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What sort of terrible thing would frighten a little girl so much that she hides from her own mother?
―Brooke to Dee.[src]

Brooke is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Tales of the Walking Dead. She is the deuteragonist of the episode "Dee".


Brooke is a well-intentioned, benevolent, kind-hearted, and strict leader. In order to maintain some semblance of humanity in herself and her people, Brooke's community operates somewhat reminiscent of how the old world used to work, such as hosting parties, gym classes, and more. Though she often is forced to make tough decisions, such as leaving Mr. Langston behind due to the high danger of looking for him.

Brooke is shown to be a caring, motherly-figure to Lydia, always complimenting her and making her feel better, which causes Lydia to often gravitate to Brooke over her own mother. This causes Dee to have a very bitter attitude towards Brooke and always opposes her despite Brooke trying to be friendly with her. Brooke and Dee are opposites in many ways. Brooke is an optimistic woman who tries to give her people a happy and fun life on the steamboat, while Dee sees the world for what it truly is and has a much more cynical and ruthless mindset. Brooke and Dee often clash because of this, and although Brooke tries to be patient with her, she is seen getting progressively frustrated with Dee's antics. After Dee accuses Billy of signaling someone on land and threatening him with a knife, Billy jumps off the boat, causing Brooke to see why Lydia is so afraid of Dee.

Though Brooke's attitude makes her very well-liked amongst the community, her trusting and naive nature ultimately is a hinderance in the apocalypse and in the long run it is actually Dee's ruthless mindset that is more fit to survive in the harsh world. Ironically, although Brooke berates Dee for her untrusting nature, Dee ends up being right about them not being able to trust Billy, who comes back with a group of bandits and takes the entire boat hostage. Billy himself points out Brooke's flaw, stating that she is too nice and that her unwillingness to do what needs to be done will get everyone killed. Brooke is shown to be quite fearless, as she willingly goes to save her people from Billy's gang and begs him to spare her people, and after Dee slits the throat of the man holding Brooke hostage, she charges in to fight Billy's gang. However, her efforts would ultimately be in vain and everyone on the steamboat would be killed amidst the chaos.

After the destruction of the steamboat, Brooke ends up being the only survivor of the fight, with everyone else either being shot or killed on land by walkers. She is shown to be a shell of her former self, completely broken and depressed after the loss of community and all her friends. When Dee confronts her and taunts her about being unable to protect Lydia, Brooke is completely emotionless and blames Dee for the fall of the community. When Dee pulls a gun on her and is about to execute her, she doesn't even fight back and seems to accept her death after losing everything. Lydia tries to stop Dee from doing this and she initially pushes her away and is about to execute Brooke anyways. However, she changes her mind and instead cuts Brooke's face with a knife and leaves her alone to think about how she failed Lydia and all her loved ones.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Brooke's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she was a gym manager and exercise instructor.


At some point after the outbreak, Brooke became the leader of her own community on a steamboat.

Season 1[]


Brooke is first seen lying in bed with her boyfriend, Nolan, who talks about running away together, though Brooke shrugs these off and tells him to get ready for the party. She steps outside and meets with Lydia, complimenting her dress. Dee approaches and Brooke awkwardly tries to compliment her too. While Dee tells Lydia that looks don't mean anything, Brooke still tries to be kind to her. Brooke takes Lydia's hand and takes her to the party. Brooke is seen having a fun time at the party as Dee watches bitterly from the bar. Eventually, Dee steps outside and Brooke follows. Dee states her distrust of newcomer, Billy, and a frustrated Brooke points out she doesn't trust anyone. Brooke tries to get Dee to help her with setting up a birthday party for Lydia, but she continues to be difficult. Brooke insists that it's been over a year, and they've given Dee more than enough time to adjust. Children need structure and normalcy, schedules, rules and celebrations are important. Dee worries that Brooke is setting Lydia's expectations too high while Brooke feels sorry for Dee who is so caught up in what could go wrong that she can't enjoy the good stuff which is having a negative effect on Lydia. Brooke insists that there's a time for both caution and joy and she has scheduled it all out so that they can carry each other's burdens. "Otherwise, what's the point? Lydia is a sweet girl. She deserves more than this." Dee slowly advances towards Brooke with a knife, apparently intending to attack her. However, one of the steamboat's fishing nets swings between them with a walker inside and Dee uses her knife to put it down. Covered in walker blood, Brooke silently holds out her hand and Dee hands over her knife without another word to her.

The next morning, Brooke is hosting a gym class but is called away by Jenna, who states they have a problem. Brooke and Jenna meet up with Nolan and Mitch who say that Mr. Langston has gone missing. Dee walks in and Brooke questions if she saw him after midnight. Though Dee only saw him at the bar, she does bring up that she heard a splash in the middle of the night. Dee tells Brooke to go talk to Billy, who served him. Billy states that he and Margot took Mr. Langston back to his room due to being very drunk. Mitch suggests taking a dinghy out to get a group to tour the swamp for him, but Brooke shoots down the idea due to it being too dangerous. Brooke regretfully states that they need to get going to avoid the next flood and will have to leave Mr. Langston behind.

Later when Dee accuses Billy of signaling someone on land, Brooke arrives at the scene. Brooke listens to Dee and Billy argue and ultimately takes Billy's side. Dee tries to get Brooke to get rid of Billy, though she refuses. Brooke watches in horror as Billy jumps into the water after seeing Dee with a knife. Brooke scolds Dee for her rash actions and states that this is the reason that Lydia is afraid of her. Brooke makes Dee cover Billy's shifts and says that if she does anything like this again she will be gone.

Dee goes to look for Lydia, who had witnessed what had happened. Dee knocks on the door of her cabin, calling out to her daughter and trying to get Lydia to talk to her. However, Dee finds the room empty, and Brooke tells her that Lydia needs some space. Dee demands to know where Lydia is, but Brooke wants to know "what sort of terrible thing would frighten a little girl so much that she hides from her own mother?" Dee tells Brooke that Lydia is hers and that everything that Dee does is to protect her child. Dee insists that she's the only one that can keep Lydia alive and make sure that she keeps herself alive. Dee again demands to know where her daughter is, but Brooke refuses to answer, instead asking to what kind of a life is Dee keeping Lydia alive. Drawing her knife, Dee threatens to kill Brooke if she doesn't tell her where to find her daughter.

Their argument is interrupted by screams from the deck which the two women rush to check out. Brooke and Dee find one of the guards dead with his gun gone and hear men rounding up the rest of the crew. Brooke realizes that one of the men is Billy and wants to go for the armory to try to save her people, but Dee is only interested in finding and escaping with Lydia. Brooke finally tells Dee that Lydia is in the dinghy and Dee rushes off to find her daughter while Brooke heads out in the other direction to try to save her people from Billy and his gang.

Brooke is captured by one of Billy's bandits and taken to where everyone is being held hostage. Billy takes the bandit to take it easy on her. Brooke tries to reason with Billy not to hurt anyone and that they can make room for his men. Billy seemingly lusts to be with Brooke and admits that she's perfect the way she is, but her kind ways will eventually get everyone killed. Billy then executes a resident much to the horror of everyone. Brooke continues to beg Billy to stop, saying that things won't go back to normal. Billy states that things will have to change, Brooke can still be in charge of pep. Billy then kills another resident before getting to Nolan. Everyone begins to turn on each other, before Jenna suggests that they all help Billy find Dee and Lydia, to which many go along with, though Brooke reluctant about this. As Brooke tries to get everyone to calm down, Dee appears and slits the throat of the bandit holding Brooke. Dee pulls the rope to release the dinghy with Lydia on it and jumps into the water after it, while Brooke stays and fights against Billy's gang. She is seen punching Billy in the face.

Brooke ends up being the only survivor of the chaos, with everyone else either being killed on the steamboat or killed by walkers when they got to land. As Dee and Lydia walk through the woods covered in guts, Dee sees Brooke in the distance, who is slumped down on her knees, depressed by the destruction of her community. Dee sits her daughter down, gives Lydia her bunny and covers her ears with a pair of earmuffs so that Lydia doesn't hear what happens next. Drawing her gun, Dee approaches the battered Brooke and accuses her of promising her daughter the world and then taking it all away. In turn, Brooke accuses Dee of being sick and being responsible for the fall of the steamboat, but Dee is unrepentant, having done what she had to do in order to save Lydia, what a real mother does. Brooke reveals that everyone else is dead, but Dee doesn't care as they would've killed Lydia too.

As Dee prepares to shoot Brooke, Lydia rushes between them and refuses to allow her mother to kill her friend. When Lydia won't relent, Dee shoves her daughter aside and takes aim again. However, Dee stops when she sees Lydia curled up into a ball nearby and singing "Lydia the Tattooed Lady," the comfort song that Frank would use on their daughter. Relenting, Dee tells her daughter that Lydia's right and she's not going to kill Brooke and gets her daughter to calm down. Dee replaces Lydia's earmuffs and puts the gun in the bag that she leaves with her daughter as proof that she's not going to kill Brooke. Walking up behind Brooke and shushing her, Dee states that Lydia was right: death is too forgiving for Brooke. Taking her knife, Dee slices open Brooke's left cheek from just below her left eye, through her lips and stopping at her chin. Covering Brooke's mouth to muffle her cries, Dee tells Brooke that this is Dee's mark and everywhere Brooke goes, Dee will be there to remind Brooke how she failed Lydia. Returning to her daughter, Dee walks away, leaving Brooke behind.

Brooke's fate is left unknown, as she is not seen or mentioned by Dee or Lydia after this point.

Killed Victims[]

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Tales of the Walking Dead[]

Season 1[]


  • The casting call for this character used the name Hailey.[1]
    • Brooke is described as "Intelligent, powerful, striking, and Type A. Formerly the manager of a gym and exercise instructor, she is a natural leader and wants everything to be in order with everyone taken care of. While admired by many she is inclined to overstep. Hailey has a maternal nature which is most prominent around children. However, she has a tendency to be too trusting due to her overconfidence."
  • Despite her unknown fate, showrunner Channing Powell confirmed that she believes Brooke is alive and has intentions of continuing her story in the future.[2]