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"Hold on! They turned it over! There's too god damn many! Hold on! We're fucked, y'all! WE ARE TOTALLY FUCKED!!"
—Broyles to Martinez.[src]

Broyles (first name unknown) is a character from The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. He is a resident living in Woodbury, Georgia.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Broyles life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Woodbury, Georgia

At some point, he arrived at Woodbury. He soon became one of Martínez's most loyal men, so loyal that he was asked by Caesar to help him take down Brian Blake with Lilly Caul.

The plot involved a kidnapping during the arena fights, where The Governor would be loaded into a truck and brought out into the woods where they could execute him. However, The Governor catches on at the last second, causing a loud noise and two of The Governor's close men to follow. The Governor's men were also captured and escaped their bonds in the middle of the drive into the woods. Eventually, both groups are led into a Mexican standoff in the back of the van. However, this is interrupted when a large group of zombies attacks the van. Both groups decide they need to work together, and need The Governor alive, much to Lilly's anger. In the end, The Governor makes a compromise to end the bartering system, much to a humanitarian applause by Woodbury.


Killed By

As they drive to a secure location away from Woodbury with The Governor and his men tied in the back, they run across one of the biggest herds they had ever seen up to that point. When Broyles tries to fight them off, he shoots his AK-47 at the walkers, but is overpowered and killed. The Governor then orders Hines to shoot Broyles in the head before he reanimates. After his death, he was chopped up and fed to the captive walkers in Woodbury.


Novel Series

The Road to Woodbury

This Is How The World Ends