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The Browning BAR is a gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle produced by the Browning Arms Company first in Belgium and later in Japan. The rifle loads from a box magazine detachable from a hinged floor plate. This rifle should not be confused with the M1918 military rifle, which is a completely different design, sharing no parts, though also referred to as the BAR. Browning introduced a redesigned BAR in 1996.


TV Series

Season 1

800px-WDBAR2.jpg "Vatos" T-Dog aiming the Browning Automatic Rifle Safari at Guillermo.
Walkingdeadrevolver.jpg "Vatos" T-Dog aiming down the sights of the Browning Automatic Rifle Safari at Guillermo.
WDBAR.jpg "Vatos" T-Dog loading the Browning Automatic Rifle Safari to try and get Glenn back.

Video Game

Season 1

8c8bd6a8eecd0a6b075f4e1d831b19db.jpg "Starved For Help" Lee Everett running with a Browning Automatic Rifle Safari.
SFH Preview Ben.png "Starved For Help" Ben Paul fighting off walkers with a Browning Automatic Rifle Safari in the "Starved For Help" preview.
WDG Mark BARS.png "Starved For Help" Mark watching a pair of bandits while holding a Browning Automatic Rifle Safari.
Twd-review.jpg "Starved For Help" Lee Everett aiming a Browning Automatic Rifle Safari at Jolene.
Danleejolene1.jpg "Starved For Help" Lee Everett with a Browning Automatic Rifle Safari after Danny St. John shoots Jolene.
Walking dead ben1.png "Long Road Ahead" Ben Paul on watch with a Browning Automatic Rifle Safari.
WDG Lilly BARS.png "Long Road Ahead" Lilly firing at bandits with a Browning Automatic Rifle Safari.
Around Every Corner Cap 24.jpg "Around Every Corner" Kenny with a Browning Automatic Rifle Safari during the Crawford infiltration.


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