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This article is about the Road to Survival character. You may be looking for his Comic Series or TV Series counterparts. For other pages with the same name, see: Bruce
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"Time to get to work, people. These walls won't build themselves. Ready?"
—Bruce to Abraham and Holly

Bruce is a comic-adapted and playable character who appears in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. He is a construction worker in Alexandria, and is the protagonist of his own story, Bruce's Story.

Pre & Post-Apocalypse

Main article: Bruce (Comic Series)

Main Story

Roadmap - Bruce's Story

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Roadmap - The Survivors (World At War)

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Roadmap - Finale (World At War)

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As a Playable Character

Bruce - "Too Far Gone"

  • Persona: Rebel
  • Trait: Tough
  • Rarity: Epic (5 Stars)
  • Leader Skill: Does not have one.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Explosive Volley (Deal 250% damage and stun to one enemy and all enemies adjacent to it for 1 turn.)
  • Specialist Skill: Indomitable (While not stunned, whenever this character takes damage, they gain +30% defense until the start of their next turn, in addition to any existing defense increases, including prior activations of this skill.)
  • Special Weapon: Bruce's Adaptable Grenade Launcher
    • Slot 1: +20% Attack
    • Slot 2: +5% Defense
    • Slot 3: Stronger Attack (When attacking, a better chance to attack with the stronger trait against the enemy.)


Killed By

Bruce was one of the first victims of the zombie outbreak in the Safe-Zone. He was part of the party that tried to clear the zombie herd that was attracted in the wake of the deadly firefight with the Scavengers. While the party tried to get back inside the gate, Bruce was severely bitten on the neck, being the last one to make it through. Once inside of the gate, he fell to the floor and gasped for breath, tearing up and screaming "I don't want to die!" He was quickly killed by Abraham out of mercy, who bashed the front of his skull in with a single blow from his weapon.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims that Bruce has killed:


"The Walking Dead: Road to Survival"

  • Roadmap - Bruce's Story
  • Roadmap - The Survivors (World At War)
  • Roadmap - Finale (World At War)


  • Bruce's presence in the World At War mega event contradicts his fate in the comics. The roadmap takes place during Volume 19, however Bruce should already be dead by this point, seeing how he dies during Volume 13. This was likely a developer oversight.
  • Bruce Too Far Gone is one of many characters to have Indomitable as their Specialist Skill. For other characters, see Indomitable.
  • Bruce Too Far Gone is one of many characters to have a Special Weapon. For other characters, see Special Weapons.