. I want Tenn to know how to be safe. We can show them how to be smart like us.

Clementine: You know, they've been through different things than we have. There's probably a lot we can learn from them, too.

AJ: Like drawing, and playing the piano.

Clementine: Exactly. We can show them how to survive, they can teach us to be...normal.

Clementine: Well, the other kids haven't had it as hard as we've have. We had to make a lot of mistakes to learn what we know.

AJ: Yeah, I guess. But Tenn's mistakes are just so bad. Maybe he'll learn from them, too. Like we did.

AJ: Maybe they'll get smarter, too. Like us.

Clementine sits next to AJ.

AJ: It's weird that people are so different.

Clementine: It is Ericson's Boarding School for "Troubled" Youth.

AJ: Troubled youth... Trouble... Like, bad. So they did bad things? Why?

Clementine: Okay, um, sometimes they do them because bad things happened to them. I knew a doctor once, back when you were just a baby. He called it trauma. You have some too, you know. The thing where people can't walk up behind you.

AJ: I don't like my trauma. I want to get it off of me. How do I get rid of it? I don't even like the way the word sounds.

Clementine: It doesn't work like that. It's too deep down inside you. It never goes away.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: That sucks.

Clementine: But you can resist it, just like anger.

Clementine: It's really, really hard to do by yourself. A lot of people can't without some help.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: Like from a doctor?

Clementine: Sure. But those are rare these days.

AJ: Or--or like the school, right? It was supposed to help with people's...trauma.

Clementine: Yeah, it was. And now they help each other.

Clementine: You sock it right in the mouth.

AJ: It has a mouth?

Clementine: What I'm saying is that, like everything else in the world, you can fight it.

AJ: Huh. So it's like controlling my anger?

Clementine: Almost exactly.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: I can do that.

AJ: Is there just not a way to get rid of it? Because that would really suck.

AJ: I still like them.

Clementine and AJ continue walking.

AJ: I like Tenn the most, I think. Even if he does dumb things. Actually...I think he's my first real friend.

Clementine: Oh, yeah? I thought I was your first real friend?

AJ: Well, yeah. But you don't count, you're old!

Clementine: Am not!

AJ: Fine, he's my second first real friend.

They run into some walkers, and they hide. Clem draws her knife and sneaks toward them, hiding behind a log.

AJ: I don't see James. Just monsters.

James walks up behind them and clears his throat.

Clementine: James?

James puts his finger to his lips and Clem puts her knife away. James grabs his injured arm.

AJ: You're hurt.

Clementine: Did the raiders do this?

James: It looked like they...had people from your school. Why are you here?

Clementine: Those people you saw, we're going to save them. But to do that, we need your help moving some walkers.

James: I could...maybe help, but... My mask is still in the camp. Inside my bag. I can't pass through a herd without it.

Clementine: Okay. Then let's go get it.

James: Please, I just...I just ask that you don't kill them. The walkers. If you distract them, I can sneak over and find my mask.

AJ: Distract all of them?

James: Please.

Clementine: I'll--I'll try.

James sneaks away. Clementine jumps over the log, and the walkers approach her. She stuns/kills some or all of them. AJ and Clem run up to James.

Clementine: I don't know how long I can keep this up. Did you find your mask?

AJ: All the monsters are dead. We're safe.

James: All of them?

Clementine: Where's your mask?

James: I can't find it. The horses must've... There!

James points to his bag, which is near more walkers.

Clementine: Shit.

James: We have to run--

AJ: Hey! Over here!

AJ stands on the log. He throws a rock at the walkers.

Clementine: AJ!

James: No. There are too many of them...

Clementine: The cart! If we push it, the noise will draw them away.

James and Clem run over to the cart. They lift it up and start pushing it. Clem stuns/kills the nearby walker. They roll the cart down the hill and hide behind a rock. The cart crashes into a tree, drawing the walkers toward the noise. AJ runs back to the others.

Clementine: AJ, are you okay?

AJ: Yeah. No bites.

James noticed that you spared the walkers.

James: I know it would've been easier to kill them. You're kind. I appreciate it. Really.

James: You kill the ones you have to. I can't blame you for that. Not really.

James noted your violence.

James: You didn't even try to spare them.

Your relationship with James has changed.

James takes his mask and a picture out of his bag.

James: Thank you. For helping me get this back. Now. How will walkers save your friends?

Clementine: They're being held captive on a boat not too far from here. We can't sneak on board without cover, not without the raiders gunning us down.

James: You want to use walkers to sneak on board their ship? That's insane.

Clementine: It's our only chance.

James: I have something I need you to see. So you can understand what you're asking.

Clementine: James!

AJ: We still need his help, right?

Clementine: Yeah. We do.

Clem and AJ follow James. Some time later, James throws a rock to distract a walker.

James: It's safe. Just a little further.

The group reaches a dilapidated barn.


Clementine: Hm. Must've had electricity here once.

Clementine: Beet-Nick.

You have collected: Beet-Nick - One of Disco Broccoli's 'Chive Talkin' friends!

Clementine: Doesn't look like there's been a horse here in a long time.

Clementine: A wind chime...might be pretty in our room.

You have collected: Wind Chimes - Pretty and peaceful.

AJ: Clem, what's this?

Clementine: It's called a salt lick.

AJ: Salt lick. Ugh, sounds gross. Or maybe it's actually good. Like chips. Those are salty, right? Like the snack bag in the car. Can I lick it?

Clementine: Whatever you do, don't lick it. It tastes horrible.

AJ: Wait a minute, how do you know? Did you lick it?

Clementine: I don't know...

Clementine: Leave it alone, okay?

AJ: Why? Is something wrong with it?

Clementine: Just...bad memories, kiddo.

AJ: Oh. Okay.

Clementine: Go ahead, lick it if you want to.

Clem laughs as AJ licks the salt lick and sputters.

AJ: Gross. It tastes nasty!

Clementine: (laughs) Well, now you know.

AJ: Learning sucks.

AJ: I'll just do one lick.

Clem laughs as AJ licks the salt lick and sputters.

AJ: Gross. It tastes nasty!

Clementine laughs.

Clementine talks to James.

James: My former people. They had a practice. They called it...collecting.

James briefly opens the door to reveal the barn is full of walkers.

James: They used them as a weapon. I do protect them. I know it sounds strange. But that's why I brought you here. To see them as I do. As people.

Clementine: As...people?

James: Well, not people, exactly. But... Something in between. Part of us is still in there. Deep down. So few of us die anymore. We turn. Not dead, not alive.

Clementine: Well, you can't prove that, James. Look, I've heard some weird things, but walkers having a soul...?

James: Like I said, I know how it sounds.

Clementine: I wish I could see it that way. It'd be nice to think that everyone isn't actually gone.

James: In a way, they're just lost.

Clementine: God, I hope that's not true. That sounds like Hell.

James: To you, maybe. I think it seems...peaceful.

Clementine says nothing.

AJ: Do you really think there's people inside of monsters?

James: Somewhere, yes. Think about it this way... Has someone you cared about turned?

AJ: Clem's friend, Lee.

AJ: She shot him before he did.

AJ: But she wishes she didn't.

AJ: Oh, uh, she doesn't like to talk about it.

AJ: So he wouldn't have to suffer.

James: Sorry. Maybe this wasn't the best way to explain. Didn't mean to bring up difficult memories.

AJ: She let him.

AJ: But she wishes she didn't.

AJ: Oh, uh, she doesn't like to talk about it.

AJ: 'Cause he was too important to her.

James: Do you really think...there's nothing left of who he was?

Clementine: No. He's gone. Even if his body is still moving, there's nothing left. Just a walker.

James: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Clementine: Maybe. I guess it's kind of nice to think that the something that made Lee...Lee is still out there. Even if it's not the way he was before.

AJ: I think so too.

James: Sorry. Maybe this wasn't the best way to explain. Didn't mean to bring up difficult memories.

James: I lived among walkers for years. Still do, in a way. When they're alone, they're harmless. Innocent. If you want my help, I need you to try and walk with them. (offers mask) Then tell me if you really believe they're just "monsters".

AJ: They ARE just monsters. They're not people or friends. Clem...

James: She'll be safe. I promise.

AJ: This isn't smart. It's too dangerous.

James: She just needs to move as they do.

Clementine: If it gets bad in there, I'll need you to save me, okay? Can you do that?

AJ: I... Yes. I'll always protect you.

Clementine: I know you will.

Clementine: I'll be fine, AJ. I'm doing this, okay?

AJ: I...okay. Fine.

(If Clem saved Louis.)

Clementine: You know Violet would do it for us.

AJ: Yeah... She would.

(If Clem saved Violet.)

Clementine: Louis would do it for us.

AJ: Yeah. I guess.

AJ: Fine. Just do it, then.

Clementine takes James' mask.

AJ: The first rule is never go alone.

Clementine: I'm not leaving you. I'll be right back.

AJ: Check the windows.

AJ: See if there's somewhere to hide.

AJ: Find the exits.

Clementine: I will.

AJ: Remember to breathe!

AJ: And say fuck off to fear!

AJ: Don't let fear take over!

Clementine: I will. I promise.

James: The mask will disguise your scent. But be gentle, and be quiet. Touch the wind chime. You'll see.

Clementine puts on the mask and enters the barn. She walks through the herd to touch the wind chimes, and the walkers are drawn to the noise. Clem exits the barn and removes the mask. AJ hugs her.

Clementine: Whoa, hey there, kiddo. It's alright, I'm fine. See? No bites.

AJ: No bites.

James: you still think they're "just monsters"? Now that you've seen them at peace. Any different? At all?

Clementine: I...I think you might be right, about there being something more to them. It was kind of nice in there.

James: Really? Never met someone who understood. It's...thank you. I'm glad.

Clementine: Yeah. I do. They're still just monsters. Dangerous things that want to kill us.

James: That's...what I thought you would say. It's what I would've said, too. Once.

James: You haven't changed your mind. I understand. I used to feel the same way.

AJ: Have you ever killed a walker before?

James: I have. Many.

AJ: Have you ever killed a person?

James: Many. But that was a long time ago.

AJ: I've killed someone before, too.

Clementine: AJ...

James: You've killed someone?

AJ: But I was justified.

James: I see.

AJ: Yeah. I'm a murderer. But I'm trying to atone.

James: Well. That's good. I guess.

Clementine: That's enough. What about the walkers? Are you going to help us save our friends?

Clem gives the mask back to James.

James: I thought I could, but I can't. So many walkers would die. All of the death this would cause... I'm sorry, Clementine. But I can't have more blood on my hands.

Clementine: So let me get this straight, if you really had to choose: human life or walker life... Which is more important?

James: Walkers are peaceful. Humans, I--

Clementine: My friends are ALIVE. Not kind of or maybe alive. They're trapped, and they're afraid. They need my help.

Clementine: James. The walker in the barn, the one with the different eyes...what was his name?

James: What do you...?

Clementine: How about the woman in the back, near the wind chimes? What's her name?

James: I...I don't know.

Clementine: Aasim. Omar.

Clementine: Violet.

Clementine: Louis.

Clementine: Those are the names of my friends. The ones who were stolen by the raiders. I'll never forget that.

Clementine: You saved AJ and me because you said you didn't want us to become soldiers. What makes it okay this time? They're going to make all our friends into killers. More violence. More death. And you could've stopped it.

AJ: Please. Or my friends are gonna die. I never had any before I came here. I can't let them. I won't.

James: I may be stubborn. But I'm not heartless. Those "raiders" are cruel. They force others to be the same. And if your friends are anything like you... I don't doubt they're worth saving. It'll take some time to guide them through the forest, to the shore. Others will join the herd as they go. (puts on mask) Tomorrow night. Be ready. I can't undo this.

Clem and AJ hide behind the barn. James opens the doors to let out the walkers, and leads them through the forest. Clem and AJ walk away.

AJ: Clem? When you said there might be people inside walkers...did you mean it? Is he right?

Clementine: Well, we can't know for sure. Maybe he's right. Death might not be like we thought, before the world turned like this. Maybe something is left after we die.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: It sounds weird. But if you believe it...I do, too.

Clementine: Honestly, I just told him what he wanted to hear. Walkers are just walkers.

AJ: So you lied?

Clementine: We needed his help to save our friends.

AJ: So lies can help sometimes. Huh.

AJ learned there's value in lying.

AJ: It sounds weird. But if you believe it...I do, too.

Clementine: Come on, AJ. Let's get back before it's too dark.


Clem and AJ enter the dorms.

AJ: I've never met anyone like James before. I mean, he's tough. Not like you, though. He doesn't kill monsters...but he's not scared of them, either. He's cool.

Ruby walks through the dormitory, carrying pillows.

Ruby: Hey, Clem. Willy told me the plan. How'd things go with that...guy?

Clementine: James. He agreed to help us.

Ruby: If somebody told me we were gonna sneak onto a boat in a herd of walkers, I'd have called them crazy.

AJ: What're you doing with those?

Ruby: Oh. Well, I wanted to throw one last hootenanny before the big fight.

AJ: Swear...?

Ruby: Huh?

AJ: It sounds like a swear.

Clementine: No, it's just another word for "party".

Ruby: Right.

Clementine: It definitely sounds like a swear word.

AJ: I'm gonna start saying it, too.

AJ: So I can't say it.

Ruby: It's not a swear word. It's just another way of saying "party".

Clementine: What the hell is a "hootenanny"?

Ruby: It's just another way of saying "party".

Ruby: It's not a swear word. It's just another way of saying "party".

Ruby: I know it sounds strange, throwing a party. But people need something to lift their spirits right about now.

Clementine: This could be our last chance.

Ruby: I wanted to make some tea for everyone. Could I borrow your little heater thing?

AJ: What can I do?

Ruby: We need to pretty up the old music room. Could you make us something colorful to hang up?

AJ: Okay! I'll be an artist.

AJ and Clem enter their dorm room. AJ starts drawing.

AJ: I'm gonna make the deck...the decker...

Clementine: Decoration.

AJ: Decoration. For the party.

Clementine: Okay, I'll get the heater.

(Clementine can only place/look at items if she collected them.)

Clem hangs the pennant on the wall next to her bed.

Clementine: School pride.

Clementine: Go Ericson.

AJ: Go where?

Clementine: No, like, cheering them on.

Clem hangs the rabbit's foot above AJ's bed.

Clementine: There. For luck.

AJ: Are bunnies lucky?

Clementine: Just their feet.

Clementine: We could use a little luck.

Clem puts the toy on the desk.

AJ: What's his name?

Clementine: Beet-Nick.

AJ: (laughs) That's funny.

Clementine: Do you even get what the joke is?

AJ: (laughs) No!

AJ: I'm gonna show him to Tenn later.

Clem hangs the wind chimes on the fan.

AJ: I like the music. Even though it's loud.

Clem touches the wind chimes, and they make sound.

Clem hangs the horseshoe upside-down on the door.

AJ: Have you ever ridden a horse?

Clementine: Mm-hmm. And I'll teach you to ride someday.

AJ: Do horses bite?

Clementine: Not usually.

AJ: Good. I wouldn't want to ride 'em if they bit me.

Clem places the toy on the shelf.

AJ: How do you play with it?

Clementine: You draw pictures, like this.

Clem draws abstract shapes.

AJ: Cool.

Clem draws a picture of AJ, Disco Broccoli, or Randy Tudor's mustache with "Powerful 'Stache" written beneath it.

Clem creates a custom sketch, then erases it.

Talk to AJ

Clementine: How's the drawing coming? Can I see?

AJ: Nope, it's not done yet. But it is pretty good.

Clementine picks up the heater.

AJ: I'm done, Clem, come see!

Clementine: Okay, be right there.

You have: COFFEE HEATER - Ruby wants to make some tea.

Clementine talks to AJ. He shows her his drawing, which says "goodbye boat!" and shows Omar, Aasim, and Louis/Violet above an exploding boat.

Clementine: Hey, you're getting better at this. Soon, you'll be as good an artist as Tenn.

AJ: I dunno. He's really good.

Clementine: Something wrong? AJ?

AJ: I was just thinking about stuff, while I was drawing.

AJ: There are three kinds of eyes, Clem.

Clementine: Oh, yeah?

AJ: There are alive people eyes. We got those. Then there's monster's eyes. Usually look like dirty water. Other times, monster's eyes aren't even wet. And then there are alive people eyes right as you kill them. Like you did to Abel. His...his eyes looked like you blew a candle out.

AJ: I don't think I should have watched Abel turn into a monster, Clem. I know I asked, but... It gave me a sore throat.

Clementine: What do you mean?

AJ: I don't know. Like, swallowing was hard. Sounds weird, but it happened.

AJ: He was a bad guy. I know I shouldn't feel like this. I hated him, too. I think there's something wrong with me.

Clementine: You know what, AJ? Everything you're feeling is okay. It makes you a good person.

AJ: Am I good?

AJ: I wish what we did felt good. Part of me wants to like it.

AJ: I want to be better, Clem. Where people know I'm good just by my face.

Clementine: You're the best, okay?

Clementine: Some thing are hard to look at. Difficult and messy to take in. But you can't let any of that make you soft. Okay?

AJ: Hard, but still good where it counts, right?

Clementine: Right. We're still good where it counts.

Clementine: You're way too little to see so much death, AJ. So much violence.

AJ: No, I'm big enough.

AJ: And when I'm bigger, none of this will bother me. I won't let it.

AJ: I know I'm big because I think of this stuff now. I care about what I do more.

AJ: Am I good?

AJ: I'm getting real smart.

Clementine: Is that right?

AJ: Yes. Because I'm always thinking all the time.

Clementine: Okay, what are you thinking about right now?

AJ: You getting bit. Turning into a monster.

Clementine: Oh.

AJ: Yeah. The older I get, the more I see it. I don't know why. What happens then? Anyone can get bit. Doesn't matter if you're inside or outside or how careful you are.

Clementine: Well, first, it would suck. Like, big time. And THEN--I'D HAVE TO NOM NOM EAT YOU, LITTLE BOY!

Clem tickles AJ.

AJ: Stop!

Clementine: AJ, we've talked about this. A lot. If I get bit, you know what has to happen.

AJ: I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Clementine: But you brought it up, so we're going to.

AJ: It does something weird to my stomach. Like I'm gonna get the dookies.

Clementine: That's not happening.

AJ: You don't know that.

Clementine: No, I don't. But it won't happen anytime soon.

AJ: You don't know that, either. You're just trying to be brave for me. It does something weird to my stomach. Like I'm gonna get the dookies.

AJ: It does something weird to my stomach. Like I'm gonna get the dookies.

Clementine: AJ, I need to know you remember what we talked about. What you're supposed to do if it happens. Listen to me. If I get bit, you'll...

Clementine: Run away as fast as--

AJ: No. No, I'm not gonna do that.

Clementine: AJ, you promised.

AJ: I don't care. I'm not leaving you!

Clementine: Shoot--

AJ: No. No, I'm not gonna do that.

Clementine: AJ, you promised.

AJ: I don't care. I'm not gonna shoot you!

AJ: No. No, I'm not gonna do that.

Clementine: AJ, you promised.

AJ: I don't care.

AJ: If you get bit, I'd want you to bite me, too.

Clementine: What? You don't mean that.

AJ: I don't want to be alone. Please don't be mad. I can't live with you not with me, Clem. I know we've talked about it. So much. But don't make me.

Clementine: Okay, if that's how you want it. When I turn into a monster, I will bite you.

AJ: Really...?

Clementine: Yeah, like, so hard.

AJ: Be serious, Clem.

Clementine: Alvin Junior, if you have a gun, you shoot me. If you don't, you use your knife. No knife, a rock to the head. As many times as you have to.

Clementine: Alvin Junior, you will run as fast as you can. And you don't look back.

AJ: I said I don't wanna!

Clementine: I don't care what you said. You will do it.

AJ: I don't care what you say!

Clementine: Goddamn it, AJ!

Clementine: Alvin Junior, you know you're not supposed to talk like this. You're too strong and too brave.

AJ: I don't think I am anymore, about this.

Clementine: Yes, you are. You are, okay?

AJ: You're not even going to say anything? Are you at least gonna think about it? Because I'm super serious about it.

Clementine: You can't break promises, AJ.

AJ: I know.

Clementine: You're not letting this go, are you?

AJ: James said--

Clementine: Guess not.

AJ: --that we could be around when we're monsters. Like, on the inside. If you got bit and then bit me, then maybe we'd still be together. It would just be a different together. We might even be okay. You think so?

Clementine: James said a lot of things about the monsters. And most of it was crazy pants, AJ.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: So you don't think I would be inside my monster self?

Clementine: There is no monster self, kiddo. Nothing that makes you "you" would be in there.

Clementine: AJ, I'm done. We're not doing this anymore. You're gonna drop it or you're in big trouble. I mean it!

AJ will remember that.

Clementine: Let's say James might be right. That monsters have part of the person they were still inside them. The thing is, no one can prove that. And if we can't prove it, we're not going to risk our lives over it.

AJ will remember that.

AJ: You couldn't stop me from getting bit, if I wanted.

AJ: Why can't you just be nice to me, stupidhead?!

Clementine: AJ!

AJ grabs his gun and runs out the door.

Louis: What's up with AJ? Little guy ran out of here like he was on fire.

Violet: What's with AJ?

Clementine: He just needs some space.

AJ: Can I go patrol for a bit? Before the party?

Clementine: Sure, go ahead. Be careful.

AJ takes his gun and opens the door.

Louis: Hey, little man.

AJ: Hi, Louis. I'm going on patrol!

Louis: So, patrolling's a thing?

Clementine: Mm-hmm. Patrolling's a thing.

AJ runs out the door, past Violet.

Violet: What's with AJ?

Clementine: He just needs some space.

Louis/Violet enters the room and closes the door.

Louis: I was wondering...well, I can't help but thinking...

Louis: It's just, you and Violet are close. Like, really close.

Clementine: Yeah, we are.

Louis: You shot that raider who grabbed me, but you saw them take Violet, too. Which means you could've saved Violet and not me. Why...why would you pick me? I mean, I wouldn't have picked me. Hell, I don't know anyone who would've picked me.

Clementine: Violet's strong. If anyone can survive being kidnapped, she can.

Louis: I probably wouldn't have even made it to the boat. They would've killed me halfway through the woods.

Clementine: Louis, I didn't mean it like that.

Louis: It's okay. You're not wrong.

Clementine: I couldn't let them take you. You're too important to me.

Clementine: Well, I didn't really have time to think. I just made a split-second decision.

Louis: Well. I guess the point now is to get her back.

Louis: I know I'm always teasing her. Trying to get her to do that one eye roll she does--you know the one? Where it's like you're such a dumbass, she has to do a full-body eye roll. I do it because, when I actually do manage to make her laugh, it's worth it. If I needed her, she'd be there. Meat cleaver in hand, ready to chop someone in half if it meant protecting me.

Clementine: Hey, we're going to get them back, Louis.

Louis: Yeah. Damn right, we will. (adjusts coat) Actually, um, that's...that's not the only reason I dropped by. Ruby's whole party idea kind of made me realize something.

Louis sits down, takes out a candle out of his jacket, and puts it on the floor.

Clementine: What are you doing?

Louis: Well, I figured since we might die tomorrow and never get to go on a real date...

Louis takes out a match and tries to light it.

Louis: I thought we could...damn it...

Louis manages to light the match, and uses it to light the candle.

Louis: Have one now. I promise I'll keep it short so we can finish getting things ready for tomorrow. But, I mean, nothing's wrong with "short and sweet", right? Wait, that's not... I--forget I said that.

Clementine: We're not gonna die, Louis. We'll have plenty of time for dates when all of this is over.

Louis: Eh, maybe. But I'm already here. And I've got candlelight, and snacks. So we might as well enjoy it, right?

Clementine: Let's do it. I never thought I'd get to go on a date...ever.

Louis: Really, never? Have you met you? End of the world or not, someone would've at least tried to sweep you off your feet.

Clementine: Alright, alright.

Louis: What? It's true!

Clementine: What about the party? Ruby seemed pretty excited.

Louis: Alright. I can take a hint.

Louis: I just wanted to spend a little time with you. You know, before everything goes down.

Clementine: What do you know about dating, anyway?

Clementine sits down.

Louis: I'll have you know, I found some magazines in the headmaster's office that had some VERY interesting things to say about the dating world.

Clementine: Oh, yeah? Like what?

Louis: (adjusts coat) Well, said you can tell a lot about someone based on what they look for in a partner. You know, brains, brawn, dashing good looks, great sense of humor... That sort of thing.

Clementine: Sure, I guess.

Louis: What, uh...what would you say your thing is? That you look for. In a guy. If you had to pick!

Clementine: I think I prefer...a good sense of humor.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: Alright, I see you. You got me this time.

Clementine: If only I knew someone with one of those.

Clementine: Well, brains just mean they're smart, right?

Louis: I think so.

Clementine: Alright. Brains.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: Well, luckily I've got plenty of those.

Clementine: Oh, dashing good looks. No question.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: Well, luckily I've got plenty of those. Is that why you told me you liked me? You using me for my looks?

Clementine: I guess we'll never know.

Clementine: Well, strength is important. Especially these days. So I'd say...brawn.

Louis will remember that.

Louis flexes his arm and winks. Clementine laughs.

He noticed your silence.

Louis: And on that note...

Louis: I think that deserves a toast.

Louis picks up a pretzel.

Clementine: A toast? Don't those usually come at the end?

Louis: Hey, I warned you I'd make this quick. So, what do you say? To our last night alive!

Clementine: To making it past tomorrow!

Louis and Clementine toast with their pretzels.

Louis: (chuckles) Alright, fine. MAYBE we live another day. To making it past tomorrow.

Louis and Clementine eat their pretzels.

Clementine: To our last night alive!

Louis and Clementine toast with their pretzels.

Louis: Now THAT'S the spirit!

Louis and Clementine eat their pretzels.

Louis: Though I have to admit, I didn't expect it to be so disheartening to hear you say it.

Clementine: How about, to bringing everyone home?

Louis and Clementine toast with their pretzels.

Louis: Yeah, I think I prefer that one, too.

Louis and Clementine eat their pretzels.

Louis: Wow, leaving me hanging, huh? Alright. I can take a hint.

Louis eats his pretzel.

Louis blows out the candle and puts it away. He and determinantly Clem get up.

Louis: So...I'll see you over there?

Louis: Look, Clem, you're my friend. Hell, maybe my best friend, these days. I'm gonna do whatever I have to, to make sure you get back in one piece. I'll step up. Whatever that means.

Louis: Yeah. Damn right, we will.

Violet: Can we talk about what happened today? With Minnie?

Clementine: Yeah, sure. What's wrong?

Violet: The thing is, seeing Minnie... I feel like it should've scared me. But it didn't. The person we ran into in the woods, that wasn't Minnie, not really. The way she sounded, and acted...the way she talked about Sophie, and Lilly... I'm...confused, I guess.

Clementine: It's not Minnie's fault. The raiders just got in her head...

Violet: I never said it was. But it doesn't change anything.

Clementine: We can still save Minnie. If we brought her back, we could--

Violet: You saw how she reacted when Lilly showed up. Those are her people now. And we are not.

Clementine: You know you can't trust her, right? She's been with those people for over a year.

Violet: It sucks, but...I don't know what else I expected.

Violet: You saw how she reacted when Lilly showed up. Those are her people now. And we are not.

Violet: Minnie--the real Minnie--she's gone. She's been gone this whole time, and I...have to stop mourning her. I won't let her take you or AJ. Or anyone else I care about.

Clementine: Louis knows when to keep his head down.

Violet: Yeah, shit. I hope so. You know, when I first got here, I hated him. He was so...much. You know? He walks into a room, and it's like, "Look at me! Watch me perform!" It's so stupid. But then I realized, under all that, he...he really cares about people, and he doesn't just feel it, he says it. He'll tell you every goddamn day how much you mean to him. Shit, he'll probably sing about it.

Clementine: Especially if there's already a famous song with your name in it.

Violet: We've got to get him back.

Clementine: We will. Louis, Omar, Aasim. We'll get them all back.

Violet: Um, I made you this.

Violet offers Clementine a pin, and she takes it.

The pin has a starry night sky on it.

Clementine: Stars?

Violet: So you never forget that night.

Clementine: I never will.

Clementine puts the pin on her jacket.

You have: VIOLET'S PIN - A night I'll never forget.

Violet: When you told me you had feelings for me, I was shocked. Then I started thinking. There's something I've always wanted to try with someone I cared about. And I never have.

Clementine: What is it?

Violet: Have you ever danced with anyone before?

Clementine: Nope.

Violet: Do you...wanna? (offers hand) Just us. No one else around. I mean, I know it's kind of weird, but it's something I've always wanted to try.

Clementine: I don't know how to dance. Will you show me?

Violet: Sure. We'll make it up as we go.

Clem takes Violet's hand, and they start dancing. Violet hugs Clementine.

Violet: Thanks for the dance.

Clementine: Yeah, we're getting better at being romantic.

Violet: Yeah.

Clementine: I don't... I mean, I'd rather not.

Violet: Oh. You don't have to explain. It was a really dumb idea in the first place.

Clem takes Violet's hand, and they start dancing. Violet hugs Clementine.

Violet: Thanks for the dance.

Clementine: Yeah, we're getting better at being romantic.

Violet: Yeah.

Violet: I, uh, I guess that's a no, then. Sorry, it was just a dumb idea.

Violet: Um, I made you this.

Violet offers Clementine a pin, and she takes it.

The pin has a clementine orange on it.

Clementine: A clementine? Really?

Violet: It's like a name badge. It'll look good on your jacket.

Clementine puts the pin on her jacket.

You have: VIOLET'S PIN - Token of friendship.

Violet says nothing and looks up at Clementine, and Clementine looks back at her.

AJ opens the door.

AJ: Hey, Clem!

AJ throws a beachball at Clem, and she catches it, but it can determinantly hit her in the head first.

Clementine: (laughs) Wow, where did you find a beach ball?

AJ: It was in some garbage behind one of the dorms. I had to blow it up, and...and that was pretty gross, but look! It works!

Louis: (laughs) I should start heading back to the admin building.

Violet: (laughs) I should get going. Ruby could probably use some help.

Louis/Violet leaves.

Clementine: Hm. I thought you were mad at me.

AJ: Well, I am, but I still wanted to show you.

AJ: It's cool, right?

Clementine: Super cool.

AJ: Back!

Clem tosses the beachball to AJ, and he misses it.

Clementine: You're terrible.

AJ: Hey!

Clementine: Think fast!

Clem hits AJ in the head with the beachball.

AJ: Yowch!

Clem and AJ briefly toss the ball back and forth. AJ hugs Clementine.

AJ: I love you, Clem.

AJ: And I'm sorry for calling you a dumbhead.

Clementine: It was stupidhead. You called me a stupidhead.

AJ: Oh, right.

Clementine: I love you back, kiddo. Okay, we better get ready to go. Sounds like they need us in the music room.

AJ: Okay.

AJ takes his drawing. He and Clem leave the room.

Admin Building

Clementine and AJ enter the music room. Tenn sets down several jars of candles, and Louis/Violet adjusts a record player.

Clementine: It looks like things are coming together.

Clem hands the heater to Ruby.

Ruby: We still need to figure out lighting, music, and...something to write on that banner.

Clementine: If we're gonna die, we should have some fun first.

AJ: Music?

AJ: You're gonna play the piano all night?

Louis: God, no. I want to actually attend this thing.

AJ: Then how?

Louis: You've never seen a record player? Come here, buddy, I'll show you.

AJ: But Louis isn't here.

Violet: See that? It's like Louis in a box. C'mon, I'll show you how it works.

Clementine decides to choose the music.

Ruby: Pulled out the old headmaster's gramophone so we could play some records. Not much of a selection, but it should do. Just tell me what you wanna listen to.

Clementine: Um, maybe something country?

Ruby: That's my favorite.

Louis: We are all very surprised.

Violet: Shocker.

Clementine: Wouldn't happen to have any good jazz records, would you?

Ruby: Oh, yeah, the old music teacher was a big fan. Pretty cool guy up until he ditched us all.

AJ: What's jazz sound like?

Louis: It'll make sense when you hear it.

Violet: Uh. That one's hard to describe. Just wait until you hear it.

Clementine: You guys have any classical?

Ruby: You bet.

Louis: Ah, a woman after my own heart.

Louis: This indecision is killing me. I'll take care of it.

Violet: Ruby, why don't you pick something?

Ruby: Country it is.

Louis: Look, check this out. When you turn that crank there, it plays music. Any kind you want.

AJ: But how?

Louis: Well, that... I don't really know. But showing's better than telling. Come on, get a closer look.

Violet: So, you take one of those black things that look like plates, and put it on here.

AJ: And then it plays music?

Violet: Uh-huh. And now you just have to turn that crank on the side.

AJ: That's really cool.

Clementine decides to choose the candle color.

Ruby: Wouldn't be a party without some kind of mood lighting. I've been going back and forth between colors for ages. Green's calming, but purple might be nice... Room gets natural moonlight, so something to complement that, maybe?

Clementine: Red. Definitely red.

Clementine: Let's deck this place out in green.

Louis: It'll look like we're trying to summon leprechauns. (to AJ) And before you ask, leprechauns are too hard to explain and don't really exist.

Violet: Ruby's favorite color.

Clementine: Hm. Well, purple was my dad's favorite color.

Ruby: I read somewhere purple was the color of royalty.

Louis: That describes us exactly not at all.

Violet: Purple? Really?

Clementine: What? I like purple.

Ruby: Shouldn't you like it too, "Violet"?

Ruby: Just leave it to me, then, but don't be surprised if it's green.

Ruby: I'll make it happen.

Clementine decides to choose a banner quote.

Clementine: Are we using the banner for some kind theme?

Ruby: Not exactly. It's meant to be more motivational. I'd keep it short, though. There's not as much room as you'd think. I was thinking something uplifting, like, "We're gonna get through this." Just...trying to instill some confidence, you know?

Clementine: "See you on the other side."

AJ: That's what Clem says to me sometimes when she needs me to be brave.

Ruby: Well, I think we all need some of that right now.

Clementine: AJ, why don't you come up with something.

Ruby: Really?

AJ: I have an idea. It'll be a surprise.

AJ: I promise not to swear all over it.

Clementine: Straight and to the point: "We're getting them back."

Ruby: Yeah. We sure are.

AJ: Can I decide what it says? I have an idea, but I want it to be a surprise.

AJ: I promise not to swear all over it.

Ruby: Okay. We'll have Tenn break out his paintbrush and write it out.

After Clementine decides on the candles, banner, and music, the group starts getting ready to set up the room.

Ruby: This place is gonna look great. Oh, and Willy was asking for you. He's up in Marlon's office, said he had a surprise for the party, but he wanted to show it to you first.

Clementine enters Marlon's office, where Willy is reading a book and building a bomb.

Willy: Hey, Clem! Check it out, I found a bunch of books on ships. There's some awesome stuff about fires at sea and explosions and stuff. The key is the boiler.

Clementine: Wait, what are you talking about?

Willy: I have an idea about how to stop those assholes coming back to the school after we've rescued the others. And from hurting anyone else ever again. We're gonna blow up the boat. It's the only way to make sure they don't come back. Besides, it feels right. You know...for Mitch.

Clementine: I don't want to, uh, discourage you, but we're gonna be on that boat to rescue the others. Please don't get us killed.

Willy: What? No! I mean, yeah, I still have a few details to work out, but don't worry. I'll make sure there's time for you to get off the boat before she explodes.

Clementine: Is it me or is there a bit of a bomb obsession at this school?

Willy: Oh, it's not you, there totally is. But for good reason! The tricky bit is timing the explosion so that it happens AFTER you get off the boat.

Clementine: Nice. Mitch would love this plan.

Willy: I know. It's perfect. I can't think of a better memorial than to blow that boat out of the water. The tricky bit is timing the explosion so that it happens AFTER you get off the boat.

Willy: The tricky bit is timing the explosion so that it happens AFTER you get off the boat.

Willy: Trust me. This'll work. We'll be okay.

Ruby: Okay, everybody, get ready to boogie.

Music starts playing. Clem turns to leave.

Willy: And, uh, Clem. I'm sorry for before. About how I treated Tenn. I didn't mean to get so angry. I know it's not his fault.

Clementine: That's nice, Willy, but don't tell me, tell Tenn.

Clem and Willy enter the music room, which has been covered in candles. AJ dances to the music. Tenn pets Rosie. Willy walks up to him and shows him the bomb. They both sit down and start talking. Depending on what Clem chose, the banner hung above the room will say either "SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!", "WE'RE GETTING THEM BACK!", or "SURPRISE, DUMMIES!"

Clementine: Wow, this looks great, Ruby!

Ruby: Couldn't have done it without you. But just wait until you see what else I've got planned. Go ahead and mingle. I'll let you know when it's time.

Clementine: I guess I'll...mingle?

Clem walks up to Willy and Tenn.

Clementine: I see you two are working together.

Tenn: Yeah, Willy asked me to help with his "special project".

Clementine: Well, that's good to hear. Is it ready?

Willy: Good to go, Clem.

Tenn: It'll work.

Willy: Actually, uh... I was thinking maybe we should name it? Something cool... I mean. I think it deserves a name. All the best bombs have names.

Clementine: Yeah, we absolutely have to name it.

Willy: I thought you'd make fun of me, but... Hell yeah, let's name this fucker.

Clementine: You made it, so we'll name it after you. Willy Junior.

AJ: That's like my name. Alvin Junior.

Clementine: It is.

Willy: I used to hate my name... Not anymore. Welcome to the world, WJ.

Clementine: How about Mitch's Masterpiece?

Willy: Yeah, I like that.

Ruby: Mitch would've too.

Clementine: Okay, then it's settled.

Clementine: Let's name it after you, Ruby.

Ruby: Yeah?

Clementine: Hell yeah. Ruby's Revenge.

Ruby: Goddamn right.

AJ: I got an idea for a name.

Willy: Spill it.


Willy: Really? Just "AJ"? Fine. AJ.

They will remember that.

Clementine: It's a bomb, not a baby. We're not naming it.

Willy: Okay, fine. Have it your way.

AJ: I got an idea for a name.

Willy: Spill it.


Willy: Really? Just "AJ"? Fine. AJ.

They will remember that.

Ruby: (laughs) I found them.

Ruby sets a box of files on the floor and sits down.

Ruby: Okay, Clementine, these here are our official Ericson's psych evaluations and probationary reports.

Clementine: Okay.

AJ: I don't get it.

Tenn, Willy, and Rosie sit down near Ruby.

Ruby: Well, these explain why all of us got sent to this school in the first place.

Louis: And how we got stuck here for as long as we did.

Louis sits down.

Violet: And all the bad shit we did that kept them from sending us back home.

Violet sits down.

Clementine: So...what's the game?

Clem and AJ sit down.

Ruby: I figured if we're all going on this crazy mission together, you might as well know who we really are. (takes out file) So I'll read some of what the adults thought about us...and you have to guess which one of us fits the bill. I'll make sure it's someone you've actually met. This'll be the first one. (opens file) "While otherwise a remarkable student, 'Blank' continues to be plagued by fits of anger, uncontrollable cursing, and repeated physical altercations with the senior faculty..."

Clementine: Not to speak ill of the dead, but that sounds exactly like Marlon.

Louis: Yeah, I...guess it does. But, no. Wasn't him.

Violet: You'd think so. But, no.

Clementine: Really?

Violet: The person in the file? Imagine Marlon times another Marlon.

Willy: That's Ruby's file.

Clementine: Holy shit, really?

Ruby: Guilty as charged.

Clementine: That pretty much describes everyone in this room.

Ruby and Willy laugh.

Louis: Hey. I'm the most mild-mannered troubled youth you've ever met.

Violet: You've got a point.

Tenn: I never curse.

AJ: He doesn't!

Willy: That's Ruby's file.

Clementine: Holy shit, really?

Ruby: Guilty as charged.

Clementine: You know what, Ruby? I bet you're reading your own file.

Ruby laughs.

Willy: Whoa! How did you guess that?

Louis: It's the red hair. Dead giveaway.

Violet: I'm impressed.

(If Clem saved Louis.)

Clementine: Uh, Louis?

Louis: Physical altercations? Have you MET me?

Willy: That's Ruby's file.

Clementine: Holy shit, really?

Ruby: Guilty as charged.

(If Clem saved Violet.)

Clementine: That's gotta be Violet.

Violet: Nope. Way scarier.

Willy: That's Ruby's file.

Clementine: Holy shit, really?

Ruby: Guilty as charged.

Clementine: I mean, I can totally see it. The first time I met Ruby, she was all, (imitating Ruby) "That little motherfucker...!"

Ruby and Willy laugh.

AJ: I said I was sorry.

Louis: Our sweet Ruby here was kind of a nightmare when she first showed up.

Tenn: She once chased the home ec teacher around the yard with a barbecue fork this big. (holds out hands)

AJ: No way.

Violet: Yeah, you shoulda seen Ruby back in the early days. She was like ever seen those Tasmanian Devil cartoons when you were a kid? (chuckles) That was our Ruby. Used to have a mean streak a mile long.

Ruby: (chuckles) Don't worry. That was a long time ago.

Willy: You guys want to know why I got sent here?

Louis: Dude, no.

Violet: Willy. Please, no.

Willy: Chronic masturbation.

Louis: Willy, I speak for all of us when I say nobody has ever, EVER wanted to know that.

Violet: Trust me. Nobody wanted to know that.

AJ: What's that mean?

Clementine: Uh-uh. Don't you dare. (points at the group)

Tenn leans over and whispers to AJ.

Ruby: Uh...anyway... Maybe we should change up the music?

AJ: I like all kinds of different music, I think.

Tenn: There's a lot of them.

AJ: How many?

Tenn: I dunno, a lot.

Clementine: No, it's alright. People seem to like this.

Ruby: Good enough for me. Let's just move on, then.

(If country is not already playing.)

Clementine: Sure. We've heard enough of this. Throw some country on.

Ruby: Hell yeah!

Willy: Hell yeah.

Willy changes the music.

(If jazz is not already playing.)

Clementine: Sure. We've heard enough of this. Break out the jazz.

Willy changes the music.

(If classical is not already playing.)

Clementine: Sure. We've heard enough of this. Put on the classical stuff.

Willy changes the music.

Ruby: Let's just stick with this one, then.

Ruby searches through the files.

Ruby: I didn't realize how many of us we'd lost...

Willy: Remember that Justin guy?

Tenn: And Therissa. And Jasper. That one girl with the colored braces. And Joey... Maddie. Lamar.

Louis: Erin. She had the braces.

Violet: Erin. Yeah, I used to make fun of her braces. Why did I do that?

Willy: Alex. Dewey. Trey. Stephanie. Holy crap, how many of us died?

Ruby: 34.

Ruby takes out a file.

Clementine: Whose is it?

Ruby: Violet's.

Ruby: Louis.

Willy: Should we read it?

Louis: I, uh, I could tell you guys my story instead. What got me sent here, I mean. Only if you want. It's...not great.

Violet: I could tell you why I was sent here instead. You know, as a consolation prize or whatever. You might hate me after, but since we're all being so open and all...

Clementine: I was hoping you'd tell me.

Clementine: The person you are right now is all that matters to me. Whatever bad things you did in the past? That's not you anymore.

AJ: I wanna hear it.

Louis: So, my family was stupid rich. Parents gave me everything I wanted, when I wanted it. Except for one thing: singing lessons. God, I BEGGED my dad. Told him I wanted to be a real musician. But all he said was, "You get to be happy, or you get to be rich, can't be both." I know now that he was just trying to teach me a dumb "dad" lesson...but I hated him for that. So, I decided I'd teach HIM a lesson. I thought, I'll break up my parents' marriage. That'd hurt real bad, right? So I broke into my dad's credit card accounts and made all these purchases in his name. Did this for over a year. This is how rich we were: he never noticed he was spending a fortune on a mistress that I'd made up for him. But I made sure my mom did. Sent her all the receipts for the hotel rooms, the jewelry...all of it. They had a fight all night long. He denied it. She wouldn't have it. I sat in the corner and cried to help it feel more real. When their divorce was final...I told them the truth. I said, "You get to be happy or you get to be rich. You don't get to be both." You know...those two would've been happily married forever. But then I had to go be a vindictive fuckhead. I came here the week after.

Violet: I spent a lot of time at my grandma's house growing up, what with my dad being a drunk and my mom working three jobs. But after my grandpa died, Grandma just kinda...shut down. Spent all day and night rocking in her little chair in the den. I'd sit there at her feet as we both watched TV, mostly cartoons, since she never seemed to care. Sometimes I could hear her crying, but I didn't look back. I'd just feel really weird and turn up the volume, you know? Anyway, one day she left the den and came back with another chair and a .22 rifle. Set the rifle butt on the top of that chair, holding the barrel back to her chest. So, you know...she had trouble to reaching the trigger this way, but she must have known it would happen... Because she took out this really tacky wooden backscratcher--the real long kind with the one end shaped like a hand--and used that to push the trigger in. So...yeah. Bang, right? Her body folded up and just kept...rocking. My mom came to get me five hours later. I hadn't moved. She asked why I didn't call the police or an ambulance or anything. I just shrugged and told her it wasn't like Grandma was going anywhere...and besides, I just wanted to finish my cartoons. She shipped me off to Ericson the next day. I was eleven.

Clementine: Yeah. Okay. So that's pretty fucked up.

Louis: I'm in complete and total agreement.

Violet: Pretty much.

Clementine: This might be the worst party of all time.

Ruby and Willy laugh.

(If Clem saved Louis.)

Clementine: I can see by your face you regret it.

(If Clem saved Violet.)

Clementine: I'm so sorry, Violet. I can't imagine what that was like...what you went through.

Violet: It's fine. We've just been through a lot of shit.

Louis: I don't even know the person I'm talking about. It's like all we have in common is the same name.

Violet: No, I don't know why I did it, either. But I can't change what happened.

Louis: They said we were bad people, Clem. They weren't wrong. Still, none of us deserved to be ditched out here in the middle of the forest by the people that were supposed to make us better.

Ruby: Sorry. This was supposed to be fun. I guess I'm not really a "game" person...

Louis: Don't beat yourself up. You said it yourself, Clem needs to know who she's leading into battle.

Violet: We weren't good people, Clementine. But it still doesn't mean that we should've been left here to die by the people that were supposed to take care of us.

Ruby: Sorry. This was supposed to be fun. I'm just not the "game" type like Louis was, I guess.

Tenn: You mean "is". We'll see him soon.

Violet: Tenn's right.

Tenn: Hey,, I've got an idea. Do you guys remember when Minnie would sing us "Don't Be Afraid" when all of us used to get scared?

Louis: Of course I remember. I helped compose it with her.

Tenn: Could you it for us? If Violet was here, she could sing the words, but...

Louis: Yeah... Yeah, I'd love to, Tenn.

Louis sits down at the piano.

Louis: This is for you, Minnie.

Louis plays the piano.

Violet: Too bad I can't play it. Lou would've known how. He liked that one.

Tenn: You could just sing it to us like she used to. Your voice is really pretty.

Violet: Okay, okay. Yeah... Alright. I, uh, I can do that.

Violet stands up in front of the others.

Violet: (singing) Never mind the darkness. Never mind the storm. Never mind the blood-red moon. The night will be over soon. The night will be over soon. Brush away the sorrow. Brush away the tears. Sing away your heavy heart. The night will be over soon. The night will be over soon. For every night goes quiet. And every moon grows blue. Beyond the dark, comes something new. The sun will be rising soon. The sun will be rising soon. The sun will be rising soon.

During the performance, Clementine wraps her arm around AJ, Willy sits next to Tenn, and Ruby puts away the box of files. At the end, AJ blows out a candle.


Clementine dreams of being on the train as her younger self. Lee walks up to her.

Lee: Hey, sweet pea.

Clementine: Lee?

Lee sits down next to Clementine.

Lee: Why the train? You always pick the train.

Clementine: I'm not sure. Maybe because this is where it all started. Where you taught me to shoot, and to cut my hair. To be ready for what was coming.

Lee: You were a quick study. So what's on your mind this time?

Clementine: I'm worried, Lee. I've got a lot of people depending on me, and I don't know if what I'm doing is right.

Lee: Oh, I know that feeling. You know I was making it all up as I went along, right? Couldn't let on, of course. With you being so little.

Clementine: You kinda had to think on your feet. Monsters took over the world, and you got stuck taking care of an eight-year-old girl.

Lee: You were a handful. But I didn't "get stuck" with anything. You kept me going.

Clementine: Uh... I don't think you were fooling anyone.

Lee: Hey!

Clementine: Don't feel bad. Monsters took over the world, and you got stuck taking care of an eight-year-old girl. What were you supposed to do?

Lee: I guess I let it show a little, huh?

Clementine: I never noticed. It just felt like you always knew the right thing to do.

Lee: Yeah, well, I got lucky. Luck counts for a lot.

Clementine: I'm gonna need some now.

Lee: I guess I let it show a little, huh?

Lee: You wanna tell me about what you're up against?

Clementine: I'm with a new group now. And I've been many...and they always fall apart, but I really like this one. It's...different. It almost feels like home.

Lee: That's a good thing. It's hard being along out there.

Clementine: But we're in trouble. Some bad people captured my friends, and getting them back might get the rest of us killed.

Lee: I'm not worried.

Clementine: What?

Lee: Whatever trouble you're in, you'll get out of it. You'll get your friends out of it.

Clementine: You don't know that

Lee: I know you're a survivor. The Clementine I know is gonna fix it. I really believe that.

Clementine: You're right. I just needed to hear you say it. I'm going to get my friends out of this. Every one of them. Alive.

Lee: That's right.

Clementine: Yeah, I made it this far, didn't I?

Lee: You sure did. When a lot of other people couldn't. Never give in, Clem.

Clementine: But what if I can't? I'm so scared for my friends, Lee. Scared that I'll...I'll let them down.

Lee: It's normal to be scared. Hell, it'd be strange if you weren't. But you can't let it get to you.

Lee: Never give in, Clementine.

Lee: Imagine how Violet will feel when she finds out you came to rescue her. You'll have given her hope again.

Lee: Imagine what Louis is gonna say when he sees your face. Those boys are gonna have hope again, knowing that you came to rescue them.

Lee: Aw, sweet pea. You know you always get like this before something big. Remember how scared you were before you charged into that mess at McCarroll Ranch? You survived that, didn't you?

Clementine: That was different. I was alone.

Lee: I know. It's harder when you have something to lose. But having people you care about, that's a good thing.

Lee: Friends. A boy who thinks the world of you.

Lee: Friends. A girl who loves you.

Lee: They're fighting beside you. Because of you. (gets up) Come see me again when you've gotten them out, okay? Out and safe. Sound good? And hopefully we can talk about happier things. If you know of any.

(If Clem didn't say she needed to hear that.)

Clementine: Out and safe. My friends are fighters. We can do this.

Lee: To think, when I cut your hair, I was just following the advice of an old drunk we'd just met. But have a knack for surviving. You've kept those kids alive. They look up to you. You're a leader, Clem. A natural.

(If Clem said she needed to hear that.)

Clementine: I meant what I said. Every single one of my friends is a fighter. We'll make it. I'm just, you know, talking myself up to it.

Clementine: Sure. Except none of this is real.

Lee: So what? It's okay to be a little nuts, you know.

Clementine: What the hell, Lee?

Lee: How else can someone hold onto the idea that the world will get back to a...a beer with your friends, or bills to pay?

Clementine: Or pushing a kid on a tire swing real, real high.

Clementine: Or romantic candlelit dinners.

Clementine: Or dancing.

Clementine: Or a Sunday trip to get chicken nuggets.

Clementine: Or kids playing in a tree house.

Lee: Right. The world needs crazy people to believe in the one that came before, for it to have a chance of coming back.

Clementine: Lee. I miss you so much. I wish you were really here.

Lee: I miss you too, Clementine. But we'll have to make do with pretending.

Lee: You're gonna pull through this one. Believe me.

Clementine: Thank you, Lee. Talking to you always makes me feel a little bit better.

Lee: I meant to ask... How's the boy?

Clementine: He's good, Lee. You'd like him.

Lee: I bet. You teach him to shoot yet?

Clementine: You have no idea.

Lee: I guess the world got pretty hard since I left it. A kid growing up in it, he'd be hard too. You're in my shoes now, raising a kid. Think you got a handle on it? It can't be easy, wanting to give him a childhood, but knowing what it takes to survive now. It was easier for me, since the world was just changing. But you're living in one that's changed completely. You doing okay?

Clementine: I really don't know. The world AJ was born into is awful. It's really awful now, Lee. And I just don't know if I'm teaching him right.

Lee: I can't think of anyone who could do it better.

Clementine: Oh, my god, Lee. AJ's trouble sometimes. You wouldn't believe it. And he has no idea he's growing up too fast.

Lee: Sounds like someone else I know.

Clementine: AJ's amazing, Lee. I've taught him to be strong and brave and capable. You'd be so proud.

Lee: You mean more than I already am?

Lee: Don't worry, it gets easier.

Clementine runs over and hugs Lee.

Lee: Wow. Just look at you.

Clementine has transformed into her current self.

Lee: Just look at you.

Lee: This group you like. They better not live in a city. You know I told you to avoid those.

Clementine: They don't. No one goes into the cities anymore. It's an old boarding school, in the woods. Miles from anywhere. With no adults at all.

Lee: No adults?

Clementine: It works. I promise.

Clementine: I know I told you I'd always keep moving, Lee. But I'm tired of running. I...I have a home now.

Lee: Then you're off the hook. A home is better than I could have ever hoped for.

Lee: Thought I told you to keep this short. (touches Clem's hair)

Clementine: Um, you don't know how hard it is to find scissors these days.

Lee: Time to go, Clementine. You've got people that need you.

Lee walks away.

Clementine: Goodbye, Lee.

Clem wakes up.

AJ: Clem, wake up. It's time to go. We got a long walk.


The Delta kills a walker near their boat. Clem drags it into the forest.

Ruby: Ugh. I guess we're really doing this.

Clementine: Only the team blending in with the walkers need to cover themselves.

Ruby: Now we just need your walker friend to--

AJ: He's here!

Ruby: Good Lord.

James stands near the group, wearing his mask.

James: Uh...hello.

Clementine: Guys, this is James.

AJ: He's my friend.

Tenn: He's...uh...

Willy: So. Cool! How do you get the skin like that?

James: Oh, I, um... Clementine?

Willy: Can I try it on?

James: That's not a good idea.

Willy: Come on, please?

Clementine: Willy, stay focused. Now isn't the time for this. We can ask questions later.

Willy: Yeah. Right...sorry. I'm focused.

Clementine: Willy, quiet. Someone might hear you.

AJ: Loud is bad.

Willy: I'm not even being that loud! Sorry, I'll be quiet.

Clementine: Willy, come on. Give him some space.

Willy: But I just want to--

AJ: Not right now.

Willy: Yeah. Right...sorry. I didn't mean to be weird or anything.

James: It's okay.

AJ: Willy. Too loud.

Willy: Yeah. Right...sorry.

James: It's okay.

Willy: Oh, and sorry I tried to shoot you that one time. Your mask looks so real.

Louis: Functional and fashionable. I'll take two.

James: (chuckles) Funny.

Violet: I, uh...hey. Hey there, James. Sorry about Willy.

Tenn: Is this the guy that Clem said she'd marry?

AJ: Yeah.

Tenn: Is this the guy that Clem said she'd...?

AJ: Flip? Yeah.

James: Um, Clementine, could I speak to you alone? For a moment?

Clementine: Good idea. Hold tight.

Louis: Hey, uh, Tenn? Come here, buddy. I gotta tell you something.

Violet: Hey, Tenn, can you come talk for a sec? There's something I have to tell you.

James and Clementine walk away from the group.

James: The walkers. They'll be here in a little while. You can join them as they pass through the trees. The noise from the boat will draw them toward the water.

Clementine: Then we can get on board and save our friends.

James: Your friends are...different. Open-minded. Accepting.

James: Like you. That's not usually how my first impressions go. Sorry, I feel like I'm rambling. It's just...being welcomed. It's strange. That one boy called me..."cool". Not sure anyone's ever said that to me.

Clementine: You know, they could be your friends too. I know you didn't want to come into the school before, but now that you've met them...

James: I haven't lived with people in a long time. does sound nice. Let me think about it.

Clementine: It might have something to do with the whole skin mask thing. Or the low, creepy whispering.

James: I guess you're right. That doesn't help. Still, they managed to see past it. Not many do.

Clementine: Yeah, well, they don't scare easy. Not after what we've been through. Even if you are wearing a skin mask.

James: They're brave. That's good. Courage isn't always easy.

James: I really am rambling. Anyway...

James: Maybe one day you'll be the same.

James takes off his mask.

James: I wanted to show you something. (takes out photo) This boyfriend, Charlie. We joined the Whisperers. Together. changed him. In a way that couldn't be undone. It changed both of us. (puts away photo)

James: Listen, Clementine...I need to talk to you. About AJ.

Clementine: What do you mean?

James: The Whisperers were a young age. In that time, I witnessed a lot of death and suffering. Eventually, I became the cause of it. Weakness was considered a poison. And I believed in that. Fiercely. So much so, that when another boy expressed sympathy for our enemy before an attack... I slit his throat. I didn't talk to him. Didn't consider who he was. What he felt. Honestly, I don't even remember his name. All I knew was someone like him would only slow us down. That was enough of a reason for me.

Clementine: What's your point, James?

Clementine: You killed someone innocent? A child? That's horrible.

James: I know that now. But then? I didn't care. It had to be done.

Clementine: That's...that's kind of hard to believe. That doesn't sound anything like you.

James: Not anymore. But it was. And I had no doubt in my mind that I was right.

James: And I had no doubt in my mind that I was right.

James: After he died, I kept hearing his words in my head: "Those people are like us, just on a different path." I stopped killing after that. I changed. But no one else did. When AJ told me he killed someone, it reminded me of them. Of myself.

James: When he said it was the right thing to do.

James: He said it was wrong... But it sounded like he was just repeating what he'd been told.

James: Taking life like that, from a young breaks something inside you.

James: It broke something in Charlie.

James: I just...I'm afraid if AJ kills again, he won't be able to go back. He won't be the same boy he was. I've seen it happen too many times.

Clementine: I'm not going to let AJ become a killer. I don't want him to change. Not like that.

James: I hope you can keep that promise.

Clementine: Don't tell me how to raise him. I'm the one who's kept him alive this long. Not you.

James: I'm trying to help you save him. It's just some advice. From someone who's been there too.

Clementine: Being ruthless is what has kept him alive. That's all that matters.

James: And if history remains true, it'll be what gets him killed.

James: Having the life of another in your hands... It's a lot, I'm sure. Just consider it. That's all I ask.

The herd reaches the forest.

James: They're close. Soon there will be enough of them to provide us cover. I'll lead you through the herd until you reach the boat. That's as far as I go. After that, it's up to you. (puts on mask)

Clementine: Thank you.

James: Take care of AJ.

James walks into the herd. Clementine returns to the group.

Clementine: Okay. He's ready to go. The walkers are getting close. Ruby. You're in charge of the horses. Willy, Tenn. Take care of the supplies.

Louis: And I'm in charge of the bomb.

Violet: I've got the bomb.

Willy: Find the boiler. There'll be a door on the bottom with ash and stuff. Put it in there.

Clementine: See you all on the other side.

AJ: I'll cut it open.

Everyone walks away except Tenn and Clem.

Tenn: Louis told me...about Minnie.

Tenn: Violet told me...about Minnie.

Tenn: That Sophie died, and Minnie is one of them now. Just...if you see her out there, tell her...tell her I forgive her. Please. I'd tell her myself, but...I just want her to be okay.

Clementine: Tenn... Minnie's gone. She's not the person you remember...

Tenn: I know. That's why I want you to tell her. Maybe she'll change her mind, and want to come home.

Clementine: She won't listen to me, Tenn. There's no way.

Tenn: So you won't even try? I would've done it for you.

Clementine: Tenn...

Clementine: Yeah, sure. If we see her, I'll let her know.

Tenn: Thanks.

Tenn: I know she's different now, but...that's why I want her to know. Maybe she'll change her mind, and want to come home.

Tenn walks away. Clementine walks up to Louis/Violet.

Louis: It's really happening, isn't it...?

Clementine: Yeah, it really is.

Louis: Other peoples lives are depending on us. Depending on me. You're depending on me to... What if something happens to you, Clem? What if...what if I can't...I don't know. I can't carry that the rest of my life.

Clementine: You have to try, Louis. No matter what you think about yourself. Violet's lost if you don't go. They all are. You can't fall apart right now.

Louis: I wish I could help it.

Clementine: We don't have time to start questioning ourselves, Louis. I know it's hard, but you can't start crumbling. Not right now.

Louis: Alright, fine. No crumbling... Sure. Easy as that.

Clementine: I wouldn't have asked you to come with me if I didn't believe in you. Seriously, Louis. I mean it. Just...believe me until you believe yourself, okay?

Louis: Alright. Though, I don't know if that's as easy as you think it is.

Clementine says nothing.

Louis: Okay. I'll try. But what if I just get us caught too? All it would take is one little screw up. And I screw up ALL the time. Alright, come on, Louis, get it together... I need you to slap me. Help pull me out of this. (points to face) Right here.

Clementine slaps Louis.

Clementine: Focus, Louis!

Louis: I...think that helped.

Clementine: Really?

Louis: Yeah. Pretty sure. Alright, alright. I'm good now. Promise.

(If Clem is platonic with Louis.)

Clementine hugs Louis.

Clementine: Louis. You'll be okay.

Louis will remember that.

(If Clem is romantic with Louis.)

Clementine kisses Louis.

Louis will remember that.

Louis: I...can't tell if I feel more focused or less.

AJ: (laughs) What are you doing?

Louis: You'll learn when you're older.

Clementine: Go...look in another direction.

Louis: Aw, come on, really? I'm supposed to just fix the way I'm feeling myself?

Clementine: Hey, it's time. We gotta move.

Violet: Clem? What happens if someone else gets caught while we're in there? What if it's you? I couldn't save Minnie. Or Lou. Or Aasim, Omar...

Violet: I...I really care about you, Clem... If something happened to you because of me...

Violet: You saved me from these people. In a way, you've saved most of us. And if something happened to you, and it was my fault...

Violet: I can't lose you too. I won't.

Clementine: That's not going to happen, Violet. I'm not going anywhere, I promise.

Violet: I know that's easy to say, but... Look, I've got your back, okay? That's all.

Clementine: Thanks, Violet. But I can take care of myself.

Violet: I know you can. But that doesn't mean... Look, I've got your back, okay? That's all.

(If Clem is platonic with Violet.)

Clementine hugs Violet.

Violet: You better not disappear on me, okay?

Clementine: Okay.

Violet will remember that.

(If Clem is romantic with Violet.)

Clementine kisses Violet.

Violet: You better not disappear on me, okay?

Clementine: I promise.

Violet will remember that.

AJ: (laughs) What are you doing?

Clementine: Go...look in another direction.

Violet: Look, just don't go disappearing on me, okay? I'll tear that ship apart before we leave without you.

Clementine: Are we good?

Violet: Yeah. I think so.

Clementine: Okay. Let's bring our friends back home.

Violet: All of them.

Clementine: All of them.

AJ: It's ready.

Clem and Louis/Violet walk over to AJ and the gutted walker.

Louis: Ugh, we're not doing what I think we are?

Clementine: That depends. What do you think we're doing?

Louis: Oh, god, we are...

Clementine: It'll help us blend in with the walkers.

Clementine: So, I know this is going to sound gross, but...

Violet: Covering your smell. Smart.

Clem, AJ, and Louis/Violet cover themselves in walker guts.

Louis: There. I think I'm ready.

Clementine: Uh, no. You're not.

Clem smears guts on Louis' face.

Clementine: There.

Louis: You know, walker blood is one of the hardest stains to get out. You owe me some new clothes.

Violet: Get my back?

Clem smears guts on Violet's back.

Violet: Thanks.

AJ: We gonna do it?

Clementine: We're doing it.

The group approaches the herd.

Clementine: Okay. Follow my lead.

Clementine joins the herd.

Clementine: Here we go.

Gad: Walkers!

The group slowly moves along with the herd. Clementine grabs a walker and holds it in front of her, and it gets shot.

Clementine: Stay behind the walkers. Use them as shields.

The group continues moving, using the walkers as shields. The horses get spooked and run off; the hay near them is determinantly on fire.

Dorian: Damn it, the horses!

Michael: Hey, get over there and see what's going on!

Lilly: Get rid of these fucking walkers!


The group hides behind some boxes on the pier.

Clementine: Come on, Willy...

Michael unknowingly approaches the group to shoot at the walkers.

Willy and Tenn float down the river with the supplies.

Michael: Supplies going overboard!

Willy and Tenn light the supplies on fire.

Sullene: Is that fire?

Michael: Our supplies!

Sullene: Goddamn it! Someone get over there and see what's going on.

Lilly: Stay sharp! We're under attack.

Michael jumps over the boxes and runs over to the supplies.

Clementine: Okay. Now's our chance.

The group enters the water.

Clementine: We can't risk leaving cover. We'll have to crawl along the side of the dock.

The group sneaks along the edge of the dock.

Louis: The guts are coming off.

Violet: The guts are washing off.

Clementine peeks over the edge of the dock, but ducks as a raider approaches to shoot at the walkers.

Clementine: Follow me. This way.

The group swims underwater. The walkers walk along the bottom of the ocean. They resurface, the walker guts now completely gone from their clothes. AJ and Louis/Violet climb the ladder. A walker grabs Clem's foot, and she kicks it away. Louis/Violet grabs her hand and helps her up onto the dock.

Louis: You okay?

Violet: Fuck, are you okay?

Clementine: I'm fine.

The group hides behind cover.

Clementine: Stay close. Stay hidden.

The group sneaks past the searchlight.

Clementine: Come on, let's hurry. Ready, AJ?

Louis: Walkers incoming!

Violet: Walkers!

Clem kills the approaching walkers. Louis/Violet help AJ climb through the gap above the door, and he opens it. Clem and Louis/Violet run inside.

Lower Deck

They close the door and hide behind some hay.

AJ: We're getting close.

Clementine: After we find the boiler and place the bomb, we'll get our friends out.

Clementine: Minnie said they keep prisoners on the second deck.

Clementine: Minnie said there were eight raiders, but we didn't see that many outside.

Clementine: Minnie said they didn't hurt anyone. We'll have to hope she told the truth.

Clementine: Look out for guards, and stay quiet, okay?

Louis nods.

Violet: Right behind you.

Clementine: Good. I'll scout ahead and signal when it's clear. Got it?

Clem sees a raider, and ducks.

Clementine: I can see the boiler.

It's locked.

Clem walks through the hallway, but hides when a raider runs past. Clementine opens a door at the end of the hallway, and the group enters the room. Clementine moves forward, but hides when a raider enters.

Michael: Hey, who's there?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Give me a damn city name! Step out here slowly.

Clementine: Augusta!

Michael: Right.

Clementine: Rockingham!

Michael: Stop lurking around in the dark and get back to your post! Asshole.

Michael leaves.

Clementine: Tazewell!

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Clem draws her knife.

Clem charges at Michael and body-slams him, making him drop his weapon, then hits him with his gun, knocking him unconscious.

Louis: Shit.

Clem charges at Michael and body-slams him, making him drop his weapon, then stabs him in the neck.

Louis: Shit.

Louis: Hey, check this out. I think it's the boiler? Maybe?

Violet: Hey, Clem... This has gotta be the boiler, right?

Clementine: Yeah, it looks like it.

Clementine: That's where we need to plant the bomb.

AJ: There's too much stuff in the way.

Clementine: Maybe there's another way in.

The group enters the next room. Clem hides as a raider nearby fires at the walkers, then runs off. Clementine moves forward and hides behind the doorway, seeing a raider in the boiler room.

Clementine: Wait here.

Clem enters the room, takes cover, and draws her bow.

Clem shoots Armando in the neck.

Clem shoots Armando in the knee, then hits him with the bow, knocking him out.

Clem nods at the other others, and they enter the room. The group approaches the boiler. Clem opens it, takes the bomb from Louis/Violet, and puts it inside.

You have: "AJ" THE BOMB - Boom! No more raiders.

AJ: Good luck, AJ.

Clementine: Good luck, AJ.

You have: "RUBY'S REVENGE" - Boom! No more raiders.

Clementine: Time to live up to your name, Ruby's Revenge.

You have: "MITCH'S MASTERPIECE" - Boom! No more raiders.

Clementine: There you go, Mitch's Masterpiece.

You have: "WILLY JUNIOR" - Boom! No more raiders.

Clementine: Make your dad proud, Willy Junior.

You have: WILLY'S BOMB - It's a bomb, not a baby.

Clementine: Good luck.

Louis: We all love and support you.

Violet: Bury this thing in the bottom of the river.

Clementine: Once they start up this boat, we won't have much time before it explodes.

AJ: How long?

Clementine: Not sure. An hour? Thirty minutes?

Louis: I guess we'd better move.

Violet: Let's hurry up, then.

The group climbs the stairs. They see Minerva talking to one of the raiders.

Dorian: Minerva, focus.

Minerva: Yes, ma'am. I...I have a little brother. Short, scarred face. Is he...he's not out there, is he?

Dorian: Look, we've discussed this. Your family is Delta now. There ain't no room for anyone else.

Minerva: Yes, ma'am.

Dorian leaves.

Louis: There's no way we can get in there without her seeing us.

Violet: Shit. Of course she had to be the cell guard. We can't sneak past her.

Clementine draws her bow and points it at Minerva, who aims her crossbow at Clem.

Minerva: Get. Out.

AJ and Louis/Violet brandish their weapons.

Clementine: Not without our people.

Minerva: I swear to god, if you got Tenn caught up in this... Just...just tell me that he's safe. Give me that.

Clementine: Get out of our way. Now.

AJ: There's more of us than you.

Minerva: Shit. Fine. But you'll need my help to get your people out. Take them, and fucking run. I never want to see you again.

Clementine: He told me to tell you he forgives you.

Minerva: Shit. I'll help you get everyone out. Then you take my brother, and run. Get him back to where it's safe.

Clementine: Go see for yourself. He's outside.

Minerva: You brought him here?

Clementine: We kept him away from the fighting. He's safe.

Minerva: Shit. I'll help you get everyone out. Then you take my brother, and run. Get him back to where it's safe.

AJ: Tenn'll be okay. I'll make sure.

Minerva: You know? I kind of believe you. Shit. I'll help you get everyone out. Then you take my brother, and run. Get him back to where it's safe.

Clementine: Come on, we have to hurry.


The group approaches the cells.

Omar: Clementine?

Aasim: Holy fuck.

Clementine: Oh, my god. Are you okay?

AJ: He doesn't look hurt.

Omar: I...yeah. I'm alright. We're alright.

Omar: Get Violet first. She needs to know you're here.

Omar: Take care of Louis first. He's...he's in rough shape.

Minerva: I'll unlock the other cell. (unlocks cell) We don't have a lot of time before Dorian comes back.

Clementine enters the cell.

Minerva: Louis, give me a hand.

Louis: Yeah, sure.

Violet is huddled in the corner of the cell. Clementine walks up to check on her.

Clementine: Violet? Violet!

Minnie hits Clem in the back of the head with her crossbow, incapacitating her.

Louis: What the fuck, Minnie?!

AJ: Clem!

Minnie points the crossbow at AJ.

Minerva: Get in the cell. NOW.

Louis: Are you fucking serious?!

Minerva: I will kill him, Louis. Don't test me.

Louis: Please, Minnie... You don't--

Minerva: NOW!

Minerva: Violet, help me with these guys.

Violet: Got it.

Louis is huddled in the corner of the cell. Clementine walks up to check on him.

Clementine: Louis. Louis!

Minnie hits Clem in the back of the head with her crossbow, incapacitating her.

Violet: What the fuck are you doing?!

AJ: Clem!

Minnie points the crossbow at AJ.

Minerva: Get in the cell. NOW.

Violet: Don't fucking point that at him!

Minerva: I will kill him, Violet. Don't test me.

Violet: Cut the shit, Minnie! Let us go!

Minerva: NOW!

Clementine regains consciousness some time later.

Clementine: Vi? What happened? Are you okay? Violet, talk to me... We're here to take you home.

Violet: I looked for you. When they grabbed me, I let them take me. I'm just supposed to forget that because you're here now?

Violet: Some fucking feelings you had for me.

Violet: Some fucking friend you are.

Clementine: I'm sorry, Violet. It was a mistake. If I could take it back--

Violet: Whatever.

Clementine: I'm so sorry, Violet. I didn't have a clear shot...

Violet won't forget that.

Violet: Bullshit.

Clementine: Louis wouldn't have stood a chance against these guys. I knew you could fight back.

Violet: Yeah. Sure.

Violet laughs derisively.

Clementine: What's wrong with you, Vi? Come on, let's get the hell out of here.

Violet: No, Clem. I'm done. This whole situation is so fucked! At least here I have Minnie--

Clementine: You mean the Minnie that betrayed us?

Violet: Don't act like you know her. She tried to escape. Her and Sophie. They said if I fight back...they'd kill Minnie. Or one of you. All you've done is get us hurt or killed. If you fuck this up worse... I'll stop you myself. And don't think I won't. I'm not losing her again, or anyone else.

Clementine: Fine. Stay here, then. But I'm bringing everyone else home.

Violet: Until you decide you don't want them around, either.

Clementine: Come on. They're just trying to scare you. I'm afraid too, but we can't let them get into our heads.

Violet: I'm not afraid. I'm realistic.

Clementine: We can't give up now. If they take us back to their community, we'll all die.

Violet: So, what, your plan is to speed up the process?

Violet: Good.

Violet: Whatever you do, leave me out of it.

Talk to Violet

Clementine: Violet, come on...

Violet: Fuck off.

Louis mumbles fearfully. There is blood around his mouth and tear stains on his face.

Clementine: Louis?

Louis hugs Clementine and sobs. He smiles painfully at her.

Clementine: What did they do to you?

Louis tries to talk.

Aasim: No! No, no. Don't. They, uh...they cut out his tongue. He just, uh...he kept fucking talking.

Clementine: Oh, my god, Louis. No, no, no, no... I didn't know. I'm sorry... (sobbing) I'm so sorry.

Clementine: I’m sorry, Louis. I’m so, so sorry.

Clementine: Oh, my god. I'm sorry, Louis...

Clementine: I'll make these bastards pay for this. I promise you, Louis.

Louis: No! No! Uh-uh! Uh-uh. (shakes head)

Clementine: I should have tried to stop them, I... If I had ever thought...

Louis shakes his head reassuringly.

Clementine: We're getting out of here, okay? Let's get you home.

Louis nods.

Clementine says nothing.

A noise is heard, and Louis retreats into the corner.

Clementine: Shhh... It's okay, it's okay. It's...okay. You'll be home soon.

Talk to Louis

Clementine: I'll get us out of here. I promise.

The marks on the wall indicate whoever carved them was in the brig for 32 days.

Clementine: We're NOT staying here that long.

Clem kicks the metal on the door.

Clementine: Looks like there's a gap here... Too small to fit my hand through.

Clementine looks through the door.

Aasim: Clem, are you alright?

Clementine: I'm fine. Where's AJ?

AJ: Over here!

Clementine: Thank god.

Louis: Is Vi alright?

Clementine: She's saying she won't help us.

Louis: What the shit? Are you serious? We're not moving yet. So at least we've got some time. I guess.

Violet: Shit. At least we're not moving yet. We've still got time to figure this out.

Talk to Louis (saved Louis)

Clementine: Louis, are you alright?

Louis: (chuckles) Me? Yeah, I'm fine. Just trying to figure out the best way to survive an explosion.

Talk to Violet (saved Violet)

Clementine: Vi, are you alright?

Violet: I'm fine. Looking for a way out. If this thing explodes...

Talk to AJ

Clementine: You doing okay in there, AJ?

AJ: Yeah. I'm alright. I'm looking for a way out.

Clementine: Yeah. Me too. The doors don't look very well-made, maybe that's something we can work with.

Talk to Aasim

Clementine: How are you holding up?

Aasim: Lilly... She scares the shit out of me, Clem. Earlier, she came down to "talk". Fuck. I don't think I've ever been that afraid. She's not messing around.

Aasim: I can't talk. If Lilly... She told us not to talk.

Clementine: We'll be home soon. Just hang in there.

Talk to Omar

Clementine: Omar, are you hurt?

Omar: Let's just get out of here, okay?

Clementine: We will.

Omar nods.

Omar: I... Fuck. I just want to go home.

Clementine: We will.

Omar: Okay.

Clementine: I found your rabbit's foot, back on the beach...

Omar: Clearly, it doesn't work.

Clem looks at the latch at the bottom of the cell door.

Clementine: I might be able to chip away at this if I had a tool or... Damn it. They must've taken away my knife. AJ! Do you still have your knife?

AJ: Yeah. They didn't find it. Only the big one.

Clementine: Good. I need you to slide it over to me.

AJ slides his knife across the floor and into the cell, and Clementine picks it up.

You have: AJ'S SHIV - A last resort.

Clem chips away at the rusted welds. Dorian bangs against the door, startling Clem and making her drop the shiv.

Dorian: Hey! Whatever you're doing...don't. I promise you, it ain't worth it. Step back!

Lilly: She awake?

Dorian: Yes, ma'am.

Lilly: Good. I'll take it from here.

Dorian steps away from the cell, and Lilly walks up to Clementine.

Louis cries out in fear.

Violet: Shit.

Minnie walks up to the cells.

Lilly: Where's Abel?

AJ: He's dead. We killed him. We put a knife in his head.

AJ: He got hurt bad in the fight. We let him turn. He wanted to die quick. But we didn't let him.

Lilly: Fuck. You little monster... (bangs door of AJ's cell) Damn it!

(If Clem mercy killed Abel.)

Clementine: We showed him mercy. He was terrified of turning. So we stopped him from having to. We gave him what he wanted.

Lilly: I'm sure you did.

(If Clem let Abel turn.)

Clementine: Abel was in so much pain from the fall... He begged for us to kill him. It wasn't pretty.

Lilly: That's enough.

Clementine: That was my call!

Clementine: I killed him myself.

Clementine: I made sure he turned.

Clementine: Don't talk to her, AJ!

Lilly: How about you and I chat instead?

Clementine says nothing.

Lilly points a pistol at Clem.

Lilly: Back up.

Clementine steps backward and kicks the shiv underneath the bed.

Lilly: Minerva. Open the door.

Minerva: Yes, ma'am.

Minnie opens the door, and Lilly enters the cell.

Lilly: Normally, the trouble you caused, I'd shoot you and toss you overboard. But I'm genuinely impressed. First you organize these idiot kids into a fighting force, and kill two of my most experienced soldiers. Then you sneak onto my boat under the cover of a herd? I bring a prize like you back to the Delta, it might make this whole clusterfuck of a mission worth it. Someone like you, so young, with so much potential... You're far too valuable to kill.

Clementine: Look, if I'm the one you want, let the others go.

Lilly: This isn't a negotiation. This is me telling you how things are going to be.

Clementine: I'm not your "prize". You're crazy if you think I'd ever fight for you.

Lilly: Everyone talks like that when they first join. You'll come around.

Clementine: You should have never attacked us, Lilly. Your "mission" was a bad idea from the start, and you failed.

Lilly: And you're still mouthing off, despite being in a cell. That'll change.

Lilly: Everyone glares at me like that at first. But you'll come around.

Minnie enters the cell, and Lilly sits down on the bed.

Lilly: You know, my father, Larry, was a military man, and when I was a kid, he had all kinds of rules. The thing that bugged him most was waste. If I ever left a light on after leaving a room, he'd flip. No matter how many times he ranted about the cost of electricity, I could never remember to hit that switch.

Clementine: So?

Lilly: So one day he let our power get cut. He liked "illustrations". To show that actions have consequences. No more TV. No more hair dryer. No more ice cream sandwiches. Just a miserable family sitting in the dark.

Clementine: I always hated your dad. Right from the start, when he tried to throw Duck out of that drugstore we were hiding in.

Lilly: He never gave a damn about what people thought of him.

Clementine: Well, I guess asshole runs in the family. Is that the consequence? That you're an asshole?

Lilly: The consequence is: I never left the lights on again.

Clementine: That seems like a pretty stupid way to make a point.

Lilly: It was extreme, but I never left the lights on again.

Lilly: Good. I can see you're paying attention.

Lilly: My father had his faults, but he showed me the effectiveness of teaching by example.

Clementine: Oh, is that what this is? A lesson?

Clem takes a step forward, and Minerva raises her crossbow. Lilly raises her hand, signaling Minnie not to shoot. Lilly gestures at Clem with her gun, and Clementine moves to stand in front of her.

Lilly: I want to tell you a story. Let's call it "The Parable of the Twins". Two girls were taken from their home, and brought to a new place to live. They had to leave their friends and family behind, and that was hard at first. They shed a lot of tears. But the new place was a good place. The people there grew corn and raised pigs, and the twins ate well for the first time in years. They had hot showers. Clean clothes. Beds. They were given guns and trained to use them. The people there were kind to these girls. All that was asked in return was that they help defend the group. You see, this place had a lot of enemies, killers and thieves, who wanted what they had. They needed help fighting, or they'd lose everything they built. Their crops, their power, even their lives.

Clementine: Putting guns in their hands and forcing them to fight? How generous.

Lilly: They were just doing what they needed to survive.

(If Clem saved Louis.)

Clementine: I wonder if that's how the twins would tell it?

Lilly: One of them would.

(If Clem saved Violet.)

Clementine: They threaten to cut out their tongues?

Lilly: They only do that to the ones who can't keep their mouths shut.

Clementine: Kidnapping people, and forcing them to fight? Sounds like slavery to me.

Lilly: Call it whatever you want. They were helping each other survive.

Clementine says nothing.

Lilly: One of the girls saw that this was a place worth fighting for, and her tears dried. But the other twin...she could never forget her old home. She rejected every gift, every opportunity. Stirred up trouble every chance she got. She convinced her sister to help her steal a raft and leave on the river. Of course, they didn't get far. What happened then, Minerva?

Minerva: I killed her.

Aasim: Shit, Minnie!

Omar: How could you?!

Louis: What the fuck?!

Violet: Is that true?

Aasim: What the fuck?!

Omar: Jesus Christ!

Violet: Minnie, no...tell me it's not true.

Lilly: Your own sister? Why would you do that?

Minerva: She was twisting my head with her lies.

Lilly: And?

Minerva: I made a mistake. I needed to show my loyalty to the place I call home.

Lilly: Like it or not, you're one of my people now, Clem. The question is, which twin are you going to be? The loyal one? Or the dead one?

Louis: brainwashed her! (bangs on door) You people are fucking sick!

Violet: What have you done to her head?! You fucking psychotic bitch! (bangs on door) You're evil. You are fucking evil!

Dorian: Y'all better back away from the door!

(If Clem saved Louis.)

Clementine: Louis, calm down... Just do what they say.

Louis: Fuck no. Look what they did to Minnie! I'd rather die than become that...

(If Clem saved Violet.)

Clementine: Violet, calm down... You saw what they did to Louis... Just do what they say.

Violet: Why, so I can become a soldier in the army? Someone who kills the people they love? Fuck that.

Clementine: Alright, Lilly. You made your point. I'll do what you want.

Louis: Don't say that, Clem! Look what they did to Minnie!

Violet: What? No! You can't become a soldier in their army...

Clementine: Just don't hurt anyone else.

Lilly: Good. I'm surprised to hear you bend so easily. But this isn't a negotiation.

Clementine: I'll be the one who breaks out at night and cuts your throat while you sleep.

Lilly: Kind of what I expected you to say. But you'll see I'm not kidding around.

Lilly: Kind of the reaction I expected. But you'll see I'm not kidding around.

Lilly stands up.

Lilly: Pull the mouthy one out of the cell.

Dorian opens Louis/Violet's cell.

Lilly: They clearly didn't get the moral of the story. We'll have to help them understand.

Dorian pulls out a cleaver and approaches Louis/Violet. AJ jumps between them.

AJ: Stop!

AJ: Don't hurt Louis.

AJ: Don't hurt Violet.

AJ: Or I'll hurt you.

Dorian: 'Ey, yo. You better cool it or you're gonna get yourself hurt.

Dorian grabs Louis/Violet's arm and throws them to the ground.

Louis: Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Violet: What the fuck?! No! Get off of me!

Clem steps forward, but Lilly cocks the gun.

Dorian: Easy. Stay still.

Dorian grabs Louis/Violet's wrist and raises her cleaver.

Louis: No, no, please, Clem...

Violet: Shit! Fuck you! NO!

Dorian: Don't make this hurt more than it has to. Come on. Just breathe.

AJ sneaks up behind Dorian.

Clementine nods at AJ. He jumps on Dorian and bits her ear. She throws him backward.

Clementine: AJ!

AJ spits out a piece of Dorian's ear. She grasps her wound and kicks him in the face.

Dorian: Son of a bitch!

Clementine: No! STOP!

Lilly: That's enough.

Dorian: He bit me.

Lilly: I said that's enough!

Clementine: AJ. NO.

Louis: Oh, my god... Fuck, please, no!

Dorian chops off Louis' left pinkie finger. He screams in agony and grasps his wound.

Violet: Fuck! No, no, no! Agh! Fuck!

Dorian chops off Violet's left pinkie finger. She screams in agony and grasps her wound.

Clem covers her mouth in horror.

Dorian drags Louis/Violet back into the cell.

AJ: You deserve to die.

AJ yells.

AJ: No!

AJ: We'll kill you!

Lilly walks up to AJ.

Lilly: You think you can kill me?

AJ: I know I can! We'll throw you in the river!

AJ: Or we'll put a knife right in the side of your head!

AJ: Or we'll tie you up and watch you turn!

Lilly: Big talk for a little guy.

AJ: I know I can do it. I killed Marlon.

AJ: And I was justified.

AJ: He wasn't a monster. But you are.

AJ mimics firing a gun at Lilly.

AJ: Bang.

Lilly: So YOU killed Marlon. Huh. I bet you'd make a great soldier.

Clementine: Leave him alone. This is between us.

Clementine: Lilly, please. Don't hurt AJ. I'll do whatever you want.

Clementine: AJ, listen to me. Don't talk to her, okay? She's a monster.

AJ: I'll never fight for you.

Lilly: Clem seems to care a lot about you, huh? Come on, let's go have a chat. Just us.

Lilly grabs AJ and drags him out of the cell. Clem runs forward, but Minnie closes her cell door.

Clementine: Don't you fucking touch him!

Clem bangs on the door.

AJ: Clem!

Clementine: No! Please!


Clementine: AJ!

Lilly: Keep an eye on her, Minerva.

Clementine: Lilly, don't!

Lilly: Get this thing moving. I want to be far away from here. Fast.

Dorian: I'll start up the boiler.

Lilly, AJ, and Dorian leave.

Minerva: Don't. Don't you dare look at me like that. This is the only way we survive.

Louis: Are you serious right now?! After everything that she's done... You're just gonna help her?! Fuck you! Minerva!

Minerva: Fuck. Off.

Louis: What the hell happened to you? You KILLED Sophie? What the fuck?! You just decided, "Hey, I'll work for these people, they seem friendly enough!"

Minerva: Don't act like you understand what happened! You weren't there!

Louis: Well, I'm here now, aren't I?! And this shit... It looks bad, Minnie!

Violet: Who are you?! Fuck survival! Look at what you're doing! Minnie, please, I just want to talk to you for a second! I'm sorry we never searched for you...for Sophie... I'm sorry we trusted that fucker, Marlon. If I ever thought there was a chance--

Minerva: I know! I know, okay? But Sophie's dead. I have a new family...

Violet: Minnie...

Minerva: Just stop. Stop fighting, okay? We're going home.

Clem grabs her shiv and starts to chip away at the door.

Violet shoves Clementine.

Violet: What the fuck are you doing?! You're gonna get us all killed!

Clementine shoves Violet against the wall and chokes her.

Violet: Fuck you!

Minerva: What the hell are you doing?! STOP!

Minnie starts to open the door.

Clem chips away the welding, pushes the metal sheet away from the door, and opens the latch.

Minerva: You all need to understand. This is the only way. Lay down, stay in line, or you die. The people you love die. If you just do what they say, you can live. All of you. You can have a nice life, be rewarded. Just like I am.

Clementine: You gave up, Minerva. I never will.

Clementine: You can sink with the rest of them.

Clementine: I'm sorry, Minerva. For everything.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine rams the door open, knocking Minerva over and making her drop the crossbow. Clementine unlatches Louis/Violet's cell door.

Louis: Clem, behind you!

Violet: Behind you!

Clementine blocks Minnie as she charges and tries to stab her.

Minerva: You're the fucking problem here!

Minnie kicks Clementine in the knee and pushes her onto the floor, pressing the knife into her chest.

Minerva: I won't let you get them all killed!

As Clem struggles to push the knife away, Louis/Violet picks up the crossbow.

Louis: STOP, Minerva! I'm warning you!

Minnie raises the knife. Dorian appears behind Louis.

Dorian: What the hell is going on down here?!

Louis spins around and accidentally shoots Dorian, killing her.

Louis: N--no, no, no... W--wait... No, that's not what I...

Minerva: Dorian! NO!

Clementine punches Minerva twice, knocking her out.

Louis: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Violet: Minerva!

Minerva: I can't let her leave!

Violet: Shit.

Minnie raises the knife. Violet shoots her in the shoulder.

Violet runs over to Minnie and holds her. Clem unlocks the cell for Aasim and Omar.

Clementine: Violet, we have to go.

Violet: NO!

Clementine: We planted a bomb on the boat!

Violet: Fuck you, there's a bomb! Mitch is dead! You just...fucking GO!

Aasim: We have to get the hell out of here. Now.

Clementine: Come on, we have to go!

Violet: I can't...I can't leave her. Go, I'll catch up!

Aasim: Clem, come on! We have to get the hell out of here!

Clementine: Go. I need to find AJ.

Louis: I...I can...

Clementine: I'll be fine.

Aasim: Better see you on land.

Clementine: You will.

Clem runs outside and climbs up the ladder.

Top Deck

Clementine peers out onto the boat. Lilly is still dragging AJ along with her.

Clementine: Shit. They started the boiler.

Clem sneaks along the boat.

Lilly: We'll focus that energy. Sharpen it. I've known Clementine since before this all started. She'll come around. You'll come around too, once you see what we have to offer. Plenty of food, comfortable beds for you and Clem. You can even share a room.

AJ: Fuck off, fear.

AJ: Stay in control, AJ.

AJ takes deep breaths.

Lilly: Trust me, AJ. You're gonna fit right in where I'm from. We respect the strong here, and I can tell by one look at you that you're strong. Both of you are.

Clementine reaches some boxes. Sullene and Gad escort Tenn across the boat.

Gad: Found one more sneaking over the docks.

AJ: Tenn!

Clementine: Fuck.

Lilly: Tennessee? Did you get lost?

Gina: Ma'am, he wasn't alone. I've got something else to show you.

Lilly: This way.

Clem hides as Gad and Sullene walk past her.

Gina: Found this in the herd.

Gina takes the mask off James.

Lilly: No wonder there were so many walkers. Must have thought you were clever, leading those walkers here. Or was that Clementine's idea? Nothing to say?

James: You don't fucking scare me.

Lilly: Is that so?

James: You force your ways onto others. Because you're afraid. Because you're weak.

Lilly: I give my people a cause to fight for.

James: Don't listen to her, AJ. All they do is kill. It's not for a "cause", it's--

Lilly: (hits James) Nothing else...?

James: No.

Lilly: Fine. You're no use to me anyway.

Clementine runs over to another stack of boxes and sneaks around them.

Lilly: The thing about people like him, AJ, is that they're too broken to fit into a community. They won't fight for anyone but themselves. Kill it.

AJ: No!

Gina points her gun at James. Tenn grabs Gina's pistol and aims it at her and Lilly.

Gina: What the fuck?

Lilly: Easy there, Tenn.

Tenn: Don't hurt him! Just...stop hurting people! Please!

AJ: Shoot her!

Lilly: Why don't we all just take a breath, alright?

Tenn: Give me my friends back!

Lilly: Put down the gun.

Tenn: Let them go! All of us! Or...or else...

Lilly: Fine. Go ahead, then. Do it. Save your friends.

Lilly puts her head against the gun.

Lilly: That's what you came here to do, isn't it?

Tenn starts sobbing.

Lilly: Oh, I see. You came here to cry.

AJ: Tenn...

Lilly grabs the gun and points it at Tenn.

Lilly: Looks like you're not a soldier, either.

James: Please. Don't!

AJ: No!

AJ grabs Lilly's arm and bites her hand.

Lilly: Fuck!

Gina aims her gun at AJ, but James knocks her over. Clementine charges at Lilly and tackles her, making her drop her weapon. Clem runs toward the gun, but Lilly grabs her hair and throws her to the ground. Clem kicks Lilly in the knee, making her fall, and Lilly starts to choke her.

Tenn: Stop!

Lilly punches Clementine. AJ grabs her arm, but she elbows him away. Clem elbows Lilly in the face, knocking her backward, and gets up, drawing her knife. Lilly pins her against the wall. James wrestles for Gina's gun. Lilly makes Clementine drop her knife, then elbows her in the face. She pins her against the railing and chokes her.

Lilly: You've made a big fucking mistake.

Clementine grabs Lilly's face, but she moves her arm away.

Lilly: Such a fucking waste.

AJ stabs Lilly in the leg, and she kicks him away. Clementine kicks the knife, making Lilly fall and release her. Both of them crawl toward the gun, but AJ picks it up and aims it at Lilly.

Lilly: AJ, wait! I give up. I will give up. Put down the gun, I'll let everyone leave. My crew and I will leave, we won't bother you anymore.

James, having knocked out Gina, throws her gun away and slowly approaches AJ.

James: AJ. She's not a threat. Lower the gun.

AJ: You weren't down there! You didn't see what she did!

AJ: She tried to cut us all up!

AJ: She cut my friend's tongue out!

AJ: She cut off my friend's finger in front of us!

Lilly: You don't have to do this. Please.

Tenn: It's a trick.

Lilly: Don't you fucking dare, AJ.

James: Just give me the gun.

Tenn: You can't let her hurt anyone else.

Lilly: I don't want to die.

Clementine: Do it, AJ!

AJ shoots Lilly in the face.

James: No...

AJ shoots Lilly several more times.

James: AJ, stop!

Sullene: Lilly, we couldn't find the other... What did you do? You are fucking dead!

Clementine: Lower the gun, AJ.

AJ: Okay.

AJ gives the gun to James. Lilly stabs James in the neck.

Clementine: James!

Lilly takes the gun and knife; James collapses to the floor.


AJ will remember your silence.

AJ: Clem?

AJ gives the gun to James. Lilly stabs James in the neck.

Clementine: James!

Lilly takes the gun and knife; James collapses to the floor.


The ship rumbles.

Clementine: Shit, the bomb! AJ!

Clem runs toward AJ, but the explosion knocks her backward.

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